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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I had to pay for the part and labor. It costed me$989 to be exact.
  • About a week ago we received a letter from GM saying that the Timing Chain (which we had replaced 2 months ago by and outside mechanic) and the fuel pump might need to be replaced. I felt relief in seeing this letter because I figured that if these two problems were fixed, then that would be it, and it would be smooth sailing from now on. But in the back of my mind, I remember my mechanic saying, "I was really surprised by what I saw in there. This car has less than 60,000 miles on it, but that engine looks like it has 160,000!". Your post is spot on Dwayne. These fixes are a bandaid only. Major damage has already been done to this car.

    Dwayne - reading this post has definitely given me a huge (and healthy) boost of fear. I've gotten in pretty deep financially with this car and am disappointed to come to the realization that I may have to trade it in. Honestly, I LOVE this car...It's beautiful, spacious, and I loved the idea of having a crossover that had pretty good fuel economy for my REALLY long commute. I hate to get all sentimental, but this is our family car - I brought my son home from the hospital in it and will always have that in my head. I feel tricked, and stupid, and saddened that after putting my faith and money into an American made car, I've just really caused my family a huge financial hardship. It's a shame that Chevy put so much into the body design of this vehicle, and so little into the quality control of the engine production.
  • breaneensambreaneensam Posts: 8
    edited September 2013
    hello all just posting for any new comers so they know what they are facing with this beautiful but poorly put together SUV. I purchased my 2010 Equinox in May of this year (oh I wished I would have known about this site) anyway in June maybe three weeks after purchase the vehicle started to stall and shut off and eventually the check engine light came on (thanking God everyday that I didn't get into any accidents because of the severity of the problems with this vehicle with no real warning for almost a week) so once the check engine light came on I took it to auto zone and they gave me a code for my acutators, took the vehicle in and they told me that it was my timing chains and acutators but the parts were on a national back order (lol) that I could continue to drive the vehicle until the part came in hmmmmmm so I left the dealership that day not knowing the severity of the situation at the time anyway after attempting to get on the interstate the next morning in rush hour traffic and the vehicle shutting off on me I realized then that I could have lost my life taking the advice of the service man at the dealership I called back to let them know that I would not be keeping the vehicle that I would drop it off to them and yes I expected a loaner car or free rental, well they went on to tell me that they could not offer me either and that I would have to wait for the part to come in smh. I then proceeded to call Chevy and make a complaint and to my surprise they opened up a file for my vehicle and also made me aware of a recall on the windshield wiper modem I think and a radio issue and that she would call the dealership and see what could be done well needless to say within the next hour the dealership was calling me back to say that they would put me in a rental ( I think its so sad that I had to go through so many channels for them to do the right thing because I'm not even telling all what happened because this story would be much longer) anyway two days later I was called to pick my vehicle up and found out that the fuel pump had been changed as well and the recall that they made me aware of was not fixed because I was past the mileage for the warranty (lol now if its a recall what does a warranty have to do with anything) so I ended up having to call my service specialist at Chevy and again she had to call the dealership to get the work done, so the next day after finding another ride to work I dropped it off for the work that should have been done the first time to finally get fixed. Well while all of this was going on I received a call from someone else at Chevy about the car and I was asked if I would be interested in another vehicle to which of course my answer was yes after reading all the post on here and realizing that this was probably not going to be an isolated incident that it was just the start of it. Well I informed the lady that I had recently been at the dealership and looked into trading it and informed her that they had offered 12,000 and she asked what trade in price would I have been satisfied with to which I answered at least 15,000 ( to get rid of some of that negative equity geesh) anyway she informs that she would talk to the dealership about at least trying to meet me somewhere in the middle. Well needless to say just like the sorry dealership she never called again and I didnt even get her info thinking she would be on top of things like my service specialist (I know I should have known better) but I think its sad that someone from Chevys office would take the time to call me and give me false hope like that because I really got excited when she offered to work with the dealership on something and dont get me wrong she did not promise that they would but she could have at least informed on what they discussed or even followed up with me. Ok so about three weeks after getting the vehicle back I start hearing funny noises again and its not running as smooth as it was when I first got it out the shop but again there no indication from the car that something is wrong (as far as engine light on etc.) so I'm thinking maybe it just me well better yet I'm praying its just me lol well a week after noticing that the trustie ole engine light comes on and again and low and behold it indicates the same code from the first time (timing chains and acutators) and a new code about an ignition relay. I have an appointment to drop it off tomorrow because the technician that obviously didnt fix it the first time is not in and they need him to look at so tomorrow is fine but I'm wondering if they are going to try and make me pay for them to look at it like they did the first time. Anyway like I stated earlier this all just feels like the start to a horrible situation that I know I dont want to deal with and I think its sad that nobody is willing to bend to help you out I was willing to trade the vehicle but I can't take that much negative equity over with me and they won't budge knowing that all of these things are wrong with this model all they want to do is keep patching the problem until your warranty runs out and then you'll be stuck hoping for a letter of a recall or something. I waited six years to get a new vehicle and I wanted to stay with Chevy because all my previous vehicles were Chevy but this particular model V4 2010 Equinox is such a disappointment along with majority of Chevys customer service via phone and dealership stop lying to your customers or giving them false hope! Only if I would have gotten a different year or engine size so sad :(
  • I was also on a highway during rush hour in Detroit in the pouring rain when the wiper motor went out. I was petrified and since there was no shoulder on the highway, I was almost side swiped several times. My motor went out at 60k. so it was not covered.
