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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    They make the owner wait for the problem to surface rather than being "proactive" in taking care of the issue before the problem surfaces. -----LETS LOOK AT AN EXAMPLE: ----About two years after I purchased my 2007 Toyota V6 XLE, I read about a "flexible exterior engine oil line" for the VVT system that had a tendency to leak while the vehicle was traveling down the road. ---- I immediately contacted my Toyota dealer, and confirmed this issue. ---- Since I am on the road constantly, I made an appointment to have this flexible hose replaced with a steel line designed by Toyota before mine started to leak. --- My extended warranty paid for the service. I did not have to experience the malfunction, before the warranty repair was made. This is what I call "pro-active warranty service" that is customer focused! ----- If this exterior oil line had leaked on the road at 55 mph I would have lost all the engine oil in seconds, thus destroying the engine. Toyota fixed the problem before I had the experience. This is why I will consider another Toyota product. Any vehicle can experience a manufacturing "issue," but what the manufacturer does separates the professional from the unprofessional. ---- Just some thoughts. ------ Dwayne
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    edited September 2013
    All that trouble & this is your first post ?? I know you just happened to find this forum. What Dealer have you been going to?
  • I did open a case with GM, but was told to follow the dealership's instruction regarding bringing it in for oil consumption tests. My other issue was they told me they could not find the problem because I put oil in before I brought it all ocassions when I found the low oil it was a situation where I had to put oil in to get home or where I was going. (late evening, or out of town) It seemed like they were just looking for a reason to not fix the problem.
    I do agree, after the nox purchase, that you need to look at the service dept before you buy. The "service' dept at the dealership where I purchased my car should be called the lack-of-service dept. I took the car there one time for a simple bulb change that I called about before going in. When I arrived no service adviser would come out to assist me. When a employee from parts asked if I had been helped and I told him no, he went to get a service adviser. They told him to tell me I needed parts not service when I spoke to a service adviser before ever going to the dealership.
    Because I did not want to worry about GM not taking care of the engine problem before the warranty was up I traded in the car. After this experience I do not know if I will try another GM product.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the people on this board! ----- If I had your vehicle, and it was still under warranty, and the dealer was not giving me the "proper service," I would have gone to a magnetic sign company and had two signs made up ---- saying; -----"THIS VEHICLE USES ENGINE OIL! ----- PURCHASED NEW AT XXXXXXXXXX". ---- I would take pictures of the vehicle with these signs, and I would mail them to both GM and the dealership "Certified Mail / Return Receipt Requested!" ----- Ask yourself this question; ---- "What would be the reaction of both GM and the dealership?" ------ You would definitely get some sort of reaction. ----- Notice that you are saying that your "specific vehicle" is using oil, NOT all Equinox Vehicles are using oil! ----- (You are telling the truth about your vehicle!) ------ Ride around town with the signs and talk to people. ------ Take pictures of your vehicle at different locations. ------ You could also talk to the local News Paper as a "human interest story," you know "the little guy against the big vehicle manufacturer!" ----- It would be a "great story" all based on the "truth about your vehicle!" ----- (People in the market for a car always like to talk to people who own the vehicle that they are interested in purchasing. ----- You could look at your efforts as a public service. You know, helping your fellow man not to waste their money on a poorly designed product.) ---- This is not legal advise, but something that I would consider doing if I had a vehicle with your problems, and a lack of sensitivity on the part of GM and the dealership. ---- JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! ------ All the best. ----- Dwayne
  • I recently took my Equinox into the dealership to be looked at after I received my letter about the damaged timing chain and high pressure fuel pump issue. I had already had my timing chain replaced 6 weeks prior to receiving this letter - and it cost me $2500 to do so. At the time that my outside mechanic replaced the timing chain he also identified issues with the intake solenoid and exhaust solenoid needing to be replaced. He believed they were gummed up from whatever else had damaged the timing chain. We didn't replace them at that time because those parts were on backorder from GM because this is a COMMON problem in the Equinoxes and Terrains.

    The dealership did in fact replace the high pressure fuel pump that had been leaking raw fuel into the oil crankcase for a LONG time. I pleaded with them to replace the solenoids for free because they were most likely damaged because of the fuel leakage as well. They declined because it was not in the GM letter to replace these parts. I wrote to GM customer service and was contacted by a rep who also declined to cover the solenoid damage because my car was no longer under warranty.

