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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    My dealer replaced the engine and the fuel injectors at the same time.
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    It was covered under the power train warranty.
  • slapheadslaphead Posts: 2
    So I have a '10 Nox LTZ. 71K miles. I'm currently having two issues with it.
    As with others my navigation system won't keep current time, and also keeps changing the "track" option from track up (my preferred setting) to track north, AKA annoying setting. The head unit was replaced year and half ago, it lost it's mind and did whatever it wanted. didn't have any issues until day light savings time change then it all started and is progressively getting worse. Did some research and was told that it needed software update, asked dealer about it and they looked at me like I was crazy. Has anybody had this same issue and were able to get it fixed? It's out of warranty so costs would be appreciated.
    When the car is at half tank of gas the engine sputters when I come to a stop at a red light. Hasn't fully stalled (knock on wood). It does occasionaly "diesel" when shut off, but hasn't done that for a bit. My check engine light has come on a few times over the past year and the onstar diagnostic says it's the fuel system, a few knocks of the gas cap seams to clear the fault code and car runs fine. I've read most of the posts about this problem, I'm not burning oil, I change it about every 4k, I use mobil 1, 5w20. Oil always looks like normal used oil. Anybody have any ideas what to do? I don't really trust the dealers in the area since they screwed my once on an A/C problem.
    As for the people with the A/C problem, we found that a small rock or road debris had punched a small hole in the condenser coil located in front of the radiator and it was leaking freon. There is nothing to act as a deflector in the lower bumper air vent, ended up making my own screen to deflect anything kicked up. Dealer and told me it was an expansion valve to the tune of $900 to replace which worked for about 2 months but ultimately didn't fix it. Turned out that all the leaking freon caused the compressor to destroy itself and living in Florida an A/C is needed. So anyway no auto part stores carry the compressor, was able to find and acquire the AC Delco part on along with a new dryer, $350 +shipping. After flushing out the lines and replacing the compressor, took it to a local A/C guy for servicing, he found the leak and we replaced the condenser and viola the A/C works great.
    Thanks for reading my issues and if anybody has any insight would be great!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Slaphead,

    I'm sorry to see that you're experiencing this issue with your vehicle. May I be of assistance to you in finding a resolution for these concerns? If you would send your full name, address, current mileage, VIN number and involved dealer to [email protected], I would be glad to research some options that may be available to you. I look forward to your response and working with you.

    Marlea Wilson
    GM Customer Service
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    I am frustrated with the entire "Chevy Experience". My Equinox was purchased new in 2011. It ran well until 2013 at about 40,000 car began to stall and metal shavings were found in the oil. It has stalled and died two more times. When it stalls, it suddenly sputters and dies. It has happened during a right turn, on the freeway, and while waiting in a construction zone, with a semi-truck behind me. Quite frightening to say the least. I had it towed to the dealer where I bought the car, which happens to be about 50-60 miles away. Our local Chevrolet dealer went to Honda.
    Their solution is to "put a monitor" on the car to see if it happens again. I guess I have morphed into a crash test dummy, to see if they can "replicate" the behavior. The first incident gave a code, the subsequent two have not, although they mimicked the first stall.
    I am a Grandmother, and my days of wanting to "live on the edge" are over. I do not want to try and control a car when it dies, press an incident button and try not to kill anyone or myself and grandchildren at the same time. My service manager is wonderful, but his hands are tied. I have dealt with someone from Texas (I am in California) who was "looking into what can be done". Today I received a call from a young lady who was calling for the representative in Texas. She talked very fast, sounded like she was reciting from a script, and more or less told me I must be the crash test dummy to diagnose what is wrong with their product.
    I think a lawyer is my next call.
  • I am sorry you have experienced issues with your Equinox. I don't work for Chevrolet, but have been a mechanic for more than 30 years. Despite what the dealers tell you, Chevrolet is fully aware of these issues but unlike the old Chevrolet, the new Chevrolet seems to not care about an owner, once you are off their sales lot.

    A couple of questions, if you don't mind.
    Is your Equinox a four cylinder or six cylinder?
    Do you remember the code id the system created?
    How do you know the oil had metal shavings in it?

    Does your engine make a rattling sound occasionally, when starting the engine?