    My battery exploded at 70k and my radiator went at 74k. I have hesitation between gears at higher speeds and my engine rattles but the dealership says nothing is wrong.
    I made the decision last night to dump the Equinox in the next month. After being stranded 3x's in 3 months and sinking $1900 into a relatively young car I have decided to cut my losses. And for the record, my 2010 was purchased new and I have kept up on all of the general maintenance.
  • Question; why was your engine not covered by gm warranty @ 60K...Your 2010 has a 5 year 100k drive line warranty; providing you maintained vehical per GM Warranty requirments...Batteries are not a big expense and if you got over 3 years in the michigan area you did well. What was the reason for the radiator going bad? Hole in core, corrosion, accident Etc. How many miles do you have on this 2010 Nox and was the gm dealler doing servcie and regular oil changes?
  • The windshield wiper transmission was not covered under the Drive line warranty. Unless you can explain to the Dealer how the windshield wiper is somehow connected to the wheels?

    I have done all of the required maintenance on this car.

    I agree battery is not an expensive item but a typical battery life is 5 years not 3 and one that fails catostropically (shooting out acid throughout the engine compartment) IS EXPENSIVE. I had to have the positive and negative cable wires replaced and the engine steam cleaned twice. I am still not sure what else was damaged by the flying acid.

    The radiator has a lot of plastic components and it just cracked according the Dealer. Maybe GM should send one of their Red X master problem solvers to the dealer to perform a proper root cause analysis.

    I am sure the Warranty Director and GM would be interested to learn of the failures on my car along w/ other owners of the 2010 Equinox's who are equally dissatisfied.
  • so they said its a sensor I dont know for what because they are incompetant at this dealership he just kept saying he wasnt sure anyway he calls me back to say that it was recommended that I get an oil change because the sensor would work better with a oil change and new filter (what!) so I wanted to know why that was because its not time for an oil change and Im not just dishing out money for one so that somthing your replacing can work better if thats the case then give me a free oil change if thats whats required for this sensor to perform better. Well the service manager called me back to let me know that oil changes were my responsibility and that if I did not get one that if the sensor went bad I would be resposible for paying to replace it. Someone really needs to do something about this poor service I am going to flip out tomorrow when I get to that dealership they have lost their minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    We, as customers, have the power in our own hands. ---- Automotive manufacturers want us to purchase their vehicles. We haver the option to purchase any vehicle on the market today, so that puts us in the "purchasing driver's seat!" ---- I am not driving a Chrysler Vehicle today, because of a VERY POOR QUALITY 1995 Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee that I leased in 1995. ---- In addition, the selling dealer offered very poor customer service. (I personally like the Dodge Charger, and I would love to own one, but after the 1995 Chrysler Jeep experience I will never own or lease another Chrysler vehicle.) --- So what does this story mean to everyone on this board? ---- It simply means that when it comes time to purchase or lease a vehicle, remember how you were treated by both the "manufacturer" and the "dealer." ----- If you been treated in a professional manner, then continue to patronize the nameplate and the dealer. ---- If you were treated poorly, ---- move on to another nameplate. ---- YOU make the purchasing decisions. ---- YOU speak with your money. ----- For a while the dealer and the manufacturer are in the driver's seat in the relationship, but in life, what goes around does come around! ---- I will do business with any automotive dealer and manufacturer that deals with me in a professional manner. ---- TIMELY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE is everything to me! ---- I will give them all of my "service business," and I will keep my vehicles under an extended warranty, but when something fails, I expect not to be inconvenienced. ---- Flatbed the vehicle to the dealership, and give me a "loaner," or a "paid rental" and let me be on my way. ----- Just something to think about for the future! ------ All the best! ----- Dwayne
  • You can include me in your suit. I have had problems for about a year and received the same "band aid" of placing a noise reducer on my car. They would of saved money by giving me a pair of ear plugs.
