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Ford Focus Wagon



  • Sorry about posting without having to b***h about something (like no dipstick on a new car and then paying for one--spare us, plz...) so here goes. My wagon gets ~ 22 mpg putting around and ~30 on the highway. Beats 12 mpg. It has the fat tires, which were great on the snow/ice up in North Dakota (Pirellis). They wore out before 20K and I got a great deal on some Falkens. Pirelli: great handling tire, but you won't get 20k out of them (unless you don't mind driving around with cupped tires or the wear bars showing). And I drive mellow. Seats are great for long drives, and I've done several--got about 22k on it now. AC works like a champ, as does the heat. Yes, the leather and heated seats were great up in NoDak. I got it fully loaded (less sunroof) for $16k back in '03. Nice looking wagon, cool wheels, handles like my old GTI and is zero maintenance. Sorry about you folks who have bad cars--I've never owned a bad car, even when I owned a POS Vauxhall in England. Luck? I think not. Karma. Feel the love. Enjoy your Focus and quitchabichin--just drive, baby. :shades:
  • esattesatt Posts: 1

    Read this; se/default.asp?ComponentID=113326&SourcePageID=113507%230

    Ford Focus second after one Mercedes type!! Even Toyota is behind. Toyota has been years at the 1. place.
    Read also how the statistics are collected (german). As far as I know only those faults that leave your car on road are calculated.

    ADAC = private German Road Service

  • This is a site to list issues. I don't consider mine B****In as you put it. If you are accustomed to purchasing new vehicles with missing parts good for you. I am not. And to buy a new car and have no radio in it for going on two months is not my idea of service either. You are lucky you have no issues.... and have never had issues. If we were all so lucky we wouldn't need web sites like this one to discuss them.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Rapidrick: Agreed 100%. Nothing compares for utility in a small package. Steering is the most precise of anything I have ever driven and handling and ride quality are excellent. Also max 36mpg. The Toyota Corolla I recently drove was relatively junky IMO and that was not a wagon.

    Esatt: I am not too surprised. Focus won about every award possible in Europe and is very highly regarded there.
    I have heard said it is considered above VW and below BMW.

    Noradio: Sorry for the bad luck and the absent quality control, but at least they are easy fixes. This is a warranty/dealer issue and there are some bad dealers. I would suggest dealing with regional Ford rep if the dealer is dragging. If there is still a problem, fill out a small claims form and take it in to the delaer, 99% of the time they will get serious when they see you are ready for action. Sorry you have to go through this hassle for such obvious omissions.

  • Hello, need some help, looked through the manual and on the net and apparently there is supposed to be a plastic thumbscrew to release the casing for the rear tail lights....I cannot find it in my vehicle. When I open the hatch I have 2 screws holding the casing. I took the screws out but the casing is still held by something..HELP Please. Thanks D
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Focus won about every award possible in Europe...

    Okay, but isn't the european Focus different from the US version?
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    They are very close. Having seem both they are visually almost indistinguishable to a layman. Emblems and turn signal details are different. Euro models have availability of sub 2.0 liter engines and diesels and the springs and shocks are a little higher rate. INteriors and option packages are somewhat different. But Euro never had the 2.3. IN the current year model though the Euro Focus is totally redone and only the US hangs on to the old design. TTBOMK

  • bent1bent1 Posts: 1
    Gotta agree with you about the value of the Focus Wagon, bought a 04 with all the bells and whistles for a work vehicle to replace a Astrovan that was stolen.

    First thing I did was replace the springs with shorter and stiffer ones from H&R which made the "Souris Gris" (grey mouse) handle like they do in Europe.

    Then I replaced the speakers with Boston Pros including the separate tweeters. replaced the airfilter with a K&N free flo one and reducted the cool air intake, synthetic oil, jumpered the lights so I can use the foglights on hi beam.

    Now I got tunes and handling.

    Not a problem that was not handled under warranty, seat heater drivers side and an O2 sensor R/R last week.

    Thats it, get in and go.

    Better than my Mini Cooper S and not as quiet as my BMW 7 series :)
  • I replaced my rear brake light a few months ago. After taking out the 2 screws that hold the casing, it was just a matter of using gentle force to remove it. There is some kind of a small latch somewhere on it, but it came right off.
  • Anyone know at what mileage Ford recommends timing belt replacement for the z-tek?
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    120,000 miles for Foci with timing belts.

  • My 2000 SE wagon runs outa gas when going uphill! It only happens when it is close or at the low fuel warning, but still has gas in the car. I have had the fuel pump replaced under the recall when it stalled on a right turn situation, but now this is happening. Just wondering if anyone out there has had this problem and what the resolution was. Sure is a dangerous situation
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    I don't have the problem but here's my guess - the new fuel pump is bad.

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Or the new fuel pump is good, but installed incorectly. Either way take a look at the fuel pump.
  • Browsing around on the other boards, I read about someone having a problem with their 2005 ZX5 brakes in higher altitudes and that Ford knew about it. Is this a problem with the ZXWs as well? I don't live in a high altitude, but I would like to know if there could be potential problems if I drive to one in the future. Does everyone have problems with their 05 brakes? So far my ZXW brakes (with ABS and only 4800 miles)seem fine--a little softer than our CRV, but stops the car fine. Sometimes I do notice a bit of low noise (squeaks and sometimes a rubbing sound) when the car completely stops, but the dealer said that I was probably just hearing normal brake ware and that the brakes were fine. I'm just concerned after reading other people's posts because I don't want to be driving around (especially with two kids in the car) and suddenly not be able to stop.
  • I have an 05 SES wagon and I also hear a chirping/light grinding type noise from the rear just as the car comes to a full stop. I will be taking it in for its first service in a few weeks and intend on having them look at that.

