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Buick Enclave AC Problems



  • Continuing my previous post:
    Took 2014 Enclave (27,000 mi) to dealer. They determined that freon was low and discovered leaks in rear evaporator coil.
    They replaced coil and rear blower motor under warranty. No cost to me except the inconvenience of trip to dealer.
    Blowing cold both sides and rear now.
    To be continued.....
  • I have been experiencing the exact same issues with the my 2011 buick enclave!! It's a joke! I have taken my vehicle in so many times I do not need to tell the shuttle driver where to drop me off anymore..he knows every turn by memory. I am at the dealership at least once a month (this month 2 times already) with different issues, but the a/c is the worse! I have already paid over $1,100 to fix the "evaporative cooling system" in the rear of the car. And I paid $700 before that on some other a/c issue (I'll look it up and add it in another post). So when the car started making the exact same hissing noise again I thought, "Unbelievable! But at least the work should be under warranty." When I told the service representative this was the third time for the same issue he said that their work is under warranty...if it is for the exact same issue. Well of course when I call back they said that instead of the rear evaporative cooling system, this time its the front! in order to fix it this time it's going to be another $2200!!! Are you kidding me? Has anyone ever paid $4200 to fix the a/c on one car? It's a joke!! My coworkers laugh because they warned me about buying GMC. Every time I have to get a ride to lunch they know I took the shuttle from the dealership and the question is..."Now what's wrong with your car?" I should have listened!! I think that there should be a class action suit. This is definitely a GM issue.
  • Owners of a 2012 Buick Enclave. We purchased our vehicle new in October of 2011. There was always something wrong with our AC blowing out cold air from the start. We also always had that constant hissing sound when it would try and cool down. We had originally purchased the oil/filter dealership plan and when I would take the vehicle in for this, I would tell them that my AC was not working properly. They just told me to turn the system on and off again & that would work. Little did I know about the "Lemon" law until now. I should have demanded that they check this problem & have it written down as documentation on my service order. Finally, in July of 2013, our cold air stopped blowing and it would be over 100 degrees in the car. I took it to a different dealership (and thankfully, @ this time it was covered under warranty). They never actually stated what the "For Sure" Problem was. They took out the entire front dash & replaced the front evaporator core & recharged the system with more freon. It only lasted for a YEAR!! Then the summer of 2014 rolled around, we were driving in over 100 degree air during the hottest time of the year!! At this time, our vehicle was not paid off & it was just out of warranty. (OF COURSE IT WOULD BE OUR LUCK). We suffered with having no AC for over 2 years, because we could not financially afford what the repair bill would be if they were not going to help us with the repairs. We bought fans for the car and drove around with the windows down. It was very miserable for all 4 of us. We finally decided to take it to a reputable local pop repair to have them add freon to it in May of 2016, before a long trip we were going on. It was $68.00. We finally had cold air!!!! But we knew that we still had a leak somewhere. This only lasted until December of 2016. Then, we lost ALL freon. At this time, the cold air light on the AC panal would blink 3 times and shut off. This meant that our system was completely out of freon. We took it back to the same pop mechanic and they refilled it with freon for $68.00 again. This only last for 5 days. Our system had leaked out all of the freon. Now how this mechanic did not see the leak, I am not sure. We had to finally take our Buick to the dealership. They diagnosed it with the Main High Pressure AC Hose in the front of the car being bad. They gave us an estimate of around $800 to replace this. Then they gave us an estimate of around $300 to have the system cleaned out, recharged, add more freon, and clean the front motor area of all the freon mess that had leaked out. They also discovered that two of our Engine Mounts (Upper & Lower) were going bad. I had noticed a few months ago that when we would start our engine, the engine area would shake or make a louder noise/rattle than usual. They gave us a quote of around $500 to replace 2 of the engine mounts (upper & lower). The Dog Bone Mount was still good. After doing some research online, we had a 5year/100,000 Powertrain Warrany that we were 2 months out of (based upon months, not millage).
