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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • -ryanjill
    Have you tried something like to see if they list any inventory closer to you??

    I like your accounting re 99 vs 2000 except that if you plan to put on a lot of milage - that would effectively lower the $1,300 difference a bit, no?
  • -bustanutt
    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, dealernet is turning up null results when asked to search for 1999 OBS, though I can look up individual dealers' inventory. I'd been searching my area the slow and tedious way, with Subaru's dealer locator, concluding there weren't any other 1999 5 spds in Michigan listed in the internet inventory, and that 2000 5 spds are also in short supply (and mostly seem to be silver, whereas I'd prefer red). But dealernet has given me a lead on at least one other local 5 spd from a dealer whose URL is screwed up at Subaru's dealer locator site - so thanks!

    I'm a low mileage driver, so I didn't take high mileage into account. Adjusting for inflation (vs. present value) would also reduce that $1300. It was just a ballpark way to try to "impose some structure on the problem" as my stats profs say to try to see at what price(s) the 1999 is clearly a better deal than the 2000.
  • jmg48jmg48 Posts: 2
    Hi...there've been several references here to Subaru dealer incentives and customer rebates in the past few weeks, but I haven't been able to find any concrete info online about them. Can someone point me toward a source?

    I'm shopping inthe Maryland/Virginia area, looking at 1999 Outback Sports...a quick posting would be really appreciated...I'm on a limited timeframe. Thanks...
  • -jmg48

    check edmunds home page - or even autobytel - My current understanding is $850 on 99 obs - but it seems that it's either rebate OR incentive depending where you live - I have heard but can't confirm there may be both or some combination.

    Also look through some of the Subaru threads, I thought I saw something about people getting Foresters in MD and they sounded happy - good luck


    I hope that one works out - the other thing I've noticed in dealernet is that you sometimes have to put in just impreza vs impreza wagon to get all the listings...also they seem to have links to some dealer pages that seem faster than suby's locator... continued success!
  • Car Deals Vol 9, Number 20, October 13, 1999 lists only $750 for this model to customer or dealer, varying by region or model. The organization I paid for this info, which probably wouldn't like me posting it here and so shall remain nameless, noted that CarDeals can pick up about 80-90% of incentives, capturing most national deals, but not all the regional offers. The organization also said not to worry about dealers lying about customer rebates, although they probably will avoid revealing their factory incentives. I also e-mailed Subaru directly to ask if there was a customer rebate in Michigan; they answered that they're not doing any financing or rebates directly to customers on this model and that I'd have to check with individual dealers.

    It sounds like there's no way of getting at regional discount information directly, but several sources recommend getting at it indirectly by faxing multiple dealers. The ones getting special incentives tied to region or sales levels will presumably offer you lower prices, assuming of course, that you've demonstrated in the fax that you know the real cost of the vehicle and the options you want.
  • -ryanjil

    You (we?) just don't seem to get any breaks :(

    I found carsmart through yesterday, they seemed to say $500 reb or $500 inc... I may just go 97 used...

    Anyone else with thoughts, experiences, better luck??
  • -bustanutt

    No, just more bad news. Talked to the Michigan dealer today; he says they sold the 1999 for $1200 off STICKER, i.e., they convinced someone to pay $18,1 (a thousand more than his last offer to me!). So the dealership made $600 over invoice + the $750 dealer incentive.

    Eastern Pennsylvania looks to have a bigger supply of 1999s than Michigan or Ohio (although only few have cruise control -- why?). Anyone have an idea whether dealers are more eager to deal there? Northwest has cybersavers to Harrisburg this weekend, but the price would have to be really good to make it worth the hassle -- definitely below $16,5!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    It seems like the 99s are snapped up pretty quick eh? I guess it's you guys who are facing the competition and not the other day around. 18,100 for a 99 models is quite steep. you really need cuirse control? Is it auto you're looking for? I picked mine up in May for 23000 Canadian loonies. It was cheap then. It was going for about 24,500 MSRP then. Why don't you want a MY00 ones? You don't like the wings?
  • -ryanjill

    sorry for delay - but I have an idea - can we sell suby's in Michigan - sounds like way to get rich!!

    I saw one msg about Philly area dealers allegedly "giving away" what's on lot (99s)... a friend told me same @ New Hampshire - but their invoice price doesn't jive with anything on the net...

    I would recommend serious online or phone negotiating before taking the flight... good luck

    thanks for suggestions- but @ what is loony worth in usd?? I prefer 99's for rebate/incentive.
  • -ramon
    MY00 spoilers are fine, but you have to understand that my Car Talk carmascope placed me on the cheap side of frugal. :-) When I read that the MY00 changes were mostly cosmetic, not mechanical, that made me think the 1999s would be good bargain hunting territory for essentially the same car.

