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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • my wife and i too fell victim of this issue. two days ago i was driving home, and all of a sudden POP. the lumbar support went limb. now there's a cavity inside the driver seat. based on this forums' suggestion, i called the local dealer yesterday and told them about the problem, they said to bring it in and they'll do a free diagnostic. they specifically said diagnostic is free. so we got up bright early this morning, my wife and i, and went to the dealer, only to be told that it'll be $109 just to look at the problem, and could be more if it costs more. we told them about the TSB PI0246A, and the guy said the TSB is just a procedure and it still costs money. correct me if i am wrong but this is not our first car, in the past we've own mitsubishi, ford, and Dodge. i've always had my TSB's taken care of for free at the dealers free to charge. this is the first time i am told that TSB's are not free. WTF. this is our first GM car, i was thinking about buying a new Corvette C7 after i sell my current SRT8, but now this is having me think twice about buying another GM car. TSB are known problems that are not severe enough to be a recall, but none the less, a known problem that's due to design flaw, therefore there is a TSB, why #$% should it be my responsibility to pay for a known flaw. the car is a 2010 chevy equinox with 60,000 miles on it. oh and just the other day, i was sitting in the back seat while the wife is driving, and i tried to buckle myself in, guess what, the back seat seatbelt rig bracket snapped. i am by no means a hulk, i am 160lbs 5'11", but so far this car is falling apart on us already. my 7 yr old SRT8 is holding up like a bull in comparison, and it had all its TSBs addressed for free in the past even after warranty expired (brake rotors, trunk lid, transmission flash etc). at this rate, I might just get myself a new viper instead of the C7.

    is there someone i can contact? gmcustsvc? his email is not public.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2013
    The email for GM customer service is [email protected]

    You'll have to hand type the address in since we mask the @ sign to try to foil spambots. It won't work if you just do a copy and paste.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi there,

    I'm very sorry to hear that you're having problems with your seat. I would like to look into this further. If there are any open technical service bulletins for your vehicle referencing this issue, the repair would be free of charge to you. Could you please email me your name, VIN, contact info, mileage and the name of the dealership you've been working with? As mentioned above, I can be contacted at [email protected] [attn Amber].

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • turgonturgon Posts: 4
    My experiences include a rebuilt transmission and practically rebuilt engine this year. I complained to GM customer service in 2011 regarding the oil change programming error and asked to extend the power train warranty to 150k to assure my confidence in their vehicle, which they refused, offering me XM Radio instead. I replied that was a complete insult to my intelligence. Since 2010 I have complained about the transmission shifting harshly and strange engine sounds to no avail with two dealerships who could not replicate the problems. Finally my vehicle broke down this year due to the transmission and then subsequently failed an oil consumption test necessitating the engine overhaul of pistons, head gasket, fuel pump, chains, and cam actuators (sorry if I am butchering the explanation, I am not a car guy!) The dealership that has done this work has been wonderful. However, I can tell you that I will NEVER purchase GM again after this experience. I went the GM route as a patriotic gesture following the economic collapse and bankruptcy and will never make that mistake again. GM obviously only cares about the bottom-line and not the customer. I had need of a commuter vehicle 2 years ago and bought a Kia, which has run perfectly through the first 70k miles of my difficult commutes.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I have a lot of respect for the "Customer Service GM Representatives on Edmunds. ------- They are doing their best to try to help the vehicle owners on this site when they have problems. ------ But here are the "all important questions; ----- Why isn't the same concern expressed at the "Service Desk" of the dealership when the customer presents their vehicle for warranty service? ----- Why are customers forced to drive vehicles with problems? ----- Why do dealers tell the customer that "they cannot duplicate the problem," when after picking up the vehicle, the customer can duplicate the problem one mile down the road? ----- Why after the vehicle develops a malfunction, does the dealer say; --- "GM is aware of the problem and they are working on a fix," --- when their service personnel cannot fix the issue! ---- NOTE: (If the vehicle did not have the problem at the time of delivery, and now it has a problem, ------ something has changed in the vehicle!) ----- Let's discuss these questions! ------ Dwayne
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    TSB's are Technical Service Bulletins, mostly for technicians on correct way to fix an issue. They are not recalls. If the troubles occur under warranty they should be fixed for free, otherwise it may depend, perhaps as goodwill coverage for a very prevalent thing, or perhaps not.
  • howzz1854howzz1854 Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    hey Ray,

