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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • I recently traded my 02 Arc wagon (V6) for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and not a month into it, I'm regretting it like heck. Sure the Saab had shortcomings, but what car doesn't??? Only now in hindsight can I say how great the car was overall. So I'm getting out of the Jeep pretty quick and probably coming back to a wagon. (main issue with jeep is comfort -- my back is killing me since i got this car.) Anyway, my problem, apart from what GM seems to be doing to the look and quality of the newer Saabs, is will a 4 cylinder even with 260 hp suffice on grades, mountain roads, etc.??? I haven't had a 4-cyl in years but the 9-5 no longer offers a v6 option. Any input would be appreciated.
  • Well, I had some time to kill this morning, so I went and drove an 06 9-5 wagon, and was pleasantly surprised. Good power, and it's actually smoother and quieter than my 02 Arc v6. Acceleration is not as smooth as the v6, the pedal feel is different, but once it gets going, quite nice. I'm actually thinking of going back to saab. May drive a couple other wagons for comparison, but I like it. Except the sentronic thing, with the manual paddles on the steering wheel. Thats's just stupid and awkward, but I wouldn't use it much I guess. Oh, and they've definitely worked in some cheaper, harder plastic around the dash and doors. That's GM's touch I'm sure.
  • OK, another questions: How are the non-ventilated leather seats when it 's hot? Do they get yucky and sweaty? It's such top grade leather, wondering if I have to have the ventilation, even though I know it's fabulous. (Had one previously.)
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Obviously I'm going to have to get very specific in order to show you the error of your ways.First though I need to let you know one important thing ...I sell Saabs for a living so please don't presume to know more than I about what is and is not realistically achievable in regard to savings.For example let's use a 2006 9-3 Sport-Combi and let's utilize every possible savings available.M.S.R.P. @$33,165.00.If you are eligible for GM Employee pricing the price drops to $30,117.00.If the car is a former service loaner car you have an additional $1,000.00 rebate and through 09/30/06 you have dealer cash totalling $3,500.00.this brings your final price down to $25,617.00 for a total savings of $7,548.00.This calculates to a discount of 22.76%.I don't recall you ever mentioning being eligible for GM Employee pricing or that you were interested in a retired service loaner car,both of which are necessary to achieve this level of discount.Have I adequately made my case?NOW do you get it?????
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    With the automatic climate control, you might be able to do without ventilated seats. The ACC system keeps the cabin very comfortable. Also the seats are very comfortable in and of them selves - even on very hot days. My wife has the Jeep, and there is definitely a difference between the Jeep seats and the SAAB's. The SAAB's are much more refined. Regarding your question about the "4" cylinder vs the "6", I have the "4", and it's really nice. Plenty of power, torque and everything else. I can understand why SAAB stuck with it for so long. On uphill grades the turbo kicks in real well and the car will blow by almost anything else. I love taking it on a camping or long road trip. I share your comments about the sensitronic paddle shifters. Guess I should have gone the the SAAB AERO School to learn more about how to use them. If you want extra performance, sport mode does the trick. However, the paddle shifters are a nice feature in heavy stop and go traffic. Keep it in one gear and let the engine do the breaking. It saves the tranny from shifting up and down too much and also saves the brakes.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Did I get the GM employee discount? yes. Note, this was before it was made available to the general public. A service loaner? no. SAAB loyalty $750 discount? yes. Some other discounts, dealer cash, etc. we also available. You're right, in general 30% is shooting a little too high.
