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Audi S4 Lease Questions



  • tcovtcov Posts: 3
    I thought I was good at leases, but I cant make his numbers work..They are way too high anyways..

    thought I would post for some help

    1000 rebate (BMW owner currently)

    55% residual
    .00083 residual (0.00068+.00015)

    then there is
    695 acq
    80 docs
    463 license
    487.25 cap fees (??)
    15.08 cap tax (??)

    gross cap costs:55587.25

    cap cost reductions: 1000 (rebate) - 827.63 (amount $$ up front ie first payment) = 172.28 total cap reduction

    Net cap costs: 55429.96

    monthly payment: 761.04 + 66.59..

    anyone seeing how this is coming up?

    sounds way too high to me
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    Monthly payment before sales tax is too high, by about ~$50-$55, based on those numbers. Almost a $2,000 discrepancy over the term of the lease.

    License fees will be due at signing and are not a capitalized cost.

    First month's payment is not a cap cost reduction.

    "Cap fees" sounds like hidden dealer fees, like prep fees, to me...have the dealer break those out for you. Similarly, confirm "doc fee" is the state title document fee; otherwise, have the fee removed.
  • Hi daveg35. Audi Financial Services' February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 S4 Premium Plus with 15,000 miles per year are .00068 and 53% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • Excellent response daveg35. You are exactly right, consumers who order vehicles are usually able to lock in the program that is available at the time the order was placed and switch to the program that is available at the time of delivery if it's better.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • quattroringsquattrorings Posts: 5
    edited March 2013

    I'm scheduled to take delivery within a couple of weeks on a 2013 Premium Plus, 12k mi., 36 mo. Can you let me know the money factors for April. I ordered the car back in late January and I'm wondering what the best MF would be.
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    April numbers will not be released until probably the second week in April. For your trim package, term and miles per year, the Buy Rate MF is .00068 and the residual is 55% for January through April 6, 2013. I would not expect interest rates to get much better than the current program.
  • Thanks isles1
    Do you think you could let me know the numbers if it was 10k miles/year?
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    Residual changes to 56% @ 10K miles per year.
  • Folks,

    I need your help...

    I'm considering leasing an S4: Monsoon Gray metallic, 19" whees, Carbon Atlas inlays, B & O Sound, and Audi advanced key - $53,200.00. Dealer is happy to let it go for $ 50,700.00 and I'm confortable with that price.

    Now, here's what I think doesn't add up: 36 Mo/10K with 0 down: $766.05/month... Sure, I'm still waiting to hear on what the actual residual (I'd guess something around 55-56%?)/MF are, but that does seem a bit too high, right?

    Also, I live in FL and their fees are: battery fee $1.50, doc fee $578.40 (I know there's padding here as I can't believe xferring tags costs that much), electronic filing $15.00 (related to the previous item), license $450.00 (again, if I'm xferring tags, why do I have to pay for this?), Lemon Law $2.00, tire fee $5.00.

    I currently have a 2012 GTI that is also leased. I have leased other Audi/VW cars over the years. I'm pretty sure that given my history with Audi FS/VW Credit I can ask them to waive security deposit, right?

    I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!
  • Just heard back from the dealer... According to them, MF/Residual are: "36 month MR 0.00108 Res. 56% of MSRP".

    So, residual seems to match what isles1 had already stated in the above thread, but what about that MF? Seems high compared to what I've seen posted here... I mean, 0.00108 (2.59% APR) x 0.00068 (1.63% APR)...

    And numbers don't add up anyways...

    36 MO/10K lease:

    53,200 * .56 = 29,792
    50,700 (negotiated price) - 29.792 = 20,908
    20,908 : 36 = 580.77
    (50,700 + 29.792) * .00108 = 86.93
    580.77 + 86.93 = 666.93 + TAX (7%) = $713.61

    $713.61 is $52.44 less than the $766.05/month he quoted me earlier today... That's a $1,887.84 difference over 36 MOs!

    So, is the current MF really 0.00108?!?

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share with me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,187
    Acquisition fee? Doc fee? Title and registration?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    The dealer is padding the MF or you do not qualify for top tier credit.