  • I am absolutely furious at my treatment by GM and the Dealership over my 2011 Equinox, 4 cylinder engine. Last week the engine completely failed. I have approx 63K miles. I have had my nox into the dealership three times prior to this on 2/20/12, 2/27/2013, and 3/8/2013 for various issues that should not have occurred but he most relevant was that I had prior engine problems on 2/27/2013 where they did engine repairs. The Engine at that time was running very rough and making noise. Well GM wont honor the warranty and blames me for the failure, the ole improper maintenance game. The service guy I first saw lied to my face and told me I was beyond the "engine warranty" which was 3 years or 36,000 miles. He also stated the car failed to oil starvation because there was 0 oil in the car which he later in the same day changed to less than a quart of oil. I asked did they find any leaks. He said no. When I expressed this was impossible cause I maintain my car and in fact I had put oil in the car approx a month ago he simple said where are the receipts. There is where problem began. I didnt keep receipts for oil changes. I managed to locate 7 receipts for oil changes with the most recent in early Feb 2013. The service guy said not good enough. He said lets fill the car up with oil to see if it improves or improves enough, soundwise, so theres hope the whole engine isnt damaged. It didnt. So he said cant help you and handed me a bill for 4200 for a new engine. The next day I demanded to see service manager. I told him that the service technician, or whatever his title was, lied to me about the warranty and that I am actually covered by power train warranty. he then proceeded to tell me that car was driven low on oil and had only 2 quarts of oil. So suddenly now, the Nox had 2 quarts, when I was told it had 0 or less than 1 quart just the day before. The service manager also stated that the tech told him this and the service manager stated he didnt know why the tech would say zero oil but it had just under 2 quarts. I expressed exasperation of how many times I already had been in dealership for repairs that shouldnt occur for a new car and that one of the repairs was for the engine. He said look you didnt do any maintenance since feb 2013 where you drove 13k miles so sorry. I told him I did add oil since then and I couldnt locate receipts at this time but I was sure I could. he then told me it didnt matter how many receipts I had because the fact was the engine was low 3 quarts of oil today. I was flabbergasted by that statement. So I said this whole failure to maintain wont go away if I produce more receipts and he repeated that it didnt matter since engine was low 3 quarts today (which by the way who knows how much oil was really in there since they changed their story within 24 hours). I asked if they preserved the oil cause I wanted to see it and he hemmed an hawned that the engineer was gone and he didnt know but he would let me know (later he let me know they didnt have it). He went on to say he didnt know the cause of engine failure and the only way to know for sure would be a engine tear down which I would have to pay (1200 dollars). And oh yeah, you must use there people to do tear down of engine or they wont honor warranty (Isnt that like asking the thief to investigate the crime?). He said he didnt know if I was cause of engine failure but unless I could prove i wasnt I had to pay for everything and by the way no loaner car. He said from the evidence he has now, warranty is not applicable. I was shocked. I contacted customer service and essentially they towed the line with the service manager. I asked them the same question if I am able to produce more evidence that I maintained the car after February 2013 will this issue go away. Corp said that would be a new fact but they couldnt gaurantee anything which frustrated me more. Corp didnt care they lied about coverage or changed stories about how much oil was in car. Well load and behold last night I did find a receipt where I purchased oil on June 27 for my car. I called corp this morning to tell this fact and whether this new info will change anything. I am not too hopeful given my prior treatment. Bottom line...dont buy this car. They know they have problems and they will take any opening you give them to not honor the warranty. If you happened to be suckered in and bought car, keep every receipt and bring in the car everytime it hiccups, because if you dont, they wont do a thing for you. It is outrageous.