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Land Rover LR4

steverstever Posts: 52,683
New for 2010, the 2010 Land Rover LR4.

Edmunds has a First Drive up.

"The 2010 LR4 has also made a large leap forward to meet the expectations its well-heeled buyers have for modern electronics. This Land Rover offers keyless push-button start, an electronic parking brake, a fully integrated iPod connection that is fully operable via greatly improved steering controls, Bluetooth and hard-drive-based navigation."



  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    primarily, yes, but fixes some of the major beefs I have with the LR3:

    Bad dash layout
    Under-powered (I have the HSE, and at 300hp, it's still not enough to move this heavy thing around)
    Lower-quality seating than is available in the RR line
    Strange memory seat button location
    Crappy, slow GPS interface (LR4 looks like it is the one from the LR2/Jag - much better!)
    Crappy wood option (I ordered the wood fascia on my LR3, and was never told it was actually plastic!! Bad sales job, LR)

    The things I really like about it are:
    Bigger motor
    cleaned up interior
    REAL wood trim
    cleaned up front grille with RR style slats
    Proper ipod integration
    Push button start

    Things I don't like:
    Cheesy Audi-esque LED surrounds on the headlights.

    Things I wish it had:
    The Supercharged engine as an option
    If you get the bullbar, that you get to keep the park sensors in the front
    Better third row seat finish (looks like glue on wood board - very cheap looking... try looking at the Mercedes GL class third row for inspiration if you want to copy something)
    Keyless start (proximity key, similar to the Porsche Entry and Drive system)
    More options for interior colours - only TWO?? Come on now, LR.. you can do better than that. What about a nice tan or baseball glove leather option?
    Spare tire carrier on the rear bumper, not under the rear.. (I've had issues offroading and getting it banged up)
    Cheaper offroading Accessories. (To do one of these up for semi-serious offroading you need to spend 15k minimum on top of the price of the car)
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    You can get the rubber style A-Frame bar and still keep your park assist. Its just the metal one that you lose it on.

    Also their is an aftermarket solution for the spare tire carrier. A company makes a swing away holder that attaches to the frame behind the back bumper.

    Its expensive though. Cost is over 1,000 dollars plus installation
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    The A Frame protector is no good to protect you from low front-end impacts when you try to drive into a ditch and hit the front on the opposite bank...

    You should see the bumper on my Defender... lotso scrapes all over that thing from that exact situation....

    I've seen the after-market thing for the tire you mention - not sure I trust something that drills through the bumper right on the corner - it doesn't look like it would support the weight properly...
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    The bumper is actually removed on that installation and then bolted onto the metal frame behind it. Then the bumper is cut out to fit around the support bracket and reinstalled. I am sure it is plenty strong I found some pictures once of an install online not sure if I could find them again but I will give it a try.
  • Hi. What's a fair price to pay for one of the new LR4s? Thanks.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    With the short supply and high demand we are still charging MSRP.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I think the updates look nice on the new LR4. I sure wish they offered a diesel as an option.

    Personally, I won't pay MSRP for anything (ok, I did pay MSRP for my CR-V to pull behind the Dynasty). But, Honda's have a good resale value.

    I can wait a year on the LR4 if the price is not right. :( (Currently a 2006 LR3 HSE).

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    The diesel is a ways off - the cost of certification for a small manufacturer is enormous on a per unit basis. 2010 is going to be a low production year, but the deals will come with time. At present we cannot keep units on the grround.
  • After much research, I have determined that the LR4 is the perfect car for my needs, which include transporting 3 performance dogs to competitions. The cargo area is near perfect configuration (seats fold essentially flat, which is big issue, and has some height) unless I go to something much larger - which I don't want. But I just cannot make myself buy a new vehicle that gets 12 mpg in my city. That seems ludicrous in today's world. Land Rover has the vehicle in other countries, and it is getting rave reviews. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and others have managed to bring diesel options to the US. What's the problem?
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    I asked about this several years ago... Diesel is still a fairly new offering for all those manufacturers you listed, and Land Rover has never been a leader of the pack when it comes to new markets.
    That being said, in behind the market issues LR has, I have been told point blank that LRNA didn't want to bring in the diesel for two main reasons.
    1. Their diesels are mostly geared towards the cleaner low-sulfur diesel available in the rest of the world, but for some reason not readily available here in NA. The best we can get is Sunoco Gold diesel, which is still not as good as average diesel in the UK.
    2. LRNA did not want to dilute the premium-ness of their brand by having a diesel model in NA. I questioned this one with the dealership who told me that.

