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2010 Nissan Maxima



  • Misty3. What did you experience in your 2010 Maxixma that lead to the discovery of the broken motor mount?
  • I'm also wondering what gave you the idea you had a broken motor mount ? what was the feeling that lead to that collusion? I've had two batteries installed and now I think I might have motor mount problems!!
  • If your battery dies, or is disconnected, it resets the automatic feature of the windows in the up direction. To return it to automatic operation, roll the window all of the way down, roll it up and hold the up button for 10 seconds. You will have to do this for each front window. You will have to do this every time that you disconnect the battery.
  • I had taken the car in to get the defroster and steering wheel fixed and the
    service guy said they found it when checking the wireing.
    I have spent more hours at the dealership than I have ever spent with any of my other vehicles and they are over 10yrs old
  • is completely turned OFF. When I turn off the car, say the heat is on 75 and blower on 2nd level. When i reenter the car and start it, NOTHING! I am required to turn the fan on, which in turn, AUTOMATICALLY turns on the AC (in the middle of winter in Michigan).

    My questions are:

    1. Why is my heating/cooling completely OFF upon starting the car, especially since it wasnt left that way and....
    2. Why does the AC come on when I dont turn it on?

    The Nissan svc mgr told me "this is all normal and your car has always done this, you just didnt realize it". he added," the ac comes on because there is too much humidity in your car" Really?? Humidity?? Its the middle of winter in Michigan...there is no humidity issue....i say...."balderdash!" i know my car hasnt always done this and it just started this winter.

    Any suggestions??
  • I find it absolutely frustrating that the a/c turns on when you start the blower. My 2010 Maxima has always done this which makes no sense. I hope this was rectified in the newer models.
  • Well after repeatedly returning to the dealer complaining of vibrations and noises that resembled the sound of a whole in a muffler on my 2010 Maxima SV, the dealer finally said the upper motor mounts needed replacing. One was busted and the other was close to it. The ride still was not right so I returned again. This time they stated the transmission required a software update but the vibration is normal. I may not be a mechanic but I don't think I should literally feel something vibrating upon exceleration. I am so frustrated with these so called certified Nissan mechanics.
  • 2010max2010max Posts: 1
    Did you find a longer term solution to the whistling? I have a 2010 and it just started whistling now, after the warranty expired. So having them trouble shoot in the shop is not an option.

  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Assuming that the seals are in good order and are not the cause of the whistling, the following should work.
    Open the moonroof.
    There are a total of 8 torx screws, 2 each located towards the front and rear sides of the moonroof. Thes screws tend to loosen over time and the roof rides up, and doesnt seal properly when closed.
    You will need to get a torx bit or screwdriver of the correct size. Sets are available from Home Depot or Lowes.
    Starting at the rear, loosen the screws on say the left hand side, and while pressing downwards on the sunroof, tighten the screws again. Repeat for the right rear. Repeat for right front. Repeat for left front.
    The moonroof should seal properly now.
  • mytemaxmytemax Posts: 10
    I think it's the wind buffing against the inside of the car when open, now with that in my own mind I opened the rear windows just a bit, (maybe 5" or so) and it stops all the noise. My problem now is and has been since new, squeaking sounds upon open and close operations. They never did fix it and every time it was in for service, I told them about it. Now it's out of warranty, so it'll happen for another year before I dump it in to a trade for maybe another car from another manufacture?
  • maximaronmaximaron Posts: 8
    Well, like many of you, it happened to me....and let me tell you, don't even waste any time trying to diagnose it, just buy a new battery!
    Car had been fine, no inkling of charging issues...this AM, dead...I mean dead. My charge pak wouldn't turn it, jump start wouldn't turn it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I finally realized that the OE battery was NOT maintenance free! I am 54 years old and other than the 1965 Olds I drove, all my cars in the 1970's and up had sealed batteries! What is this crap on a $35K car???
    In any case, took a shot and installed a new NAPA Legacy battery before having it towed...fired right up. 39K miles...what a crock. Cannot believe that a corner was cut like that. Says something about Nissan if you ask me.
  • tictac3tictac3 Posts: 78
    After a two and a half hour drive in 95 degree weather, the dash alert showed "1.0H." Called Nissan dealer 2 hours ago who said they would call back with answer. Still waiting. Anyone know what this means?
  • Will the Zinik z24 Rims fit my 2010 Maxima?
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