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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • I'm looking for examples of great pricing on the Impreza OBS within the Sacramento-SF Bay Area. I've seen responses in regards to higher prices in CA compared to the rest of the country, and several price quotes in other areas besides my own. I'm interested in the 5-spd with premium- sound and security packages, fog lamps and alloy wheels.
  • Hi, anyone out there?

    Been driving an 87 madza 323 for 13 years and just bought a lake property with a long dirt road. I am very anti SUV. 95% of them in Philly are a complete waste.

    Didn't like the Forrester, mostly bc of the handling but loved the Impreza outback. Am condsidering a Legacy, but the outback is out of my comfort (price range). I am also leery of buying any new car in its first year of release.

    Questions -

    1 Is it at all possible to special order an Impreza outback WITHOUT that (near hideous) hood scoop? The dealer told me no.

    2. How important is the heavy duty suspension if I will be dealing with a 0.75 mile dirt/gravel road, winter weather and no off roading, really. (Reason for query, can go to Legacy L and get bigger engine).

    3. Is the gas mileage accurate for the 2.2 vs. the 2.5 L engines (they post only a minor diff here).

    Thanks for your time!
  • 1. A regular impreza hood should fit and will colour match if you order in the obs color. But it's unlikely you can special order a hoodless obs, so you will have to pay twice. I can't see how you can like the overall styling concept of the obs but find the scoop offensive. I like the scoop on my Legacy GT.

    2. All 2.2l Imprezas sold in North America are basically the same car. I'm pretty sure that the 'raised' stance of the obs is just down to larger tyres and clever styling (somebody please correct me if this is wrong). The legacy outback is however, lifted an inch or so compared to the regular legacy. If you need ground clearance, go with the forester or legacy outback. However, any Subaru will handle your dirt/gravel road.

    3. I'd say seat-of the-pants performance of the 2.2l obs will feel better than any legacy, even with 2.5l engine due to lower weight. However the main difference is in the handling and space. If you need the loadcarrying ability of a wagon, the obs only just qualifies - it is more of a hatchback, with a cramped back seat and small trunk. If you need space, go with the legacy. If you want to have the most fun, go with the obs, or better still the 2.5l Impreza RS coupe/sedan or upcoming WRX turbo (the street-legal rally car coming later this year).

    How about a used (97-99) Legacy Outback or GT - there are probably a few about by now at prices cheaper than a new obs.

    Lastly, 5-speeds are the way to go to get the most out of the boxer 4 engine.

  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I own a 99 OBS and the extra 20mm (which is not much) comes from the stronger springs found on the OBS. The rest of the suspension are similar with other imprezas including the 2.5RS.
    Indeed, you would need a 5spd to harness the most power from the boxer engine. It's not that it's not capable with an auto. It's just more fun with a 5spd. I live in Soutwestern Ontario and we do get some snow. My OBS so far had no problem whatsoever going on fresh snow or bumpy condition.
    On gravel and dirt path, I don't see any problem for the OBS to handle. Most important are the tires. they are different from the RE92s found in other regualar Subarus. The OBS tires are more suited for rugged use. That is the difference with say a regular Impreza. Otherwise, with the right tires, I am sure any Impreza can handle the conditions you mentioned. I think JP mentioned the stuff which I can think of. So there you go.
  • hi all! i am seriously looking at the '00 OBS as an investment for my next car. however, i really would welcome info from current owners of the OBS! please help me out.
    1)would you buy the OBS again if you'd do it over?
    2)what are the honest +/-'s ?
    3)is it as cramped as it could potentially be?
    4)is it as safe as the other subarus if it is considered a "subcompact"?
    5)how does it compare to the other subarus?
    6)would this fit my need for a fun, reliable, safe car? i am a 27 y.o. single, female, soon-to-be resident physician in PA. is there enough cargo space to haul every day stuff, as well as things for special occasions/trips?
    i know lots of questions, but i'd certainly appreciate ANY info you could pass along. thanks in advance and God bless!
    sincerely, jenny porter
  • ramonramon Posts: 825

