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2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan and Coupe



  • Took my 2010 G37 for a routine maintenance at 6 months. According to dealer's inspection, the front brake pad is at 7.5mm, and rear is at 5mm. Considering the car only has about 6000 miles and even with mostly local driving, the wear seems excessive. Comments are welcomed.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    I have a '10 G37x and also like to have lights on whenever I drive. I turn my lights on the second setting (first is auto on/off) and this turns on the lights (and fog lights if you want) and they turn off automatically when you shut the car off. You can adjust how long the lights stay on after you shut down the car in the settings menu. This is close to a DRL, the only potential downside is that your using your main headlights all the time, which is more expensive to replace than a secondary light dedicated as a drl. Hope you're enjoying the G.
  • I have a brand new (less than 2 weeks) Convertible G37 and I love it. However, I had the exact same thing happen with my roof....less than 10 days old and I have two significant dents in my roof and large oily black spots. My Infiniti has basically inferred that I left something in the trunk - and I had forgotten until I read your blog...that my car was also indicating that the trunk was open. So I closed the roof and went to the trunk - it wasn't open and there was nothing in it.....but the next day I saw the dents. I will cost me $500 for this repair....and quite frankly I am pretty upset about this. I do believe it is a significant design flaw, and for a $50K car with many bells and whistles Infiniti should have done a better job of building sensors into the roof and trunk to prevent these issues. My dealership indicated that a beach towel I had in my car could even cause this kind of damage to the roof. I think that is very inadequate performanceof this roof....
  • tkogradytkogrady Posts: 7
    Sorry to hear about that. Yes - you have to be perfect over the lifetime of the car about leaving nothing in the trunk when you open it. Even the smallest things will jam the roof and cause it to dent. Seriously - a $50K car and they didn't think about putting some kind of protection in to avoid that? Even worse, Infiniti's response was piss poor. I'll vote with my feet and buy a different brand when the time comes.

    By the way - have you been getting a lot of creek / gasket rubbing on yours? I expect a certain amount because it's a convertible, but it's loud enough to hear over the stereo.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    So now it's there fault that you can't seem to remember that you can't put the top down while there's stuff in the trunk? So much for personal accountability. Same type of people that sue when they get burnt when they spill hot coffee on themselves.
  • Hi - no, no creeking of any fact everything else about my car is perfect...with exception of the roof issues I had. I really absolutely love the car.

    My Infiniti dealership in Greenville, SC fixed the dents in my roof, without charge - they knew I was being very sincere in my accounts of operating the car properly, and felt it was the right thing to do. I am back to being thrilled with my car - and will judiciously watch an negative effects with operating the roof. Since it has been fixed the only thing that has happened is that I was getting a square black grease spot on the top of my roof, on the driver side, the first couple of times I put the roof down, driven and when I got to my destination, closed the roof and there was the black grease spot. I took pictures, it happened twice or so...but not since then. Wishing you luck with yours....
  • tkogradytkogrady Posts: 7
    Infiniti of Willow Grove, PA wouldn't cover mine, so I had to shell out the money to get it fixed. $600 bucks. Makes me even more pissed that they they are now starting to acknowledge it's a problem and fixing it for free. Someone else contacted me via YouTube and told me their dealership also fixed theirs. Despite loose bolts in my roof, they still insist it was my fault.
  • tkogradytkogrady Posts: 7
    Poodog - if you read my original post - I'm pissed because the first dealer wouldn't fix it (Infiniti of Willow Grove, PA). After I had it fixed and shelled out the $600, the service department at another dealership (Infiniti of West Chester PA) told me I had two loose bolts in the roof. There was reason to believe this was caused by a defect because the sections of the roof shouldn't press together enough to dent the metal. But I now know of at least two other people who have had this problem. So perhaps it is just [non-permissible content removed] design work. I'm sure if you shelled out $50K for a car that could be damaged so easily, you'd feel differently.
  • I am looking at purchasing a 2010 Infiniti G37 and joining the infinity family. I have identified a specific car, but have one remaining concern before sealing the deal. I noticed while I was test driving it, that if I apply some pressure the steering column has about half an inch to an inch of play (i.e. moves up and down a little bit). The salesperson claims that it is natural movement in the gear (like how you can push a car a little bit back and forth when it is in park).

    I am concerned that while it isn't much now it might quickly get worse. Does anyone know anything about this? Should I be concerned? Is it normal?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I do not think that movement is normal.

    I have a 2009 G37, and the steering column doesn't move at all.
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