    I still owe almost $10,000 on this HORRIBLE car. It's really sad because it's a beautiful vehicle, but it has some MAJOR engine design flaws. I'm now searching around for other brands and will NEVER buy another Chevrolet - not because I think that they have faulty products, but because of how they've handled this situation. Knowing that at least 1% of these Equinoxes were problematic was one thing - but to completely blow off the customers who purchased them is another.
  • Please tell everyone how you serviced your 2010 Equinox since purchase? Was Oil Changed at dealer on regular basis or @ brand x ? Are you the original owner? How many miles on Nox when you had brand X change timing belt / chain? How many miles on your nox today? This information will help others understand why you may or may not have a warranty left on you 2010 Equinox.
  • raabraab Posts: 9
    I feel sorry for you! I am lucky to have gotten rid of my 'nox . I cannot recommend a Chevy even as a Long-time customer of GM and spouse of employee. My spouse did not want me to use our GM connection in our dealings with the dealership and customer service . Wasted over a year of my life with at least 4 rental cars, multiple premium oil changes, advised not to use the ECO setting, multiple repairs, ending in an engine replacement . Customer service was not helpful nor sympathetic, recommended trading in the damaged car, and was slow to respond to phone messages(weeks at a time)-I had to plead with the operator to please help me find a new rep! I am baffled why there has not been a recall, yet.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    I would love to know how many 2010 Equinox vehicles were produced with the "2.4 direct injection four cylinder engine," --- where were they produced, --- and how many of these vehicles had the problem with the defective fuel pump? ---- If all the vehicles had the problem that is one thing, ---- but if only a portion of the "production run" had the problem then further investigation needs to be done on where the engines were manufactured and / or who manufactured the fuel pump? ---- There is more to this issue than both GM and the dealers are sharing with the customer base! ---- The timing chain issue is connected to gasoline in the engine oil. ---- QUESTION: ---- Who manufactured the high pressure fuel pump for GM, and do all the four cylinder Equinox vehicles have the same pump from the same manufacturer? ----- There might be different pump manufacturers, so as such, there might be some 2010 four cylinder direct injection vehicles that DO NOT have these problems. ---- Once the high pressure fuel pump is replaced does the "replacement pump" solve the "gasoline leaking problem," and does it hold up over time? ----- All the best. -------- Dwayne
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi cgoode,

    I understand your dissatisfaction with this situation, and apologize that your case was not resolved to your satisfaction. I cannot guarantee a different outcome, but if you'd like for us to take a second look into your case, I'd be glad to do so. I can be contacted via email at [email protected] [attn Amber]. Please include your name, VIN, contact info, and case number.

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • My 2010 Equinox was purchased used at 24,000 miles. I can't guarantee that is was maintained properly before I purchased it, but I can tell you that I had the oil changed every 3,000 miles after I had purchased it. My car didn't start running rough until it reached about 50,000 miles at which time it started idling pretty rough at stop lights, the average fuel economy dropped from 29.3 mpg to 28.3, and I could feel major acceleration delays.

    My car is now at 59,000 miles and was considered out of warranty when I took it to the dealer at 58,500.

    I DEFINITELY know that the timing chain was stretched and running on it's last leg because of the gasoline in the oil. I can also speculate that with the gasoline thinning the oil, there is remaining damage to the engine that will at the VERY LEAST leave it a major oil hog. I suspect that in another 20,000 miles everything will begin running rough again. I'm sure that GM suspects this as well or else they wouldn't have extended the warranty on the timing chain and fuel pump in the recall letter. I don't believe that the fuel pump will hold up over time. The timing chain however, I had replaced by my outside mechanic was an aftermarket part. The kit was $900 that he purchased as opposed the the GM parts which I've been told run around $250. I'm no mechanic, but that's a huge price gap and I trust the our family mechanic of 30 years would only put the best parts in our cars.

    From what I've read, the 2010 Equinoxes were assembled in Tonawanda, NY & Spring Hill, TN, with many parts coming from China.