    There are several internally published GM service bulletins that detail various manufacturing issues with the four cylinder engines, especially those built in 2010...(even though your vehicle is 2011, its engine may well have been built in 2010. These bulletins detail oil system contamination from casting sand and metal break offs inside the engine, predominantly due to poor quality control during the build process. There are also bulletins detailing "zebra striping" of the cylinder walls, causing excessive engine oil consumption. There are numerous posts in this blog that detail the "oil consumption test" process of the dealers, which most often results in a new engine being fitted to the vehicle. If the dealer doesn't know about these service bulletins, they are either incompetent or plainly lying to you. Either way, find another dealer that will honor your request for assistance. The service manager, wonderful as he is, does not have his hands tied.

    I for one, am disgusted with the approach of GM and Chevrolet...we need to start listing the dealers that wont assist, including the names of the Service Manager, Sales Manager and the Dealership Manager.

    It is time for everyone to stop expecting Chevrolet and GM to honor their warranties, and for us to start using our social media presence to shame these people into action.

    Anyone wanting more information on how to start this process, drop me a line if Edmunds blocks me from this forum for starting this movement, I will begin a denial of free speech action against the forum.

    It's time for action...crying about poor service to an audience that has no teeth will never result in a satisfactory outcome. :cry:
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    It is a 2010,Purchased in 2010 my error, brand new.. The mechanic who changes the oil noticed the metal shavings in the oil. I don't remember the code, but I took it to the original dealer and they replaced timing chain and a couple of other things. My slips are in the car in the packet with the manual. It is a four cylinder. I have read every possible forum and thrown all I have found to the serv. manager and rep from Chevy. They will not do anything until I drive it around and replicate the incidents, at my and other motorists risk.
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    Nothing came up to contact you ...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Emails may get you personal help but not help others. Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum.

    For complaining (or bragging on) your dealer, you can use our Dealer Ratings & Reviews link.

  • ally2002ally2002 Posts: 3
    I wonder if we all filed a compliant and stated our experience of GM on if we would be heard and something would be done. How many complaints is "enough"?!?!
  • maggienkymaggienky Posts: 1
    My entire family are GM Loyal. When we get together the only cars out side are GM. It looks like a dealership. This is the first time I have ever experience this level of poor workmanship. I am very sadden by this. I will have to go with someone else to replace the Equinox. My problem is how do you sell this car? No one in there right mind would purchase it. I am a Real Estate Professional. I drive for a living. I have to have a reliable car and this is NOT it! I have experienced every thing on the site and more. Currently in the shop for transmission noise. They tell me it was black when they checked it. Topped it off and I am supposed to go pick it up. I don't think so. Its got 10,000 miles left on the power train warranty. They just put a new engine in it three weeks ago. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    I have posted at the safe car I believe. At least I posted at a government site. We are going to try Facebook and u tube as well. I want people to know that our tax dollars bailed them out, and they are not one whit concerned with their customers. My vehicle is dangerous, but as of yesterday, their representative instructed me to drive it so they could get a "code".
  • Hello missmo,

    I am monitoring the blog when my work commitments allow. Thanks for the details on your vehicle.

    I suggest everyone visit the Edmunds forum link contained further down this blog line from Stever (the host),,,review your dealers performance on that forum (either good or bad), eventually, when these non performing dealers are called out publicly to explain their lack of action, then maybe the public will be better aware of these disaster stories.

    As to the dealer expecting you to drive the vehicle until it codes out, I would contact an attorney or AAA and ask a simple question...If my vehicle fails and causes an accident while you are, at the dealers insistence, "driving what you suspect is an unsafe vehicle, while trying to produce the error code", is the dealer negligible in their duty of care to you as a customer...same goes for GM, where there is more than sufficient evidence that these vehicles, the engines in particular, are failures looking for somewhere to occur.
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    Thank you. I was up most of the night trying to figure out what to do. Have decided to use Facebook, u-tube and talk to an attorney. The call I received yesterday from Customer Care was extremely upsetting. Thank you again.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello ally2002,

    If there is anything you would like for me to look into for you, I'd be more than happy to do so. We want to make sure that you have had the best experience with GM.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • franfolfranfol Posts: 3
    I also have a 2010 Equinox I purchase brand new and every 6 months it decides to perculate like a coffee pot and require thousands of dollars of work covered up my warranty.

    It has seen a new timing chain, new air conditioning, broken raditor(dealer broke that).

    They just gave me a rental and said it is burning too much oil and it will be 3 days at least.