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I found your posting very interesting and informative! ---- This is part of a "game" that is being played throughout the automotive industry. ---- To be an informed customer you must learn how to play the "automotive game!" ------ Rule # 1, ---- Have all of your oil and filter service performed by the selling dealer. (If something happens to your engine, it is their oil, their filter and their technicians.) ---- Rule #2, ---- Have all of your "service work" performed by the selling dealer. (If something happens to one of the systems on the vehicle, you have no after market parts on your vehicle. ---- Rule # 3, ---- Change your oil and filter more often than recommended in the owner's manual. (NEVER go over the recommended oil and filter time and mileage recommendations!) ----- If you take these actions, all of your service records are at the dealership should a warranty issue develop. ---- Rule #4, ---- Always put a "top of the line" manufacturers extended warranty on either a new or used vehicle for the maximum amount of years and the maximum mileage. ---- (Modern automobiles a very expensive to repair without an extended warranty! ----- A warranty is just part of the cost of ownership!) ---- If you purchase a used vehicle, always purchase a "used vehicle" from a dealership that sells the same brand new vehicle. The have the parts and the technicians to service the used vehicle. Purchase the manufacturer's extended warranty from this dealer. ------ Just some creative ideas! ----- Dwayne
  • all the Direct Injection engines consume oil. in fact the equinox consumes MORE oil than most. and GM knows this. Dealers knows this as well. i am sick of hearing dealers telling customers that they don't know why their engine constantly run low on oil. GM should've done a better job notifying customers in the manual, or even on dash that regular oil top off is required. i first did not know this. when we went in for our first oil change on the 2010 nox, there was barely any oil left in the engine. the engine would constantly run rough and wanting to stall. that's when i found out that this car eats up 1 qt of oil for roughly every 3k miles you drive. yup. so based on that, i bought myself a 12pk of synthetic and just keeps it inside my car. i've been topping it off 1 qt every 3k miles. you can check the dip stick, about every 3k miles, the indicator will fall below the cross section minimum line, that's when you need to drop in a quart. i am really baffled why GM doesn't do a better job educating owners on their DI engine. just as if you were to own a modern clean diesel, you're educated on proper exhaust fluid maintenance. but no... due to lack of information. you have millions of nox running out there with little to no oil, and that infamous ticking sound. that's the engine running without lubrication. and it make the matter worse, the apparently oil life programing is faulty, and requires a re-flash. my engine runs fine now that i regularly top it off with synthetic, but i am still pissed at GM for not taking care of their design flaw, now that i have a cavity inside my driver seat because the lumbar just collapsed on me out of no where. i'll definitely be sticking with mopar for a while. or go straight to tesla.
  • Yes I am learning the hard way about these rules. If I had any idea I would have followed those rules but I had no idea that oil change and oil receipts would be so important, nor did I even conceive that I would have as many problems with a brand new car as I did. They definitely took me to school. I have learned if GM corp would satisfy me that GM participates in the BBA Auto Line Process where you can file a complaint and it will be arbitrated. In fact, I might even be required to do this before filing suit. I looked at the 2011 audit of the program and I see why the manufacturers agree to do it....they win 63 % of the time with a no award decision. Now I am still waiting to see if my latest receipt changes anything which I doubt. I have to make a decision on whether to do the tear down which may ultimately simply raise my costs since the tear down wont do anything to repair the vehicle. So instead of paying 4200 for the engine I would pay that plus the 1200 tear down fee....boy I am getting schooled here. And the sad part is, I do that and I still have a rotten Nox with a new engine which may fail all over again or some other system. I think my long term plan is to get it repaired and trade in and get out of this hell.
  • It's time to face facts, GM, as a whole, is not the same GM we have all known and loved for decades. GM is fully aware of the issues with its 4 cyl DI engine lines, but GM simply does not care about it. They will play the old "you didn't service the car" game with owners, and string everyone along until we as consumers are left with one option only...lose more money and then dispose of these junky engines. Vote with your feet now everyone, tell your friends of your experiences, go buy another brand of least you wont have to suffer the insult of having a GM representative lie to your face, to toe the company line. GM stands now for Garbage Makers, plain and simple.
  • its interesting that you mention that because the service manager told me that 1 qt every 2000 miles was within normal range for oil consumption. He kept saying that since you drove 13000 miles that meant it would have burned 6 qts. I told this to my dad and he said that cant be right because that is an outrageous amount of oil. Heck, my dad would probably say 1 qt every 3000 miles is outrageous.
