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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Volvo should offer a diesel in about a year.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    The V70 is the ideal platform for a diesel. It's laid back touring performance would be perfectly complemented by a small, torquey, economical powerplant.

    I'm 3 days into our 2-week family vacation from Seattle to San Diego. So far I'm averaging 30 MPG with a fully loaded (people & cargo) V70 2.4. I get more economy on the interstate but passing slow traffic in the Siskyous, a detour to the Oregon Caves, and San Francisco city traffic has brought my mileage down a few MPG.

    I stopped at a Volvo dealer in Medford for an oil/filter change and service was terrific. They knew I'm from out of town and will likely never return, yet they bent over backwards to fit me in and get me back on the road with little delay. I checked out the new V70 while I was there and, though it's very nice, it has nothing to offer that would tempt me to trade in my '04.
  • camydogcamydog Posts: 64
    OK, my AC is fixed...

    I took it back to the same technician, actually three of them this time. They were all in front of the car while it was serviced. They used the same machine as last time but it had be serviced/recharged since the last time they worked on the car. They put 2.1 pounds in my system and the AC now works... both sides.

    I no longer have the passenger side ambient air issue. This is what someone posted to one of my posts; that if the freon was low, the pass. side would not get conditioned air. That was the case with my car. Glad it was not a diverter door motor.

    Hope this helps someone in the future since our '01 cars are getting older and needing more service. Oh, for those of you that think the Volvo dealer is the only place you can take your car, please seek out someone in the local area that is smart on the system to be worked on ie brakes, AC, suspension...
  • merlin1merlin1 Posts: 5
    I have an '01 v70 non-turbo wagon. Religiously have the oil changed. Last time it was in the repair shop (90K) they advised that I need a new oil pan as the drain plug stripped out. They want $750 to do the change out. He advised a dissimilar metals issue (iron plug and aluminum pan) and I suspect the wrench was in the wrong direction. Ever had this problem?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The drain plug in my '04 V70 non-turbo is stuck due to it's being put in too tight or without the aluminum crush washer at an oil change place. I then rounded it off trying to remove it in my driveway. I used my 12-point socket which I got before I knew the difference.

    Bad idea! I will never do that again, only use a 6-point socket for these critical applications. Then I escalated to a set of vice-grips and completed the destruction of the wrenching surfaces of the plug. I'll take it to a competent place next. I hope the pan is OK. A $750 charge for a new oil pan is sickening. These aluminum engines have their downsides.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    These aluminum engines have their downsides.

    Umm, not the engine's fault.
    Operator error.
  • jgb2000jgb2000 Posts: 2
    Do your homework. The 2000-2001 Volvo XC70 was completely redesigned. I bought a 2001 and it has been a nightmare. Every possible electrical problem you can imagine. Steering/suspension problems. Don't do it or if you do, do your homework. It's too bad because it is one of the most useful, comfortable cars I've ever owned. I hope they shaked the bugs out by now.
  • merlin1merlin1 Posts: 5
    Yep, been through all the front end problems. Hammered Volvo Cares enough that they did the first set of repairs under warranty even thought is was just over the mileage limit. The dealership was no help in resolving the issue and were in fact a hindrance to resolving the issue.

    What do you mean by "do your homework"?
  • Just bought a 2001 V70 with 69,000 miles on it. Today after having been out of the car for 1/2 hour, upon returning to the car I fund the ventfan running. Car was locked, no key in the ignition. Is this a common gremlin in this model?

    One more question, the black plastic wire covers in the engine compartment are brittle and coming off. What is the best solution to this? I saw a similar probelm in my '83 240 turbo, but not until after 150,000 miles.
  • merlin1merlin1 Posts: 5
    The vent fan running all by itself is a cabin ventilation system feature that controls the humidity level in the car. Not to worry, the gremlins have not taken over the car. :)
  • Hey, here are a few bits of info that helped me, I've owned and loved 3 Volvos myself and they've become "the family car." First, the bad is that, provided you take the Volvo path, be aware that repairs do cost more. The catch though, is that, in my experience, they require much fewer trips to the shop. On top of this, the cars computer system seems to provide ample warning as to when something's going to go. Any V70 you buy (N/A or Turbo) is going to be a 5-cylinder, telling the difference between a 2.4T and a T5 is simple, the car's insignia will have either under the "V70" in the back. About the cost, 14,500 seems a little steep for a '01 V70, I'd expect to pay that much for a T5 or an AWD... Look around a little before buying. overall, the second generation V70's are strong cars, they look as though they'll be replacing the reputation of the previous 850's. I might also add that NEVER, EVER have any of my three Volvos left me stranded, my most recent V70R (1998) started in -35 the other day. I hope my ramblings will help you make a good decision!