    I'm not going to make a sweeping generalization that all of the Equinoxes are flawed, I will say though that the stress that it's caused me and anyone else who's ever been in this situation is infuriating. The money and time away from work to have to deal with it is too much. And - as a little cherry-on-top, the dealer NEVER offered me a loaner during the 3 days that they kept my car.
  • Number # 1 if you purchased this 2010 Equinox from anyone other than a GM Dealer that was a huge mistake on your part. Number #2 if you purchased this vehical without checking the vehical history report or "dealer work order reports" these will tell a story about vehical service and also accidents; this would be another huge mistake buying any used vehical! In addition...letting a brand x service company install aftermarket engine parts is a total warranty killer withany vehical manufacture....You can not expect any car manufacture to back up the vehical drive line issues with out doing your part for the required vehical service....All service work needs documentation! Being said; checking out a used vehical today is very easy stuff with all the dealer service documentation and other vehical condition reports that are available TODAY!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to my posting. Please be assured that your efforts are GREATLY appreciated.

    I think that it is VERY important in our discussions about this vehicle to stay focused on the issues and who is responsible for the issues.

    1.) GM designed and manufactured the Chevrolet Equinox with all it's problems.
    2.) The GM dealer network is responsible for servicing these vehicles, and repairing these vehicles under the terms and conditions of the new vehicle warranty, and the GM extended warranty if the customer purchased the extended warranty.

    The customer's responsibility is to service the vehicle in a "professional manner" at the proper intervals using the proper fluids and parts as stated in the owner's manual. ---- It is also the customer's responsibility to keep an accurate record of all service done to the vehicle. That is why I make it a point to have "ALL OF MY SERVICE" performed at the selling Chevrolet Dealer, and I service my vehicle more often than recommended in the "owner's manual!" Should something happen to my vehicle's engine or transmission, ALL OF MY RECORDS are in one location to be accessed by GM through their computer network!

    The 2010 Chevrolet 2.4 direct injection four cylinder Equinox is a problem vehicle. I do not think anyone on this board would argue with that statement! I also believe that both GM and the Chevrolet dealer network knows that the four cylinder Equinox is a problem vehicle, and I also think that they ARE NOT sharing all the information with regards to this issue with the owner's of the vehicle. ----- The defective fuel pump issue, the thinning of the oil and the timing chain issue are just the tip of the "engine iceberg!" There is a "possible design flaw in the 2.4 direct injection engine," and this is a "big can of worms" the GM does not want to expose. ------ Once the engine oil is thinned out by gasoline, the ability to lubricate the engine parts is decreased. This destroys the main and rod bearings, the cam shaft bearings and the piston rings and cylinder wall running surface. ---- To install just a new fuel pump and a timing chain assembly and send the customer on their way at best is just a temporary fix, and in a short period of time the engine will most probably be an "oil burner!" ------ The correct fix would be to install a complete long block with a new / improved fuel pump that would not allow this gasoline leakage to occur again.

    Purchasing the Equinox vehicles on the Used Car Market, whether at a Chevrolet Dealer or an independent lot, is a risky purchase because:

    1.) The Customer does not know for sure how the vehicle was maintained.
    2.) The Customer does not know if the vehicle has experienced the "timing chain / fuel pump failure.

    I would like to know "IF" the new / improved fuel pump holds up over time! If the pump is the heart of the problem, and the pump has been redesigned so as not to fail in the same manner, then there is hope for the Equinox line. But on the other side of the issue, GM has the ethical obligation to make things right with the customers that have these problem vehicles. As long as the customer has maintained the vehicle in a responsible manner, GM should make things right with the vehicle.

