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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagons



  • violet561violet561 Posts: 2
    This morning while on the freeway, our 1996 Ford Taurus died. First the tachometer stopped, then the radio and then right before the car died the speedometer stopped. We let it sit for a bit and it all worked again for about five minutes and the same thing happened although now there seems to be some sort of beeping too. We are going to get it towed home and was wondering if anybody has any ideas of what could be wrong before we bring it to a repair shop. Thanks in advance for any help.
  • I have a 1996 mercury sable wagon the only problem I have is that the tranny is acting up, a common problem but I can fix it my self. Most ppl will go and have 1100 dollars of work done rebuilding the tranny, NO done. first look at the "VSS" (vehicle speed sensor) first alot of times it will ware down, because it is tied to the tranny directly it has a gear on the end, if anything happens to the sensor like all sensors it will read wrong and you can experience problems such as hard shifts into 1st and 2nd, rough acceleration through O/D on the low end similar to slipping. So before you trash the tranny check the VSS. you may have to remove the heat shield under the tranny to get to it.">link title
  • As far as the reliability of the sable and the Taurus I can say its better than people say. Yes in the 80's the technology was bas but look at all cars in the 80's in the same class. As far as American cars go, their were few mid sized cars worth wild. And Dodge had the worst of all. Yes ford has problems but I’ve owned a 1990 Mercury Sable Gs 3.8l V6 wagon. The end of its life it went out with 197,000 miles. Most common problem was the starter solenoid. That car was my "toy" it was about to die so I wanted to see what it could do and I never though that a wagon could go off road. Bottomed out and cracked the radiator the end. Than I owned a 1999 Ford Taurus SE 3.0l V6 OHV wagon. I use that as my work truck. Added exhaust, intake, chip, and heavier suspension in the rear to take the HP from 155 to 190. With a trailer hitch and all that cargo room I can haul all my tools lumbar and steal I need. The tranny is wearing down due to the weight and daily lag. But for about 4 years she has put up w/ daily stress, but this time it’s not the VSS it’s the tranny. But you can’t beat all that at 130,000 miles and 26 mpg. And I also own a 1996 Mercury Sable GS 3.0 V6 OHV wagon. Still stock at 155hp she gets 28mpg w/ 113,000 miles, just a round town cruiser. And the sable has no problems. Alls you have to do is change the oil every 7,000 miles, oil filter, brakes, and air filter every 14,000 miles, and spark plugs every 30,000 miles. The most common problem is people will forget than the car will develop a problem and they will call it a crapy car. Some problems are due to bad manufacturing but most are owner error.
  • dougvadougva Posts: 1
    Hi, I just had the same set of problems with my Saturn - loss of tach/speedo, radio went out, car died, etc. From what I've read, these are the typical symptoms of a bad alternator. I replaced mine and so far, so good. Hope that helps.
  • violet561violet561 Posts: 2
    Thank you so much. It was the alternator and so far so good for us too.
  • tprestontpreston Posts: 1
    Hi, I think I have a speed sensor problem (99 sable) speedometer not working, shifting badly. Where is the sensor located I cant find it? Apreciate your help
  • The VSS is located directly under the number 2 cylinder on top of the tranny. try following the speedometer cable to it. It will make it easier if you remove the intake entirely and disconnect the MAF.
  • gbeemangbeeman Posts: 1
  • mytoolsmytools Posts: 4
    Where in the rear is the Washer Fluid Reservoir and pump on a 99 Sable Wagon? Is it behind the bumper or behind the rear interior panel? Or if not there, where??

    Any tips on making the replacement of said pump easier? Or is it pretty much a straightforward job?

    Thanks for any help with this.

  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    In my 2000 wagon it is on the right side under the tailgate.
    If you lift up the tailgate, you should see a black tabbed cover.
    As to the pump itself, I really don't know.

    Good luck.

    N Kabak
  • mytoolsmytools Posts: 4
    I appreciate your quick reply to my question.

    However, I know where the fill cap for the reservoir is. I'm looking to find out where the actual reservoir is before tearing off panels in the car.

    Anyone who can help, please reply.

  • edmund2460edmund2460 Posts: 293
    Sorry but the late 80's to the early 90's Taurus/Sables were crappy cars. I had two of them 87 and 92 and both had exactly the same set of problems (you name it and I had it). And I maintained them by the book or even better.
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    Sorry to hear/see your remark which is not my feeling at all.
    I drive a 00'Sable LS wagon, bought used with 37K three years ago. Now have 79K, drove Xcountry and back without a problem.