    I currently lease, and if there had been a diesel model available, I would have bought it...

    The question is always - when are we getting a diesel?

    I've heard answers ranging from "not in the foreseeable future" to "We should have one in a 2011 model available near the end of 2010"

    When I asked about models that would be able to get it, I was told the first one would be the Range Rover with a large V8 or V10 diesel as well as the yet-to-be-named LRX addition to the RR line with a diesel-hybrid.

    Nobody had any good information about a TDV6 powered LR4 or a TDV4 powered LR2.

    As an aside, your comment about the floor fold essentially flat - it is actually perfectly flat - there's no incline at all. Only issue is with the large gaps in the floor. If you're carrying dogs (as I do) make sure to get the rubberized loadspace cover. I have the flat rollup one... I almost never take it out, so I may have done well by getting the one with the sides on it.
  • Thanks for your response. With regard to the first part of your answer, I was unaware of the difference in diesel between the countries. That makes some sense. But I have a problem with the 'premium-ness' argument. The reviews coming out of the UK are glowing, and nothing about them suggests less than top performance from their diesel. I just find Land Rover's approach to selling vehicles a bit mystifying. And getting info out of the company is like pulling teeth.
    But I've been reluctant to buy a new car after being unhappy with my last Mercedes. I had been determined to buy the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle that would meet my needs. I started out looking at the Audi G7, BMW X5 (seats in back don't go flat), the Lexus RX (too small), Lexus LX and GX (Max cargo space is pitiful), Mercedes GL (not flat). I went to look at the Range Rover, but fell in love with the LR4, for its perfect cargo space, and the fit and finish. And FUN to drive!
    I've never leased a vehicle before, but I think that may be what I do. Then I won't be overcommitted if the diesel comes soon.
    Thanks for your advice about the mat for the back. I'll definitely do that.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    wrt the other vehicles -
    Audi Q7 is godawful ugly... it's nice when you're behind the driver's seat, but damn, I wouldn't want to have to look at that thing in my driveway.
    BMW X5 - have you seen the tiny storage area? No really. It's the smallest in the class.
    Lexus Rx is really nice, but like you say too small for you.
    I really like the Mercedes GL, but like you mention you had a bad time with them previously and the seats are not 100% flat.. if you can see your way past that the BlueTec diesel is really good on fuel.
    Out of the RR, RRS and LR4, my favourite is the RRS Supercharged with the Alcantara leather seats. That thing goes like a rocket with 510 BHP... but you said you wanted fuel efficiency...

    Have you looked at any of the premium GM fullsize SUVs with the hybrid engines? How about a Toyota 4 Runner (not sure if they make a hybrid?)