    1)would you buy the OBS again if you'd do it over?
    - Yes. But I would be keeping mine inhopes to turbo the car up. It was meant to be in teh first palce anyways. It's a great car. Very very unique

    2)what are the honest +/-'s ?
    - plus: Amazing handling, good storage, peppy engine with 5spd, gotta love the boxer growl, distinct look, the reflection of the hood will make u smile, everybody will be staring at you stunned... I can go on and on...oh yeah the bulletproof reliabiility of Subaru.
    - minuses : It's a driver's car. Why? Cus it's alot more expensive then say a saturn wagon or even a Civic Si! Gas is more than the average car. I can go 400km on afull tank with strictly city driving. tint the window as the summe can get hot in the car...many windows.
    3)is it as cramped as it could potentially be?
    - huh? I am the driver so I will never know how cramp the rear is. But apparenly tho the car is smaller than a Jetta the interior volume is larger than a Jetta!

    4)is it as safe as the other subarus if it is
    considered a "subcompact"?
    - It is one of the safest car you'd ever drive! The frame is very rigid. Reason being that it is the hatchback version of the World rally Championmship racer! It won the championship 3 times!!!

    5)how does it compare to the other subarus?
    - Which one? Very hard to say. Smaller than the OUtback and Legacys. About the same size as the Forester as it based on the Impreza chassis. All Imprezas are the same in it sedan, coupe or wagon. the OBS has 2.2l. a 2.5l would be great but it still is a quick car thanks to it's crazy amount of torque ~150ft/lb at 3600rpm for a small car. This is a vague question.
    6)would this fit my need for a fun, reliable, safe
    - Fus is what hte OBS is all about. you haven't live until you executed a 4 wheel drift on the snow in an empty parking lot!!!! I love this car! Has lots of character.

    There's an OBS newsgroup you can go to and ask them wha tthey think. Becareful tho as their enthusiasm is very contagious....
    BTW what other cars are your choices?
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    Hi everyone! Just in need of comments from
    all you owners of the Outback Sport.
    I started to search for one, and as I'm finding out, its becoming difficult to get the right car. I spent a whole day trying to find a WHITE one. There are only 2 dealers here in South Florida within 50 miles or so, In Miami, theres one, and all practically have one car to show. Ok, here we
    go with questions..
    1. Does the automatic have sufficient power??
    2. Is the A/C powerful enough for the South Florida summer (150 degrees +or-) just joking.
    3. Can you add leather?
    4. How about WIND NOISE??

    Anyway, I would love to see a White one before I
    buy. The dealer near me, has a Green one which I
    will test drive tomorrow. He's asking $18,900, is
    this a fair price? I also did not drive the 5 speed, maybe I should before I decide.
    Thanks for the comments!!!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Hey, just bought my Outback Sport last week and have had almost 7 days of sheer ecstasy! I live in hot Central Florida so you know my climate is like yours and here's some of my responses to your questions:

    1. I drove an auto Outback Sport and thought the power was O.K., but I wanted and bought a manual and it takes off alot faster from a stop I think. You can really leave alot of cars behind at those traffic lights!

    2. The a/c is a dream and yesterday we drove in I-4 about 40 minutes, in the midday heat, and it was a HOT one yesterday. My husband is a big person who really suffers in the heat but he is emphatically happy with the A/C on this car. It's great for Florida. But get the windows tinted as dark as you can stand. I had mine done yesterday and you'll want to get this done, too. Makes the car look REALLY sporty, also.

    3. Who wants leather? It's sweaty to sit on, hot, and a pain the the *** to condition and keep supple in a hot climate. Come on, the upholstery color in the Outback is just to me the most wonderfully outrageous I've seen. I mean, the stripes are wild and have tones of purple, blue and pink which are really campy.

    4. I thought the wind noise yesterday on I-4 was really minimal. Now, don't look for a big cushy Lincoln or Cadaillac, but I think the noise level is very very tolerable and the car is such a pleasure to drive!!