    I have contacted GM customer service to find out if they can assist us with any of the AC repairs since it seems to be an ongoing problem. We feel that the reason why there is a hole in this high pressure AC line is due to an engineering flaw. The power steering line rubs up against this AC line causing a slow leak as what we have had from the start of owning our Buick Enclave 2012. We feel that this should have been diagnosed from the start. I have also contacted them to see if they will be able to be of some assistance with getting our Engine Mounts covered with us still being under the 100,000 miles and only 2 months out of our 5 years. I am hoping that they will cover this cost at least for us. Fingers crossed!
    I am just worried that we will be back at the dealership in a year for some additional repairs on our AC that will have gone bad by then as well.....not fun at all. We love the vehicle otherwise, but with 2 children, we cannot have a vehicle that does not have AC that works.
  • We picked up our Buick today and GM paid for a big portion of our AC repair bill!!! We are so thankful for this decision! Thank you GM for stepping up & assisting us with our AC issue! We have cold air again!!!
  • BJacks1BJacks1 Lufkin, TexasPosts: 2
    Having same issues with 2012 Buick Enclave..Have spent $2400 in last 5 months on a car barely 5 years old and 54K miles..Sub-par construction or parts is all I can say..Never another Buick Enclave!
  • ZenghuZenghu Naperville, ILPosts: 1
    I have a 2010 Buick Enclave with only 51,000 miles on it and the air conditioner started not to blow cold enough air late last summer and then it never worked this summer. Because I live in Chicago and I do not use air conditioner in my car much actually. The first time I tried to turned my AC on this summer a few weeks ago, there was a yellow lights blinked three times then it just went off. I finally had a chance to take my car to the dealer and they diagnosed that the evaporator core was leaking and they would charge $1950 to replace it: the part is like $200 ~ $300 and the rest is labor cost.

    I called GM customer assistance and I thought they talked to the dealer and the dealer then called me and said they could reduce the price down to $1688 and that all they can do because my warranty expired three years ago. I decided not to repair it and from now on, i would drive a Buick Enclave without A/C (and it is supposed to be luxury car, right? how ridiculous!) That will keep reminding me never buy a GM car again!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,484
    Did you price this job out with an independent AC specialist? Nothing wrong with a 2nd opinion.

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  • jftthirdjftthird Posts: 1
    2011 Buick Enclave AC quit. Dealer charged about $1200 to replace the rear evacuator. Later AC quit again and dealer now states front evacuator needs replacing and about $2500 to replace ! I believe they did not fix the problem initially and dealer refuses to assist other than offering to reduce the charge by $200. Seems from my research that GM has known about this problem for years and it appears some folks have received assistance but not others...not happy in sunny Florida...
  • boeh333boeh333 Posts: 1
    I too have the same AC issues...I have an 08 Enclave that was actually purchased from a Buick dealer who highly recommended an extended warranty. I bought the warranty and 10k miles later the transmission was rebuilt, the water pump was replaced and the power steering issue was repaired. Every summer however, after 1.5 hours down the road in hot humid weather the AC and fan begins to decrease in speed and eventually blows at a trickle with warm air. I turn the compressor off for about 20 or 30 minutes and turn the compressor back on and the blower and AC properly works. When I stopped at rest stops, I noted there were large amounts of water under the car...not normal. I've taken this vehicle to four GM dealers...each can't replicate the problem. The first dealer replaced the blower motor, the second added Freon, the third replaced the shredder valves but to no avail. Since then my extended warranty has expired....GM knew of this problem, even when there was a warranty in place but stated they could not replicate the problem---I find that insulting! I still have a problem with the AC and GM knew of it but would not properly repair it. It's a shame, I bought this vehicle for the space and performance but likely will have to trade it in for a Toyota or Honda---something dependable!