  • i don't recall if you've owned saab before, but if you have, what's your take on the new center stack console controls and instrumentation? i.e., stereo tuner, a/c, readout. what colors are the readouts at night? my old saab was amber and green. also, they put in some harder plastic around the tops of the doors and the top of the dash. I guess that shouldn't make that much of a diff. I drove two other wagons yesterday, the volvo v70 and the passat (both engines.) the only disadvantage i see to the saab is the lack of cubby space up front, the sentronic and xm instead of sirius satellite radio. the volvo would have been perfect but their seats don't quite fit me and the back seat is tight. the vw is a first year release and loaded with an insane amount of electronics which might make me nervous. plus their v6 was noisy as heck. almost liked the 2.0 turbo better, because oddly enough, it reminded me of saab. both have better storage cubbies. (can you tell that's one of my issues?????) ;)
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Well!Thank you for clarifying the details regarding your purchase.....lets keep in mind the GMS price,while fairly liberal in its requirements,does only apply to a small pct.of buyers and prices the car at 5% below invoice.Also the $750.00 loyalty bonus was a one month promotion and hasn't been offered in over a year and a half!So there are significant aspects of your advice to that person which are not applicable to the general public and/or no longer available.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    I think that they axed the sales rep's commission too.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Good point. Looks like they redesigned center console for the optional Nav. system. I don't see the amber readouts like they have on my '04. Overall the dash still looks similar to the old design. I'll bet it works well in day and night driving, because SAAB is very consciencous about driver friendliness - especially in difficult conditions. But I'd still thoroughly check it out. You never know. I've driven the XC70, and I believe that the SAAB has better performance - acceleration, braking, smoother, etc.. ESC should still be standard. The XC70 also didn't have sport mode for the transmission. It's probably a better car than the VW, since SAABs have pretty much always been that way.
  • zoozeekzoozeek Posts: 32
    I have a 2005 9-5 Arc Wagon. I just picked it up from the dealership for the fourth time (in one year) for a recurring problem: there's a "clicking" or "popping" when steering, both felt through the wheel and heard... each time the dealership fixes it, but it comes back... they've changed or re-aligned the steering column, and changed something with the wheels... now, the manager is telling me that other 9-5s have the same problem and there's nothing he can do about it... any advice? has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • My wife and I test drove a 2004 9-5 Aero 2.3T Wagon. The car only has 22k miles on it, and the drive was great. Carmax is asking just under $25k for it which makes me think it is a steal. Any thoughts? The salesman was unsure if the car had side airbags in back. Does it? Any other thoughts?
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    My 2006 wagon does not have this problem.
  • I bought a '99 9-5 recently and the "service theft alarm" warning has me a little concerned. This notice has appeared the whole week I've owned the vehicle and I've been ignoring the situation by hitting the CLEAR button. However, as of today a new message appeared on the SID. "weak battery" or "replace alarm battery" something along those lines...Is this problem as easily fixed as simply replacing the alarm/unlock keychain remote battery? Or is this message refering to a different battery? Are my only repercusions if I don't fix this a non effective car alarm?? Please help!
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Neither does my 2004 Aero wagon.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    I don't think that there are any rear seat air bags, but I'll check the owners manual one more time later today. Good luck with it, if you buy it. It's a good decision and she'll be very happy. :) The ARC was probably the best package, as opposed to the Linear and Aero. I've been test driving some other cars, and it's hard to find a vehicle as well designed for every day use as the SAAB 9-5 ARC.
  • I had a few questions for anyone out wife and I are considering an '06 Sportcombi wagon, or possibly something else such as a Lexus RX330 ('04) as we need a larger vehicle (have 2 Camry's now). Considered the XC90 ('04), but not too keen on what I saw and heard about transmission problems...Anyway, we have 2 german shepherds, and will likely be starting a family sometime soon as well. I have not driven the Lexus yet, but really like the 9-5 wagon. My wife has concern that the dogs would be in the back, and if we were involved in an accident, there could be a problem, thus her thought about an SUV being better because it would be a little higher...

    My first question has to do with safety issues in the back of the car, and how much it would "crumple." The salesman at the Saab dealer obviously says that the car is very safe... but I didn't know if anyone had some other information for me.

