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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • audionuttyaudionutty Posts: 19
    I changed my oil twice as often as gm recommended with oil exceeding gm specifications and my engine still had to be replaced at 40k. Engine failure was most definitely not avoided by following gm recommendations.

    I don't use the dealer because they are inefficient. it's a huge pain to take half a day out of work just to get you oil changed. It shouldnt be that way. If they were fast then everybody would use them. And I just plain dont trust them either.
  • Find a different dealer! I just got a new engine in my 2010 Equinox and they never asked me once about oil changes. I changed mine on schedule so I could have produced all the records but they never asked!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi oskee99,

    Sorry to hear about your engine. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] (include VIN, name, and dealership) or by phone at 800-222-1020 and we will see what options are available for you for this repair. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • franfolfranfol Posts: 3

    I have a 2010 equinox. They just replaced everything but the engine as it ran out of oil with no oil light on. There is now a recall that came out my dealer told me, that is why they fixed my car. Go back to the dealer or to another chevy dealer and tell them you know about the recall.

    Good luck!
  • Three weeks ago I had my engine replaced !! (I'm sure its only the block and not the top half from the looks of things. My MPG is up and oil consumption is normal !! :P


    Any recall on that coming !!

    Equinox the gift that just keeps giving. :cry:
  • slapheadslaphead Posts: 2
    '10 Equinox LTZ started acting up again, sputtering and stalling. HAD enough, traded it in for a '13 VW Jetta Hybrid, 45 mpg and since my neighbor is the general manager, got a great deal.
    So with that being said, I depart this forum and wish you all the best of luck with your Equinoxes
  • so I just brought my 2010 Equinox 4cylinder 2 months ago, I read the rating for the car on this website wish I would have read the problems. anyway about a month into having the car it started stalling and turning off and the check engine light came on once, I first took it to autozone for them to give me the code for the check engine light which turned out to be a P0011 code something about camshaft and timing anyway I took it to the dealership I purchased it from and they wanted me to pay $50 for them to put on a machine anyway after making a fuss the $50 was waived and they told me to take it to chevy because of this 100k warranty (I'm at 73,000 Miles) anyway I dropped the car off yesterday only to check on the status today to be told that its the timing chain and it is on a NATIONAL BACK ORDER so then he tells me that I could come pick the car up and drive it until the part comes in. Now at first I was like oh ok but then I started thinking NATIONAL BACK ORDER oh no that doesnt sound right so I started googling and the things that I have read so far has me really concerned I guess I need to look into what I can do to get out of this car because I can not afford to be stuck with a car with so many isssues after my warranty is up. I just think its awful for them to know something is wrong with the 2010 and 2011 issues and their not willing to do anything like maybe extend the warranty or something I was so excited about this car guess if I cant get out of it I'll be stuck but its just sad my first car note in six years and looks like I may have picked the wrong one such a shame!
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    Welcome to the club. Mine started with a broken timing chain, metal shavings in the oil, then to the stalling that would not give a code. They wanted me to drive it after 3 stalling incidents with a monitor on it..I was terrified to do so so I got rid of it. The dealership said they would not be reselling it. That pretty much says it all. They would not admit to any liability, or issues with that particular car, but if you research his site and some others, you will see that is not true. Get out of it if you can.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:
    If you have a new vehicle that is under the "new vehicle warranty" and / or "an extended GM warranty" it is VERY smart to have a GM dealer do all of your drive train service. ------ If something happens all of your vehicle records are in one location. (End of discussion with GM!)

    I change my engine oil and filter every 2,500 miles, and I use a fuel additive at every fill up. (MY CHOICE!) ----- When it comes time for an "oil and filter change," I make an appointment with the selling dealer for 7:45AM in the morning. I present my vehicle for service. I walk to a local breakfast shop, enjoy a nice breakfast, and I get my vehicle back by 9:00AM.

    I do not have any issues because they are using a GM oil filter, and the correct engine oil. If a problem occurs it is NOT my issue. It is a GM / Dealer Issue! ---- In addition to oil and filter service, I also have the dealer do all the other service such as brakes and tires. No one other than a GM dealer services my vehicle. They know that I am their customer, and they "go out of their way" to give me OUTSTANDING service. I appreciate their efforts.

    QUESTIONS: ----- How much money are you saving by doing your own oil & filter service? ----- If you take you vehicle to the "fast lube shops," how do you know the "skill of the service people?" ----- I have read horror stories about these places. ---- I would stay with the dealer for service.

