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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • rs9904rs9904 Posts: 15
    About 4 months 4,000 miles with my 06 sportcombi. Gets great highway mileage and ok city when warmed up. Powerful and comfortable. Only complaint so far is a speaker cover that pops out on the dash and a rattle behind the instrument panel. Both need to be fixed. I do have roof rails and used them once so far to put on a kayak.

    Happy so far. 3rd Saab. (99 9-3 100k then trade for this one, 04 linear 30k
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I have that speaker cover problem too -- passenger side. And the same rattle behind the instrument panel. Hmmm, why do I have a feeling they're going to tell me there's nothing they can do about that rattle when I take it in? Oh well, we'll see -- it does quiet down sometimes.
  • azjim66azjim66 Posts: 7
    My 2006 combi already is sporting a dime size ding that chipped the paint just right of the grill on the lower part of the hood. I was wondering if anyone out there has had success with stone deflectors / bras?? They are pretty tough to find for Saab's. Thanks

  • azjim66azjim66 Posts: 7
    Thanks bcool for the link. They only list up to 2005 for 9-5's. I did email them about my options for a 2006 9-5 combi. We shall see.

  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Hey, I finally got my wagon serviced for that obnoxious rattle/crackling sound around the instrument panel. Tech tore it apart and added "insulation" where some plastic was rubbing on metal (or so they say). All I know is rattle is gone, finally! We'll see if passenger side speaker cover and new coinsholder stays in place. This wagon has far more rattles and squeaks and odd noises than my 02 wagon, but it does drive ever so nicely. : )
  • I got the info from MSN,they said the reliability for 9-5 wagon made in 2003 is better than 2002 and 2001.But, I still got the info from JD Power, they said the reliability for 9-5 wagon made in 2001 is better than 2002 and 2003. It really confused me. Anyone can help me? I'm gonna buy it soon. Thanks.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    And if you mix in Consumer Reports you'll likely get a third opinion to further confuse you!lol!My suggestion is this: go from the general to the specific....and by that I mean put more weight on future reliability for either of these individual specific cars by checking their service and warranty histories.I am presuming you are buying from a Saab dealer and if so this info should be readily available .I strongly advise you go this route rather than a private party transaction.Also the '03 could still be available for Saab Certified used car warranty coverage providing it has less than 60k.miles.If that is the case buy it as a certified car and the choice is clear.
  • massaabmassaab Posts: 4
    Is the factory exhaust my only option on my 2001 95 SE Wagon with the V6 3 Litre engine? Do any of the muffler chains carry a muffler for this vehicle? If not, how much should I expect to pay for a replacement factory unit?
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    This 06 sportcombi of mine is plagued with these silly little problems. They fixed the rattle behind the dash a few months ago, and it held -- for a while. Now I notice it's back if I'm on really bumpy asphalt, but only then. I'm sure it will get worse with time. And the speaker cover? After 4 times in 10 months, they can't get the darn thing to stay flush with the dash -- even with the new improved clip! The dash foam underneath has all these gouges so I don't know what they're supposed to clip the cover to. It's purely cosmetic, but a sign of just sloppy workmanship. The car drives like a dream and looks great on the outside and it's paid for so I'll live for now. I reported it to my dealership, and they just say to bring it back and they'll try again. Sigh......I miss my 02 Arc wagon -- didn't drive as smooth, but way better interior build quality. Thanks GM!
  • We too had the same issue with the speaker cover on our 06 Sportcombi/9-5 Wagon, however after several attempts to fix the problem our dealer resorted to glue to hold it down. That was the least of it - We had a knocking sound from the engine when the car was cold and in drive. Turns out they had to replace the short block because of engine slap -- one of the cylinders was build too big for the piston. Now the transmission has issues. It's a beautiful, fun car to drive but we decided to pursue our rights under the Lemon Law :lemon: and won! The is the 4th Saab in our family and we know they’re not all like this. Perhaps there's hope for the 08s.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Since nobody is contributing much here lately I guess I will give a recap of my first year with my '07 9-5 2.3T SC. For the most part, overall it was a good year but far from perfect.