    5. Maybe you can get the dealer down to $18000.
    Tell him you want a base car with no options and you're no paying for anything extra, that he'll just have to throw that stuff in.

    6. Just to throw in one more comment: What a fun car to drive. Now I know what someone meant when they said the car puts a smile on their face everytime they get in it. Be sure to ACCELERATE on the corners and curves, it can take it and is such a thrill. You won't believe the feeling!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Congrats on your new purchase. You can join a bunch of OBS fanatic at this wesite. It's a newsgroup which comprises of a bunch of owners who love the car. Truly an amazing little bugger isn't it?!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Thanks for all your encouragement and input, I've been reading your comments all along and they were very helpful to me in choosing the Outback Sport. I started thinking about a Subaru around December and would take my walks at night up to the dealership nearby and look. At first it was the full-size Outback. Then my 14 year old son was crazy about the Impreza RS and we saw one up there which was nice, but clearly not quite the thing for if you have to haul any stuff. We were using an old Volvo wagon. Then, in April the dealer got a 2000 OB Sport, silver, but it was automatic. But when I saw the car it was love at first sight. I was jumping up and down and acting like an idiot. My husband just circled the car and looked and said, "yeah, I think this is it, this look like your car."

    It was kind of fun making the sales manager whine, which he did in the most pathetic way, and we almost left but wanted the car too bad and he found a silver manual OB sport. So, he had a little leverage since there aren't too many of these in Florida.

    Now I know why all the OB Sport owners are so enthusiastic, and how nice to know you're not driving one of those "clones"!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    I posted a comment yesterday but the computer froze up and I don't think it got on. Anyway, as far as room, We can fit two FULL-SIZE ice chests in the back of my OB sport, which really amazed us! It's quite roomy. And I think you asked the question would I buy one again. I've only had it a week, but it is such an outright pleasure I wouldn't trade for any other car, but it luxury, etc.!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    you're welcome. It is a truly unique car indeed. I had my silver 99 OBS for almost a year now. No problems what so ever. Reliability is top rate considering I realy push the car to it's limits. Manual is the way to go in order to utilise the full potential of the boxer 2.2l. It's a driver's car for sure. Too bad you won;t be able to take the OBS on some snowy runs. U'll love it even more! If you have more questions feel free to ask here or at the yahoo outback sport board. There are a few women owners there too. BTW, I think jenny too have bought an OBS. l8r
  • We're thinking of buying the obs 2000 -- has anyone ever used it with a child safety seat?
    Any problems? And any brand of seat you might recommend?
  • albatross99- hiya. as a proud new owner of a 2000 silver OBS, i've taken to joining the yahoo club site of other owners, and it is great. heather, one of the main posters/members, recently posted information, questions, and answeres about child safety seats in the OBS. you should check out the list archive there, and keep scrolling back to previous messages. go to and then to clubs, then join yahoo if you haven't already, then search for subaru outback sport, then wala --you've joined a great group who is so helpful in answering questions! jenny
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I thot I posted the website here before? Just go check ladies.
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    Just bought a 2000 OBS automatic, and with only
    400 miles on it, it gave me 20 mpg with a mix of
    hwy and city. I'm hopping the mileage will increase a bit. I know that its still in its breakin period, but how long will it take before the mileage increases?? Any comments ??
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    about 500miles. but don't hold your breath. u might get 22mpg instead. u know it depends how u drive too eh?
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Georgede! How ya be? When did you get your car and what color did you get?

    We didn't check mileage on our first tank of gas, but we did on our second (probably around 400 miles or so) and were disappointed to only get about 21.5. Well, I remembered what a read online about someone saying you have to force the tank a little to get it all the way full, it doesn't seem to be very full at the first click off. So the third tank we forced a little and were pleased it was full. That tank of gas gave us 24.2 mpg! I don't know if it was because we were over 500 miles but filling the tank all the way sure helped! Try that. Anyone else have the same experience? I love the looks my car gets from all the younger people, it's such an ego booster.