    Just my opinion. ------------- Dwayne
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    I agree brother...I can not understand why anyone would invest in a new vehical and change thier own oil or use Brand X Car Service! You might save $10.00 each visit while creating potentail GM Warranty issues. I have managed large commercial fleets and preventive maintenience is key to avoiding drive line issues and premature mechanical failure. New GM Owners should value and respect your opinion Dwayne!
  • missmo1951missmo1951 Posts: 11
    When you live in a rural area, that can be quite a feat.
  • thank you I hate that I have to be on here, on top of the timing chain the camshaft something is faulty too anyway with all of that they advised me to continue to drive the car until the timing chain comes in and then they'll replace both parts. I tried going to the dealer that I bought it from and there talking $3,000 negative equity added on so with that I wouldnt even be able to afford much more as far as monthly payments I was trying to stay under the $20 thousand mark but with this negative equity it looks like I'm screwed unless I just take a $100 dollar hit more a month ugh so frustrated!
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Paying for repairs not covered by GM 100k Warrenty is quite a feat! Its like everything else in life you make it happen; its your responsibility not the dealers. If you do not take care of your dental matters your teeth fall out; If you do not paint and maintain your home you have water intrusion and wood decay Etc. Same with maintaining a new or used vehical, have the right service performed on a schedule and you will avoid many issues and insure your warranty is solid!
  • audionuttyaudionutty Posts: 19
    Having service performed on schedule will NOT prevent failures due to design and manufacturing flaws. And the2.4L engine failures are from those flaws, not from lack of maintenance. It's unhelpful for people here to declare that every person's failures are from lack of maintenance. It's just not true in a lot of cases.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    edited July 2013
    Thank you for your vote of confidence! (I grew up in an automotive / tool making environment as a child, and before I was out of the 8th grade I could tune up an engine, assemble an engine, and perform general automotive service on the vehicle.)

    If you live that far from a GM dealership, you have three possible choices with regards to oil & filter service.

    1.) Purchase a supply of GM oil filters for your vehicle from a GM dealer. Purchase a couple of cases of GM quart bottles of oil from the GM dealer for your vehicle. ------- (I am sure they will give you a discount on this large purchase!) KEEP ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS! ------ Change your own oil and filter! ------ (KEEP A SERVICE RECORD / DATES & MILEAGE!)

    2.) If you do not have the skill to perform this service for yourself, find a local service station that YOU TRUST, and bring the above supplies to the mechanic to have the service performed. ------ (YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY A SERVICE CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE!) ------ When he / she writes the service bill make sure that your GM parts and oil are listed on the "service bill" along with the date, mileage and vehicle VIN number. ------- (KEEP ALL OF YOUR "SUPPLY" AND "SERVICE RECEIPTS." ------- MAKE TWO COPIES OF THESE RECEIPTS. KEEP THE ORIGINALS AT HOME AND COPIES IN THE VEHICLE.)

    3.) When your vehicle needs oil & filter service, make an appointment with the dealer, travel the distance, and make a day of it by doing other "fun things!"

    With regards to the failure of the timing chains, there are only a few possibilities.

    1.) The chain material is defective.
    2.) The timing chain components are defective.
    3.) The chain is NOT receiving adequate lubrication.
    4.) The oil is not being changed frequently.

    GM needs to do the research on this issue and "come forward" with their determination. ------- I personally like the looks of the Equinox, and I like the idea of the four cylinder engine, --- but I will NOT CONSIDER A PURCHASE until GM solves these engine problems. ------ I have a 2010 LTZ four cylinder Malibu with 45,000 miles that does NOT burn oil between 2,500 oil and filter changes. ---- The engine is VERY quiet and responsive for a four cylinder. THE QUESTION IS: ---- Why is the four cylinder direct injection engine suffering all of these problems? ---- Is it the additional weight of the SUV? ---- Is it related to the fuel direct injection? ---- Is it a carbon producing engine that seizes the rings on the pistons causing "blow by," and PCV problems, and valve closing problems? ----- Something is different, and GM is not telling the whole story, and it is their responsibility to be "straight forward" with the customer base "IF" they want to sell future Equinox vehicles! ----- Maybe we can get some input on this subject from one of the GM representatives! -------- All the best to everyone! ----- Have a GREAT day! ---- Have some fun! ---- Remember this is not a rehearsal for the real thing. The life you are living in the "here and now" is YOUR LIFE!

    Just my opinion. ----- Dwayne :shades: :confuse: ;) :)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    Has it been proven that the failures on the 2.4 Equinox Engine are manufacturing flaws? ---- Has GM given a reason for the stalling, oil burning and and timing chain failure? ----- I have done a search on the "net," and I have not found any answers to these questions. ---- There are only two possibilities; ---- manufacturing flaws, ---- or not enough maintenance using high quality products. ---- YES, maintenance will not solve an "on-going manufacturing component flaws!" ---- Having said that, now is the time for GM to "shed some light of these problems!" --- People have paid their "hard earned money" for an American name plate vehicle, and they have an "expectation of receiving a high quality vehicle" that operates as designed, and I am sure stalling, rough idling, oil burning and timing chain failure are NOT part of the design of the vehicle by GM.

