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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Finally had the opportunity to take our new V70 on a long vacation trip. To my surprise, we got 32 mpg on the highway! I was very impressed. I think it was rated at 26 or something like that?

    Anyway, very nice ride, we did have some stop and go traffic and a backup at one point, but all said and done, 5 hours of driving mostly interstate, and the info message claimed we were at 32 mpg. I'll take that.
  • gmwaltersgmwalters Posts: 20
    They will do that on the interstate if it isn't too hilly and if you drive at the posted speed limit. Over 2800 miles I have not reset the avg mpg register and mine shows 30.6.Probably 80/20 mix between rolling interstate/city. I use mostly premium fuel. Do you use premium fuel or just regular?
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Shell Premium.
  • Am going to check this car out from a private party.

    It's about a 90 min drive. Can anyone out there help w/a VIN check?


    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Go to and enter the number. You'll pay a few bucks for the service; well worth doing to get an objective response.

    Some folks have said the Carfax reports are not always completely up to date. While not perfect, it's probably the best source a consumer can use to check out used cars.
  • Ok all, volvoprospect is now volvo owner.

    Thank you to biancar for replying to my 7-10 post. As it turns out the seller of this car had carfax access and we looked up the history together. Original owner had all dealer service into the high 60k range.

    The car is for my college-age daughter, and she'll take delivery in a week or so...

    Here are a couple of rookie questions:

    1. It comes with only one key (switchblade style remote.) I'd like to get an additional one just in case off loss. Is the dealer my only option? I posted a similar question in the maintenance forum and someone was nice enough to say a locksmith MIGHT be able to help me.

    2. The front tires are much more worn that the rear and I'll need to replace them soon. Anyone have history in this area? successes/failures?

    I've read nearly every post in this forum from message 1000 to last and am very appreciative of all I've seen so far.

    Curious if fedlawman still has his '04 V70

    (oddly enuf lawman, the seller of my V70 also has a Lotus in his stable.)

    Thanks to all for your posts thus far.
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    Welcome to the Volvo family! I've got a '06 2.5T that I've had for 3 years and 55K of its 66K miles. As to your rookie questions:

    1. I don't know of any good way to avoid the dealer when you're talking about the switchblade keys, because I'm pretty sure they're chipped.

    2. Front tires being more worn than the rear on a car that age can be a sign that the previous owner stopped rotating them and replaced in pairs. But if the wear is uneven from side to side or across a single tire, definitely make sure you get the alignment checked.

    Were you thinking about replacing all four or two at a time? And were you looking for advice on brands/types of replacement tires? Not entirely sure what your question is here.
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    Apologies for the double, but I did find some useful info about the keys while looking something else up on the Volvo website...

    Volvo Smart Key Technology Update for Volvo Model Year Vehicles 2002-2010

    You can also obtain additional or duplicate remote control keys from certain independent repair facilities and locksmiths that are qualified to make remote control keys. Each key must be programmed to work with your vehicle. A list of independent repair facilities and/or locksmiths known to Volvo that can cut and code replacement keys can be found on the Volvo website at or can be obtained by calling the Volvo Customer Care at 1-800-458-1552.
  • I found out the hard way my upper tail markers are all out thanks to a diode bridge. Tried finding this part online. Apparently a dealer only thing. Searching for a junkyard. $210 from the dealer.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118

    Yes, we are still enjoying our V70.Getting my list together for the 120,000 mile service.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    edited August 2010
    Never heard of a diode bridge. Let me do a little checking...

    EDIT: I found a diode bridge for the S80 (which is the same "platform" as the V70. It is part #30655381 and costs $67 from ridge&myCat1=V70&a1=Start+Search

    I would call them and ask them to do a parts search for you. Maybe you'll get lucky. 800-774-4496.
  • Thanks for the reply ronsteve...

    I'll probably go to dealer for a spare key and or remote unless I find a reasonable and reliable alternative. (right now, it looks like the dealer, but one never knows.)

    On the tires: the fronts are worn pirelli tires, the rear are michelin and in pretty good shape.

    My thought was to run the fronts as is until autumn (front end does no pull either left or right and the ride is smooth) and replace them with m+s or snow tires for the winter. (after winter I'd replace all 4 tires and have a viable set of winter tires for the front end next year.)

