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VW Passat Wagons (GL, GLS, GLX & W8)



  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    By the way, I do not mean to insult you, but I assume you checked the shelf under the steering column to confirm that the owners manual is not there. You would not know it was there unless someone told you, because the manual binder blends in with the dash.
  • I checked the nooks under the steering...nothing I can see with my flashlight. Thanks for the link to the manual. I'll keep it in mind if I get tired of looking for something cheaper.
  • YIPPIE!! I hit pay dirt...The owners manual was hidden away in the back where a first aid kit is suppose to go.. :) who would of thought! :P
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    Well, I sure would not have. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your 2003 as much as we have enjoyed our 2004.
  • linmvylinmvy Posts: 1
    Help, its 11:30 at night and my fan is driving the neighbors crazy. Apparently this happened last night because I woke to a dead battery. How do I disconnect it from the battery?
  • Have a problem with my brake pedal have had the master cylinder & Servo replaced and the brake pedal go's to the floor the system has been bleed of air when looking for a pressure valve at the back of the car one can't be found if there should be one has anybody any idea where it will be all this work has been done by a mechanic and he has run out of ideas can anybody help!!
  • Ok so I am curious to know if someone could help me figure out if there is another brand battery that can go into my car instead of the one the vw dealer is telling me needs to go in costing me $125 installed. Please help. ty
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You could try Interstate batteries.
  • I own a 2001 passat wagon with a 1.8T engine. My passenger brake light went out and i replaced it. Now the brake lights dont work on either side. The brake lights dont work at all now. On both sides. If i press on the brakes the brake lights dont come on. i thought i blew a fuse while changing the bulb but after changing the fuse I did not get any change in status. Does anyone have any possible remedy for this? I would very much like to AVOID a costly trip to the dealership. Thank you. :sick: :(
  • Hello--I am researching a car that's for sale. Seller is asking $12K in Southern California. Does this seem high for a model that isn't V6? There is over a year left on their Certified Pre-Owned warranty.

    Also, in the vehicle history it says it had the drive shaft removed and replaced, and in 06 the instrument panel was replaced. Are these repairs that are typically made?

    I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!
  • It is possible that the brake light switch is faulty
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Wondered if anyone here has a 2010 Passat wagon yet? If so, how do you like it?
  • I have a 2003 Passat W8 with ~59K miles which I really like driving but lately has inhibited a similar issue as I see on other posts for the same make: When I refill my gas tank, the engine light goes on and the engine is really rough. A couple of starts later (ie: the same day), the engine is smooth as silk but the light is still on. The next day (or the day after, usually after the car has fully cooled overnight) the engine light is out and everything is fine....until the next fill up where the cycle starts all over again. I spoke to a couple shops and they do not seem to know what the issue is and they all want me to bring the car in for a diagnostic WHEN the light is one (which is not convenient)...I have read a lot about a solenoid being the cause and replacing it, may fix it? then I saw something about making sure that I change my oil often (I do it every 5K miles with Mobil 1)...I really cannot afford bringing it to a VW dealer right now, so I am hoping a local VW shop (privately owned) will know what to do...but W8’s are pretty rare and I worry about the lack of experience on such a complex car. I live in Los Gatos CA (near San Jose) and hope to find a good affordable the meantime any suggestions on what to do would be greatly be appreciated! Thank you all.
  • You are in the mileage zone where VWs start having issues. Start with a place like Autozone or Advance Auto Parts where they will check the error code (for check engine light - when it comes on) for FREE. From your description, it could be the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and/or crank shaft assembly etc. Cannot explain your suspicion re: possible relation to gas fill - are you using premium gas as recommended? any knocking?
    If you get an error code above, take it to a reputable private ASE Certified Master Technician (check sites like Angie's list, or word of mouth etc) - they typically charge $75 for computer hook up and another $45 for calling VW tech line (if needed) - add retail costs of any parts that need replacement etc.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Well, there's no connection between the frequent oil change comment and the rough running after a fuel stop, at least on the surface.

    But speaking about oil changes, I sure hope you are using the correct version of Mobil 1 that meets your owner's manual specification. That's a mighty expensive engine you have there!
  • mhvtmhvt Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 1999 passat gls 1.8 turbo from my brother in law. The body is in great shape and the car has had a lot of work done to it- new computer, turbo, tie rod ends, cat, etc. The car will hesitate after coming to a stop- give it gas and nothing happens. If you stop and restart the engine the problem goes away. The check engine light came on. The code was a high volume air problem. I checked the air filter,and it was fine. Maybe the mass air flow sensor? If it is, where is it located? Also, the ABS light came on and the brake light flashes. Plenty of fluid. Any way to check the wheel speed sensors without replacing them all? Any advice would begreatly appreciated.
  • d7huntd7hunt Posts: 1
    I have the same car with a different assortment of replaced parts. MY ABS went out and it would cost $2K to replace so at the same time that was diagnosed I also did a complete brake job. Just putting up with the signal and the lights (will put black tape over the light to minimize annoyance). Have to be more conscious now of braking early since no ABS means no antilock in case of a hard brake. My hesitation only happens after a fill up at the gas pump. No other problems between fills. I have 178 K miles on now. Looking at $750 to replace two electronic door locks, possible $900-$1250 for struts and shocks and latest problem is riding so low that starting to glide onto parking lot curbing resulting in hang ups endangering my front bumper. Trying to decide about letting this car go. Perhaps the springs have worn and shocks won't fix the problem?
  • I have an '02 Passat Wagon; 1.8T; 95,500 miles. Three times over the past week, on three different days, I have had loss of acceleration while driving, twice on the highway going 50 mph, once in a neighborhood going 20 mph. Each time, I pull over, put the car in park, and pump the gas pedal. Acceleration returns. No warning lights come on, the car doesn't stall, radio continues playing. I took it to the dealer and the first thing they checked was the alternator, which checked out fine. Now they're saying it could be a faulty brake light switch (which they replaced several months ago and will replace for free) OR the transmission! Obviously I'm hoping it's the switch, but could it be anything else? I keep up with all recommended maintenance, including a new battery very recently, and use this dealer for service exclusively (they're great, and super-convenient for me). But I am ready to go elsewhere if this all sounds wrong to anyone in the know. (Altair, are you there? You've been my hero in the past!) Thanks for any input, feedback.
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