  • We were back at the dealership again yesterday!!!!! (Our 2012 Buick Enclave) 8 months after my last post here (scroll up a few posts on this page). Our car began blowing hot air again (90-100 degrees). We can never go more than 8-12 months without COLD AIR!!!!!!! We took it back to the same dealership and they insisted that we have an evacuate and recharge leak test completed to see how much freon was lost (which half of it was gone) and they claim they NOW KNOW that the leak is in the rear evaporator core!!!! They want around $1,100 to make this repair!!! I was so mad that I just said no (I had to pay $200 yesterday). With all the AC issues (and not finding the real reason & not solving the real problem), we have also had motor mounts go bad (after warranty), our water pump line was leaking & caused damage (after warranty), & supposedly our battery leaked out & caused damage too. Just google Buick water pump issues & it is just as bad as the AC (it is a known problem). We had our coolant topped off early on & again when it says to add more in the mannuel, AND WE STILL HAD TO PAY OUT IF POCKET FOR THAT because of the poor design by Buick. I am going to call Customer Service (which I have for all repairs). They only helped me out once, so we shall see. I really hope there is a recall or suit @ some point because this is not fair to have this many issues & have to take so much of my time to resolve them & get nowhere. 
  • BUICK will not help us with any of our repairs and the dealership will not come down in their price. Buick stated that they will only help you one time and that is all. Our AC has never been right since the start & that is the frustrating part. It has always had an AC leak of some kind. We have had many cars in our lifetime & we have never had this issue of our freon leaking out like this vehicle. When you search the internet, this is a known problem since the Buick was created (2008 I believe) and is even still happening with the newer models. BEWARE!
  • I have a 2014 Enclave that the a/c has quit working on the right side and rear vents. Took it to the dealer... it too needs the rear evaporation coil and blowers motor replaced. I bought it as a certified used vehicle so it is still under warranty. I was informed that the parts are on back order. I asked the service rep if this issue has been an ongoing problem. He said yes. Seems a lot of people are or have experienced the same issue with the Enclaves air conditioning system. It makes me wonder if this is class action lawsuit worthy. I will do more investigation.
  • See my post, 2 people up (2012 Buick Enclave, $89,000 miles). My husband bought the part for our rear evaporator core replacement (@ NAPA), for around $100,  a few extra parts, ($40), and a few cans of freon for $4.88 each @ Wal-mart (4 cans total), and  (he already had the correct AC freon filler line at home). We were quoted that our labor wouldn be for six hours and the part would be over $400. My husband, with no experience with this issue, and only watching videos online, completed this task in four hours!! It did look like our rear evaporator core was bad. We now have cold air and no hissing sound!!!! I am thankful for my husband. Now? Hopefully it will last more than 6-8 months like in the be continued.
  • 2enclaveowner2enclaveowner Posts: 1
    edited September 2017
    This is my second Buick Enclave with a/c issues. My first was a 2009 that started blowing warm and hissing at 71,000 miles. Service dept detected no leaks, it continued and 900 miles later determined that the evaporator core had a leak. Luckily, it was covered under warranty and was repaired and replaced. My second 2014 enclave started blowing warm and hissing at 42,000 miles. GM lowered the warranty down to 50,000 miles. Service dept added dye and recharged system. It worked fine for a while. Seven months later it all started again. Now we were over the 50,000 miles and the evaporator core, like the 2009 model, was leaking. After a hard discussion, it was fixed under "customer appreciation". It should have been fixed under "warranty" when the issue started before the warranty ended. Then once again, 10 months later the a/c quite blowing cold. This time the coolant temp sensor went bad. $300 cost to us. Then can you believe just TWO WEEKS later we had issues again. It was cold for the driver, but not passenger, or rear. Hissing again and humid musky smell. Then soon the drive side quit blowing cold. Service dept now states that the rear evap core is bad and the cost is $1,400. I called and submitted a complaint and request and was told these issues are now out of warranty and they are not to provide cash assistance. The service dept is willing to discount $175 in labor. It is absolutely crazy that a/c problems like this are happening. This is not a service dept issue, but an issue with GM putting bad a/c parts in their cars. I have no confidence that if I spend $1,200 that another a/c issue won't soon occur! This is my 4th new GM product purchase. I should never have purchased the Enclave a second time! BTW it took GM 30 DAYS to come to this resolution, meanwhile I just keep driving with no a/c in hot humid weather.
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