    That's the plan in my head. Question is this: can anyone out there who has driven a V70 fwd on snow/ice tell me if they think I'll NEED snow tires? It's a very heavy car compared to what I'm used to driving and I worry about the wintertime handling.

    or--is a set of new tires (which I'll do one way or the other) sufficient? (we're talking Indpls winter here, which isn't severe by any means...but we do get some tricky winter driving nonetheless.)

    Thanks again

  • Thank you. Hopefully I'll be able to post future happiness here.

    I'm grateful that this forum exists as a resource.
  • Thank you on the double-post ronsteve, I'll check it out!
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    New tires should easily do the trick. I spent most of the 1990s in downstate Illinois and Indiana (Indy, West Lafayette, Champaign/Urbana) and got by with all-season tires on a variety of cars, all of them much lesser vehicles than the V70 with its traction control. If you can't get through in your Volvo without snow tires, it's bad enough that not many people in Indy will be getting anywhere.
  • CONSIDERING THIS PURCHASE: I'm having a local certified Volvo specialist (much trusted by friends) check this car out tomorrow. I could hardly believe how tight and smooth it felt even after driving a couple of 1994 era 850's that were smooth as silk but looking tired. Surprised that the interior is spotless and leather is not cracked. Exterior shines. Serviced locally so I can request those records. Timing belt replaced at 180K.

    Needs: I bop around town, carry a bike, a country stretch or mountain ski a couple of times in winter...around 10K a year. Enjoy good handling and uumph, but not a speedo.

    With 213,000 miles (2 local owners) am I crazy or what? $2500 asking price. Needs tires. Waiting for the mehcanic's verdict. Any pointers welcome!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Any car this age is going to require regular maintenance. If you are going to rely on paying a mechanic to do the work, costs are going to mount quickly.

    If you are handy and willing/able to shop online for parts and do your own routine maintenance (fluids, filters, brakes, plugs, bulbs, etc.), then it sounds like a great car.
  • I'm off to see the local Volvo cerified independent my friends trust. Able to handle the basics myself and keep the tools in the car. So perhaps this will work! Thanks for your feedback. I've babied Citroens and Peugeots for many hard can a Volvo be? Looks much easier to work on.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    If you have kept French cars on the road, the Volvo will be no problem. It's actually built just like a German car under the skin - lot's of Bosch, Ate, Mahle OE parts. There's a lot of aftermarket support online, and everything is easy to reach and easy to work on.
  • Fedlawman, I appreciate your encouragement! The Volvo guy prounounced it a worthy car ready for a timing belt in 4K and a few minor issues.

    Their mechanic verififed regular oil changes every 3K and a few repairs we questioned --so this looks promising. I've made an offer which will be presented to the boss (the wife) and hope this is the car for me.

    My priority is tires. in the Pacific NW where we have all seasons (wet winters and skiing occassionally) I'd go for Pirelli, but I hear other V70 XC's prefer Micheliens for their slightly longer mileage. Thoughts? The Continental Federals on it are toast.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118

    I'm in Seattle and chose touring tires on our V70 because they ride smooth and quiet. They are fine in the rain, but not so good on ice/snow.

    I think the XC leans more towards SUV (crossover) tires, so I'm not sure I'm the one to recommend tires to you. However, 2 great all-season "sport sedan" tires I can recommend are the Pirelli PZero Nero and the Michelin Pilot A/S.
  • fedlawman, I'm just north of you!

    What do you consider a 'touring tire'. I know locals go for Continentals. A specialist told me he liked Pirellis for 'all weather grip' but many choose Michelins for their longevity (brand). Wondering how the AWD turbo eats tires with that beefy steering. The car I offered to buy (still hanging out for an response) had really worn fronts (contientals). I had a more sedate wagon that did OK with Toyos' but it was not a performance vehicle.

    Thank you again for the exchange...I am learning a lot here!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Well, the tire manufacturers each manufacture dozens of different tires. For example, Continental makes the ContiSportContact, ContiExtremeContact, ContiPremiumContact, ContiProContact, ContiTouringContact...well, you get the idea.

    You should decide what characteristics are important to you.

    For example, rank from top to bottom the importance or dry grip, wet grip, responsiveness (sharp reflexes), quiet ride, smooth ride, snow/ice traction. Let me know and I'll help you decide.