    To me, being that the car is FWD, I find it odd that there seems to be as much noise coming from the rear as there is just when cruising along. We keep the back seat down 99% of the time and that may be having an effect on the amount of noise as it creates a bigger "chamber" if that makes sense.

    Other than that I am thrilled with the car so far.
  • I have a 2004 ZTW, and it seems to hydroplain alot in the rain. Not necessarily a down pour, just and slightly wet road conditions. Anyone else notice this and replace their tires? Only have 18K miles, so these shouldn't need to be replaced unless they're just weren't good to begin with.

    Also, I do notice some brake sqeeking like others have mentioned. I took it to get looked at, and the brakes are fine, Midas just said that Ford/Mazda brakes are a little noisey, but good. :)
  • I have an 05 SES wagon / auto. After 4000km / 2500mi, I just checked after a trip yesterday which was 400km/250mi of which it was 90% hwy driving at 100 kph / 60 mph. By my calculations I am getting 8.25 l/km or 34 miles per gallon.

    I believe this car should be getting up to 6.75 l/km or 42 mpg. Should I be concerned, or will this improve in time? And if so, when?


  • Anybody know if there's an aftermarket split folding rear seat cushion? As I'm sure you all know it's pointless having the 60/40 seat back and the one piece cushion.
    Any ideas out there?
  • all of the plastic in back on the hatch was loose on mine I put in larger screws. ok now
  • Anyone had any success with an aftermarket chip to improve gas milage and performance? I'm just your average driver but would like to get better milage. I am getting an average of 25-26 mpg and feel that it should be better.
  • My 2001 SE Wagon (80,000 miles) has a strong vibration in the front when I shift into reverse. It's an automatic tranny with the zetec engine. The vibration is substantial when first starting the car after it sits overnight. After the car warms up and I've driven it for even 20 minutes and then put it in reverse, the vibration almost disappears. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  • I'm considering buying a Focus wagon, with a manual transmission. Since I'm going to be driving on unplowed, non-salted roads in the winter, I can't help but think a manual transmission would be superior to an automatic with ABS. However, the only thing I don't like about four cylinder engines, is their higher RPMs at highway speeds (non-winter driving). Has anyone observed what the RPMs are in fifth gear (manual transmission) at 65-70MPH, with the Focus' 2.0L? I thank you, in advance, for your response.
  • Help! We live in a snowy area and bought a 2003 ford focus wagon recently. The back end slides all over the road while we drive. We have snowtires in the front. I noticed someone else here posted about that too...what can we do to fix this?
  • jhart1jhart1 Posts: 16
    Try using the same type snow tires on the rear. They have bigger bites then regular tires. If I had to deal with a lot of surface street driving and little interstate driving in a snow/ice climate I would put studded snow tires all the way around. Your neighbors will be calling you to take them to the grocery. Since I don't have that much snow here in Ky., I put a set of snow tires (studded) on the front of my Caravan. Goes everywhere BUT you have to be extremely careful the rear end doesn't come around on you, even while driving straight and hit an icy patch. That's why I would stud all four wheels. Studded tires are illegal in some states and required for interstate driving in other states under certain conditions. Of course, no one will inspect your tires for that unless they would have a vehicle inspection roadblock or yearly inspection. I have never heard of anyone getting canned for being sensible about hazardous driving. I bought old rims at the junkyard and put the snow tires on them and change them out in the spring. I buy the studded tires at Vulcan Tire online delivered to your door. You just need to get them mounted. Happy new year!.
  • I recently found myself without any dashboard or rear lights on my 2001 Ford Focus Wagon SE. The Ford dealership told me that the wires going through the back hatch are being worn from opening and closing the back hatch and tripped the fuse. He's telling me that to replace the electrical wires he needs to take the inside roof off and replace the whole line. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Yes - you need snows on all 4 wheels, or else handling will be dicey.
  • I put mid-range rain/snow tires on all four wheels and have excellent handling. The tire's tread is not as deep as it would be on an all snow tire, but the tire design has a lot of sipes. With those tires on all four wheels, it handles quite well in snow. It is a softer tire and a little noisey on the highway, but handles considerably better than the original tires on this 2001 wagon.
  • Hi I have a 2000 SE 4-door Focus with the same problem.
    When I first start it in the morning I get alot of noise and vibration in park at idle.
    When put it into reverse the noise and vibration gets worse
    the steering wheel shakes really bad and the noise sounds like a rumbling sound, you cant hear any noise outside the car, just inside.
    The colder the weather the vibration and noise gets worse.
    I have taken the car to the Ford dealer 3 times and of course they never can find the problem. Only my money.
    I believe the problem is with the motor mounts.
    I read the right motor mount could be bad due to defective hardware resulting in noise, vibration.
    Also the rear motor mount could also be bad causing the problem.
    Im going to replace both maybe this will help.
    Not taking it back to a Ford dealer
  • jhart1jhart1 Posts: 16
    My son's Focus (has been traded off now) had the same baffling problem. It was a ruptured formed hose fitting on the PCV tube going from the valve cover to the intake manifold. Engine ran really rough at start up. I finally took the hose off and found that the hose fitting on the metal tube at the intake vacuum "T" was rotted allowing air in when cold. Seemed to heal itself when warm. The rubber ends of the metal PCV tube are meant to degrade in the land fill, apparently, and rot in place instead. Very soft rubber part. About thirty bucks. Block off the "T" at the manifold and see if it runs better at cold start up.
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