    Best regards! -------- Dwayne :shades: :confuse: :sick: :)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    I am surprised that the dealer told you to "continue to drive the vehicle" with a defective timing chain. ----- If you have an extended warrant you might have a $50.00 dollar deductible fee for every service event. This is built into your warranty contract. ------ (I have a 100,000 mile GM extended warranty on my 4 cylinder 2010 Malibu with zero deductible, so I pay nothing for a warranty service event!)

    NOTE: ---- "IF" the timing chain breaks while you are driving, depending on the engine design, your pistons will hit the open valves, and this will destroy the entire engine.

    NOTE: ---- There are tow types of engine designs. --- "Interference" and "non-interference." ----- If you have a "interference designed engine," and the timing chain breaks the pistons will hit the open valves! When this happens the engine will stall, and the vehicle will coast to a stop. Vehicle control during this event will be an issue! ----- If you have an extended warranty a loaner car should be provided. ----- At this point in time only a timing chain is needed, but if it fails, a new engine will be needed. ----- I do not understand the dealer's logic? They are trying to save money on the "loaner car," and taking a chance on destroying an engine. ------- (Penny wise and dollar foolish on the part GM and the dealer!)

    Just my opinion. ----- Dwayne :confuse: :shades: ;) :)
  • thanks I was actually going to call them today to ask about a loaner vehicle because it was stalling so bad this morning I was scared to get on the Interstate
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    Didn`t most these problems stop with 2012. That is when they changed from L.A.F. to L.E.A. engine. Still would like to know the difference between them. I also posted earlier I had a 2010 that I did not have any problems with but It made a ticking sound that dealer said was high pressure fuel pump. Traded the 2010 in for a 2013 & it is really quiet. I asked the dealer what changed. Never did get a answer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited July 2013
    Your theory sounds good to me, although we may have to wait until 2015 or so to see if similar problems crop up as the 2012 fleet ages.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    After doing some research on the "net" about this issue, I found the following information that may be helpful to everyone who is experiencing these problems with the 2.4 direct injection Equinox engine.

    1.) The Equinox has a high pressure fuel pump to feed fuel to the fuel injectors for the direct injection fuel system.
    2.) For some reason, this pump develops a fuel leak, and fuel is allowed to enter the crankcase of the engine.
    3.) The fuel mixes with the engine oil, and thins out the oil.
    4.) The oil can no longer do it's job lubricating the engine and the timing chain, and as a result, the cylinder walls and piston rings are destroyed along with the timing chain.
    5.) The engine becomes an oil burner and the timing chain fails.

    QUESTIONS: ---- Why are the direct injection high pressure pumps failing? ----- Do these pumps depend on the fuel for internal lubrication like the fuel pump in the fuel tank? ----- Is it s seal that is going bad? ----- If it is a "lubrication issue" and would a "top cylinder fuel additive" prevent the pump from destroying itself? ---- Are the replacement pumps any better than the original pumps. ----- Is GM doing any research on this problem or are they just riding out the issue? (I would hope that they are working on a fix to this problem, because the Equinox is a beautiful vehicle, and it would be a shame to have the "name plate destroyed" in the automotive marketplace over a fuel pump.)

    In addition to this pump issue, some people believe that "short trip driving" with this vehicle causes carbon to form on the tip of the high pressure fuel injector causing the spray pattern to change, and some fuel remains in a "liquid form" within the cylinder rather than a "fine mist." This liquid fuel washes away the lubrication from the cylinder walls, and this action over time causes damage, and as a result, the engine becomes an "oil burner." "Blow by" then increase, and the PCV system now has to deal with additional fumes in the intake system. ----- Raw fuel also enters the crankcase and thins out the oil!---- The additional fumes from the crankcase passing through the PCV system causes a build up on the back of the intake valve causing it to remain open, and this causes a "rough idle" and "engine stalling!" ----- Here again, would a top cylinder fuel additive prevent this injector problem?

    I hope that this information is helpful! ----- Best regards to all! ---- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • cjgacjga Posts: 18
    If all this is true....SURELY a recall is in order
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    That is great info. Thank you. The questions still remain what is the difference between L.A.F. Engine & the L.E.A. & why is the 2013 engine quieter?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    You would think that this would be a "logical response" to this issue, ---- BUT car manufacturers are VERY reluctant to do a mass recall!

    If we could find a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox owner that uses Chevron Gasoline exclusively in his / her vehicle, and who DOES NOT have any of these problems we would know that a "fuel additive" could eliminate the problem.

    Chevron gasoline contains a fuel additive that controls carbon, and cleans the fuel system. It is known as "Tectron!" This additive can be purchased in automotive supply stores, and it is recommended that it be used in the fuel every 3,000 miles.

