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Buick Enclave AC Problems



  • After shopping for a luxury crossover in early 2010 I have to say my initial impression of the Buick Enclave was that it really stood out above the rest. I liked the styling, comfort, and ride that had us both saying it "drives like a Cadillac". Unfortunately for the Cadillac SRX, it didn't offer the room of the Enclave, which is important for my business use. I am a REALTOR®, Las Vegas Broker and salesperson and have national and international clientele for what would be consider higher end and luxury properties. So obviously I needed a vehicle that not only performed on that level, but would offer room and comfort for my clients. Banging heads and no leg room while viewing multiple homes didn't seem like an appropriate way to treat my customers. The Enclave did eliminate all the negatives I hoped to avoid, and many were both surprised and impressed from being in the vehicle. I'm sure that has resulted in some sales of the car, but now I must say I'm sorry if they were misled like I have been.

    For my business use I normally would lease for 2 years, but unfortunately with the economy at the time, only four year leases were available from any company, if at all, which also exceeded the full warranty Buick offered. I was reluctant due to the this lengthy lease, but was assured this was a quality vehicle and it did have the longer powertrain warranty. As of now my reluctance has grown, due to issues with the car both on Buick's part as well as the dealership. In my business I provide quality and dependable service, something that has been very questionable with the Enclave. I can't afford to have a vehicle in the shop, often repeatedly for the same problems.

    The first few months were fine, until summer and running the air conditioning. Not long after beginning to use it an awful moldy, musty smell would come from the vents. It would become so strong that it would burn both eyes and nose, and the only temporary cure was to open the car and run the heater. Not a pleasant situation in desert heat, or with clients in the car. We also noticed that there was no condensate dripping from the vehicle, suggesting that it could have a blocked drain line. We stated this to the dealership, as well as telling them we were aware there have been odor issues like this with the newer high efficiency AC coils, and Internet postings about it specific to the Enclave. We knew there was a chemical treatment available and being used to address the issue. I was without the use of my months-old car twice, both times the dealer service insisting it was the protective runner custom installed to protect the light tan carpeting. They said they had never heard of any AC odor problems or the chemical treatment. They must not have Internet service, it's not that hard to find. Strangely enough, this wasn't a vinyl smell, it was MOLD, and only came from the vents, not accumulating in the car when closed and sitting in the heat, as if caused from floor mats. Finally on the third return for this problem the dealership suddenly knew of the treatment and performed it. While it was an another overwhelming chemical odor for a few days, it did seem to eliminate the mold smell for some time and amazingly now we were seeing some condensate.

    Not being used in the cooler months, as time went on the moldy smell did return, although nowhere near as pungent. Rather than more multiple visits for this issue we've found a work-around of turning off the circulation of cabin air as much as possible. Unfortunately this can be a battle here in the desert as the automatic climate system keeps reverting the outside air back to cabin air.

    For several months that was the only vehicle problem we faced. I did make the mistake of doing the prepaid dealership maintenance, which for a simple oil change with an appointment can leave me without the use of my Enclave for hours to all day, and juggling my own transportation. I wonder how these 15 minute oil change places can do it, even without an appointment, and a large dealership can turn it into a several hours long or all day event. To be fair, a shuttle has been offered, but in my business it does me no good. I need transportation to multiple locations and why I need a reliable vehicle in the first place. I thought the Enclave would achieve that, but it has proven me wrong.

    It was after one of the next dealer oil changes that I experienced my next service issue. Even after driving the 7 miles to my home, oil was dripping on my freshly painted garage floor. Understand that this was two color, custom painted, an expensive addition to a 1400 sf completely finished garage that is heated and air conditioned. Needless to say it was upsetting for more reasons than one. Not only for the fresh paint, but that a relatively new car with low miles is leaking oil. The dealership blamed it on the vehicle, stating that Enclaves leave oil on the 'rails' when changing oil, a design flaw I assume. They did offer to clean the oil from the car. This meant yet another return to the dealership the next day and being unable to use the car again for hours, causing me to make other transportation arrangements and reschedule appointments.

    When picking up the car I also was told about how much time they spent and 2 cans of cleaner used. What? Should I feel grateful for them cleaning the mess THEY made? I didn't see anyone cleaning my garage floor, placing a drip pad underneath, or having to address my time loss, inconvenience and schedule changes, and the time and expense of another round trip to the dealership. This oil spill did make me aware to check under my vehicle, which will come into play with a future issue.

