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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • Funny you should mention Hess. My VW which takes Premium and I always use premium. But I have had the check engine light one a few times and I think it always coincides with after putting in Hess premium. I wonder if the weights and measure people check the grade of gas in addition to the accuracy of the pump. :surprise: :confuse:
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    About 2 years ago I had problems with Shell, not Hess as kamala95 mentioned. It turns out they were using a new additive that was gumming up fuel gauges/pumps and various sensors. They paid for a goodwill repair of a new fuel pump for my Contour and my sister's Voyager. We feel good using Shell with goodwill repairs like that. :)
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know an easy way to install a turbo gauge on a 2002 V70 2.4? The car can be very economical, but I have tried using the turbo a little too often & would like to know when it kicks in.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    V70 2.4T is at boost from 1800-5500 rpm.

    Many companies sell boost gauges, with instructions.
  • wholtwholt Posts: 1
    I have a rumble in the front end of my AWD V70 with 105,000 miles on it. It only is noticeable on turns at low speed such as when turning into a driveway especially if the driveway is uphill. The rumble is the same type you experience when approaching a toll booth to alert you to slow down. It happen on both right and left turns.

    My Volvo Dealer said it was worn bearings on my front wheel drive shafts. $900 to replace them as the bearings are part of the shafts.
    I went to another Volvo independent repair shop for a 2nd. opinion. Thay said the same thing. I had them replace the bearings/shafts on both sides for $800. The rumble was less noticable but still there. Now three months have passed and the rumble is worse than ever.

    Any ideas?
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    I was reminded that I read your post 3 days ago. My car's interior fan was running today after my car was parked for 1 hour. The situation was; parked in full sun on a 26 degree C day with the climate control set at 23 C. I think the fan was set to Auto. You might want to experiment and take precise notes of how yours is set to try to replicate it. I'll let you know if mine becomes an ongoing problem and gets fixed.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    That is normal, its called an after blow feature.
    Basically, the car is trying to clear out the a/c system.
    See your owners manual for an explanation.
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    That's probably it volvomax. I should have read the manual. It says it might run for 5 minutes after sitting for 50 minutes if it's humid. Thanks.
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    I guess what I should have said is I want a gauge that looks factory installed. I've got a Natural Gas fuel gauge (LED) I'll try to fit somewhere. Thanks.
  • aillonaillon Posts: 10
    Hi Guys, I am about to buy a 2001 certfied cross country with 47000 miles for the great price of 18000. Are there problems with the 01s. Am I getting myself into some expensive fixes after the warranty runs out?
  • klazklaz Posts: 3
    Howdy All,
    I'm about ready to repair the cruise control on my '98 V70 AWD. It stopped working awhile ago (year or two) and was wondering if anyone had experienced the same. I have not previously posted here as I've used the Brickboard site but was surfing and stumbled upon this group.
    For the benefit of others, I've got experience replacing the center driveshaft bearing ($45 for replacement bearing) and the viscous coupler end driveshaft bearing ($30) if anyone would like some help on that. Likewise I have personally replaced the air conditioning evaporator (yes, a real job), the front and rear wheel bearings, at least two master power window switches, front struts, ignition switch module, I guess if you've owned one of these nice, plush riding, money hogs you get the idea. I do my own work because I sure can't afford to pay for the labor rate AND the parts. Any help on what people have replaced to get the cruise control working would be appreciated.

    '98 V70 low serial number, high mileage
  • robert23robert23 Posts: 1
    Have a 2002 volvo XC AWD, that has developed a BAD howl. Prev, repairs were right rear axle shaft , front wheel hubs, left and right, replaced tires with quiet Mich Harmony
    Has anyone run into this with their own, and what was found to be the causes.
    This howling, makes it hard to drive the vehicle over 70KMP......

  • klazklaz Posts: 3
    Rear drive shaft center support bearing and rear bearing (inside the viscous coupler support bracket) both went on my '98 v70. Howling noise from center of car that was hard to detect because it radiated the length of the driveshaft. Both can be replaced by a drive line repair shop (someone who makes driveshafts and replaces bearings and U-joints) for cheap money compared to dealers. Good Luck.