    Back in the late 90's Outboard Marine Corporation the manufacturers of Johnson & Evinrude Outboards had major problems with "carbon" in their fitch engines. Those boat owners who used Chevron Gasoline never had any problems. QUESTION: ---- Could "history" be repeating itself, but now in land based engines? I just took delivery of a new boat, and I am using an upper cylinder lubricant in the fuel of the I/O engines.

    Best regards to all! --------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • so I they dont have a loaner vehicle but the part for my car came in on Wednesday but no one called to tell me this anyway then they tell me they cant squeeze me in until Monday so I cant get a rental until then but I dont understand why when I brought the car in on this monday and you tell me to keep driving this faulty car until the part comes in and now I have to wait until the next monday to get the work done when its clearly a safety hazard for me to keep driving this car and now their telling me they can get me a rental for a discounted price are you kidding me also today the radio, air, heat buttons all stopped working and chevy is saying there is a recall on the heating and windshield wiper defrost modules. this so disappointing I waited six years to get an SUV I wanted to stay with GMC but this is too too much my truck is just falling apart on me and no one will help thats all I keep hearing I guess I'm just going to keep calling I guess and maybe I'll find someone to help me!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    You could make a phone call to the Chevrolet Division of GM, and speak to a customer's relations person. ----- Make a list of all the deficiencies with regards to your vehicle. ------ They will give you a "case number." ------ When you take your vehicle in for service, ---- present your "case number" to the Service Advisor. ----- When speaking with the Customer Relations Person of GM tell them what dealer your are bringing your vehicle to for service. ----- (BE "VERY PROFESSIONAL" WITH BOTH GM AND THE DEALERSHIP!) ----- Once you have a "case number" you now have GM working with your dealer on your vehicle. ------- I had an issue with my 2010 LTZ 4 cylinder Malibu with regards to the wrong software for the engine. (The engine was surging!) I opened a "case number" with GM, and the vehicle was repaired under warranty within one day! -------- I was VERY HAPPY with the way I was treated by both GM and the dealer. ---- My Malibu is running GREAT! ----- Everyone was VERY professional! ----- Best regards. ----- Dwayne. ---- :shades: ;) :)
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    The problems with the 2010 fleet did not take 3yrs to crop up. Seems like they started the first year.

    Still would like to know difference between L.A.F. Engine & L.E.A. Engine??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    All I know is that Wikipedia page I think I already linked.

    The LAF has a 11.4:1 compression ratio that helps build power, slightly dished pistons that increase combustion efficiency and injectors with an application-specific flow rate.

    The LEA has a a compression ratio of 11.2:1. It adds direct injection and electronic throttle control.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Your over-reacting this is not all that bad; what year is your Gm Suv and how many miles are on this Suv? Are you the first owner or is this a pre-owned Suv? If GM warranty guide lines were followed since inception / purchase; you should have no problem getting all reasonable work done and dealer should provide you with a loaner / rental vehical. If Warranty guid lines were breached by owners that is a different matter!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    Just for discussion purposes, lets assume that GM and the dealer replaces the timing chain and the "direct injection fuel pump" with a new / improved / redesigned pump that no longer dumps fuel into the engine's crankcase. ---- This does no mean that your problems are over. ----- The oil that was "diluted by gasoline" destroyed the timing chain, and it also caused damaged to the cylinder walls, and the engine bearings at the same time. (IF YOUR ENGINE IS USING OIL NOW, THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!) ----- Putting a new fuel pump and a new timing chain assembly on the engine is only putting "first aid" on a major problem! ----- The engine needs to be rebuilt. ----- Left in this state, it will be an "oil burner!" ---- If my Equinox was under a GM extended warranty, I would NOT accept this minimum repair. ----- If your vehicle is NOT under an extended warranty, then you have to make your own decision. Your position is not as strong!
    Should GM rebuild the engine? ----- YES! ---- But what they "should do" and what they "will do" are two different things! ------ If the fuel pump destroyed the timing chain, GM should remove the engine from the vehicle and install a fully dressed replacement engine with an "updated direct injection pump." ----- Your engine would be then sent back to the factory to be remanufactured. ---- This is done all the time in the "marine inboard / I/O engine world!" ------ When new boats come from the factory with defective engines, the "engine manufacturer" has the dealer remove the bad engine and a complete fully dressed engine is provided as a replacement. Customer satisfaction is VERY IMPORTANT in the boat sales world! These are BIG ticket items!

    ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISSUE, if GM and the dealer are replacing the "timing chain," and the "direct injection fuel pump" with the "same direct injection fuel pump" that was used when the vehicle was manufactured, the problem will return, and this will be an "on-going issue" for the life of the vehicle!

    Best regard to all! ----------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
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