    The electrical problems started next. While intermittent and not appearing worthy of more of my time lost at the dealership, they grew to be extremely annoying. On occasion the radio wouldn't shut off when the door opened. The buttons on the radio, while hardly used with having the those operations available from the steering wheel, began to stick. Then the black finish started to peel from the button leaving a large green illumination when the lights were on. Besides the unsightly appearance this was a night driving distraction.

    At times repeatedly opening and closing the door would turn the radio off. When that didn't work the only solution was to manually turn off the radio, leaving the dash illuminated, and manually turning the radio back on when restarting the vehicle. At other times a chime would go off for no reason, often with keys removed and exiting the car. Needless to say this became a laughable, head-shaking quality issue for both myself and my clients.

    Fearing that it would cause more interruptions to my schedule I waited until the next oil change to have these problems addressed. Sadly, it turned out worse than I expected as it became 3 visits to the dealership within a week. On the first I was told I
  • On the first I was told I was 'lucky' that the buttons were sticking on the radio as "Buick would no longer replace radios for cosmetic issues". So much for Buick's supposed 'bumper to bumper warranty'. Doesn't that say so much, that they aren't willing to back a $40,000 luxury vehicle for an obvious manufacturing defect that apparently they've experienced and 'are no longer' rectifying. I'd suppose that if the paint peeled off the car in just 2 years, it's only a cosmetic issue, that would be tough luck for the owner.

    We had figured that the radio both not turning off and it's replacement would be yet another trip to the dealership. This because they would most likely have to order the radio and the switch in the door that we were certain was the issue. On picking up the car, as expected, it would have to return for the radio, but was told that they had 'reprogrammed' the computer and no parts were needed to repair the radio not shutting off. We knew this wasn't the case, but what is your choice? Yes, pulling into the garage at home, turn off the car, open the door and the radio is still on.

    Returning again to have the radio replaced, and for it to actually turn off, astonishingly another issue was found! The timing cover was leaking... or was it? How you notice that a timing cover is leaking when changing a radio inside a car is a little beyond me. Remember, this wasn't noticed while under the car for an oil change just days before, it's while inside the car for a radio change. The other thing is that since the previous oil change spill we monitor the garage floor and not a drop has been there. Again, but what do you do? This is a dealership saying that it needs replaced and you surely don't want to refuse it and have it become a warranty issue...or should I say excuse for not covering some future problem. So when picking up the vehicle I had to reschedule another appointment. I was told that it would take a day and a half, an overnighter, so they would furnish a rental car this time. I was also assured that the radio shutoff was now fixed. Of course it still wasn't.

    Returning for the timing cover leak I again let them know of the radio not shutting off. Of course this would be fixed this time, for sure! Third time is a charm, right? Well I went to the dealership's Enterprise rental and low and behold to replace my luxury vehicle I was offered a Chevy HHR. Of course I could 'upgrade' to an Imapala for an extra $10 a day at my own expense. Oddly enough when we take the family Cadillac in for any service and a rental car is provided, also through Enterprise, it's another luxury vehicle, some type of Cadillac no less, and at no additional charge.

    Amazingly my nearly 2 day repair was able to be completed the same day! How, I have no idea. It can take that long to change oil, let alone disassemble and reassemble the front of an engine. Yet another schedule juggle to go pick up the car early. Although I must say it was welcome to get out of the rental. The HHR was like driving a noisy enclosed gocart with hard seats that equal the plastic chairs you might find in a bowling alley. Of course I am once again assured that all is well and the radio now shuts off. Ahh no, it doesn't.

    In spite of everything stated as being repaired, to my surprise a few days later I am left a message that my part is in to repair my radio! What? What part? I was told everything was fixed and nothing about a parts order or having to return AGAIN. I'm told it's a replacement door lock solenoid, which doesn't sound like it's the latch switch which is apparently the problem. By this point one has to wonder if this is compete incompetence or a way to milk warranty money from GM. All at the customers expense and inconvenience, of course.