    i never said they were a recall. and this is not my first vehicle. TSB's are widely known problems that has been identified, that's not severe enough to become a recall because it does not cause immediate safety concern, but none the less are design flaws that the issue have pop up very often that there is a TSB to address the wide spread problem, so the technicians won't have to diagnose the problem from the beginnning, none the less are due to design flaw and the problem is wide spread. if going by what you say of "goodwill", then what does that say about GM that all the other manufacturers take care of their customers' TSB for free, while GM does not?

    my SRT8 is not perfect, in the past it has had its 14 inch Brembo brake rotors replaced due to a TSB, engine coolant flushed due to a TSB, Transmission fluid O-ring replaced due to a TSB, Trunk lid replaced due to a TSB, and radiator fan replaced due to a TSB, all for free. mind you the parts used on an SRT8 are no regular grade either. like the SRT, the 2010 Equinox is also first of its generation, so it's typical that kinks need to be ironed out in the first few years. i am ok with with being the ginny pig, but as long as those flaws and wide spread problems are addressed by TSB's not on the customer's expense.

    i have already emailed Amber, hopefully she can look into this matter for me. the equinox is my wife's car, and the SRT is mine. i just so happen to be in between cars at the moment, trying to sell the SRT and torn between either the Stingray or the Viper. as a car fanatic, customer care and repairs are very important to me. the last thing i want to do is drop a whole lot of dough on another weekend track car that does not have the customer service and repair to back it up.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    You are correct in looking for "Customer Service" before you put down your hard earned money on a vehicle! ----- I have no problem with a new vehicle needing warranty service, and I will work with the selling dealer with regards to that warranty work in a professional manner, ---- but on the other side of the issue, I want to have outstanding service from both the "manufacturer" and the "dealer" in terms of keeping me "on-the-road" when something goes wrong! ----- If a defect shows up, I expect timely / professional service to put the vehicle back into it's proper condition as designed. ----- This is why I am NOT driving a 2010 Ford Mustang at this point in time. ---- Where I live, the Ford dealers have a VERY POOR reputation with regards to service. So, as such, I cannot purchase a Ford Mustang. While I would love to have a Mustang, I purchased a 2010 LTZ Malibu instead, because the service reputation of the Chevrolet Dealer is excellent! ------ If I cannot get the car serviced in a timely / professional manner it is useless to me, and I will not own it! ---- All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • turgonturgon Posts: 4
    I wonder what the economics are behind the dealer's decision to not proceed with readily apparent warranty work. I would think the dealer clears a profit from warranty work, but there must be a manufacturer to dealer financial penalty involved in uncovering too many warranty level repairs. COmpanies like GM should consider the power of word of mouth. The stories of my experiences with the Equinox have been shared with many colleagues, family, and friends! Multiple people have told me they will never drive a Chevy because of my experience. And I will NEVER forget being offered free XM Radio as some sort of phony consolation prize in response to my concerns.