    After reading this board for a period of time, and being a part of the interactions with the great people on this site, I am starting to take a "second hard look" at my 2010 2.4 four cylinder LTZ Malibu. ----- (My engine is not a direct injection engine.) When I purchased this vehicle new it was a choice between a "top of the line Equinox four cylinder," and the "2.4 Malibu." ------ THANK GOD I chose the Malibu. While I have an OUTSTANDING SERVICING DEALER, and an outstanding vehicle in terms of operation at this point in time, I am starting to be a little concerned about would I could be facing "IF" my Malibu would start to develop some engine issues. QUESTION: ---- Would GM try to give me a "hard time" in terms of making repairs under the terms and conditions of their extended warranty, every though I service this vehicle twice as often, (every 2,500 miles), rather than at 5,000 miles as stated in the owner's manual? ------ This is starting me to think very seriously about my next vehicle purchase. ----- Do I need this potential aggravation? At the present time my vehicle is at 47,000+ miles and it's extended warranty goes to 100,000 miles. ----- The question becomes should I dump the vehicle at 90,000, and purchase a Toyota since there seems to be a lack of concern on the part of GM with regards to "customer satisfaction?" ------- YES, the dealers are VERY concerned about their CSI index, but how about GM also being concerned about their CSI index with their customer base. ---- This whole issue is very sad situation for GM, the selling dealers and the customers. ---- It is going to end up hurting both GM and the Equinox line, and as the result, the Equinox is going the way of the Saturn Line. ------- Another failure that did not have to happen! ----- All the best to everyone. ----- Dwayne.
  • Thanks for your post nox123,
    I admit mistake in purchasing a used car from a different dealer, but at the time I was in a pinch and needed to trade in my 2008 Honda Civic for something larger since I was starting a family.

    There are actually laws that protect customers from "warranty killers". Read this: "There are also warranty issues related to the installation of aftermarket products and/or services on a vehicle that is still under a new car warranty. Often people install aftermarket products for adding customizing features or they use certain services for vehicle maintenance. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act addresses such issues. This law states that if a customer installs an aftermarket product (it could be a fluid, filter, hard part, software...virtually anything that was not installed on or in the vehicle from the factory when it was new) and if the vehicle fails as a result of the installation or use of the aftermarket product/service, the carmaker cannot arbitrarily deny a warranty claim and/or void the new car warranty because of the installation or use of the aftermarket product, but must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the failure was indeed caused by the installation or use of the aftermarket product. The reason this law was put into place is because carmakers were arbitrarily voiding car warranties and refusing warranty service because the customer had installed an aftermarket products/services. Since there was no required burden of proof on the carmaker, consumers were hung out to dry. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act forced the carmaker to prove that the failure was due to the aftermarket product. The law still stands today within the U.S."

    Chevrolet did not prove "beyond the shadow of doubt" that the aftermarket installation of the part was the cause of any damage to my car. In fact - it probably saved it from TOTAL engine failure.
  • Thank you for your reply Amber,
    We will wait and see if our dealership will honor a partial reimbursement for our timing chain repairs as stated in the recall letter. If after the 6 weeks quoted to us, we have not received a response, I will contact you directly.
    Thank you.
  • I purchased a used 2010 Chevy Equinox in March. It has really been nothing but problems. I have had it into the dealer (that I bought it from) at least 5 times on this issue and each time they essentially say they can't figure out the problem. I have left it there overnight two different times so they could part it inside to connect up to their sensors to figure out the problem.

    I took it there last night and went in to the dealer this morning. I asked for a technician to come out to the car so he could see what happened. He came out, and I showed him and his comment was "that's not how it should be running."

    The dealer called me this evening to tell me they had checked out "everything" and didn't find any problems with the car. WAIT, NO PROBLEMS? Yeah, no problems. Umm. ok. So I told them I wasn't coming to get it and I wanted them to take another look at it tomorrow.

    After looking around the Internet, it appears this is not just an isolated issue with my one Equinox but rather part of a much larger issue with engines and the fuel system.

    My concern is that it is causing the engine damage, and even if they do figure out what's wrong, permanent damage will have been done. What can I do? If the dealer doesn't acknowledge the problem, what are my options. Pretty frustrated to say the least!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello jterribrill,

    I am sorry you are experiencing trouble with your Chevy Equinox. I understand your frustration with the issue not being resolved. I would like the opportunity to look into your situation. Please email us at socialmedia(at) and include your contact information, VIN, mileage and the name and location of the dealer you have been working with.