    This is all occurring at one of my busiest times of year. I can't afford any more downtime, so I chose to wait until the next oil change. Unfortunately now that I am able to use the car again I have the time to discover all the new problems that were created form the 'repairs'. In addition to the radio not shutting off, the random door chime well after a door is open, on occasion the interior lights don't come on when opening the driver's door. Then the bluetooth is now working intermittently, and my spouse's phone is no longer even listed as being paired with the car, it just vanished. He does the pairing again and it works....sometimes. Yes a call comes in for either of our phones, the number appears on the dash, and when you attempt to answer it disconnects from the car...more often than not. The same when making outgoing calls. Go through the 'call', 'name tag', 'yes', 'calling', then it may ring once if you're lucky and disconnect from the car. It's not the phone dropping the call as it may still be connected, just not to the bluetooth. If you are lucky enough for it to be working and need to transfer the call to the phone when exiting, that may not work as it did in the past. You either can be tethered to the car until you complete the call, or ask if you can call back because your stupid car now won't disconnect from the phone.

    Funny how we don't have this issue in the Cadillac or that the bluetooth worked for over 2 years in the Enclave without a problem, yet now the dealership is claiming that it's our phones that are the culprit, and that their bluetooth works well with Iphones and Blackberry, but not with other brands. Really? You've GOT to be kidding me. Besides it being dangerous, it's a state law in NV that you can only use a hands free device, but my luxury Buick suddenly can't connect to a phone and it's a my phone's problem. Two of them, no less. If this is true it would seem that Buick should inform potential customers that their vehicles require only certain brands of phones for them to actually be able to use this 'feature' of their vehicles.

    Oddly enough the Buick online pairing guide lists other manufacturers of phones including the HTC brand of smart phones we use. Their listing of phones, even for 2012 model Enclaves, includes many phones that are no longer in production. I would have to assume that means that to use Buick bluetooth 'technology' when you don't have an Iphone or a Blackberry, you have to dig up an old phone. What the dealer and Buick are saying is after you've owned the Enclave for a while you'll need to ditch your up to date 4g touch screen smart phone and find that discarded Razor or some other old flip phone model on ebay if you want any hope of it connecting with your car.

    Of course we're still not done, there's another problem. This with Onstar, a service that I PAY for. When using Onstar before the radio swap, the blower would reduce speed and the radio mute so you could communicate and hear the directions after being downloaded to your vehicle. Since the radio was changed the only time this happens is when connected to Onstar. Once the
  • Of course we're still not done, there's another problem. This with Onstar, a service that I PAY for. When using Onstar before the radio swap, the blower would reduce speed and the radio mute so you could communicate and hear the directions after being downloaded to your vehicle. Since the radio was changed the only time this happens is when connected to Onstar. Once the directions are downloaded they are given with the radio at volume. The only way it can be heard is to turn the radio off, or you experience a dangerous situation of trying to follow directions in traffic that are mingled with the radio's audio.

    The next issue was the flashing tire monitor with the "service tire monitoring system" message displayed. Scrolling through to tire pressure, the right front indicated NO air pressure, which obviously wasn't the case. Stopping to check it with a gauge, it was fine. Later it would go out and read pressure. Then it would come on again out of the blue. This cry wolf display became yet another random annoyance that occurred multiple times.

    Today I returned the car to the dealership for another oil change and to have these issues addressed. The door lock actuator was supposedly replaced and now listed as it having been 'showing' inoperative. The door locks themselves have never been a problem, nor did it appear this was an issue that 'showed up' on the previous visits. I can't say at this time that this will solve the intermittent radio not shutting off, lights not turning on, or random chime, as I've only turned the car off once in returning it to the garage.

    Today's service is also when I was told that the bluetooth problem is with our phones. The solution was that they've 'noted it' and will update the car, if any updates for our phones should be sent from Buick. The invoice states that it was paired with a tech's phone and it worked. No kidding? Ours will work at times, and then quit. It also states that they needed to check that our phones have the latest software. These are top of the line Android phones, that are much newer than the obsolete models listed on the Buick website. So in other words, we will continue to have random bluetooth connections with no resolution in sight... unless I want to buy new phones and/or change carriers to do so, or revert back to relic devices.