    And don't lose hope, bustanutt -- today all the research into dealer inventories paid off for me! I bought a 1999 5 spd in Ohio with cruise control, foglamps, and keyless entry for $16,4, minus another $200 for my 15-year-old Toyota, to come out at $16,2. A comparable 2000 would invoice at $17,5, and I don't think many dealers would accept less than $300 over that amount, particularly since 2000 5 speeds are also in short supply in my state.

    I e-mailed the Fleet Manager at La Riche Subaru in Findlay Thursday night saying I was ready to buy a 1999 with cruise control from the Subaru dealer who gave me the best price; I laid out invoice & MSRP, destination & totals, and said I knew there was 2% holdback, $750 dealer incentive and that I expected the price to reflect this plus the fact that cruise was now standard on the 2000s and the 1999 would suffer more depreciation as soon as I drove it off the lot. He called me Friday; we bargained for about 20 minutes and agreed on the price; I drove down this morning and picked it up. They were great -- all the paperwork was in order, exactly as we had agreed over the phone. I think they just really wanted to move the car this month; it wasn't a matter of huge local supply since I could only locate 2 1999 5 speeds in northern Ohio.

    For my own peace of mind, I've decided the Oregon coup (i.e., paying $15,3) must have been the result of a dealership marketing strategy to advertise & sell one car at a phenomenally low rate to pull other buyers in -- very hard for a consumer to replicate without being in the area to see the ad and being the first one through the door after it runs!

    Now I'm ready to switch gears and worry about picking car cleaners & waxes, which I never bothered to do for my poor Toyota. Any advice?
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I wouldn't start to wax or polish a new car so soon! Reason being that your OBS may be new and you should let the paint to cure for about 3 months before applying wax on it! Stay away from cleaners until it's like 2 or more years old!!! Otherwise the cleaner stuff will eat into your brand new clear coat! I recommend Meguiar's Gold Class wax. It's top notch. Im sure you can find lots of advise in the Car care section in this Town Hall.
  • -ryanjill

    Congrats!! Perhaps your success will reinvigorate my search... especially as we near the end of month! If you could just teach me to drive a 5sp I'd save @ $800, plus fuel, and have more fun! I will definitely use your depreciation point; superb :)
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    It's quite easy these days. The powerful torque on the OBS would keep the car from stalling. I suggest u should take afew lesson on it and end up saving 800 bux! 2-3 lesons will do! that's like less than 100 bux!!!
  • -ramon
    You're right, there are literally thousands of posts on this topic. Interestingly, a car detailer is saying it's no longer necessary to wait before waxing; the paint is already cured. I'm convinced I need to do something before Michigan starts salting the roads, and Meguire's does seem to be the second choice of the people posting on this topic. (They love Zaino's.) I also learned that my usual ways of caring for the car probably do more harm than good, since it seems to take extreme care with towels, etc, not to end up driving contaminants further into the paint. So I'm not going to go any further off topic, but do recommend those threads as being very educational, even if it's a pain to spool back to the beginning of their conversation in 1998.

    I agree with Ramon; take some lessons in a manual. If I hadn't traded in the Toyota, you could have practiced in that! ;-) Good luck hunting; this next week should be great for making deals.
  • lundjolundjo Posts: 3
    Thanks for the a/c info.

    FYI - I paid $17,000 for mine in Chicago (auto, mats, tailpipe cover). Probably could have done a little better with a little more persistence, but I think it was a pretty fair price. The dealer was easy to work with.
  • Hi !
    I am hesitating between a Jetta (probably GLS) and a Subaru Outback sport. That may seem two very different cars but they have more in common that may seem: subcompacts, about the same price tag, fun to drive, good reliability records, attractive looks, well equipped. Of course the Subaru has 4WD and mini-SUV type space in the back. Jetta has its German craftmanship going for it. Anybody is interested in voicing an opinion? I am looking for the tie breaker!
  • Since 99 OBS pricing is the order of the day, I just paid $16,476 for a red one, with keyless entry, alarm, floormats and a cargo net. It's a 5spd. This price included the 495 delivery charge, but not tax and tags.

    This was at Flemington Subaru in NJ. The dealer has one white one left (the one I test drove) which is essentially base, and thats it for the 99's.

    I probably could have done better, but since my 93 Chevy Beretta broke this morning, I kinda wasn't in the mood to really push.