  • our car takes up to 5qt of oil in the engine. you'll have no oil left if you drive up to 13K miles. 1qt of oil every 2k is normal? maybe in gm's book. when i went in for my first oil change, i pretty much only had 2qt out of needed 5qt left. my other push rod engine that makes 450bhp doesn't consume any oil at all even after 10K miles, and that's meant to be driven on the track as well. my guess is, GM rushed the ecotech engine, and knows about its problems. the least they can do is a better job educating the owners on how to properly maintain those engines. they get great gas mileage, but will down the motor oil like it's beer. luckily even a pack of 6 Penzoil platinum is cheap on amazon. i bet you half of the engine problems would've been avoided if gm had installed a oil level gauge on the dash, and lights up like hell when you run below 4qt. idiots!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi everyone!
    Here is the reality of the situation. EVERY vehicle manufacturer is the same in terms of demanding documentation of "on-going preventive maintenance" before they will do warranty work on an engine or transmission. --- That is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to let the dealer do this work. DOCUMENTATION IS EVERYTHING! Today I had my coolant changed on my 2010 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 2.4 engine with 48,000 miles. ---- According to the GM book, this coolant is a 100,000 mile coolant, but upon investigation, I found out that after 40,000 miles this coolant starts to damage the cooling system of the engine, so I had the dealer drain and flush the system, and install fresh coolant. ---- If this 2.4 engine was to suffer a blown head gasket, GM cannot blame me for running an acid coolant due to a chemical change. ---- No manufacturer wants to pay out services on the standard or extended warranty, and they will look for any excuse to void the coverage. ---- (I change my oil & filter every 2,500 miles, and I do not use any oil between oil and filter changes. ---- I also run a fuel additive in the gasoline at every fill up!) ---- 5,000 mile oil and filter changes are ok if you do 100% highway driving at 55 + mph, but if you do any amount of city, (stop & go), driving, 5,000 mile service intervals are a joke, and just a manufacturer's marketing tool. ---- If 2.4 engine are suppose to use oil, then I should be using at least 1/2 of a quart of oil every 2,500 miles. I have never added any oil to the Malibu 2.4 in 48,000 miles. --- If an engine uses a lot of oil between oil and filter changes there is something wrong with the engine.(Rings, Cylinder Walls, Valve Guides, Main Bearings or the PCV system.) The direct injection 2.4 engine in the Equinox had a problem with the "fuel pump" which dumped raw gasoline into the crankcase, and mixed with the engine oil. This mixture destroyed the timing chain assembly, and most likely scored the cylinder walls and piston rings, which increased engine "blow by," and this caused the PCV system to pull oil out of the crankcase into the intake manifold. Even when the fuel pump was replaced the "blow by conditioned remained," and the engine became an "oil pumper!" ---- The engine needs to be replaced! ---- (Lots of luck on that issue without documentation!) ---- Every vehicle today has issues. "Documentation" in terms of maintenance is your "key" to getting warranty work from both the manufacturer and the dealer. I never have any problem with warranty work because "I slightly over maintain my vehicle at the dealer." ---- (No other service center touches my vehicles!) ---- They know that I am their customer 100%. I have a professional relationship with the Service Manager / Director, A Service Writer of my choice, the General Manager, and the Customer Relations Manager. ----- YES, I can pick up my phone, --- call anyone of the above individuals, and they will return my phone call. (This relationship has taken some time to develop, ---- but it can be done if you work at the process.) ---- Today it is all about "documentation!" ----- If you are their customer for maintenance, the dealer will help you with the warranty work! --- (YOU ARE THEIR CUSTOMER!) ---- I worked in the automotive business many many years ago. When a vehicle had a "Big Warranty Issue," the first thing the "factory representative" would ask the service manager was; --- "Is this person a good customer in terms of service?" (YES or NO!) ------ Just some ideas to consider. ---- Dwayne.
  • Dwayne I totally agree; like you I over maintained my 2010 GM drive line and never had any issues with my 2.4cyl 2010 Nox till the day I traded up. the gm dealer would always stand behind all issues. I had all the same issues other owners have talked about on this fourm and the GM Dealer always offered a free loaner and no out of pocket expense for any warranty work. I find it crazy that someone would purchase a $25000 dollar plus vehical NEW and not want to have the dealer service this "large investment" on a regular basis to assure your safety and vehical protection. NOW...would you stand behind a drive line warranty and reimberse a customer thousands of dollars in repairs if they failed to follow the basic Mfg warranty guide lines and had major engine issues...Probably NOT!