    Honda Odyssey minivans are great if you're into that kind of thing? LOTS of cargo space, and good on fuel too.
  • Just seeing the above response. Have to laugh, because I'm in complete agreement with your take on every car I mentioned. What a coincidence. 100% agree on the Audi. Even took one home, and thought 'ugly' as I looked out into the driveway. Too funny! Ditto the others. Love the RRS Supercharged as well, but the cargo space just doesn't work as well for the dogs. I don't always use crates, but I sometimes do, and have 3 dogs - one small and 2 medium-sized. Looked at several GM cars/trucks, and always found something wrong - or felt like I was driving a pickup truck. Nothing against trucks, but don't want one for day-to-day driving. This will be my primary vehicle. And the minivan. You are right on. And many of my 'dog friends' own just that. And it's perfect. But again, it's the day-to-day thing. If I could have an Odyssey just for dog trips and competitions, I'd do it in a minute. No, I keep coming back to the LR4, and get the feeling it's right for me. Don't even mind the absent power features - lift gate, 3rd row seats (which I won't use anyway). I drove a jaguar sedan for years, and don't mind the manual approach - if it is otherwise well made. So. Except for the fuel issue.....
  • Friends
    I am seriously thinking about pulling the pin and purchasing a new LR4 this summer. We have a very good dealer in Alexandria VA. Questions - can anyone advise me on purchase experience? and Can you tell me why JD Power lists LR as literally LAST on numbers of complaints per vehicle, and the nature of those complaints (serious?, trim?).
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I understand the difference between first and last in JD Powers IQS is 1 fault per 1000 cars. That is how good all cars are becoming. Also, we are the victim of perceived faults - that is things that the customer may think is a fault that actually is working as designed. An example is "the doors are hard to shut". true - they are triple sealed so we can go wading thru water. Not a fault but designed. I can also tell you our warranty income has dropped dramatically over the past 2 years.
    I plan on buying one myself.
  • Totally agree.

    I see people complaining about their GPs not working correctly... when it is working as designed... Just didn't read the manual...

    What's odd, is that LR customers are VERY picky. I remember a guy who had it inthree times because he though it was shimmying. I even went on a drive with him, and I couldn't feel it (and I drive the same year and model he did) but the dealership is obliged to look into it.

    BUT, to be fair, I have had my LR into the dealership more than any other vehicle I have ever owned. But it gets fixed right every time, and my dealership is fantastic at taking care of me. Always free loaners, fast pickups and drop offs at my work when its just a quick service, and occasionally I get picked up in a Demo Rolls or Jag. (they are a Rolls / Bentley / Jag / Aston dealer as well)

    All in all I am very happy with my dealership. And I love my LR3. When my lease is up, the LR4 is #1 at the top of my list of the next vehicle I get.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Even though I do a complete delivery and go thru the navigation system I had a new owner call me after the first road trip to tell me his system was not working properly. I asked what the problem was. He answered that he could not enter a destination although he had tried many times. I asked him if the car was stopped when he tried it. He said "no, we were driving every time". I told him to stop the car and try again. He sheepishly called me back to tell me it was working as designed. Go Figure. I am glad you are enjoying your car and I know if you have not yet driven the LR4 you are in for a treat.
  • I was thinking for the last few years how they could improve that - something like only lock it out if there is nobody sitting in the right front seat or something like that?

