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Buick Enclave AC Problems



  • Continuing my previous post:
    Took 2014 Enclave (27,000 mi) to dealer. They determined that freon was low and discovered leaks in rear evaporator coil.
    They replaced coil and rear blower motor under warranty. No cost to me except the inconvenience of trip to dealer.
    Blowing cold both sides and rear now.
    To be continued.....
  • I have been experiencing the exact same issues with the my 2011 buick enclave!! It's a joke! I have taken my vehicle in so many times I do not need to tell the shuttle driver where to drop me off anymore..he knows every turn by memory. I am at the dealership at least once a month (this month 2 times already) with different issues, but the a/c is the worse! I have already paid over $1,100 to fix the "evaporative cooling system" in the rear of the car. And I paid $700 before that on some other a/c issue (I'll look it up and add it in another post). So when the car started making the exact same hissing noise again I thought, "Unbelievable! But at least the work should be under warranty." When I told the service representative this was the third time for the same issue he said that their work is under warranty...if it is for the exact same issue. Well of course when I call back they said that instead of the rear evaporative cooling system, this time its the front! in order to fix it this time it's going to be another $2200!!! Are you kidding me? Has anyone ever paid $4200 to fix the a/c on one car? It's a joke!! My coworkers laugh because they warned me about buying GMC. Every time I have to get a ride to lunch they know I took the shuttle from the dealership and the question is..."Now what's wrong with your car?" I should have listened!! I think that there should be a class action suit. This is definitely a GM issue.
  • Owners of a 2012 Buick Enclave. We purchased our vehicle new in October of 2011. There was always something wrong with our AC blowing out cold air from the start. We also always had that constant hissing sound when it would try and cool down. We had originally purchased the oil/filter dealership plan and when I would take the vehicle in for this, I would tell them that my AC was not working properly. They just told me to turn the system on and off again & that would work. Little did I know about the "Lemon" law until now. I should have demanded that they check this problem & have it written down as documentation on my service order. Finally, in July of 2013, our cold air stopped blowing and it would be over 100 degrees in the car. I took it to a different dealership (and thankfully, @ this time it was covered under warranty). They never actually stated what the "For Sure" Problem was. They took out the entire front dash & replaced the front evaporator core & recharged the system with more freon. It only lasted for a YEAR!! Then the summer of 2014 rolled around, we were driving in over 100 degree air during the hottest time of the year!! At this time, our vehicle was not paid off & it was just out of warranty. (OF COURSE IT WOULD BE OUR LUCK). We suffered with having no AC for over 2 years, because we could not financially afford what the repair bill would be if they were not going to help us with the repairs. We bought fans for the car and drove around with the windows down. It was very miserable for all 4 of us. We finally decided to take it to a reputable local pop repair to have them add freon to it in May of 2016, before a long trip we were going on. It was $68.00. We finally had cold air!!!! But we knew that we still had a leak somewhere. This only lasted until December of 2016. Then, we lost ALL freon. At this time, the cold air light on the AC panal would blink 3 times and shut off. This meant that our system was completely out of freon. We took it back to the same pop mechanic and they refilled it with freon for $68.00 again. This only last for 5 days. Our system had leaked out all of the freon. Now how this mechanic did not see the leak, I am not sure. We had to finally take our Buick to the dealership. They diagnosed it with the Main High Pressure AC Hose in the front of the car being bad. They gave us an estimate of around $800 to replace this. Then they gave us an estimate of around $300 to have the system cleaned out, recharged, add more freon, and clean the front motor area of all the freon mess that had leaked out. They also discovered that two of our Engine Mounts (Upper & Lower) were going bad. I had noticed a few months ago that when we would start our engine, the engine area would shake or make a louder noise/rattle than usual. They gave us a quote of around $500 to replace 2 of the engine mounts (upper & lower). The Dog Bone Mount was still good. After doing some research online, we had a 5year/100,000 Powertrain Warrany that we were 2 months out of (based upon months, not millage).
    I have contacted GM customer service to find out if they can assist us with any of the AC repairs since it seems to be an ongoing problem. We feel that the reason why there is a hole in this high pressure AC line is due to an engineering flaw. The power steering line rubs up against this AC line causing a slow leak as what we have had from the start of owning our Buick Enclave 2012. We feel that this should have been diagnosed from the start. I have also contacted them to see if they will be able to be of some assistance with getting our Engine Mounts covered with us still being under the 100,000 miles and only 2 months out of our 5 years. I am hoping that they will cover this cost at least for us. Fingers crossed!
    I am just worried that we will be back at the dealership in a year for some additional repairs on our AC that will have gone bad by then as well.....not fun at all. We love the vehicle otherwise, but with 2 children, we cannot have a vehicle that does not have AC that works.
  • We picked up our Buick today and GM paid for a big portion of our AC repair bill!!! We are so thankful for this decision! Thank you GM for stepping up & assisting us with our AC issue! We have cold air again!!!
  • BJacks1BJacks1 Lufkin, TexasPosts: 2
    Having same issues with 2012 Buick Enclave..Have spent $2400 in last 5 months on a car barely 5 years old and 54K miles..Sub-par construction or parts is all I can say..Never another Buick Enclave!
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