    MF for 36 month term leases is .00068 through April 2, 2013 for MY2013 S4s.

    You also need to have fees broken out of the equation. $695 acquisition fee is standard, as are title fees (max. $75 in NY State) which vary by state. Dealer prep and document fees are generally used to pad a deal for dealer profit. Will you pay license and reg fee at signing or roll into payment? Same question goes for acquisition fee and title fee.

    If there is not a lot of dealer competition in your area, you may want to hang back until orders for MY2014 start being accepted. You may see incentives for dealers to move 2013 stock off the lot. Otherwise, shop around.
  • rx350lesseerx350lessee Posts: 10
    edited March 2013
    Thanks for that, isles1...

    This is most certainly padding as they have not run my credit yet.

    Right. I'll certainly refuse to pay that much for fees like "doc fee" ($578.40) and "license" ($450.00). Sure, I can pay something, but not $1,028.40.

    See, the title fee in FL shouldn't be more than 80.00. Since, I'll be xferring tags, it's my understanding that registration shouldn't be that expensive. Especially because I renewed it in January and the tag is being xferred from an RX350 to the S4, which is lighter, i.e., less money to register...

    To be honest with you, the only fee I'd like to pay at signing is acquisition (as you stated, there's no way around this one), but since we're always stuck with those other fees, I was planning on also pay for them at signing.

    Unfortunately there are not that many Audi dealers around... Only 2 in a 50-mile radius...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,187
    Florida is a tough place for doc fees...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Agreed... :(
  • ljones30ljones30 Posts: 1
    Help... I'm trying to piece together if this is a good deal. I have some information, I will find more when I go to the dealership tomorrow. Here is what I have.

    2013 S4 Premium Plus

    MSRP: 55,525
    Audi MMI Navigation Plus Package ($3,050)
    Audi Parking System Plus w/Rearview Camera
    HDD Navi w/Voice Control
    Additional Options
    Audi Advanced Key
    Audi Guard All-Weather Floor Mats
    Bang & Olufsen Sound System
    Supercharged Badges
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheels: 8.5J x 19" 5-Segment-Spoke-Design
    Without Front License Plate Holder

    He quotes me $639.00 No money down, 646 with audi care.

    Sales price: 50kish, didnt get the number.
    Tax: 6.5, Georgia does not a usage tax anymore. You pay 6.5% on the sale price, once.
    MF: .0088
    Miles: 10k

    Am I missing something? The only way I'm getting 639, is if I the entire fees are rolled up in the sales price. Making the sales price 51,049? So tell me what do I need to know, to determine if I'm getting a good deal.
  • sangivsangiv Posts: 1
    How are the Sales Taxes factored in the Lease in Florida?

    Are Sales Tax (6%) paid on top of Full negotiated price of the vehicle
    Price: $30,000
    Taxes: $30,000 + 6% = $1,800 (50 monthly / 36mo.)


    Are the Sales Tax paid on top of Negotiated Price - Residual?
    Price: $30,000 - $18,000 (Residual 60%) = $12,000
    Taxes: $12,000 + 6% = $720 (20 montly / 36mo.)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,187
    In Florida, sales tax is collected on the monthly payment.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • You might be missing something... MF is most definitely not .0088 (.00088?)...

    Anyway, I'd say you're getting a very good deal... Starting with the sales price. Apparently you managed to get a $5K discount and I never thought they'd ever discount an S4 that much (invoice on that car is around $53,200.00)... All I managed to get was $2,500.00 off... :(

    Anyway, just to give you an idea about the "deal" I've got today on a '13 S4 - Estoril Blue Crystal, Premium Plus, S tronic, 19" wheels, B&O sound, advanced key, carbon atlas inlays, and badges (MSRP: $53,800.00):

    Vehicle Sales Price: $51,300
    Title, Registration, Other Fees: 450
    $0 Down/Out-of-Pocket
    Lease Term: 36 months
    Residual Value: $30,128
    MF: .00068
    Miles/Year: 10,000
    Acquisition Fee: 695