    To relay my own story regarding being forced to drive a vehicle with problems.... our Equinox broke down 18 hours after rushing my wife to the hospital for the birth of our second child! I thank God that the darn vehicle actually got us to the hospital. The transmission went in the middle of a busy intersection and I barely made it to a parking lot. It is too bad the powertrain sucks so bad, because the Equinox looks very sharp, legitimately gets good gas mileage, and has a ton of room in the back for car seats!
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    Turgon, Where is the dealer located at that offered you the XM Radio??
  • turgonturgon Posts: 4
    That was GM Customer Service (corporate, not a dealer) offering me XM Radio in response to my concern that the oil change alert programming error built into the car was causing me to go way too long between oil changes, likely causing premature wear on the engine. I asked GM Customer Service to add 50k to the powertrain warranty to compensate me and give me confidence in the vehicle.... and they would only offer me a year of XM Radio.
    It may be a moot point now as the engine and transmission have been overhauled through warranty, but those repairs demonstrate to me that my concerns were real at the time. XM Radio was not the solution in 2011 when I brought my concerns to GM Customer Service.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 123,000
    I guess you are supposed to turn up the XM radio, so you don't hear the engine knocking?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I do not think it is about "economics!" ---- I think it is all about being professional, caring, and concerned about the customer after the sale by both the dealer and the manufacturer. ----- Once they have your money their motivation seems to die! ----- To earn additional customers, the motivation to be professional should increase! ----- HIGH QUALITY SERVICE AFTER THE SALE EARNS NEW CUSTOMERS! ---- Any new vehicle can develop an operating problem, but what the manufacturer and the dealer does after the problem is discovered separates the "professionals" from the "below average people." ---- This is what should happen in a professional world. 1.) The vehicle is presented for warranty service for an engine or a transmission problem. 2.) The condition is verified. 3.) The dealer should contact GM, and open a "case number" on the vehicle. 4.) All available information should be gathered from GM about the problem, and the fix for the problem. 5.) Parts need to be ordered. 6.) An installation date needs to be established. 7.) A loaner vehicle of the same type needs to be provided to the customer, ----- and 8.) A "step by step communication process" with the customer needs to be established. ----- YES, it is that simple. ---- Have a "GOAL," and and a "plan of action" to achieve that goal, and use 100% of your talents, skill and abilities in a focused / organized manner to achieve that goal! ------- THE CUSTOMER IS NOT THE ENEMY! ----- The goal is to "get the customer back on the road" in a "timely / professional manner" without any "inconvenience to the customer" and in the process, earn the "respect of the customer!" ----- Just some thoughts to consider GM! ----- All the best to everyone! ------- Dwayne
  • i just don't understand why the dealer would tell us on the phone the day before to bring in the vehicle that the diagnostic is free. and then we got there only to be told the diagnostic was $109 or more. mind you we have a 8 months old baby, and i work an hour away. it takes a lot of planning for the both of us to show up to the dealership with both of our cars. and then it was almost like someone spat on your face and said "gotcha!". needless to say, it didn't feel good. i am not saying Dodge dealers are perfect, they're not. but at least they don't do stuff like this. they took care of the TSB's for free if a problem occurs and it's covered by it. one time my SRT8 overheated on the freeway. which turned out to be a faulty radiator fan. i looked up on the car forums like i always do and found out that there was a TSB to address the problem, which was a common design flaw that owners identified. i called the dealer, they said it's free and to bring it in. i dropped the car off, and by second day, the car was ready for pickup for free. i mean once in a while you gotta deal with them trying to sell you more services, and their parts are always twice more expensive. but at least they don't tell me it's free on the phone and then show up and said it costs %$%$.

    but the best dealer experience i've EVER had was at another dodge dealer in orange county, where my wife used to live before we got married. the service manager was the dealer owner's son. you could just tell the guy took personal investment into the work he did. when i first got my SRT8, mind you it was the first year of its generation. i took the car in for regular service, and they actually took the effort and inspected the car while they worked on it. and they found the tranny fluid was leaking, and they found a TSB for it, so they replaced the o-ring and refilled the fluid for me. and they also told me to bring back the vehicle for a coolant re-flush because there was a TSB for replacing the coolant. mind you all this was on their part, i didn't ask for any of it. the procedure would've taken hundreds of dollars, and they did it the 2nd day bright early in the morning for me. another time the service rep entered the wrong oil grade number on the receipt. the car suppose to take 0W-40 (SRT), but the rep entered 5W-20 (R/T). i got worried and told the service manager (owner's son), and he told me, just to be safe, they'll flush the oil and do it again, and make sure it's 0w-40.

    i've since moved out the OC and now live in Hollywood. but that was the best dealer experience i've ever had. the service dept was run by a guy who truly cared about his customers and personally invested his own time and effort in the work he did. he didn't have to inspect my car and find all these TSB, but he did. and now the car is still running like a bull. that was the first time i felt special being part of the Dodge family. we were looking to buy another dodge, particularly the caliber, but the car was later discontinued.