    In addition; My 2010 4cyl never used any oil at all..none!! I had the motor oil changed 1st time @ 2000 miles and every 3K after that at GM Dealer. A simple $29.00 service to insure my warranty was solid with GM.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
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    I agree with you 100%! ----- A simple oil and filter change, at the dealer, in a timely manner establishes the vehicle owner as a customer! ---- Dealers respect their customers because dealers want to sell you another vehicle, or they want to sell your extended family and friends a vehicle. ---- In addition, if you have all of your "service records" at the dealership, when you purchase another vehicle, you have an excellent "bargaining chip" at the negotiating table. ----- The salesperson would be hard pressed to let you "walk on a deal," and also suffer the loss of service business. ---- You are a member of the dealership family. ----- Money talks! ---- You might get a cheaper oil and filter change at a "quick lube service," but in doing so, you pay a high price at the dealership! ------ On holidays I make it a point to recognize the people in the service area. ---- I might drop of some pastries and a couple of bottles of wine. You know, just to say thank you! ----- I look at this as just the price of doing business. ---- Just some things to consider! ----- Dwayne
  • I had my oil changed at the dealership every 3500 miles and mine still had the oil loss issues as well as the stalling, and the water pump issue that was noted in the letter. They fixed the issue the letter mentioned, but with the oil loss they just said keep bringing in for oil consumption tests every 500 miles. Without fail at about 1000 miles it would be > a quart low. They still said there was nothing wrong. When I traded it in by the 2000 mark between oil changes it was 2 qts low. So maybe my dealership didn't value me as a customer to fix the issue. So they no longer have me as a customer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I remember going back to the dealer a week after I purchased my last new car (long ago now). My salesguy was on his way out the door to work for the competition across town. Wouldn't surprise me to learn that the dealer has changed hands a few times since then either. Maybe it's different in your town.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    QUESTION: ---- Did you open up a case number with General Motors and get them involved in the problem? ---- I had an issue with the Malibu, and I opened up a "case number," and GM worked with the dealer to solve the problem. ---- He again documentation and professional communication makes things happen. ---- Had I not been successful, I would have hired a "Lemon Law Attorney," and put the entire issue in his / her hands. ---- I would continue to seek service to resolve the problem from the dealership while the legal process was moving forward. --- Since I do a lot of driving "over the road driving" for my career, I would take a supply of oil that I purchased from the dealership, on the road with me, and I would keep careful records as to the amount of oil added in a diary. (Date, Time, Mileage & Amount!) ----- The dealership or GM cannot object to me adding oil on the road! If I needed an oil and filter change on the road, I would stop at a Chevrolet Dealership, get the serviced performed, and mail a photo copy to my selling dealer for their records "Certified Mail / Return Receipt Requested!" ---- In life you need to be "pro-active!" ---- If and when the "lemon law hearing arrives" I will have all my service records and oil records at hand! ----- Here again, "documentation" is the key! ---- If things became really "nasty," I would consider putting "magnetic signs" on my vehicle stating something like; ---- "This new vehicle burns oil! --- Purchased at: XXXXXXXXXXX" ----- Since it is the "truth," there is not much the dealer or GM could do legally about it! ---- What are they going to do, ---- take me to court? That is what I want!----- Just some concepts to consider! ----- Dwayne.