    Monthly Payment (Tax included): $723.00

    Good luck.
  • Need a bit of advice/opinion here on a 2013 S4 that I am looking to lease:

    I currently have an 2010 A5 w/ 19,900 that had a 42 month lease, but could get out at 36 months if there was anything out that I liked...So here I am now possibly looking at a 42-month lease on a 2013 S4 Estoril Blue Crystal Effect
    w/ Fine Nappa Leather w/ Lunar Silver, 19" 5-segment-spoke wheels, Audi MMI Navi, sports diff, B&O sound system, advanced access key, carbon atlas inlays, SS badges & Alu-optic stone guards. (MSRP: $58,420)
    Miles/Yr 10,000
    42-month lease
    MF: .00068
    Capitalized Cost Reduction - $750(owner loyalty) + $1,000 (special rebate) = $1,750
    Down payment - $3,750
    Total out-of-pocket w/fees(first month, admin fee, doc fee, title&reg, acq fee, m/v fee) - $ $4,361

    Monthly Payment - $660 w/ tax included

    I would really love some insight. Thanks for the help!
  • You never mentioned a few important items:

    1. Actual sales price/capitalized cost
    2. Residual
    3. State you live in, i.e., use tax state?

    Assuming MSRP as the actual sales price and a 56% residual, you'd be paying ~$650.00/month (tax included - again, assuming you live in a use tax state).

    So, it doesn't look like they're doing you any favors... Also, notice that the difference between out of pocket and down payment is only $611.00... There's probably a lot more padding there being offset by the rebates you're getting, i.e., your actual capitalized cost reduction is only a fraction of $1,750.00...

    Good luck!
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    What is the appraised value of the A5? In otherwords, do you have any equity in it to use toward the trade? Pretty low mileage, but I do not know the condition or how the A5s hold their value. Does not look like they are doing anything more than taking it off your hands.

    Just a few observations: 1. The $750 is the special rebate, not the $1,000. And the $750 (actually Audi Financial Services lease bonus cash) expired 4/2/2013, unless something new was just announced. The $1,000 is the loyalty incentive.

    2. The MF on a lease term over 36 months is .00088, not .00068. And the last round of Audi lease programs which are where these MFs are from also expired on 4/2/2013. The dealer may not even have the new program info yet.

    3. Those are A LOT of fees. Admin fee and doc fee is all dealer padding for profit. 1st month, acq fee of $695, title (capped by state law), registration and any required state MV fees are the only legit fees. Have the dealer break these out.

    4. Estoril Blue is very difficult to maintain. You will get swirl marks unless you plan to use a special paint protectant, like Opti Coat and hand wash the car yourself. A car wash will destroy it.

    5. As pointed about by another member, you have failed to tell us the negotiated sales price BEFORE the application of any trade in or incentives.

    6. Avoid putting money down on a lease. Should be no issue to do $0 down. $3,750 down is equivalent to an extra $89 on your monthly payment...just keep that in mind.
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    Not sure if you pulled the trigger on this one, but it does not appear to have the Sport Differential (PDU) option. This is considered a must by enthusiasts and will hurt the resale value of the car (and the actual value at lease term end wherein you will likely have some equity based upon the very conservative residuals set by Audi on S4s).

    Personally, I'd pass.
  • rx350lesseerx350lessee Posts: 10
    edited April 2013
    I actually did pull the trigger on that one, Isles1. No sports diff for me... :( It was very hard to find a car with the options I wanted. All cars equipped with sports diff also had Nav, which I really didn't need/want.

    So, since I'm not tracking this car (I have a Supercharged E36 M3 that I use for that sort of thing) and will most likely return the car at the end of the lease, thought I'd take advantage of the incentives + reasonable deal I've got last month.

    As far as Estoril Blue goes, yes, like any other dark color, it'll show swirl marks if you're brave enough to take your car to a regular automatic car wash. I take mine to a hand car wash and bring with me everything I want them to use on my car: shipskin mitts and microfiber towels.