    years later we settled for a equinox mostly due to the high mpg. i knew it wasn't going to be perfect knowing the car was first year model of its generation. and i knew there could be some issues down the road. but never in a million year would i expect TSB issues not be covered. had i known, i wouldn't have made the purchase. and it's not just this forum. you google for "2010 chevy equinox lumar snap" you see many other users around the country, some even said their lumbar collapsed with the same POP twice in six months.
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    turgon, What dealer did you have the problems with that you had to go to GM Customer service corporate?
    You really like your Kia?
  • turgonturgon Posts: 4
    It was not a specific dealer that caused me to go to customer service; it was the fact that there was a problem with the oil change programming alert and we were going way too long between oil changes due to the programming error. That is a problem that causes premature engine wear.

    Yeah, I really like my Kia Forte as a long distance commuter car (140 miles round trip for commute.) It is very comfortable, has decent room for a small car, gets adequate gas mileage (33 actual mpg, good but not great), has accessories like blue tooth and good stereo system, and has produced very good reliability through 70k miles so far. I chose it over a Ford Focus as I could just never feel comfortable test driving the Focus. My Forte replaced a Pontiac Vibe, which I traded in for the Forte when it started producing problems at 170k miles. I put 30k - 40k miles per year on my commuter vehicles (Elantra, then Vibe, then Forte) for the last 9 years. I will go synthetic oil with the Forte soon at around 80k miles and hopefully get it out to 150k before I buy the next cheap commuter car! Since that will be in two years already I have my eyes on the new Imprezas since they how have high mpgs as an awd.
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    Do you work for Kia?
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    PLEASE!!! No one cares about the Asian vehical manufactures on this GM SUV site; Please get it right and take your Asian stories and fluff to the right BRAND. Again This is a GM SUV Forum; PLEASE NO FLUFF!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I have a different point of view on the "Kia posting." ---- First, the person was responding to a question about the Kia. ------ Second, it just proves that GM is NOT doing their job in terms of "product quality," and "high quality customer service" after the sale. ----- I am sure there is a GM vehicle that could have been purchased in place of the Kia Forte had GM been "proactive" in their treatment of customers. ----- GM is reaping what they sow! ----- I don't purchase a Kia or Hyundai not because I am loyal to GM, Ford or Chrysler, but rather, because the "Kia" and "Hyundai" dealers in my area of New Jersey are "bottom feeders," and as such, they have VERY POOR REPUTATIONS FOR SERVICE AFTER THE SALE! ---- With the "quality of the 2010 Equinox," and the reputation of the "quality of service" from the dealer, (as posted on this site), I am sure that a Kia and the Hyundai could not be much worse in terms of quality and service. ------ What is fueling this site is the lack of professionalism on the part of GM for the owners of the problem Equinox vehicles. ----- I own a 2.4 - 2010 Malibu LTZ. I almost purchased a 2.4 - 2010 Equinox. My 2.4 is NOT a "Direct Injection Engine," and here in lies the problem. GM knows that the "Direct Injection Engine's Fuel pump is the problem, and it is causing the oil to be compromised by raw gasoline thus causing timing chain problems, --- cylinder wall damage, --- piston ring damage, --- and main bearing damage. They know that the fix is NOT just a new fuel pump and a new timing chain assembly. (That is only a "band-aid" on the problem!) ------ The cylinder walls and the rings have been compromised, and without doing a major engine overhaul, the engine will be an "oil pumper! ---- But GM is playing a numbers game. ---- Once the original warranty and / or the extended warranty is over, ---- "they are off the hook." ---- QUESTION: ---- How many of these 2010 four cylinder 2.4 direct injection Equinox vehicles are sitting on "independent used car lots" just waiting for the "unaware customer" to purchase the vehicle. ---- If GM wanted to do the right thing, they would call back all the 2.4 direct injection Equinox vehicles for a complete engine examination, and do the necessary repairs to make the vehicles whole in terms of operating quality! ---- That would do a lot to maintain the value of the vehicle in the used market, and their reputation in the new market. --- But that will not happen, because they believe that customers are NOT informed buyers, and they will purchase the Equinox line no matter what! ----- I think they are shooting themselves in the leg! ---- GM has a beautiful SUV that could easily go up against the foreign competition, but they are destroying the name plate by poor quality warranty service. ----- QUESTION: ---- When will the American Manufacturer's learn the HIGH QUALITY AFTER THE SALE SERVICE earns new customers? ------ Even if the public knows about the Equinox Problems, if GM handles it in a "proactive / professional / timely manner they will still consider the vehicle for purchase, because every "thinking human being" knows that vehicles are NOT perfect! ---- Someone at GM needs to "re-evauate the warranty procedure" with regards to the Equinox. ------ All the positive responses from the "customer service people on this site" mean NOTHING if HIGH QUALITY follow up service in not delivered! ------- Just some ideas to consider GM! ----- All the best to everyone! ----- Dwayne
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    edited August 2013
    I agree with most of what you always say. I have had 3 Equinoxes since 2006. I have a 2013 now. I dont think the Kia poster has or ever had a Equinox.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    How do you like the 2013 Equinox? ----- Has GM solved all the problems with the direct injection engine, -- transmission, -- and with the temperature control system? ----------- GM needs to put some "creature comforts" in the vehicle like dual A/C temperature controls for both the driver and the front seat passenger, ----- and a power seat on the passenger side! ---- (The Toyota Rav4 has these options!) ---- Who makes the marketing decisions for GM? ------ Don't they look at the competition? ---- If they do not put "creature comforts" in their vehicles, -- they will not sell those vehicles! --- I want dual temperature controls because I like my side of the vehicle colder than most people. ---- My wife wants a power seat on her side of the vehicle. ---- The new small Buick DOES NOT offer a power seat on the passenger side. My 2010 LTZ Malibu has twin power seats. ----- What are they thinking? ------ Are they thinking? ----------- Best regards to all! -------- Dwayne
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    nox123, I agree with everything you said.
  • FYI, Throttle body replacement on a 2010+ equinox should not cost $900. I was quoted around $450 from my dealer. I rejected that as too expensive and elected to do it myself, since the exact same parts are $120 on amazon and it is an easy repair, less than 30 minutes to install with a socket wrench.
  • I really enjoy my newer 2013 GM Terrain.....I traded up from my 2010 GM 4cyl Nox to the 2013 Terrain new 301HP V6 a huge step up for power...This is a smooth quick responding drive line and seems to corner much better due to improved GMC front suspension and struts. I do miss the fuel mileage I was getting with the 4cyl compared to the V6...However I like knowing I have the added power when needed. So far no problems and i'm enjoying my 2013 GM ride!
  • howzz1854howzz1854 Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    ok. so gm corporate wasn't able to help me. for some reason, they said they can't find THAT TSB attached to my vehicle. despite me pointing out to them countless people on the internet has that exact same problem, while some have their lumber collapsed twice within six month. the final answer from GM was that they can't help me, they offered that they would talk to the dealership to see what kind of financial support "option" they might have but they can't guarantee that the diagnostic will be free, nor the repair. well guys.... this has just sealed the deal for me as far as future for GM cars. i guess i'll be getting a Viper after all. V10 here i come. your lost GM. good luck to you guys all. hopefully this incident will shed some light for future visitors on how great GM's service is.