    The problem with Onstar was noted on the invoice, but no mention of it listed as being addressed. When I called to see when my car would be ready I specifically asked if the Onstar issue was corrected and was assured it was. Of course I tried it on the way home from the dealership and nothing has changed, the volume remains the same and you can't hear the directions. I will call the dealership in the morning and notify them again that it failed to be corrected, but it appears useless to waste my time again to have another defect unresolved. If Buick will offer to guarantee a solution, fine, but I'm not holding my breath. Apparently even their bumper to bumper warranty is selective.
  • The invoice also states that the customer requested a multi-point inspection, which I never did. An added service? Perhaps, but it seems they didn't notice that the bottoms of the door mouldings for both front doors, 'attached' to the front of the rear doors, are dangling loose. This wasn't noticed when changing the door lock solenoid inside the front driver's door. How effective is this inspection when items like this aren't noticed when right in font of them?

    It's right up there with these annoyance issues. If they can't figure out how to repair a radio not shutting off, a bluetooth that won't connect, or an issue with an Onstar system, how on earth will they repair a more serious electrical problem? What if the car just quits? Will it be in the shop for days, weeks, months? Or will they just give it back and say "Buick no longer covers problems they can't figure out?"

    I recently received a letter from the dealership that my warranty will be expiring soon, in early 2011, and that I can purchase an extended warranty. I guess they must feel that with all the ongoing issues I must really need it, and I should pay even more for the privilege of them wasting more of my time, more loss of use of the vehicle, and all to have the same problems either repeat or not be remedied at all.

    At this point I feel it better to research my options of getting out of the lease early and shopping other brands. It's a shame that the rumored Cadillac SRX stretched model to compare with the Enclave isn't available, as it appears Cadillac is more concerned about their owner's experience. While I have wanted to buy American and have been a longtime customer of GM vehicles, I may have to resort to turning to imports.

    I more than understand that any vehicle from any manufacturer will need service, have a problem, or may even have a recall. It's a shame that Buick has what appears to be a winning design, yet has these quality issues that are just left hanging. When the Enclave has worked as it's supposed to, I have no complaints at all and would buy one again. Comfortable, quiet ride, plenty of power, and all the features I could need. Unfortunately the features only work when they want to, and apparently there is no correction available, or without multiple service downtime and inconvenience.

    I've been led to believe that both Buick and the dealership are more focused on ignoring problems or excusing them away, forcing customers to live with their mistakes, taking the loss and having to endure the aggravation. I assume from their actions they expect that I should just feel fortunate that the Enclave still runs at all, and simply forget all those luxury 'features and technology' that I'm paying for.

    I could never imagine treating my own customers this way.
  • We can certainly appreciate why you're frustrated and disappointed after the many issues you've described in these posts, liveinvegas. Have you worked with Customer Assistance to get this addressed? If we can look into this with you, please email us at with more information, including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hi livesinvesgas, please do not feel alone in your frustration with your Buick Enclave! I too have experienced a rash of problems with my brand new 2012 Enclave. My Enclave had about 1000 miles on it when I started noticing a white smoke coming out of my tailpipes. I was told that this was condensation burning off of the tailpipes. I am not an expert but I do believe you should not be burning condensation off of the exhaust after 40 mins. Of driving. The smoke coming out of the tailpipes is white and is more than the norm. I took it in for its first service and when I drove the car off of the lot it look like I was spraying for Mosquitos. It was blowing a huge amount of smoke out of both tailpipes . I was told it was due too overfill. Hmmmm . The dealership took the vehicle back and cleaned up the overfill. They told me that if it smoked anymore to let them know. Of course the very next day the Enclave began smoking. I called the dealership and was told once again it was condensation. they said they had a memo on the condensation!Anyway two days later I was pulling out of my driveway and once again it was smoking. I told my husband and of course he just shrugged his shoulders. I got 3 miles down the road and my Enclave started to shudder and smoke and then shut off. I guess they didn't get the memo on that one . My 2012 Enclave with 7000 miles on it was towed into the dealership. The dealership found a fouled spark plug and fouled coil. When I asked what could possibly could cause that in a new Enclave that had no Ansewer. They told me that they test drove the car and had no problems with it. They told me to call them if I experience anymore problems with the 2012 Enclave. Of course I called them the very next day to inform them the car is still smoking. Their response was that I could drop my car off over night and they could set it next to another Enclave and see if they burn the exhaust condensation the same way. Never heard of that test. Not only does my car still smoke but it still feels like it is misfiring . I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope and pray that my car does not break down again. I did not mention that the inside of my tailpipes have a lot of carbon build up. I would love to hear if anyone else is experiencing this with their new Enclave. I too use to own a Cadillac CTS. No problems what so ever!
  • ashley30,