  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    OK first off are you going for the VR6 engine? That would put your cost ahead of the OBS. My roomate has the Jetta GLS VR6 which has all the luxury you can think off - leather this leather that, 16" wheels, spoilers, V6 engine, yada yada.... that put his price like say almost 7000-8000 more than my OBS in Canadian loonies. With that kinda money, I can put so much toys in my car that I can run circles in any Jettas. A base GLS has a dinky I4 engine which pumps ou 115hp I believe. And unlike Passat and Golf, the Jetta is made in Mexico. So not too sure about the quality there. I like my OBS a whole lot because it has a Rally heritage and a strong chassis for further performance mod. Besides, how many Jettas do you see for each OBS you see anyways? However if you like the VW for it's European touch then go for it cus I have to say the OBS is no Honda or Acura quality in terms of interior design. Oh, my roomate complained that the Jetta is tight inside. I hope to try out his Jetta one day and see how it handles. With that much money he dumped in, I sure hope it does on par if not better than my OBS.
  • Back in April, I was in the same boat you are. My choice...neither. I ended up getting the Legacy L sedan. I preferred a sedan to a wagon, but more importantly, I preferred the Subaru's 2.2L boxer to the Jetta 2.0L 115hp engine. I also loved the Subaru's AWD. As far as I'm concerned, if at that time the Jetta had AWD and their 1.8T, I'd be driving a Jetta. With the Legacy L sedan, I got my sedan with the engine and AWD I wanted.

    My advice to you is to drive both and then consider what you want and need. I live in western PA, with a fair amount of snow, but a whole lotta hills, so AWD and ABS were important to me. Depending on where you're from, those may not be quite as important. I really don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    If the Jetta were to come with a 1.8T I believe that would place it's price range much higher than the OBS.
  • pgs1pgs1 Posts: 2
    I have heard that the impreza will have a complete redesign for MY2001. This will be available sometime in early 2000. Does anyone know if the Outback Sport will be redesigned as well? If so, any info on it? Spy shots? I would apreciate any information. Thanks
  • I have not heard (nor looked for)anything, but it can't be far off... Forester will be updated for 2001 (see topic #1120 - spy shots included).
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I'll believe when i test drive it. I doubt that the Impreza line will get a turbo or flat 6 as the Legacys and Outbacks will be getting them in 2001. So that year ain't the big thing for Impreza. SOA/SOC pls proof me wrong!!! I saw the spy pix of the OBS. Looks almost like a miniature version of the 2000 Outback. If you go to the yahoo OBS newsgroup, I believe there is a picture of it there.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've heard that the Imprezza gets a full update for 2001, and that the 2.5l engine will become the standard engine, with the 2.2l dropped entirely from the SOA line. Also, the RS will be replaced by a 205hp WRX edition.

    Styling on drawing renditions I've seen is more agressive, with a more wedgy profile.

    Sounds sweet, eh?

    The Legacy gets the H-6 in the fall on automatic Limited models, but the question remains what will the Forester get? A turbo or the H-6?

  • I'm thinking of buying a '00 OBS w/5 speed... I occasionally (once or twice a year) tow a 1200 lb trailer on longish (1000 mile) trips. Does anyone here have info on how I could expect the OBS to perform (I realize the tow rating is 1,500 lbs). The trailer has hydraulic brakes.

    Also, for those with the factory hitch, how high is the top of the ball from the ground? What trailer wiring comes with the car (flat four plug)?

    I've found this forum valuable in making my decision!
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I have a little over 52K miles on mine. I bought in 2/96.
    1) I live in the country in NH, and only got stuck once - it wouldn't go up my unplowed driveway with 15" snow. It snowplowed of course.
    2) No breakdowns or unplanned maintenance.
    1) Gas mileage in the high 20's.
    2) Stereo is OK, but needs some bass.
    3) The original Bridgestone Potenza tires lasted approx. 40K miles. They are only adequate in the snow - I bought separate wheels and Blizzak tires.
    4) If you do your own oil, make sure you only put the filter on "hand-tight-snug". I used a filter wrench once and cut the gasket, losing most of my oil in the next 20 miles.
    1) Seats are uncomfortable on long trips. End up with a sore lower back - I need to stuff a pillow there.
    2) Road noise is high, not great for long trips.
    3) Have a paint "blister", raised - not a chip, on the hood.
    4) Brakes cost $100, not $80 at NTB. Not bad for a foreign car I guess.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I'v never tow anything with my OBS before, and tho it's rated to tow 1500lb. I would not go above 1000lb especially if you're gonna load tha car up.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    if you go to the yahoo Impreza Outback Sport Newsgroup, you might get some good enthusiast to help u out.
  • I have a quick, simple question. Can the 2.5 be had in the Sport Wagon?
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Maybe 2001 when the Impreza turbo comes in and an RS wagon might take over the OBS. Who knows.....
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