    oh by the way, i plan on filing a complain with NHTSA.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Here is just another example of GM "short sighted thinking!" ---- Both the dealer and the manufacturer will not deal with problem in a "proactive manner!" ---- What a shame! ---- This was a "perfect opportunity" for both the "manufacturer" and the "dealership" to do the right thing, and in the process, earn new business! ------ But they "held the line," and as such, alienated a customer, and negatively influenced other customers. -------- Congratulations GM, you have put another nail in the coffin of the "Domestic Automotive Industry." ------ QUESTION: ---- What would the repair have cost you against the future sales of additional units? ---- This customer was going to make another purchase of a "fun vehicle," but you have turned him off! ------ Please help me understand this sound business practice. ---- The people of the United States want to support the Domestic Automotive Industry. This is why I purchased a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu. When I made this purchase I owned a 2004 Honda Civic and a 2007 Toyota XLE V6 Camry. --- My last American vehicle was a leased 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was the vehicle from hell. (Poor Quality and equally poor Service from the selling dealer) So I leased and / or purchased five (5) Honda vehicles, and one Toyota, before I returned to Chevrolet in 2010. ---- I happen to like my Malibu. I think it is a quality vehicle, and I am VERY fortunate to have an outstanding dealer for service, but this treatment of a customer leaves a "bitter taste in my mouth" about a future purchases. QUESTION: --- If I make a future purchase of a GM automobile, and it is a "problem vehicle," will GM be there to fix the problem -- or -- will they abandon me in a similar fashion? ---- Would Kia, Hyundai, Toyota or Nissan treat the customer in the same fashion? ---- What is wrong with the selling dealer? --- Why isn't the dealer making things right and thus earning new business? ---- Please help me understand this business concept? ------ All the best to everyone. ----- Dwayne.
  • I am beyond upset with GM right now. I have been a longtime driver of Toyotas and decided to give the GM 2010 Equinox a try. I have had so many crazy issues with it and GM will not stand by any of them because I am over my warranty. I drive my cars to well over 100k and usually keep them for 8-10 years. I also keep up the maintenance regularly.