    We're terribly sorry to hear that you have had to make so many visits to your dealership on your new Enclave. Have you opened a Service Request with Customer Assistance on this matter? If we can do so for you to look into this further, please email with more information, including your name and Edmunds username, a summary of the situation, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • dgmockdgmock Posts: 3
    The front AC evaporator on my 2009 Enclave was recently replaced by my dealer at 68,000 miles (major three-day repair job). Since then, the heater/AC system just doesn't regulate between heat and cool. For the first five minutes or so after starting from a cold start, the heater blows so hot we can't stand it. Then it cools down to where it gets really chilly, then after another ten minutes or so starts blowing really hot again. It never, ever, did this before the AC repair. The dealer screwed up several other things when he did the AC work, but he says the heater/AC system is working like it's supposed to. Anyone else having a similar problem? Thanks!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry to hear that you have concerns with your HVAC system after having repair work done on your Enclave. If we can follow up on this with your dealership, please email us at with more information (including your name a contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I haven't read through most of the thread but I'm sure we are all sharing the same problems as far as our electrical, AC, heating with the Buick Enclave.

    We own the 2011 Buick Enclave and during the summer months the AC blows in the front but in the back it blows out heat onto my child. I had no idea this was happening until one day I sat in the back with her. Took it into the dealer where we purchased the car and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now, that it's winter it's doing the opposite. Heat blows up front but cold air in back. Took it back to the dealer and service department couldn't find anything wrong, again. So, we took it to another dealer for a second opionion. They too couldn't find anything wrong with it and did mention that I've only got 16oz of freon.

    This is a complete hazzard to a childs health to be poured heat on a hot summers day in a hot car and cold air when it's freezing temps all around.

    Have any of you experienced the same? I'm at a lost as to what to do...

  • Like many others in this forum, we are experiencing the same problems.

    We bought a 2008 Enclave used from a dealer in Jan 2012, and I don't usually buy extended warranties, but for some strange reason I did in this case and very happy for it! A month after purchasing the vehicle, things started to go wrong and things have gone down hill from there. My wife loves the vehicle, except for all of the time it has spent in the dealership.

    In Feb 2012, we had an issue where we could not remove the key from the ignition. We could start the car, drive it and turn it off, however, could not remove the key and were therefore unable to lock the doors. We called the dealership and then a service truck and he couldn't figure it out either. He removed the negative wire from the battery so we could at least lock the vehicle overnight before taking it to the dealership. When we got it back, the trailer harness, that was installed by the dealership did not work. The technician suggested that the electrical for the harness shorted out the left turn signal that caused the ignition problem. I just laughed.

    So we get the vehicle back and the left turn signal will not stay on. Took it back to fix that in the summer when we started having AC problems. Could not get AC, then the car would overheat, and they replaced the water pump. Now we have the AC/heat problem others have described in the forum... coincidence? I think not! Sounds as though all of the Enclaves have the same problem... I would be interested to know if this is a problem confined to one manufacturing plant or geographic region.

    In any case, winter is coming, we have had the vehicle to the dealership twice and they can't figure out what the problem is. In summer, when AC was supposed to be blowing, heat was coming out. Now when heat is supposed to be blowing, cold comes out. Here is the kicker, sometimes the problem is in the back (under auxiliary blowing on my two toddlers), sometimes, the problem is on the passenger side and sometimes on the driver side.

    I am not sure what the problem is but could it be the temp control module in the computer system?

    Any comments appreciated, and by the way, I too wish I visited this forum before buying. I thought I performed more than ample due diligence, but apparently not.