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Welcome to the "World of Equinox!" --------- I have been following this issue because in 2010 I almost purchase a new 2.4 direction injection Equinox. ---- Instead I purchased a 2010 Chevrolet 2.4 non direct injection LTZ Malibu. Everyone who has studied history, knows what sunk the Titanic Cruise Ship, and anyone who sells, services and / or manufactured the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox knows and understands what is causing the problems, and how to fix the problems. -------- The "all important question is" do they "want to admit their design errors and fix the problem?" ----- Read all the postings on this great board, and you will start to get the "flavor of the problem," and what you are now up against as the proud owner of the Equinox. ----- The engine problems were caused by the failure of the "high pressure direct injection pump" which allowed raw gasoline into the crankcase oil. This gasoline thinned out the oil, and the engine was damaged because of a lack of lubrication. ----- The bottom line is that the engine needs to be replaced. The question is; ---- how do you get the manufacturer to admit their design error, and make good on the repair? ----- My Malibu had a software issue in it's early life and GM and the dealer fix the problem, and the vehicle has been very good since that issue. But on the other side of the coin, I could have very well been an owner of the 2010 Equinox, and as such, I would have been in this situation. ------ This has left a very bad taste in my mouth about the quality of GM products, and I am going to think long and hard about my next purchase even though I have a GREAT GM DEALER in terms of service. ----- Read these postings and you will get a "birds eye view" of the total problem. ----- All the best to you! -------- Dwayne
  • I am the owner of a 2010 Equinox and have had all of the issues with my car & have posted my many problems and updates also. For the record this included the computer defrost module replacement, a timing chain replacement, the high pressure fuel pump, a cracked oil pan, the lumbar driver's support, rear hatch latch and and last but certainly not least engine replacement.

    I have had nothing but excellent service by the service dept at the dealership in fixing the problems. They have been superior in treating me well. I had all of the service work and oil changes done in their shop so that everything was documented. I did regular oil changes at about 3,000 miles as my dad always told me that an oil change is cheap maintenance for your car.

    When the problems started, GM stood behind the warranty and I was given a loaner to use during all the repairs, at no cost to me.

    Was it frustrating? Hell yes. Was I aggravated and pissed that a brand new car was having these problems, oh hell yes! BUT in the end the engine was replaced and this new engine, which the service manager assures me is a 2013 4 cyl engine direct from the factory does not have these design/part issues. I can only believe he is correct.

    I recently received the letter from GM about the engine/pump/timing chain issues. This letter stated that those items would be covered under an extended warranty to 120k miles or 10 years. I contacted GM because when my engine was replaced I was told this new engine would only be covered under the balance of the powertrain warranty, which for me was about 48k miles or 22 months.
    My question for GM was this replacement engine now warrantied to 120k miles or 10 years? The Gm rep I spoke with had not had this question posed to them and after conferencing with the manager of the service dept who did my engine work, they told me that YES the new engine would be covered for the additional miles and years FOR THE STATED PROBLEMS IN THE LETTER ONLY.
    My takeaway from all of this is that you HAVE to have a dealership who is willing to listen to the customer and do what is right. I would like to add that the dealer doing all of my repair work was NOT the dealer I bought the car from. THAT dealer's service dept had the WORST customer service and when I contacted GM about the problems I had with them (replacing the defrost computer module -this was a factory recall that the service dept just kept resetting the codes on instead of replacing it) the GM Customer service rep recommended I find another dealer to work on the problem. I am so glad I did.
    The dealer I bought the car from was located in a large city and the dealer who did all the repair work was in a much smaller community. Maybe small town business try harder to please customers. Maybe they care more about repeat customers. I know that I will choose them first when deciding where to buy my next vehicle.
  • I bought a new to me 2010 Equinox LT2 with the 2.4L 4 cylinder motor.... It was a GM certified used car, had just over 38k. I've had it for less than 2 months. Since then I have experienced problems with excessive oil consumption, a loud diesel like motor that only gets louder, and a sharp decline in fuel economy and performance.

    I started digging around on the internet and have found an open can of worms, lots of people are having the same issues. I found the GM service bulletin explaining the problem and suggested fix. I took my car in to the dealership and they confirmed that it need work.

    They did not replace my engine but they did replace the pistons, rings, timing chain, and water pump. I received it back yesterday morning. The engine is still fairly loud and sounds like a muffled version of what it was prior to the fix. I noticed that it was leaking oil like a seive. I took it back in to the dealer yesterday afternoon and they said it was my oil pan, they didn't seal it properly. They supposedly fixed it. This morning there is still a little bit of oil on the driveway from where it was parked overnight. A spot about 3 inches in diameter.

    Do you think they fixed all of my issues?