    The good: still love the styling, the power, the brakes and the room. Very comfortable highway car if the pavement is smooth and the seats are comfortable for the long haul. Clean and clear stereo. It's no sports car, but plenty of fun on back roads with no traffic. Far less turbo lag and far more torque than in my 9-3.

    The bad: Too much road noise on the interstate, can feel a bit ponderous at low speeds (very heavy feeling nose compared to my previous '04 9-3 2.0T), ride suffers more than it should on poor pavement, transmission can be confused when lifting off heavy throttle, cheap feeling shifter and a few other miscellaneous interior bits, occasional torque steer. Poor remote key range. Don't care for the paddle shifters compared to the 9-3's floor shifter for the automatic transmission. Stereo sounds good but isn't all that loud.

    The ugly: delivered with defective turbo valve and remote key, remote sensor needed replacing at 1 month and driver's door once somehow became locked and would not come unlocked while the door was open so that the door could not close. Had to pry it open or would have been stranded.

    In summary, I still like the car a lot and I still feel it's a decent value compared to the competition but the level of refinement and reliability for a car at this price point and where it is in its life cycle (they should have more of the bugs worked out by now!) is a bit disappointing.
  • That is pretty much my opinion about my '06 wagon, except I find the stereo more than loud enough. Perhaps you need to adjust the base-line volume level. (Plenty of posts about this on

    The only significant problem I have had was a bad sending unit in the gas tank which caused me to run dry when the guage was just barely touching the red; lots of annoying little things though, like lost fasteners around the rear hatch lining, screw covers falling off the door handle and the passenger side front speaker grill popping up. It took four trips to two different dealers to fix that last one.

    At 31K the P-6s were worn and extremely noisy. I replaced them with ContiExtremeContacts and am very pleased. They needed a few hundred miles to "break in", but are far quieter and smoother than the Pirellis, handle at least as well and were less than half the price of Michelins. Good in snow, too.

    All-in-all I am pleased with the 9-5 wagon, which I bought because I did not like the new Passat or the V70, and did not want to spend $20K more for a 5 Series or E Class. Were I in the market for a sedan I would not have bought the SAAB. There are other cars in the mid-$30s from Acura, Infinity and Honda that I think are better.
  • I bought a used 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero in January 2005 from an independent mechanic with whom I have been doing business since 1991. The car was just off lease and had 35,000 miles. At 49,132 miles I took it to a Saab dealer for the "looseness" in the front end or steering column. They found nothing (of course) The warranty expired at 50,000 Miles. At 53,000+ miles, I took it back to the same dealer, but with a more specific description and when it occurs. This time they diagnosed the problem was the steering column. They gave me an estimate for $1346 which I was expected top pay. They seemed to ignore the fact that I was in there 4,000 miles prior with the same complaint with a slightly different description. The dealer could have backed my up given the history of the complaint, but they didn't. The regional rep offered to pay 1/3 as a "good will" gesture - that only irritated me even more. What I didn't know at the time, was that the dealer has a lot of influence and could have gone to bat for me. BTW, 1/3 of the the job meant 1/3 of the dealer cost of $1000, so I was still expected to pay $1000 out of my packet - yeah, good will! The dealer offered to make it less painful by doing the job at their cost if I did my 60K Mile service with them. That would take the cost down to ~$600, but I still felt I shouldn't have to pay.

    To make this short, I went to another Saab dealer with whom I have good relations and they lubricated the heck out of the column and for 60,000 miles I was happy. Then it came back. This time, my independent mechanic diagnosed the steering column and that this was a known problem. That annoyed me even more. I have owned Saabs exclusively since 1993. At this point I will have to consider another brand when it comes time to replace one of my 4 Saabs. I'm sure part of the problem is GM ownership of Saab.