    Thank you in advance
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello trygiven,

    Sorry to hear that it's been so difficult to get some of these concerns resolved on your Enclave. If we can check into this situation further with your dealership, please email us more information at so we can start up a Service Request and contact the service department (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership, as well as a brief summary of the current situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jdkoren -- I, too, had a similar (though not identical) problem with my Enclave (see post #147). After several visits to my dealer in which they claimed they could find nothing wrong (while giving me that "You must be imagining this" attitude), they suddenly discovered the existence of a Tech Service Bulletin, #08-01-39-009B, that exactly described my problem. The fix involves reprogramming the heater module ($100), but it has cured the problem. Guess you need to take the service manuals and bulletins with you when you have these cars serviced. Anyway, I'm happy for now!
  • boblbuboblbu Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 Buick Enclave that has had 3 A/C problems in the last year. The A/C would stop blowing cool in the front but blows warm and fast in the rear. I tried to increase the fan speed but it would not increase. The front vents were barely blowing cool air. I tried to turn off the A/C and it wouldn't go off. So I turned off the entire system for about 10 minutes and turned it back on and it worked OK. I brought the Enclave into the dealer on all 3 occasions but they could not duplicate the problem and said the A/C checked out fine and the computer showed no problem codes. This is a very disturbing problem and living in Florida it is imperative that the A/C works. I'm very happy with the Enclave otherwise but if GM cannot fix this obvious defect I will have to sell the Enclave and replace it with a NON-GM product.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you would like for us to document this concern for you and follow up with the dealership on your behalf, please email us at (include your name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a brief summary of the situation so far).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2008 Buick Enclave that I purchase pre-owned in 2009 with 20K miles. I love the style, the room and features of the vehicle but I'm very disappointed with the mechanical problems. A couple of years ago the rack and pinion was replaced. I noticed the steering felt odd and this was replaced under warranty. A year after that the steering started doing the same thing but I was told that it was a different problem which would cost me $800+. Last year I started noticing that my AC wasn't very cool and on our way home from Disneyland in October 2012 the air gave out completely. I took it in and was told the evap core had to be replaced and it would cost $1200+ to repair. So I'm driving this beautiful car with jacked up steering and no AC which just upsets me greatly. I didn't purchase an extended warranty because I figured that Buick was a quality product although I have 86k miles and it would have expired by now. I've never owned a 4 year old vehicle which such major problems. The weather is going to start warming up and I'm going to need AC soon but I don't have the money to fix it and I won't be able to get a good trade-in with the problems that it has.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry that you're so discouraged with your Enclave. If you wanted for us to check into anything, please be sure to contact us at with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation so far).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I bought a 2012 Buick Enclave in Oct. 2012. At 900 miles, it started to miss out on a cold start and blew black smoke through the exhaust.This went on for about 30-40 secs. The gas smell was so bad you couldn't walk behind the car without getting nauseated. I contacted the dealer and they said it might have had some moisture in the tank. It continued, so at 1500 miles they checked it and found a #1 cylinder misfire and fouled plug. They replaced the coil and the plug. I picked it up but the next day it did the same thing. They then replaced the #1 fuel injector-they said it was bad. It was there 2 weeks waiting for an injector. It missed out but very slightly when I picked it up. The next morning it did the same thing. They have since come up with a memo written in 2011 saying that because of EPA standards they have to flood fuel in to heat up the catalytic convertor to close the loop and make it run more effiecient. It's funny that it didn't do it for the first 900 miles. I have checked with 6 other Enclave, Traverse and Acadia owners. None of theirs do this. They have the same engine. Some of them do it some don't. There has to be a fix. I asked the GM area rep if the memo was an excuse or a reason. I can't imagine the EPA wants the atmosphere flooded with exhaust fumes and black smoke when I first start my car. My exhaust pipes are full of black soot.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Let us know if we can check into anything further for you on this! We can be reached at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the concern).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I too have a Buick Enclave 2008. After 1 yr of having the vehicle, I had to have a complete overhaul of the transmition, windshield washers replaced, a coil under the hood corroded, radio is faulty. Meaning the volume only plays on 1 side of the vehicle and the dealership said it wasnt covered under warranty. Now in 2012 my transmition had to be overhauled. From the very beginning, this vehicle was a lemon. Yes, its beautiful to the eye, but very costly to purchase and repair. The dealership can't seem to catch whats going wrong with the vehicle unless a code pops up. They don't have to be mechanics anymore; only requirement is to know how to read. Just as the person that is responding to these blogs keeps saying the same thing over and over about not being able to help but you can send her/him your information if you want her/him to look into it for you. What a joke Buick Service and product has turned out to be.
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