    **V70R AWD = Love
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    You do realize that you're responding to a 4 year old post?
  • Hi,

    I just bought a Dec 2000 XC V70 and same vent fan going off out of the blue. So you say this is normal? I was afraid it would flatten the battery one day. What I did to stop it was unlock the car, started it and turn it off. Then it stopped. So its a dehumidifier that is part of the volvo feature?? Wow what technology then !! Cheers
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The way I understand it this is a feature which is designed to dry off the evaporator coils and the entire sytem which collects and drains the condensate water from the a/c system. This reduces the growth of mold in the a/c system.

    Try it and see how long the fan runs. If it would run and not shut off, then this would drain the battery, but probably you would find that it shuts off in a few minutes.

    What some people used to do was to turn off the a/c condenser (but leave the fan on) about 5 minutes away from final destination to allow the evaporator coils to warm up and shed all the water. Presumably this would expell all or most of the water from the air handling box too. But the Volvo automatic system may do a better job or at least an acceptable job without the operator having to go through this.
  • Thanks mate. I am glad it was a special feature and a good one at that. I live in Sydney and always have the AC on. I will monitor the fan next time it comes on after I park it in the garage. My previous cars would normally leave a pool of water after the AC is turned off. This is my first Volvo so still learning. And its a damn fine car too and you could say I am now a Volvo convert! Its just that the first time it happen I thought it was an electrical fault somewhere that started the fan. Thanks again mate it is appreciated. Cheers
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    If this system is working as I think, you will still have a puddle of water and in fact it should be a little larger due to the fan expelling all or most of the water on the a/c evaporator (i.e. cooling) coils and in the condensate collection system. But it would probably not be noticeably larger than without the system.

    I don't know if this is true, but I have seen it written on this site that the cars come from the factory with this system disabled by software and it is up to the importer or dealer to enable it. The story is that some US dealers neglect to do this and so the feature is never operational becasue the car owner isn't aware that it should be there. But why this feature would be disabled at the factory is not clear to me. . .
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    If this system is working as I think, you will still have a puddle of water and in fact it should be a little larger due to the fan expelling all or most of the water on the a/c evaporator (i.e. cooling) coils and in the condensate collection system. But it would probably not be noticeably larger than without the system.

    I don't know if this is true, but I have seen it written on this site that the cars come from the factory with this system disabled by software and it is up to the importer or dealer to enable it. The story is that some US dealers neglect to do this and so the feature is never operational becasue the car owner isn't aware that it should be there. But why this feature would be disabled at the factory is not clear to me. . .
  • Hi mate, thanks again for the info and will see how big a puddle I get when I get home tonight. Which model Volvo do you own? Like I said this is my first one as I have always own Australian or Japanese cars and this is my first Euro product. Have always stayed away from them due to maintenance and ownership costs. But this one came along too cheap to refuse($12k below local market value!!) and I figured I have nothing to lose in the short term. But it has changed my perception of the Volvo and it is a damn fine car to drive. The fit and finish is just excellent and for its age it is drives better than my 2 year old Holden as the Volvo has 161000kms on the clock but feels and drives like a new car. Credit to the previous owner who'd serviced it and God knows what it'd cost him as it was always by a Volvo dealer! Cheers
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Mine is a 2004 V70 US base model with 5-spd auto as the only extra. It was a hand-me-down from my wife who moved up to an XC90. I gave away my beloved 1991 Dodge Spirit (100 hp, 5-spd manual) to a good home. I had owned the Spirit for 16.5 years.

    My V70 has the naturally aspirated (i.e. non-turbo) 2.4 L 5-cyl rated at 168 hp. It was also serviced at the dealer under the 3-year free maintenance deal then standard at the time of purchase. It's got less than 40 000 mi on the odo (64 000 km).

    It's got great highway fuel economy--30 to 34 mpgUS (equivalent to 36 to 41 mpgUK and 7.8 to 6.9 L/100km). But this good fuel efficiency comes from low ground clearance and was apparently partly due to the OE tires being of low rolling resistance. The first highway trip I took after I replaced the OE tires I got only 29 mpgUS (35 mpgUK). I have scraped bottom on some rough roads I have gone on.