    The best thing that came with my car was the warranty and then the extended warranty. I owe $17,000 still and it is not even worth that much.

    What are my rights?
  • tom2477tom2477 Posts: 3
    I had my 2010 Nox with 68,000 miles on it, purchased in Aug-2009. All the same issues was one of the original people posting to this forum. Decided to trade it in since it's not worth the hassle time spent dealing with dealership on what's covered under warrarty ect.

    Best decision I made; upgraded to an Acura yes pay more but piece of mind and less trouble in the long run. Happy to say I can remove this forum from my email notificaitons; suggest you all jump ship too.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    If you owe $17.000 on your 2010 Nox you were in way over your head from the get go with this SUV purchase. I have had most of the same issues with my 2010 4cyl Nox and GM backed up the 100K warranty and offered a loaner for all warranty work I ever needed. I have 55K on my 2010 Nox which will be 4 years of age in October 2013...I will be purchasing a 2014 NOX 3.6 Eng when they hit the showroom in August...I feel this is a Excellent Value for this GM SUV and fuel consumption not all that bad at 24-MPG average when you look at other comparable SUV's on market.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Why would you even continue to watch a GM Forum!!! Acura is also a awesome SUV not even at the same level as the NOX...Next time your @ Acura for service ask them why they have so many service bays and vehical lifts at the dealership! Better Keep you eye on that other forum.
  • wxguy23wxguy23 Posts: 3
    I've been offered a fleet 2010 Equinox LS from a major well respected company with 74,000 miles for 11,500. No problems, well maintained by strict maintenance guidelines. They have their own shop as well.

    This was driven by sales guys. Right now they have around 20 for sale as they just bought 2013s.

    Currently I have a 2009 Camry SE loaded with radio, sunroof, wheels, tint....etc with 69,000 miles. I've had it for 8 months, and its just okay. More stuff than I need and I'm tired of the ground effects.

    I'll sell the Camry for $13,000...I hope, and the equinox prices at $16,00, but I'm getting it at $11,500 as part of employee plan.

    Camry is the best car ever I'm always told...I could use the extra space, but am I an idiot for considering this "trade"?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited June 2013
    If your company is buying new 2013 Equinoxes, that should tell you something about the kind of luck they've had with them.

    Unfortunately people don't tend to visit forums or review sites and take the time to report that their experience with their car or whatever was average or "normal". So you have to try to guess whether the problem posts involve an unusual number of cars (or hotel rooms or toasters). Good maintenance records are a plus with any used car. Now, if your company is switching brands, that's another story.

    Life is short, if you're tired of the Camry, dump it. :shades:
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    This is a great opportunity; the drive line has a 100k transferable warranty and you know already know the history for maintenience. Its very common for a large fleet to turn over vehicals ever 3-4 years; buy it! I just traded my 2010 Lt 4cyl Nox last week for a 2013 3.6 V6 Terrain. My 2010 never let me down and any issues i had since purchased in Oct 2009 were all covered by GM Warranty. My advise; dont get caught up in the negative unprofessional nonsense that a small percentage of NOX owners screem about on line; go talk to the professionals and ask about the transferable GM warranty and what all is covered; its that simple...I really enjoyed my 2010 Nox and REALLY Like this 2013 3.6 V6!
  • audionuttyaudionutty Posts: 19
    I would not recommend trading for a 2010 equinox. I own a 2010 equinox 4 cyl and the engine has been replaced once at 40k and will have to be replaced again by 100k. (i hope i will be able to get it done within warranty) I use full synthetic oil and change oil religously at twice the recommended interval. I have also had the a/c condensor replaced and the rear differential replaced.

    there is a fundamental design flaw in the 2010-2011 2.4L equinox motors, so despite liking the equinox design I would recommend against buying a 2010 or 2011. I believe the 2012 may turn out better for engine reliability since it has a modified engine. I would recommend only getting a 2012 or newer
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    How could you possibly know you will need another engine prior to 100k; I need to assume your GM dealer replaced your engine block with one from a different batch / manufacturing run? I'm very aware of most of the drive line issues and experience some issues myself. However; GM covered all parts & labor including the loaner vehical while my 2010 4cyl nox was in shop. I would be glad you have a 100K transferable warranty and enjoy it while it lasts; remember the 35K warranties offered not to long ago. Just traded my 2010 4cyl LT1 Nox last week for a 2013 Terrain 3.6 V6, I was given $16.000 for my 55k mile 2010 Nox trade; only cost me $8000 in depreciation over about 4 years. Now check your Crystal Ball for advising on GM future dependibility & trade Value!
  • wxguy23wxguy23 Posts: 3
    Thanks all.
  • audionuttyaudionutty Posts: 19
    I don't need a crystal ball to know that the engine will have to be replaced again. The replacement engine has started consuming oil at a greater and greater rate again just like the original engine did before it needed to be replaced. Once it consumes oil greater than the gm warranty standard for oil consumption, it will need to be replaced. There is a gm TSB on the "zebra stripe" scoring of cylinder walls leading to oil consumption on these engines. The resolution is to replace the engine.