    Second, wanted to get a couple of opinions on price. There's a local dealer here who is offering '06 wagons at $6500 off list, which would bring it down to about $31, 200. There's another local dealer that has an "executive" car with about 15,000 miles on it, and will sell that, "certified" for about $29,200 (actually $27,660 + certify cost which the salesman told me was around $1500.) I'm really trying not to spend more than $30k or so for a vehicle, and the salesman with the new ones said that he maight be able to do a little better... The reason we're considering the Lexus is because of reliability (Toyota product), and it is bigger than our Camry's (don't like the Highlander because of the seats that are in it), and we don't want to have a ride of a truck (like the 4runner).

    Any information on the safety on the Saab would be great, as well as opinions on prices I've found so far on the '06's. Thought on comparing the 2 (Saab wagon vs. Lexus SUV) is also very appreciated, as well as other vehicles to possibly consider. Thanks.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I've heard more than one story about a Saab saving someone's life, though I have not experienced it myself, and hope I never have to. My bigger concern is you have 2 shepherds and you want to start a family. Roomwise, you're going to have issues with either the RX or the Saab. Babies come with a lot of paraphenalia, and if you're planning on driving with baby and doggies in tow, you'll run out of room quickly. I have one 40 lb. shepherd mix and she used to fit fine in the back of my 02 arc wagon. We could throw a suitcase in back with her, put the baby stuff in the back seat with the baby and use the roof rack for the other big suitcase. But it was tight! Don't think you'll get much more space with the RX, and in fact, I think the back cargo area is smaller than saab. If you won't be traveling with babies and dogs together, then you should be fine. For a lower cost SUV, you might see if you can get a year end deal on a Pilot LX. Tons of room for everybody! If you want a car like ride out of a SUV, can't beat the new Jeeps. Beautiful ride in the Grand Cherokee, I currently drive an 06 and bought it because of the smooth and quiet ride. But again, with 2 shepherds and kids???? You'd have to see. Very safe, affordable, but check out the leather seats...I don't find them very comfortable. Personally, I'm not a fan of Toyota, maybe Lexus is better quality wise, but Toyota (the parent company) is having quality control issues these days so there's no guarantees. I drove an RX last year and didn't like the ride, but comfort wise it was lovely. Best of luck to you. -- Oh and price wise, if you can get a new Saab for around $31K, you're getting a great deal!!!!!!
  • Appreciate the info. on size of vehicles. I've looked at, not even driven, the RX330 and could see that the Saab has more room. I have not checked out the Pilot yet, but do need something with good gas mileage, which the Saab has, since my job has me traveling around RI, MA, and CT...

    I've gotten a couple of updated prices on '06 Sportcombi wagon, seem to be base model (no extra packages except for auto transmission). Both cars had prices of about $37,700 or so... For the exec. demo car with 15k miles, the dealer is still at $27660 + 1495 to certify it, and 199 doc fees. The other dealer with the new '06 has it now at $30470 with $204 for doc fees. Since I do alot of driving for work, my question to anyone out there is in relation to the warranty, and really which would be better. The "certified" car would have the full warranty until 100k miles/6 years, and new for the '06 is the 4 yr/50k. Is it worth the extra money to get the new one with less warranty, or just go with the certified exec. car...I do about 20-22,000 miles per year, and will surpass the 50k in about 2 years. I'm thinking that the exec car is the one to go with (85k left on warranty), but would still like to hear from anyone who wants to share their 2 cents worth. Thanks.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Check out the SAAB pet products at
    It seems like you should at least go with the 9-5 SportCombi, if you're planning on scooting the wife, kids and dogs around in the car. Don't know much about certified vehicles, but I don't think that I'd pay $1,495 to cert. a car. Either it's certified or not. The dealer should have the records. Another thing about SAABs is that they only service the car every 15K miles. That means that the demo has probably only had the engine oil changed once or maybe twice. They are supposed to change it at an initial 30 day service too. I'd go for a new one - the 9-5 Sport Combi Wagon. If you want functionality, fuel economy, great performance, easy maintenance and reliability - it's the way to go. ;)
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Yeah, I'd go with the new one. Bcool is right, either they're certified or not before they put them up for sale. If it's not already certified, I'd wonder why??? You're only paying roughly $2000 more for the brand new one and getting 15,000 more miles out of it. Warranty or not, once a car gets up around 80K miles, it starts needing lots of things, more time in the shop, etc. I doubt the extended warranty will cover everything. Go new and good luck!