    I have driven the LR4 and even wrote up an article about it on my local club's web site: 4:lr4-first-impression-finally-a-land-rover-that-looks-feels-and-drives-like-a-7- 0k-truck&catid=62:vehicles&Itemid=80
  • I'm going to be buying a new car soon. I've narrowed down to these two, the LR4 & X5. I really cant decide. I realize this is a LR discussion board, sorry to waste your time. I like both cars, I like the "free service" for 50k BMW throws in there (u pay for it I know), my concern with the X5 like many people have said is reliability after you get over the 50k and the cost to repair it. I buy my cars, dont lease, like to hold on to them for some time. I loved the LR4, inside and out. Love the fact your up high, off road capability, room, nice car/truck (what is it?!) Need some pros and cons before making a decision. The new LR4 has gotten tremendous reviews all around now. Still, again, only discrepancy seems to still be reliability as well. Can anyone give me some real feedback on this whole LR reliability issue because everything I've read about th X5's reliability I'm not that impressed either. Thank you.
  • You're talking premium brans in either case. It will be expensive either way you choose. For me the X5 has way too little cargo space. It basically a truck body on the 5series platform (just as the x6 is on the m6 platform)
    the lr4 has a real truck ladder frame making it much tougher. That being said the x5 is a better handling road vehicle because of that car frame.
    It all depends on what your focus for buying is. Great driving truck but don't need any storage room? Go with the x5.
    Want something a bit different that can carry more loads and occasionallygo offroad without batting an eye? Get the LR4.
    If it's an emotional decision about which makes you feel better, IMHO go with the LR4.
    You'll give it a name, take it camping, go on long trips with it. It's a family member. The x5 is just an suv.
  • I appreciate that. I'm coming off an 06 RX330. Cant say I've had any real problems with it other than the whole Japanese technology has bored me to death and the new RX's are more boring. I am just really impressed with how nice the LR4 really is.
  • One last question, I'm trying to find out how high the LR4 is in the back. Trying to see if it will actually fit in my garage (could be a deal breaker). I'm reading in the LR4 book the dealer gave me, height is 76.3? I know the back end is a little higher than the front so I need to make sure this beauty will be protected.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Actually, the LR4 has a unique construction. It is a unibody like the X5. A unibody provides better fit and finish, safety and roadability. But to be a Land Rover it needs a lower center of gravity and greater torsional strength than a unibody can provide. Therefore, they hydro form a frame. This process utilizes 2300 psi fluid to form the frame. One can do a large intregal shape with no weak spots. A full frame is then put under the unibody. Much different from a unibody car or a body on frame like the 4Runner.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I have been involved with LR for almost 9 years now. Only once did I have a customer who had a height problem. He lived in a urban condo high rise and his parking space was the lowest in the entire garage area. He lowered the car to access height when he entered the garage area (2" lower) and never had a problem. I have never had a home owner with a space problem.
    I could (and have ) write an epistle on the improved reliability on LRs. Every year they get better. At our dealership (which is small) our warranty income has dropped in excess of 7 figures over the past 2 years. The days of being very British in terms of reliability are gone. We rank very well with other Euro brands.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Dan, your article was good reading. I might note that the LR4 has 2 vents now for a reason. The 4.4L engine in the LR3 only needed 1 vent. It was form follows function. The new LR4 5.0L needs 2 vents. So it is function, not design, that dictated 2 vents.
  • Thank you. Would you happen to know exactly how high the truck is in the back from the ground to the top of the back of the car?
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    At normal driving height 74.5" (6' 2.5")
  • lr4fanlr4fan Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have owned an LR4 5 months and have 11,300 trouble free miles. Around town mileage is 16-17 and highway mileage is around 20 at 70 mph and 19+ at 75 mph. Fit and finish are excellent. Handling is above average for an SUV and there is more than ample power for merging or towing. Seven adults can be seated comfortably. Storage behind the second row of seats is spacious and the third row of seats has 36 inches of leg room (can't be beat). The interior is flawless. Best LR bang for the buck. Can go off road or jump a curb when necessary. Six footers can sit in 3rd row and stretch out. There have been no electronic problems.
  • I did a ton of research and finally pulled the plug on a 2010 LR4. It was between this and a X5 (have owned bmws for the past 5+ years). Really wasn't that hard of a decision if you are looking for a true truck/suv. The X5 is a great vehicle but as mentioned prior does not offer much in regards to hauling space.
    Only issue i have had are the crappy tire pressure monitor sensors (trouble in all models not just LR). Whoever thought this was a good idea had way too much time on their hands! First most people check their tires periodically and second if you get a flat tire i am guessing you know it and don't need a bs monitor to tell you that. Anyways it has been in the shop a couple of times regarding this issue (couldnt pinpoint which monitor - finally think it is the monitor inside the tire - must be a common deal as the part is back ordered)...
    The vehicle is fun to drive, very responsive and agile. It is a head turner in every aspect and I enjoy the fact that there are relatively few of these on the road (so far). I believe they will be a huge seller.
    Suggestions to LR -- put in a bigger gas tank. 325+/- miles per tank is not enough
    range. Make the roof rack standard and not a dealer add on.
    Conclusion -- If you are in the market for a luxury/sport SUV "truck" this is the vehicle for you. It distinguishes the line between car/suv (x5/lexus) and true luxury truck/suv without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Good job Land Rover!!
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