  • ovlovovlov Posts: 2
    I am test-driving a 2002 V70 2.4T with 29,000 miles on it. I left the car to get some dinner, came out of the restaurant, and found the AC fan running full blast. It was about 95 F where I live (San Antonio, Texas) today. This scares the devil out of me. Local dealer wants 23,000 for car, which seems a little high--especially if it's got a potential problem in the electrical system. Do I worry? :confuse:
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    ovlov, - the fan is supposed to run after the car is off to dry out the a/c system so no mold can grow. if you drive with a/c off it won't happen. the price sounds high, bur check it against the bluebook/nada to see for sure.
  • wally6wally6 Posts: 4
    I picked up a V70R about six weeks ago and made one mistake -- I didn't get the factory subwoofer for the HU-850 premium sound system (actually, I didn't know the stereo upgrade didn't come with the subwoofer at the time). I'm looking into adding the Volvo accessory sub now. Has anyone ever done this themselves? The sub itself appears simple to install but I'm wondering if all 70R's are pre-wired for the installation. I looked at a 70R w/sub installed -- I know where the wiring harness should be -- and can't find it on my car. Yet it doesn't make sense to me that Volvo would require you splice into an existing wiring harness to install. BTW, the sub in the 70R is unique to this model. Any help/insight would be appreciated.
  • ovlovovlov Posts: 2
    Thanks, man. A couple of knowledgeable people have told me the same thing. For the record, I think they want far too much for the car.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I doubt that the car is prewired.
    Plus, you would have to download the appropriate software.
    Not hard to do, but it would take some work for the dealer to do.
  • bluetranebluetrane Posts: 67
    Hi all,

    I will shortly be replacing my beloved Audi A4 Avant with a new vehicle - my older daughter is complaining about the lack of legroom so I need to upsize a bit. I think I have things narrowed down to a V70, Ford Freestyle, or a Honda Odyssey. A couple of questions:

    1) I would want the 3rd row seat, as I would occasionally be transporting up to 4 adults and 2 kids. Is there any safety data on the 3rd row seat? It seems awfully close to harm's way in the event of a rear impact.

    2) Has anyone driven both the XC70 and a FWD V70 in bad weather? We get 5-10 days of snow and plenty of rain and I don't have the option of staying home if the weather is nasty.

  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    What do you make of the 4th-generation VW Jettas (1999-05) in terms of reliability and safety? Are they a good alternative to, say, the V40 or current-gen V70? My mother is trying to decide between an '02 V70 2.4 or an '02 Jetta 2.0 for her next car...I'm saying avoid the Jetta at all costs because they had well-known teething problems in their first years. If I'm correct those are made in Mexico.
  • bsiriannibsirianni Posts: 1
  • lmlplmlp Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2001 v70 t5 in 2000. I''ve had (what seems like) one problem right after another. And I just made another appointment for the throttle control and abs module that you speak of. This is the third time I've had problems with an engine surge. It's dangerous not to mention really annoying. I like the car when it's running properly, but we are considering selling. I'd be interested in anyone's comments on their experience on contacting Volvo directly. Is customer satisfaction high on their list?

  • reader5reader5 Posts: 1
    You may be able to get some answers to your questions if you read Myron Levin's article Volvo is Facing Pressure Over Faulty Throttles that was published in the Detroit News on May 3, 2005. The article is available online.
  • All I can say is "good luck" with trying to work with Volvo on the surging problem. Our leased 2002 Cross Country (our 5th Volvo product) began to do this about 18 months ago. First terrifying experience -- with 4 kids in the car -- was stopping at a red light at the top of an expressway exit ramp, luckily about 15 feet behind the Mercedes in front of me. Had my foot on the brake when the car suddenly whined and surged forward about 6 feet. I stood on the brake to no avail; it just kept "bucking" forward. I slammed the car into neutral and it stopped -- about 6 inches from the Mercedes' bumper. Took the car to the dealership the next day, but they couldn't reproduce or find the problem. This continued to happen about once/month in different circumstances, including when driving (not stopped). The accelerator seemed to take over and dramatically surge to increase the car's speed to full throttle. It's certainly fun -- and safe -- to have to shift into neutral when you're going 70 on the expressway, then pull over, turn the car off, etc. My husband almost killed his 96 year old mother, who had gotten out of the car and walked in front of it. At stop signs or red lights, we would have to stay at least a car length behind the car in front (with hand on the control for a fast shift to neutral) or pull up to the stop, shift into neutral, and back into drive once traffic began to move. As a matter of course, we would shift into neutral when pulling into our garage in order to avoid the chance of a head-on collision with a concrete block wall.

    Volvo's response to this? If they "can't reproduce and diagnose the problem, it doesn't exist." No kidding, those are the exact words spoken to me. I was told that no one had ever heard of this type of problem before. Every time I would show up at the dealership, I was dealt with as if I was delusional -- exasperation and barely concealed eye-rolling. The final straw was when I was told that this problem must be "driver error" -- that both my husband and I must be driving in such a way that the floor mat (the FLOOR MAT???) was pushing forward and depressing the accelerator.