    Your XC70 has considerably higher ground clearance than a standard V70 and AWD too. I assume it has the turbocharged 5-cyl rated at about 210 hp. So it will not match the fuel efficiency of a standard V70, but is a more rugged vehicle.

    In the late 1960s I lived in Fiji for two years, worked for Australians, and got plenty of time in Australian cars of the day. A 21st century Volvo is a far cry from a 1960s vintage Australian or US car.
  • Hi, Yes my V70XC is turbo charged and am averaging 12.5litres per 100kms at the moment. Although I took it up the Central Coast the other day and it gave me 9 litres per 100kms. So that was pretty good I thought and very comfortable. Will have to send you pictures of mine(how do I do that BTW??) and it has beige leather, HC803 Dolby Logic 4 stacker CD, drivers memory seat, sun roof, Nautic Blue and shod with Falken tires at the moment. Will think about replacing them with the factory spec Pirellis. Any recommendation on the tires front for this model? I got to say the turbo sure kicks in at 1800rpm and you can feel the surge and off it goes!!!
    You'd worked in Fiji in the 60's? Wow I was only an infant then! I am from Perth and now live in Sydney after working through Asia & the U.S. for FX in the 1990's and most recently spent 15 months in India. Now you hardly see our type of Volvos in India! My first car when I got my licence was a 1966 HD Holden Wagon if you remember seeing them in Fiji or maybe not. It was a rust bucket, used a litre of engine oil every week but goes well! Oh and it was a 3 speed manual on the steering wheel. The old 3 on the tree! Them were the good old days where the headlight dip switch was on the floor! And none of these high tech computers we now have in our cars.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    From this TireRack link for your 2000 V70 XC the OE base wheels were 15" wheels with 205/65-15 tires.

    Of course, yours may have larger wheels--16", 17" or 18"--with lower profile and wider tires. What is the size of the tires on the vehicle right now? See the large writing on the sidewall.

    According to TireRack these are the specified sizes for your car:

    15 inch wheels: 205/65-15 (OD at tread 25.5 inch)
    16 inch wheels: 215/55-16 (OD at tread 25.3 inch)
    17 inch wheels: 215/50-17 (OD at tread 25.5 inch)
    18 inch wheels: 225/40-18 (OD at tread 25.1 inch)

    Even if your car came from the factory with Pirelli tires that doesn't mean those would be the best for the car, and almost certainly wouldn't be the best value. Check out the other brands, especially see the Kumho offerings.

    My 2004 base model V70 came with 195/65-15 (25.0 inch dia at tread) and I stayed with that size when I replaced the OE tires.

    Some people mount wider and lower profile tires than specified, but this can lead to rubbing of the tires on the wheel wells and suspension especially as the vehicle ages and the suspension loosens up.

    For example, suppose you have 15" wheels, then some people might mount 225/60-15 tires, but often this leads to headaches. These are 20 mm wider than the OE, but since they are lower profile 60 series then the diameter at the tread is about the same as the OE 65 series tires. This means that the calibration of the odometer and speedometer doesn't have to be fiddled with to remain accurate. But these tires could rub on suspension components or the wheel wells.

    Dia in inches of 205/65-15 = (205mm/25.4mm/in)(0.65)(2) + 15 in = 25.5 inch

    Dia in inches of 225/60-15 = (225/25.4)(0.60)(2) + 15 = 25.6 inch
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    I took my 04 V70 to a good independent Volvo shop and the tech let me look over his shoulder while he loosened the drain plug. He first tried a wrench--no movement. Then he used a compressed air powered chisel to jolt the plug tangentially counter-clockwise and it loosened (unscrewed). There was no aluminum crush washer, the quick-lube place had failed to install it.

    The new plug went in fine (with crush washer) and the tech said that the threads were OK.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    It seems to me that the OE size for the 2000 V70 XC with 16" wheels could also be 205/60-16, for which the OD at the tread would be 25.7 inch.

    (205/25.4)(0.60)(2) + 16 = 25.7. I wonder what Volvo says is the specified size for 16" wheels on an XC70?