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Go with the new. Not enough differential in price not to. I have bought a number of demos in the past and usually expect and get 4-8k less in price - minimum depending on how close to year end and how many miles.
  • I appreciate the information everyone has shared. I'm leaning toward the new one as well, ... Will be making a decision very soon, and seeing if the dealer will go any lower, the $30470 seems like a very good price, but we'll see.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    O.K...Where to begin.First off,the new car has 4 yrs./50K. bumper to bumper.The Executive car has either the balance of the original 4yr./50k. OR if you choose to have it certified it has a TOTAL coverage of 6yrs./100k.from original warranty date.The comment regarding costs,warranty or not at 80k.,are wrong ...thats what the 6yr./80k. warranty is covering!As to Bcool's comment on oil changes....No,Saab's maintenance schedule is once every 12 mos.or 10,000 miles ,whichever comes first.Mobil One full synthetic is used in all Saabs,there is no 30 day oil change needed or part of the schedule.
    As to which car is the better choice,based on how fast you rack up mileage I think the Executive car w/certification is the better way to go.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Well, after leaving saab and going the suv route just 3 months ago, I'm back in a new 06 9-5 wagon and pretty darn happy about it. I so missed those comfy seats, even if this one doesn't have the ventilated ones, and my HK stereo. Hopefully it will be relatively trouble-free. This one is smoke beige with the visability pkg. (like Saabs need better visability, but it's just what came on this one.) Didn't have roof rails on this one, so I'm ordering the alternative roof rack for sportcombi's w/out the rails -- don't know how that will work, but we'll see. Plus I'm getting the back windows tinted this time -- my son will like that. Got $5000 off invoice at Santa Ana Saab in California. Hopefully my sale will help prop Saab up a fraction of a second longer ; )
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Congratulations. Good luck with it. I got the windows on my Aero Wagon tinted also. Santa Ana SAAB had a company come in to do it. Got the rear ones medium and the front ones a lighter tint. It was only a little extra for the fronts. Well the car stay's nice and cool, and looks a lot better.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Did you go for the new Saab yet? Having just traded my Jeep for a new 9-5 wagon (06), I can tell you I didn't get it for $31 K even with $5000 off invoice. You're getting a screaming deal if you take it! Let us know what you choose.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Considering an '07 9-5 SportCombi to replace my '04 9-3 Arc sedan and was just curious if there's much in the way of road/tire noise from the 9-5 SportCombi-I've read some criticism about the 9-5 generally in this area and frequently wagons are worse here than their sedan counterparts. Just wondering what people think about this.

    Also, if anyone else has moved from a current generation 9-3 to a current 9-5 I'd love to hear what they liked or didn't like about the switch.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Just take it on the freeway and judge for yourself. My old arc wagon had a lot of road noise. My new one doesn't seem as noisy. This one has the 17 " wheels, my old had 16", don't know if that helps or hinders. Also, my old wagon had roof rails, my new one doesn't. Saabs aren't generally known for their quietness, but you need to the judge -- just get it out on the open road, tell the salesman to shut up and drive. Also, drive with the windows/sunroof closed, open, etc. (except the rear windows will do the "wooba wooba" thing, but most cars do.) I drove one that had a horrible squeal coming off the front windows when they were open at cruising speed, so I went with a different one and it's fine. Good luck.
  • Have not done it yet. The dealer sold the one I had my eye on, but has another one (Blue) with Sport package. MSRP is a little higher, $38815 I believe, and is the last '06 they have. They're offering $9k off sticker, so I'm waiting to see what the internet salesperson will offer me for my car in trade...
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