    Has anyone else with this same problem gotten their car back and found it to still be kinda loud with muffled diesel sound?
  • After I had my 2011 2.4 fixed for the diseling sound. I had to bring it back 3 times for oil leaks. It still smelled like oil the day I traded it in. I hated this vehicle due to engine issues. Imperial chevrolet in Mendon, MA couldnt fix it either. The Service Manager was mad at me for disturbing him, when it was his job to fix it and make it righton behalf of Chevrolet.
  • After I had my 2011 2.4 fixed for the diseling sound. I had to bring it back 3 times for oil leaks. It still smelled like oil the day I traded it in. I hated this vehicle due to engine issues. Imperial chevrolet in Mendon, MA couldnt fix it either. The Service Manager was mad at me for disturbing him, when it was his job to fix it and make it right on behalf of Chevrolet. They didnt do rings and pistons, they did a timing chain and tensioner for me. SOunded way better, but thats when the oiol leaks and poor fuel mileage began.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    They only did half the job! ---- Did you have a "high pressure fuel pump" that leaked raw gasoline into your engine oil that destroyed your timing chain assembly? ----- Once you lost the "lubricating quality of the oil," due to gasoline in the engine crankcase, this condition damaged the cylinder walls, piston rings and main bearings. ----- Your engine became an oil pumper. ---- Oil was pouring through the maine bearings and splashing on the cylinder walls. ---- The damaged rings and cylinder walls could not control the excess oil and the PCV system was over loaded with wet oil fumes. ----- YOU WERE BURNING OIL! ---- The question is; ---- does GM and the dealer really care about the customer base? --- Only YOU can answer that question since YOU were the recipient of the customer service from the dealership. ------ I have a 2010 Chevrolet Vehicle and a 2007 Toyota vehicle, and I have been following the situation of the Equinox. From a customer's relations point of view, GM has DROPPED THE BALL BIG TIME! While I like my current 2.4 Malibu, I do not think that I would purchase another GM vehicle when it comes time to replace the Chevrolet. This might change "if" I see some "positive customer relations" coming out of GM with regards to this issue. I almost purchased an Equinox in 2010! ---- THANK GOD I DID NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE! ---- If I had one of these vehicles I would have magnetic sighs on the vehicle describing the quality of "my vehicle," and the lack of professional service. --- (Not all Equinox vehicles, but just my vehicle!) ---- I would park my vehicle in VERY public places so as to get maximum exposure. ----- I believe that a customer has the right to expect a high quality product for his / her hard earned money. If something happens to the product, and the vehicle has been properly maintained and is under warranty, the manufacturer has the obligation to repair the vehicle in a professional manner. --- No patch work! ----- Just some thoughts to consider. ----- Please be advised that I am NOT giving any advice, but rather I am just sharing ideas. ------ Every owner must make up their own mind! ----- Dwayne
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    No, they didn't. They finally had to replace my engine. We had to change dealers twice to get a decent service department.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    The important questions are; -----"Why does a customer have to take their vehicle to two (2) dealers to get a vehicle repaired under warranty?"---- "Doesn't GM see something wrong with this picture?" ----- I guess not! ---- Dwayne
  • I took the equinox back to the dealer on Friday afternoon and was able to speak with the customer service manager. He looked my car over and ran it through the paces. Ran it through the rpm's and said the engine was still exhibiting too much bottom end engine noise. He said even though they replaced the pistons, rings, timing chain, and water pump that the engine was still messed up. I politely requested to see/hear/feel a brand new 2014 equinox with the same engine and man what a difference from mine! The service manager said I need to call in first thing Monday and schedule an appointment to bring it back in. I told him about all the info I'd found online about peeps getting NEW engines put in instead of a rebuild. I told him that is what I wanted since this would mark the 2nd time they would try the rebuild. He told me he would sign off on it but that it was ultimately up to GM. He said that is what my car needed. Then he said this, and I quote, " you didn't hear this from me but if I were you I'd try to blow the engine, drive the car like you stole it, that way GM wouldn't have a choice but to replace it." I told him that wasn't my agenda, I just want a car that is safe and reliable for my family. All in all my experience with the dealer has been positive I'm just frustrated that the car has been a total piece of crap since we purchased it, even though the car was GM certified it still has many issues that have yet to be fixed.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    You have just proved my point about GM NOT being "proactive" with regards to this engine issue. ------ In you posting you stated that the Service Manage said: ---- "That he told you that he would sign off on a new engine but it was ultimately up to GM!" ----- So what the Service Manager is saying is that GM "picks" and "chooses" which customer gets a new engine. ----- QUESTIONs: ----- What is wrong with this picture? --- The defective fuel pump caused the engine damage. ---- Who manufactured the fuel pump? ---- ANSWER: ---- GM ----- The solution to the problem is a NEW engine supplied by GM! ---- Why does the "CUSTOMER," (who purchased the vehicle with their "hard earned money"), --- have to beg GM for a new engine? ----- How does this "process" build customer confidence in GM products? ---- How does this "delaying process" sell GM vehicles both in the present, and in the future? ------ If the customer "hung magnetic signs" on their vehicle, (describing the condition of their vehicle, and how they are being treated by GM,) ------ GM would probably be VERY annoyed, ---- but it is "OK" for GM to treat the customer base in less than a professional manner. ----- Any vehicle can have a problem, but what separates one manufacturer & dealer form another is the way the problem is handled. ----- GM is dropping the ball BIG TIME this issue. They should be turning a "negative" into a "positive" by demonstrating a professional concern for the customer base by replacing the defective engines without question. ----- Dwayne
  • It was first in the shop for gas in the oil. They fixed that. Then I got a engine light and they replaced the tensioner as per bulletin #PI#02020. They also replaced the water pump. I brought it in for the engine light which turned out to be the hose clamp on the air cleaner was off and and the engine was sucking dirty air. Nice. The hose clamp was not tightened. The service department didn't argue over who was going to pay for the repairs and gave us a new car to use while they fixed ours. They also replace the clutches in the transmission as that was slipping also. They knew something I didn't know at that point about the issues with this vehicle.