    The solution was long, time consuming and complex. We had more than two years remaining on the lease when this started. For more than a year, Volvo was completely intractable on every front. We parked our Cross Country in our barn, where it became a large paperweight (on which, of course, we still had to make payments). The dealer finally proposed that we could turn the car back if we agreed to a new 4 year lease on a new Volvo. Needless to say, not an acceptable solution. After repeated contacts with Volvo North America, threats of legal action, etc., the dealership finally took back the car with 7 months remaining on the lease.

    My fear is that the dealership has spiffed up this dangerous lemon (which was in very good shape cosmetically) and will sell it to some unsuspecting person. Although volumes of correspondence exist to document our concerns, none of that information is in the public record such that it would be obtainable through Carfax or another vehicle history service.

    Needless to say, we will never, ever, ever, buy another Volvo.
  • I'm hoping someone will provide a practical solution to this problem.

    When I open the driver's side door during/after rain--something that happens frequently here in Seattle--a healthy amount of water runs from the roof and drips directly onto the driver's seat and/or the driver.

    Is there a good way to prevent this? Thank you.
  • graffitograffito Posts: 6
    My 1991 945T (turbo wagon) is getting tired (about 108k miles).
    It's either a v70 wagon or a Toyota Sienna. (They have comparable fuel econo ratings...)

    Amongst the MY 2001-2005, what are the known "issues" ("defects") that I should keep in mind when shopping? Anything else positive or negative to consider in choosing between various cars?

    One Volvo dealer has a used (8k mi) Magic Blue 2005 v70r for 38850.

    (The nicest Volvo I've ever seen is the s80 Premier. Wow! Local Dealer had a Ford exec turnover for about $38k.)

  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Well speaking of 2001-05 V70s, I saw an '02 2.4 fitted with rims from a '97 850 (base). My opinion- those rims are a disgrace to that V70.

    Graffito- 108,000 miles?? Your 945T is definitely not tired...I would keep that car and shoot for 200k. My old '93 850 had 112k miles on it last winter and I would have definitely gone for the 200k mark had it not met its demise in a wreck.
  • graffitograffito Posts: 6
    My Volvo thanks you for that vote of confidence.

    I should first of all correct myself: it's 118k miles.

    The Second "correction" is that MY WIFE is tired of it.

    I have no problem with the idea of driving it into the ground. The maintenance is getting a bit inconvenient, of course. And it just can't compare in occupant comfort to the more recent models. But for those who love the older boxes and RWD, it's a great car.

    I hear that there are Volvo fans who would grab this car in a heartbeat. I hope I find one, because a local Volvo dealer wouldn't consider it as a trade, which is perfectly reasonable from his point of view, and I agree.

    Now, about those 2005 v70's ... locally, the only color they want to sell is Silver. Ugh. And color is apparently half of a car sale. (It would help if they offered some nice ones. Oh-oh, there's a topic for flames!)

    I saw a v70r on his lot with 8k miles for $38k. GORGEOUS! No mommy-mobile, that! But for driving around suburbia, years past adolescence, not necessary, though desirable. The only Volvo they won't certify. Hmph.
  • danzeedanzee Posts: 2
    On March 20 , '05 - the headlights on my '99 Volvo V70 shut off while rounding a curve on a dark [moonless] night. I hit a bridge abutment, the car rolled over several times and was totaled. I contacted Volvo , & received a recall notice 11 days later for defective headlight switch - it was originally issued for this model 6 MONTHS earlier.
    Volvo sent an "investigator" up to check airbags , which never deployed , and switch. He reported that accident wasn’t serious enough for any of the 4 airbags to deploy , he also stated that he :hooked up a battery to car , and the headlight switch worked. Curiously , the serial # on the switch was scraped off after his visit.
    Subsequently , I learned from a Volvo Service manager that all they do to check for defective switches , is check the serial #. I described the condition of the switch , outside plastic shell deteriorated, latches holding 2 halves together cracked /broken , interior spring expanding unit beyond it's original size. He confirmed that is was indeed the defect that caused the recall. Volvo also ran identical recall back in 1999 , on the C70 models.
    In that I wasn't sufficiently injured , no lawyers are interested in the case. Volvo says case closed , I'm now in bankrupsy , housebound & unemployed , stuck up on a mountain for 2 1/2 months now.
    VOLVO STINKS - UNSAFE @ any speed ! :mad:
  • tomv70tomv70 Posts: 6
    My 2002 V70 2.4 T is the first Volvo I've owned and it's great. In the 3 months since I bought it I've put 5k mi on it (550 one day). :) No known issues but if you need more power ( I doubt it ) the newer ones are 2.5 T.

    You think like me. Sienna was the other vehicle on my short list but I found the Volvo first. Both have a good reputation and neither comes out of a Chrysler / :lemon: factory.
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