    The only major(?) problem was that I had to replace a power steering pump at 77K. I will admit that there is a peculiar noise that appears intermittently that has to do with this unit that caused me to bring it in in the first place. I was told that there is a part with a noise dampener on it but as it doesn't affect the drivability of the car, I decided not to replace the unit.
  • mytoolsmytools Posts: 4
    For anyone elses future reference, the rear washer fluid reservoir is behind the rear passenger panel in the back of the wagon. It is just underneath where the CD changer would be if you have one with the vehicle.

    It was a quite simple R & R.
  • brymerbrymer Posts: 1
    I love my 97 wagon which I bought w/ 24K miles in 02 and now has 79K. Memorial Day it wouldn't start in store parking lot--got it jumped; still didn't start but tried again 10 minutes later and it started so drove to only open shop (Walmart) which said I needed new battery, so had it replaced. Two weeks later DOA in garage--AAA jumped it to no avail & thought the starter was bad. Car amazingly started 5-10 minutes later when AAA tried it before loading for towing. My repair shop said no bad starter but did it have badly corroded battery cables so they changed those. Week later DOA again, jumped it and took back to repair shop--they found internal short in radio transmitter processor (?) and replaced it. DOA again 48 hours later. Puzzled, they unplugged the radio again so I could drive to get kids at camp. Came out today to start on camp trip--24 hrs later after apparent (replaced) culprit was disconnected and it was DOA again--so jumped it and drove to shop, where car is still sitting for 3rd day of testing circuitry on Monday while I have rented a car to get to camp. Any ideas on the electrical problem?? Shop still feels radio circuitry involved but after hours of testing still have no real clue. New battery seems to be discharging faster each time. Help! bevr.
  • That reply is quite humorous. Seeing how you have in short stated what I have said.

    “As far as the reliability of the sable and the Taurus I can say its better than people say. Yes in the 80's the technology was bas but look at all cars in the 80's in the same class. As far as American cars go, their were few mid sized cars worth wild. And Dodge had the worst of all.”
    So there it is spelled out for you, in my opinion the Taurus is one of the better cars from the 80s-90s but all cars had problems. The main reason cars had a problem is due to the fact that American cars were built on the concept of carburetion well injection was kind of new so they had problems. Everyone had problems the main problem was the introduction of emissions on a carbureted car, they don’t like the EGR much. But here is the thing about your car. It’s only a guess but they both had the 3.8l V6. The major problem with that was the head gasket. Now I don’t know all of your problems but their were most likely recalls and you forgot to follow up on them. But as far as your 2 cars go the 87 was a gen1 car and the 92 was a gen2. They made the gen2 in 1991 only modifications were cosmetic. The hood, fenders, and headlights can not be interchanged between the 2 due to the design. But you should know that.
  • zuma27zuma27 Posts: 3
    I would have to say the Ford Taurus is still one of the most reliable American cars on the road. My dad owns a 2000 Ford Taurus, has driven in Atlanta,(difficult driving) and has rarely had trouble with it. We've driven to many different places and have been find handling the large size of the Taurus. It's now 2006, 4 years have passed since he bought it (2002), and his Ford still looks like new. Not many vehicles can have that said about them.
  • Just bought a '00 Taurus SE wagon and want to add a CD changer. Where is the wiring harness located in the back? Also
    can anyone recommend a either OEM of aftermarket on the changer itself. Looks like some used OEM's are available e-bay.
  • I have a 96 Sable Wagon which I got from a repo deal. It had all the usual stuff wrong, brakes worn out etc. The transmission went kaput a few months after I got the car. I had the trans replaced with a recon unit ($1300)and that went south a few months after the warranty run out. Luckily I had friend who put some pressure on the people who sold me the recon unit and they repaired it (grudginly) for cost. I think the unit is going to fail again, bad shifts, thudding sound when you slow to a stop etc. Is there another trans that will fit my Sable or am I going to have to bite the bullet and get another one when it goes again, the car is not worth trying to sell with the trans as it is and I can't afford a new car...any ideas? :mad:
  • I heard on the news this AM that Ford is officially renaming the Five Hundred as the Taurus in hopes of helping the turn around of the company. The news anchor said something like "the Taurus saved Ford before, they are hoping it will do it again..." :D

    Now I wonder, will they rename the Mercury Montego back to the Sable as well? And will they bother to come out with a Wagon model on this line, considering they are trying to launch the "Edge" model?

    I have a '98 Sable Wagon with about 60K miles on it, my 3rd Sable Wagon. :shades:
  • Interesting... and thanks! It looks like my first post on that topic in this group even beat the first post in that thread...