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    When purchasing a vehicle, the first thing the customer needs to do is "pick the dealership" very carefully. ----- YES, you pick the dealership, before you start looking for a vehicle. ---- Do some research on the net! ----- When I make contact with the salesperson, (meet & greet), I ask them to show me the service department. If I do not like what I see, I thank them for their time, and I "walk!" I will not do business with a dealership that has a sloppy service department. ----- I do not play games with the salesperson. I tell them about my trade, because I already know what my trade is worth! I have also done my research on the new vehicle, and I know what it is worth, and what a fair selling price would be for the vehicle. ---- I am not a payment buyer. I negotiate the "price of the new vehicle," the "trade value," the "price of the top of the line manufacturer's extended warranty," and the down payment. ------ If the salesperson plays games, I thank them for their time, give them my final offer, and walk! ---- The ball is then in their court. ---- I will not allow myself to be "manipulated into a purchase," and I will not let the salesperson leave me sitting at his / her desk while they joke with the sales manager. I have the power, because I have the money, and they want to sell the car. ----- We have to come to a "win / win situation" in order to make a deal. ----- Every customer has the ultimate power, and that power resides in their two legs. If you are not treated professionally, get up from the salesperson's desk, thank them for their time and leave. You have lost nothing but time at this point in time. ---- Just some ideas. ----- Dwayne
  • I have had or am having all of those problems. This has been the worst car I have ever owned and ironically the newest car I have ever owned! Started out with a supposed bad sensor on my fuel pump, because my car just stopped in the middle of the road still running but wouldn't move no matter how hard I pushed on the gas pedal, but that didn't fix the problem so took it back. Eventually took it back a total of three times in three weeks until they finally "believed" me that there was something wrong with my car. Personally I think they were just resetting my check engine light because after about 5 days the light would come back on. After the third time going back they had to replace my timing chain, etc. This was last summer, now I have 100000mi and it is just running horribly. I could smell fuel in my oil so I took it in and they said it was my injectors $600 later and my car is still running like im in quick sand! just had the injectors replaced last week and my im still having the same problem. I took it back the next day and they put it on the scanner and low and behold no problems! Seems they can only find a problem if there is a check engine light on. What ever happened to test drive and popping the hood! They said I could bring it back in and they would test drive it for $80 more...really, I am sure you will! Just to pat me on my head and say well the technician said it ran smooth...I am really at my wits end I don't have another $600+ to evidently just give to the dealership bc they are obviously not in the business of actually fixing things! So right now the best I can say is that I will never own another Gm product as long as I have feet and I am going to try to dump this thing ASAP, hopefully before the transmission goes out, which I am fairly certain is the current issue. The car is only 3yrs old and has almost exactly 100k mi on it! This situation is completely ridiculous this vehicle should have had a recall along time ago! its actually comical that every time I have to fix something I make sure there is no standing recall and the only one I see is for the defrost...lmao! Guess they had to put something up there. believe me I make sure I tell everyone NOT to buy GM until they learn we as consumers need more than just looks. Money is too hard to come by to just give it away and not have a major corporation not stand by their name. Well you have definitely lost me as a customer!
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    Thank you for sharing your experience with this vehicle. ------ Do you have raw gasoline in the engine oil? Is it possible that the "direct injection fuel pump" is leaking raw gasoline into the engine's crankcase? This "thinned out engine oil" will cause damage to the timing chain, the main bearings, and the cylinder walls. ---- In addition, once the cylinder walls and piston rings are compromised the engine will experience "blow-by" into the crankcase, and this will "over load the PCV system" causing drivability problems. With all the problems with this vehicle posted on these boards, I find it hard yo believe that the dealer does not know how to repair the problem. Suggestion; ---- pull the engine oil dip stick and smell the oil to see if there is "raw gasoline" in the engine oil. If the oil level is above the "full mark" you have found the problem! ------ All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • GM sent out a letter last week for 2010 owners. I recently traded mine in for a Buick Encore. Call GM and inquire about the letter related to 2010 Equinox engine problems.They will take care of the problem.
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    What information did GM share with the 2010 Equinox owners? ------ Could you share the contents of the letter with everyone on this site? ---- Best regards! -------------------- Dwayne
  • The only letter I'm aware of is the one posted in post #2159, or here if the link works.
    ronwel, "2010 Chevy Equinox Problems" #2159, 9 Aug 2013 8:55 am#MSG2158

    I got my copy about a week ago.
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    The letter that you are referring to is a letter from GM Canada! It does not pertain to GM / USA! --------- The letter is VERY misleading. It makes it sound like the "timing chain problem" has "NO CONNECTION" with the fuel pump problem, --- when in reality, ---- the fuel pump leaking raw gasoline into the engine oil, (thus thinning out the oil), is causing the timing chain issue, and subsequently the additional engine problems. ----- QUESTION: ---- Is this letter vague by accident, --- or --- is to vague on purpose? ---- With the old style fuel pump, these engines are a "time bomb" looking for a "time" and "place" to "self-destruct!" --------- QUESTION: ---- Why should a person / customer have to live with a vehicle that has the "potential" to "self-destruct," when both GM and the dealers know all about the issues, and how to correct them, but are not proactive in their approach to the problems? ----- It is all about "ethics," sensitivity," and "concern" for the customer and their safety! ----- The Equinox is a beautiful vehicle! ---- I would love to own one with a four cylinder engine! ------ All it needs is some tender loving care from both GM and the dealer network! ---------- All the best. ----- Dwayne
  • The letter posted is indeed from GM Canada.
    The letter I received is identical except that it comes from GM USA.
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