    Are you happy with the A/C? I think you had asked about that.
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    Hi Celeste... Sorry I'm late responding, but I lost my Placemark on this post. Anyway, I got this car about 2 weeks ago for my wife, (I'm waiting for the H-6 Outback!!) and its the Acadia Green color. Its very sharp looking!! I'll try your method, it just may be the answer. The car only has 400 miles so far, so its still breaking in. As for the A/C, its doing fine. We tinted the windows and always park far away from others and on shady spots, it really makes a difference.. We also added the Viper alarm, and now I'm looking for a bike rack (either the Thule or the Yakima) . I'm glad that you getting the mileage you're expecting and I hope to get it also. I'll be checking my soon again.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Hm...about the extra clicks with the gas nozzle you might want to becareful with that as I tried that a while back and it overfilled my tank thsu causing a spillage. hehehe....was kinda funny. Well not really.
    On a more serious note, don't top off too much if you're doing this on your way home. Reason being that the extra gas will flow to your engine and to your catalytic converters. Bad bad bad for the poor cats. You can take it for what's it's worth. NE how enjoy your OBS. tinting is an excellent idea to keep the heat out. Too bad the US OBS comes with steel rims. =(
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    Thank you Ramon... I've been forwarned!!! I'll keep checking the mileage for awhile before doing
    anything else. I just priced the Thule bike rack,
    and they were asking $350 to $400. It seems a little costly. I'll price Subaru's own rack, I think is cheaper.
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    This topic seemed to die, but I'll try to revive it. I have a 2000 OBS which is my wife's car and each time I drive it, I have a problem with
    the seats. It seems the drivers seat is to inclined (I feel like I'm driving in a recliner) and is very umcomfortable. Has anybody tried adjusting with spacers or anything else? Has it helped. My wife is not complaining, so won't do much, but I wont't be driving too much.
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Eneebuddy see the new OBS ad? Just saw it today and caught the tail end, but all of us about wet our pants when it came on. It's awesome! Something about Crocodile Dundee's newphew trying to show off in his OBS. Wait till you see it!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    By the way, I saw this ad on The Learning Channel, about 3:00 to 3:30. If anybody sees it on another channel, please let us know!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    yeah saw it before. I know 2 yrs back before I bought my OBS, I saw Dundee's nephew driving around on his OBS meeting up with Dundee at some outback hair salon. I think the latest one has is like some sort of party thingy was it not?
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Yeah, I guess it was some kind of wild outback party and there was mud and well, you know, he was showing off how he could jump around in the puddles and all that. I was really ticked off that I missed the beginning of the commercial, and was so excited to see the car that I blew it and didn't pay too much attention to what was going on. We're trying to catch it again but haven't had any luck. We need our fix!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    I'm pretty short and find my seats to be comfortable. However, I guess compared to our Volvo, the headrests don't make you feel as though you're sitting up as straight or something. You have a green OBS, right? If you have a digital camera, post a photo. I've never actually see a green one and would really like to!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Why don;t you all join the OBS yahoo board. it's quite fun there. lots of pictures of owner's car.
    Not too long ago, Speedvision had a 30minutes infomercial of Subaru. Showed tons of Scoobies running around. Including a whiel OBS blasting thru a mud puddle. It wa going so fast that hardly any splashes got caught onto the car. pretty kewl.
  • georgedegeorgede Posts: 40
    I'll try posting the picture, although I'll have
    to learn how. My wife loves the car!!!
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    We taped an infomercial last night on speedvision but I didn't get a chance to watch it yet.

    How do you do the yahoo thing? I've heard of it but how do you get on?

    Yeah, sounds great--

    Georgede--the thing that really is cool about the OBS is that for the size it drive like a heavy car. My volvo was a real brick--solid as a rock, and I like he heavy solid feel of the OBS. I never thought you could have that in a smaller car!

    I've got pics I could post here of my silver OBS with DARK tint (it looks baaaaad), but I'm not sure how to either. Anyone know if we can put photos here?
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