    IMO there is no point in having low profile tires on an SUV. So SUV should not have tires lower profile than 65 series or at the lowest 60 series. The base tire on the 2007 XC90 is 235/65-17, and replacement tires are a lot cheaper than those on the optional 18" wheels.
  • Hi, the tyres are 215x65R x 16inche rated 98H Falkens. You wouldn't believe what happened today: Pulled up at a gas station and as I opened the fuel flap it fell off!! DOH and what the? The plastic bit that holds the fuel flap broke simultaneously with the plastic lug that holds the spring and fell right off my hands. Thank God it did not fall off while I was driving as I would not have known. Anyway a quick trip to the local Volvo dealer and A$25 later a new plastic thingy. Then it was wait till I get home tonight and only just finished taking out the old one and replaced with the new. A bit tricky and put some thought into it and it all worked out well. Must say even something like this fuel flap and the way the plastic bit is designed, makes it easy to install. Only thing and only now I'd realised that the plunger that locks the fuel flap does not work when I lock the doors. The plunger is to be released and lock the fuel flap when you lock the doors. Any ideas on how to fix this one?
    Cheers Aus EST2158hrs Friday
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    You might get some info at the site described in the link below. It could be that one part of the hinge is installed incorrectly, preventing the door from latching. Or it could be something else entirely. Probably you installed the hinge correctly or the door wouldn't close.

    The 215/65-16 tires have an outside diameter of 27.0 inches and may be a little larger than exact spec by about 1.1 %. You'd have to check with Volvo.

    But this difference may have no problems for you. If it is over spec, the odo and speedo would both read falsely low. A trip where the odo shows 100 mi would actually be 101.1 mi. If your speedo shows 70 mph then you are actual speed would be 70.8 mph.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    "Please note that the fuel filler door will remain unlocked until the car begins to move forward. An audible click will be heard when the fuel filler door relocks.

    "The central locking button does not lock the fuel filler door."

    Quote from section entitled Fuel filler Door, Owner's Manual of 2004 V70.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Oops! I made a mistake in the percent calculation! My excuse is that I have not done these calcs in a while. (The reality is that I am losing my math skills from disuse and advancing age.)

    I see that the specified base tyre for the 2009 XC70 is 215/65-16, which is what you have on your 2000. Since you are not the original owner you might just check with a Volvo dealer to see if this size was the OE spec in 2000.

    A tire which is 27.0 inch diameter at the tread is 5.9% larger than one which is 25.5 inch diameter. If they tell you that the specified tyres in Australia are what you have then you can assume that your speedo/odo are reading right. But if the specified size was different from that, then the previous owner could have had the speedo/odo recalibrated to read correctly with the larger tyres. So you should check the odo over one of those calibrated distances. Be sure to use the trip odo since it measures to the nearest 0.1 mile.

    The speedo counts the turns of the wheels in a given time and converts this to speed by mult by the circumference, and circumference is pi times diameter at tread. Therefore, if the speedo is calibrated to read true speed with 25.5 in OD tires, but you are using 27.0 in OD tires, then the true speed will be 5.9% higher than the indicated speed. For example, if your speedo reads 70 mph, you are really travelling 74 mph. And if your odometer reading is 100.0 mi for a trip, then you actually went 105.9 mi.

    Here is a popular and widely used tire calculator:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    According to, the OE tire for a 2000 XC70 SE was 205/55-16. That's US spec, of course, but a common tire size for Volvo (that's what came with my 2004 V70).
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    205/55-16 (24.9 inch dia at tread) makes sense as a wider lower profile option for a V70 to the base 195/65-15 (25.0 inch at tread) I have on my 2004 V70, but I would expect a V70 XC to have larger tires to add more ground clearance to that from the higher suspension.

    But maybe the 2000 V70 XC wasn't big on ground clearance and they just used the same size tires as the standard V70. We need info on Australian specifications on the 2000 Volvo V70 XC.

    If the 205/55-16 were the OE tires, then 215/65-16 tires (27.0 ich dia at tread) would be much larger than the OE: 27.0/24.9 = 1.084, so the larger ones would be a whopping 8.4% larger in diameter. So, unless the speedo was recalibrated, if the speedo was reading 70 mph, the actual speed would be 76 mph. And a trip registering 100.0 mi on the odo would actually have been 108.8 mi.

    It would be surprising that tires this much larger than OE spec wouldn't rub at least when the steering wheel was near lock to one side.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Yup, my V70 has the factory 16" wheel upgrade. I do get rubbing at extreme lock in both directions. Always have, but it's never bothered me.

    215/65 seems awfully tall to me for these wagons. More like an SUV/minivan tire.
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