    In the past 3 months, I have had to replace the windshield wiper transmission, the battery and the battery cables, and now the radiator.

    In all my years of car ownership, I have never heard of a wiper transmission dying let alone dying in such a younger car.

    The battery died well before a normal battery life span and it literally exploded. Acid leaked through the protective casing and destroyed the neg and pos cable wires.

    When the radiator went, there was no warning. The car literally overheated while I was driving it. And-the coolant was completely drained-again NO warning lights.

    The response I am repeatedly getting from GM and the dealerships is that all three of these incidents are not "normal or usual" espeicially in a newer car but they "could" happen so therefore, they arent covered..unless you bought the extended warranty.

    Had I known that GM was known for such poor quality-I would have bought the extended warranty. I think the sales area should be a little more clear on how NECESSARY that warranty will become.

    I am now trying to think if its better for me to dump the Equinox now before anything else happens or assume nothing else major can possibly go wrong for awhile.

    I never expected to have $500-700 monthly bills on repairs this early in the cars life.

    I tried to support the American car industry but I think I made a HUGE mistake
  • The kind of wiper motor issues you are having are not very common and the batteries are not produced by GM ...I replaced my 2010 Nox battery after 2.5 years at a cost of $110.00 @ Walmart 36month warranty. I live in Florida and the extrem heat along with running A/C is hard on them. The climate and condition you live in have lots to due with your vehical issues; I bet you live in a very Cold Icy climate and run the life out of your electrical system which is hard on stuff..
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I enjoyed reading your posting. ---- YES, your vehicle, (a 2010 Equinox), has experienced some interesting problems. The windshield wiper transmission and the radiator are of interest to me. ----- QUESTIONS: ---- How many miles are on this Equinox? ---- Did you purchase this vehicle new or used? ---- If used, did you purchase it from a Chevrolet dealer? ---- When I purchase a used vehicle, I make it a point to purchase the used vehicle from a dealer who sells the same new vehicle. --- I also purchase the maximum "factory used vehicle warranty," for the maximum mileage, and the maximum time with zero deductible. --- (I do the same thing for new vehicles.) ---- We live in a world of high tech vehicles that are VERY expensive to repair. --- In order to protect myself, I purchase a factory extended warranty from the dealer, NOT AN AFTERMARKET WARRANTY. I always break even with the cost of the warranty over the years. In one case with a Honda Accord I was ahead $3,000 dollars over 4 years. I believe in factory extended warranties. ---- All the best. Dwayne
  • My wiper transmission went last month as well. That was the scariest situation as it happened in the middle of a downpour traveling on a major PA highway. I replaced the battery a while ago. I'm taking my nox in on Thursday as the engine sounds like a prop airplane ready for takeoff. I know they will say it's fine as they always do, but since it's my 3rd engine, I really don't know what the engine should sound like. I will say the dealership has really worked with me on this car. They definitely realize my frustration. It hasn't cost me a lot as all of the engine work is under warranty, but the mental anguish is awful. I don't know when this car will die on me, but fully expect it to at the worst moment.
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