    I just got a letter a couple of weeks ago from GM describing exactly what they fixed and said if I paid for any of it, they would reimburse me and they are giving an extra 20K miles warranty 10 yr, 120K warranty. So, GM is owning up to the problem but this car as been a problem. (LTZ) I thought Chevy had building engines down by now. The 4 cyl is plenty for the the car and it'll get 32 mpg on the hwy. I won't buy another Equinox but they probably got the bugs out by now. 2010 was there first year for the new style. I'm considering trading as I don't know what damage was done to the engine due to the gas in the oil and the hose being off the air cleaner.

    It's been pretty much of a lemon. I've always bought Chevy or GMC's for the most part. The backup camera has gone on and off since we got it and every time I bring it in, it is working and they say, we can't fix it if it's not off when I bring it in. So it looks like it has total failed now with 45k on the car. I suspect they will not pay for it but there will be a fight as I brought it in twice while it was under warranty for the same issue.

    Oh yea, the AC unit condenser failed and they changed that under warranty. So for 45K, this car is not doing well. When it works, it's a great car but I don't trust it anymore.

    The dealer to their credit has been excellent, Ray Chevrolet, Abbeville, La.
  • My 2010 does the same thing. Probably normal although I just got it out of the shop for new clutches with 45K on it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Please visit the Dealer Ratings and Reviews module here and write up a review on the dealer's service department.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    After reading these postings about the Chevrolet Equinox, why would anyone ever consider purchasing an Equinox or any GM vehicle? ---- The word "Lemon" does not fully describe this line of vehicles. ----- I have almost 50,000 miles on my 2010 2.4 four cylinder Chevrolet Malibu, and I will be sure to dump this vehicle before I reach 100,000 miles when the extended warranty expires! ----- I just came back from a business road trip, and I did not use the Malibu, rather I used the 2007 XLE Camry with 83,000 + miles. ---- It performed flawlessly! ----- Even though I have a great servicing Chevrolet Dealer, and I enjoy driving my Malibu, this will be my last GM vehicle. ----- I depend on my vehicles for business, and I cannot take a chance on getting a "Lemon," and dealing with a manufacture that does not honor their warranty in a professional manner! ----- As a customer I expect professional / timely service. ---- I will share this story with all my business colleagues. ----- All the best to all the owners of this poorly designed vehicle. When the time is right for you, trade it in on a Toyota or a Honda. ----- Dwayne
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