    But a Taurus X? I'm sorry, no interest here...

    My Sable/Taurus history?? My ex-wife and I had bought a 1989 Sable Wagon to replace a totalled Bronco II. Loved it, so we bought a matching 1989 Sable Sedan. I drove the heck out of that '89 Sedan with no major problems, all over the country on business. Then she got ownership of the '89 wagon during a divorce, and I leased a '94 Sable Wagon. Mostly a lease so she couldn't touch it during the divorce proceedings.

    After the '94 lease was up, I leased a 1996 Sable Sedan in '96. Decided I hated it, because I needed all that loading space in the back to move stuff around.

    So then I got the '98 Sable Wagon. Now it's still under 60,000 miles, sure I've had some problems, but for the most part, it's been great. I did buy a 2003 Sable Sedan at the end of 2003, (0% interest for six years, why not?). It's running just fine, but I still prefer the road "feel" and handling of the 1998 better. I think in the 2003 they added some sort of "power-assisted" steering which makes it feel much more mushier, in my opinion. Rides decent, I just prefer the '98 flavor.

    Anyway, nothing I've seen hints any indication of bringing back a Sable or Taurus Wagon, other than the so-called Taurus X. (Not interested, frankly!)

    I guess the "X" stands for Cross as in Cross-over? No thanks, but I still would like to find a decent "wagon", as I'm just NOT an SUV kind of guy.
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    I have a 2000 Sable LS wagon that was struck in the right rear causing the vehicle to be declared "Totaled" by the insurance company. :sick: :mad:

    We still have it, don't ask why.

    HOWEVER, we have since purchased a Mazda CX-7 and am surprised at the technological advances which makes for safety and drivability improvements beyond that which your cars may have. It also makes driving much more pleasurable :) .
  • Thanks, nmk.

    Actually, yeah, when Ford first announced they were discontinuing the Sable/Taurus wagon (the topic of this thread, after all...) I did start looking around at my choices, and the Mazda-6 Wagon looked like a nice replacement for the Sable Wagon, actually. :shades:

    Not sure how much I'm interested in the CX-7 (again, X for that "cross-over" designation...?)

    Now are they getting rid of the Mazda-6 Sport Wagon and forcing people to go with the CX-7??? :confuse:
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    Well, you might want to consider the Mazda speed 3 Wagon. I have just read a review of it and it has the same engine as the 6 and cx-7.

    What I read sounds like a fun car as well.

    All the best
  • We had about 3-4 inches of snow last night, so I got up early this morning to get into work before all the rest of the traffic.

    I was only about 2 more miles from where I work, driving along by myself on the interstate when suddenly, one of those concrete median dividers just jumped up and ran out in front of my car!! :cry:

    Yes, I was driving the wagon, and yes, it's injured, and was just towed off to the repair shop... :sick:

    Think I might have more than just front end damage. The brake pedal now has no play to it and the engine was running damn rough, but hey... the airbags didn't even deploy, I wasn't hurt, didn't hit or hurt anyone else, so all in all count my blessings...

    My poor wagon, though.... ::sniff sniff::

    I just wish those darn concrete median dividers would stay where they are supposed to! :mad:
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    If you care to, send me an email and we can discuss my 2000 Sabel LX for some small consideration.
  • I have a 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon and need more specific information on where the rear washer fluid tank is located and where the pump is. Can someone help please.
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    I knew someone had asked this question previously. :blush:
    The answer is in message # 448

    For anyone elses future reference, the rear washer fluid reservoir is behind the rear passenger panel in the back of the wagon. It is just underneath where the CD changer would be if you have one with the vehicle.

    Thank MyTools
  • Sorry, nmk, but as much as I like the Wagon, I don't think I'd buy one used. ;)

    I was looking around this weekend in case I need to replace mine. I just don't like at all where Ford has gone. I don't like the "Freestyle" (soon to be Taurus X), I don't like the Edge, I certainly don't like the Focus Wagon, I don't want a Mariner/Escape, as I don't like SUV's.

    I think I'm about to buy my first Subaru. Looking at the Outback, it has the loading floor platform with fold down seats that I came to love from the Mercury Sable.

    Is it just me or is the Ford Motor styling just hideous to most people? I looked at the Mercury Mariner and it just makes me want to puke.

    Anyway, I'll find out this week if my '98 Sable Wagon is totalled or not... I suspect it will be worth a lot more to them in parts.

    Body Shop has estimated over $1500 in body work alone in the front, and that doesn't even include any mechanical systems. :sick:

    Oh -well-... it almost made 9 years old... :cry:
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