    BTW, my Volvo has Goodyear Assurance ComforTred passenger tires. My BMW has Pirelli PZero Nero ultra-high performance all-season tires.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    I hope I'm in the right area to ask about a 1999 Volvo V70XC AWD wagon I have an opportunity to buy. The owner(who, by the way, owns an auto repair shop) says the car runs great. I haven't driven it yet or heard it run at this time, and I'm not sure of the mileage on it. I do know that the back drive shaft is out of the car right now as there were issues with it according to what I'm being told, so right now the vehicle is FWD only. It will cost between 3 to 4 hundred dollars to have this resolved and make it AWD once again. Now the car LOOKS good, but while I've heard Volvos are generally very reliable and last a long time, maintenance and repairs can cost big $$$ which I don't have. The owner is asking $3000.00 for the car. Have any of you ever had this model or know of someone who does/did? What are some of the major complaints with this model? Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  • virtuvirtu Posts: 8
    Great cars. My Volvo friends swear by theirs. I'm also in the market. What is your mileage on this vehicle? I was offered a well maintained '98 with 212K for $2,500 but it needed a timing belt, tires (NOW), brakes (all within 3500K) which added $1500 to the price. The timing belt is $800 but they last 70K
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    Thanks for responding, Virtu. At this point, I'm not sure what we're going to do about this Volvo V70 XC. I may try to get the owner to come down in price, perhaps. Since he owns an auto repair shop that I use and recommend to others, I don't want to place myself in a position that if I were to buy the car from him and there'd be a lot of problems with it, we could hurt our friendship, because the bottom line is that we need a reliable car that we can depend on. But the thing is just sitting there on his lot doing nothing, so I'm tempted to make a stab at it. I'm not sure of the mileage on this car, but Joe did say that when he bought it a few years ago, it ran well and everything worked until there was a problem with the rear drive shaft. He claims this is a 3 to 4 hundred dollar repair. My problem is I don't even have the 3 grand asking price at the moment and I certainly wouldn't have a reserve for potential problems either. Bottom line is that I may just have to pass on the car. Thanks anyway for your input and have a great day.
  • virtuvirtu Posts: 8
    If the person is a mechanic who is sellling and has the ability to fix the rear drive shaft then why not ask for that repair to be included in the cost? I know several mechanics who resells their own cars (they refurbish) and some offer a guarantee. Worth asking since they know what's likely to be needed.
  • I have a 2000 v70R with 139K and I am experiencing the exact same problem. Dealer said all looks good with awd, recently put close to 1500 miles on roadtrip and no problems but that noise is making me nervous. Also I hear a clicking noise when turning tight at slow speed. The car runs incredibly on the highway as if there is no problem and I'm getting sick of worrying and constantly listening for that or any new sounds. Did you ever find out what the noise was? I am just finding this listing over a year after your post and would appreciate any answers or suggestions.
  • virtuvirtu Posts: 8
    I have driven several 1995-2000 Volvo wagons and like the AWD Cross Country but most have deferred maintenance issues which run up the acquisition cost. Seeking AWD, good clean interior and paint under 200K one owner, good tires and up to date timing belts, etc. Basic sport package with AC and all working electrics. My limit is $3000. Like sandstone and gray colors to match our Pacific NW dirt. If you have this vehicle consider selling it privately rather than a wholesale trade to someone who will appreciate and baby it! I'll send a temporary email if you respond to this message and we can email or skype. Thanks!
  • I just purchased a 1998 v70 xc - 177,000 miles.
    I knew it needed a Heater Blower Resistor per owner and one tire.
    My test drive I knew the right front tire had a bad belt/buldge. I ignored the tire sound when the car steered straight or right. Turning just a bit left the silence was nice.
    I paid $2100.00 for the car.Asking price was $2800.00.
    Went right to the tire store - Insisted I buy four tires due to AWD. $420.00.
    Up on the lift they said it needed one tie rod end and one ball joint.
    I left there with my new mounted tires and went to Auto Parts Store.
    $300.00 worth of parts ( control arms w/ball joints and tie rod ends) I did that myself in my driveway in 1.5 hours with hand tools and pry bar.
    I made an appt for a wheel alignment next week.
    The car steers straight as an arrow but I still have the horrible sound. I assume it might be the left front wheel bearing ?
    Regardless the body is like new - leather interior is like new- it was a Florida car all its life until now ( in NJ) - I think I did alright - see what the shop says during the alignment appointment.
    19.7 mpg I think the only option I dont have is multi disc player.
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