    I'm glad that you feel you got good trade in value for your vehicle, but that doesn't help anyone planning on keeping their car for the long term 150K plus miles nor does it help the buyer of your trade in. It's not unreasonable to expect the engine on a new car to last for the life of the car, which extends past the warranty period.

    For the record, I AM glad that there is a 100K powertrain warranty.
  • cjgacjga Posts: 18
    Loud does not have answers....why not a recall?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning Everyone:

    I have been monitoring this Equinox site, and I am wondering why there seems to be a big issue with the 2010 - 2.4 - four cylinder engine in the Chevrolet Equinox, ----- and there does NOT seem to be an issue with the 2010 - 2.4 - four cylinder Chevrolet LTZ Malibu engine. ------- (I own the Chevrolet Malibu, and it now has 44,000 miles!) ------- Outside of a computer software problem with the engine early in it's life, the vehicle is trouble free.)
    I have the dealer change the engine oil & filter every 2,500 miles and since the vehicle was new, I have been using a fuel additive, (upper cylinder lubricant), than was recommended by a friend.
    When I first purchased the vehicle I noticed that the engine sounded like a "coffee grinder!" ---- It did not have the smooth sound of a four cylinder Honda Accord at idle. ----- My friend suggested that I use a fuel additive in the gasoline on a regular basis, and after a while the engine became very quiet. ---- I am not here to advertise any product, and I do not want to get into a debate as to the need for these products. I am only sharing some information. ---- The two popular fuel additives that come to mind are "Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant" and "Marvel Mystery Oil." ---- (They are safe for Oxygen Sensors & Cat Converters) ----- LUCL is more expensive than MMO, but it does the same job! These products can be purchased at K-Mart, Walmart, Pep Boys. ----- I am NOT telling anyone to use these products, I am only stating that I use one of them, and my engine is quiet, and I DO NOT use any oil between oil and filter changes at 2,500 mile intervals. There are only a few possibilities with regards to the Chevrolet 2.4 engines. ---- 1.) The engines in the Malibu and in the Equinox are NOT the same engine. ---- 2.) My choice to do frequent oil and filter changes has eliminated a potential problem. ---- or ---- 3.) My choice to use an "upper cylinder lubricant" in the fuel at every "fill up" has solved a lubrication problem with this engine.

    Again, I am not advocating the use of a fuel additive, and I do not work for or sell these products. I am only sharing information!

    NOTE: ---- My selling / servicing dealer DOES NOT KNOW that I am using one of these products in the fuel.

    Another line of very good products that could be used are BG / Products. Do a google search and you should be able to find a source for these products in your area. ---- They are NOT sold in auto stores, but rather they are sold at automotive service centers. They are NOT CHEAP! ---- I have use the BG / MOA in the oil of my 2007 V6 Camry since it was new. (It was recommended by the selling dealer because Toyota engines in the past were know for producing sludge!) ---- The vehicle now has 83,000 miles, gets an oil and filter change every 2,500 miles, and uses no oil. ----- (I also use the fuel additive in this vehicle!)

    I trust that this information has been helpful!

    All the best to everyone! :shades: :)
  • cjgacjga Posts: 18
    I will try this, after all noone else has any answers......not even dealers
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Hello Dwayn...I have maintained my vehicals the exact same way you do for last 20 plus years. I use lucas fuel additive every 4-5 K miles and chage oil at 3500 mile intervals; oil is real cheap insurance. I just traded my 2010 4cyl Nox for a 2013 3.6 V GMC Terrain and this new truck will get the same lucus fuel treat ment and 3500 mile oil changs. My 2010 Nox never stalled or let me down and any drive line warranty work was always backed up by GM Dealer.
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