    Still, eventually swirl marks will show and I'll resort to Zaino to take care of them... :)
  • The state I live in is NY and you're right about the padding. I feel the same way and am going to work to see the breakdown of the fees with the dealer. Hopefully able to get rid of some of those padded fees as well as have the Audi care included in the monthly payment. I will find out the residual as well as the actual capitalized cost on the car. Thanks for the info so far.
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    As a NY resident I can tell you that the Title Fee is capped at $75, you'll have NYS inspection fee of $10, and NYS tire recycling fee of $12.50.

    DMV fees will vary whether you are transferring plates or getting new plates. For your reference, I transferred plates to my 2013 S4 with just under 1 year remaining on the registration: Cost was $66.00. The dealer will estimate the DMV fees, and is required by law to refund to you any overpayment.

    There are a lot of Audi dealers in the Tri-State area. No reason to get taken advantage of. Just be well-informed and willing to walk away. You'll get your price on an in stock 2013. 2014 order sheets are just around the corner....
  • Sorry I forgot to mention that I had put a deposit down to hold the car for me as the lease bonus cash that expired on 04/02/2013 was still able to be put down for me luckily as I just made it. And I believe that i received the loyalty incentive of $1,000. Which totaled $1,750 in capitalized cost reductions.

    I was certainly thinking about putting now down payment and having it rolled into the monthly.

    Thanks about the info on the ext. color. I will definitely keep that in mind.
  • Here is the breakdown of the fees on my worksheet from the dealer, which is pretty ridiculous and will need to be worked out before doing anything else. I just wanted your opinion of what can be taken off:

    Title&Reg: $75
    Car Wash & Detail: $95 (Lol)
    Admin fee: $495
    Bank acq fee: $695
    dp: $3,750
    M.V. fees: $341.50

    Also, what is the current lease/money factor on 2013 S4 for March on a 42 lease term? So I know where I should be on par with the dealer. Need to work these numbers a bit I think.

    Lastly, I am thinking about keeping my A5 till the end of the lease term which will be October, but I feel if I go put in a order for a new 2014 its going to be at a premium. I wanted to know your thoughts on that as well. Thanks again for the guidance.
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    edited April 2013
    With your exterior color, I'd specifically ask the dealer not to wash or detail it. So that gets rid of the $95 "prep" fee.

    The Admin fee is BS. Cross it out.

    MV fees look about right if you are getting new plates.

    You locked in the "old" program (which ran from 1/2013 - 4/2/2013) with your deposit on 4/2/2013. MF on 42 month term is .00088; residual is 50% for 10K miles per year. No idea what the new programs are, and the dealer may not either; regardless, you get the benefit of the better program as of order date or delivery.

    You mentioned AudiCare in one of your posts above. What price were you quoted? Also know that AudiCare adds 1% to the residual value stated above.

    No doubt you'll pay a premium for 2014. Interest rates almost always start out higher at the beginning of a model year. You'll also have less bargaining power as there will be no cars on the lot, at least until mid-year.

    Again: What is the negotiated sales price BEFORE the $1,750 of incentives and net of AudiCare? Why put money down on this lease?
  • Okay I will definitely speak to the dealer about the crossing out the admin fee because I thought it may be "bs" and yes certainly need to remove that $95 "prep" fee. So that takes off roughly about $590.

    In regards to the Audicare, they dealer did not mention the price on it but I believe it is about $880 for the S4. I am going to haggle with the dealer and see if they are willing to cover that charge for free especially since I am trading in my lease early which I did purchase the Audicare on my A5.

    Yes, I am glad to have received the lock in for the "old program" but still need to get rid of some of those fees and will have them roll in the down payment. I'd rather not pay a premium for the 2014 S4 considering they are not changing the body style...I believe but not 100% sure. Let me know if I'm incorrect on that piece of info.

    I will get you the negotiated sales price before the incentives and hopefully net of the Audicare, which I hope to receive free of charge. I would rather not put money down if necessary other than paying the taxes and fees up front.

    Let me know if this seems much more comparable to a decent deal though I haven't given you the additional pertinent information. Thanks again for you advice isles1
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