    I would love to know which model years are affected. If I do consider another Saab, it will likely be a Saab certified used car to avoid this type of issue again. This would be painful as I avoid Saab dearler in general. After discounting GM, Ford and Chrysler there isn't much left except expensive European sedans and Japanese (which I do like). I am heavily invested in Saab in terms of time and experience in maintaining them, but as an engineer I will need to be objective. Wish me luck!

  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    I am looking at replacing our 99V70 with a new (or slightly used) wagon - either a Saab 9.5 or another Volvo. Volvo is preferred at the moment mainly because Saab has little product in my area and overpriced. I am in Canada and looking at importing the Saab from US as the MSRP is close to $8k less for new.

    But - having owned a 2001 Saab 9.5 sedan, and the heavy depreciation, it is unlikely I will pay MSRP. What should I expect these days for price off MSRP on a 2008 or 2007 Sportcombi purchased in the US? I would expect an Aero for between $35k and $40k but closer to $35k. Is this a reasonable expectation?
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Well, it looks like a lot of us have the same issues -- cheap plastic bits that won't stay put (screw covers in doors, speaker covers), road noise, ride on rough pavement, poor range on remote key fob....I reported on my speaker cover issue a few times in this forum. My husband was the one who finally fixed it, at least for a while, using model airplane glue. It held for over 6 months and only recently popped up again after a sever heatwave here in SoCal. In fact, the whole right side of my passenger compartment is where all the loose parts keep falling off.....hmmmm. I've only had the car for a year and a half and I find myself shopping around. Yes, I love the room -- not many wagons can match it except Volvo -- and I love the performance, (very nice on smooth road), and it's pretty good mileage wise. But a few months ago, my husband got an Acura TL and oh what a comfortable, well-put together car! And an 08 TL was cheaper than my 06 Saab! If Acura made a wagon, I would have already dumped my Saab. The seats alone blow Saab away -- I've never felt there's much lumbar support in my 06 and the leather feels hard -- I think the perforated seats in my 02 Arc wagon were much better. I'll probably keep it a while longer unless I start having mechanical issues, but in the end, I think the interior component problems and ride quality (on rough roads only) doesn't warrant paying $37K for a new vechicle. Once again, I find myself in a sort of love/hate thing with my Saab. And I think GM ownership and input has absolutely hurt quality, based on the 2 vehciles I have owned.
  • hi all,
    i am looking for a good mechanic in the princeton nj area to service my 2001 9-5 wagon...this car has been plauged with problems..if anyone can help me please do!!!

  • puppetboypuppetboy Posts: 4
    My 2005 SAAB 9-5 wagon has been trouble from the beginning. The freeze plug blew, had to have a new engine. The belts all broke, had to be towed, and the fuse which powers the SID unit goes out ever six to eight weeks.

    I give ultimate credit to the dealer in Atlanta as the service department at Jim Ellis has been superb in trying to make this work. I did not even buy it from them.

    The electrical problem seems something with which I have to live. If the Lemon Law could have been invoked, I would have done it. I concur, since GM took over, the SAAB legend has not thrived. Still love the car, but which I did not have a carry spare fuses!
  • rhys1rhys1 Posts: 2
    I have a rear indicator bulb that's blown and I want to replace it. Can't seem to get in though.. Any ideas of advice on this .
    Do I have to take off the lights them selves or is there a panel on th einside that comes away.. doesn't seem very obvious.
    Help ?? :) r
  • rhys1rhys1 Posts: 2
    I have a rear indicator bulb that's blown and I want to replace it. Can't seem to get in though.. Any ideas of advice on this .
    Do I have to take off the lights them selves or is there a panel on the inside that comes away.. doesn't seem very obvious.
    Help ?? :) r
  • Hello all. I just purchased a used 2006 9-5 wagon/auto this past weekend - 14,000 miles on a lease vehicle that the dealer picked up at auction. Only had it a couple days, but seems like a real nice car. I'd appreciate a little help with a few quick questions:
    1) Is it normal to have some acceleration hesitation when driving at low speeds - or should I take it to a dealer for checkup?
    2) Can someone explain how the use of the 3 headlamp settings - it appears the headlamps come on automatically in the first setting, but the hi-beams won't stay on when in this setting. When I use the third setting, I can turn on the hi-beams, but it looks as if the headlamps are always on. Read the manual, but still confused.
    3) Can the radio equalizer settings (custom or auto) be saved station specific? I.E. - when I change the setting to "talk" for a news radio station, the "talk" setting also becomes the default for all my other saved favorite stations. In my other GM family vehicles I am able to saved equalizer settings for each station, and don't know if I'm just doing something wrong.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Sorry this is late:

    1. I have an 07, not an 06, but definitely not. Especially in sport mode it's quick off the line with minimal turbo lag.
    2. I never figured this out, it's stupid.
    3. I don't think it's that smart, but I never really tried.

    Sorry I can't be of much help.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Wow, nothing like talking to yourself in a forum. I just wanted to say that in the sixteen and a half months (and a mere 10 posts overall in this forum) that I posted my one year review that my 9-5 has been absolutely flawless save for a very occasional rattle near the sunroof. The short term lease is about up and I will miss it quite a bit, it's been a really good car that has grown on me throughout its stay. Shopping 2009 BMWs, Mercedes and Volvos for a replacement did not particularly impress me despite the Saab being overdue for replacement.

    Sad to see Saab in such a condition as it is now, getting an all new 9-5 by now should be an option but unfortunately is not. I hope the new model sees the light of day.
  • Ours pops out too. My 2003 Aero sedan is fine however.
    Saw pics of the 2010 9-5 today on It's awesome!
  • dslapodslapo Posts: 2
    I suggest we get a lot of us 2000 9.5 SAAB owners to start a class action law suit against SAAB USA to make them make the corrections to the defective electronic system and the gasket heads they have on the engines. They delivered a flawed product to us and we deserve to have them correct what was obviously a mechanical flaw in the manufacturing of the 2000 SAAB 9.5. Lets start this now. All who are or have expierenced problems with the 2000 SAAB 9.5 please write to me at and lets get a good law firm to represent us in a class action lawsuit against SAAB USA. A frustrated consumer.

    Dennis Slapo
  • dbl782dbl782 Posts: 3
    I am in the market for a new car, I have test drove a couple of these cars....and love them! I am coming off of a BMW 528 wagon, which I will miss dearly, but it is not in my budget right now to buy another. I know that Saabs can be pricey to repair, but over all, what are some of the major issues with that year? Also, are those things that a handy family mechanic can fix? Also what about a 2003 9-5 wagon?

    Any advise will help! :confuse:
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    For 2002, I would think the biggest thing to look out for is sludge. Big problem if it was not serviced correctly or PCV upgrade not done. I would check out forums for input over there. Lots of knowledgeable wagon owners - who likely have a list of things handy to tell you. They will likely recommend 2004 or newer. These cars are a steal right now.
  • ipcguyipcguy Posts: 10
    I've been looking at a 2006 Wagon which has no Aero badging or lowered suspension or wheels but has the aluminum dash as opposed to the wood dash. Was there ever a stock aluminum dash on a non -Aero model?
  • ipcguyipcguy Posts: 10
    In 2006,Saab discontinued the "Aero" badge and had just the one model,. However, they had a Sports package option that had the aluminum dash. I researched this as I just bought a 2006 9-5 with that very package.
  • ahalksahalks Posts: 4
    I looking to buy a 2004 ARC wagon with 95,000 miles. Does anyone have any helpful comments with regards to the engine and expected maintenance I should expect. I appreciate any experiences current or past owners would like to share.

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