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Ford Focus Wagon



  • juppjupp Posts: 7
    Great, but keep in mind, the wagon board is pretty slow moving and will get slower as we are such a minority of Focus owners and they aint gonna make em anymore.
  • the chances are of getting Ford to change their mind about making them? The Focus wagon, I mean.
  • I recently did this.

    Can anyone tell me what parts I need to replace? It was a very low speed slide into the ditch and the snowbank had its way. Thanks.
  • This is a 2000 Focus by the way.
  • I guess the two tail gate arms have given out, has any one else had this problem if so what is the fix? Hard to take stuff in and out of the car, with the tailgate falling on my head. :sick:

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    these hydrulic struts do have a lifespan. They should be something you can fix your self if you get the parts.
  • Was cover by the extended warranty, dealer fixed it so no more tail gate falling on the head.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Not only has the wagon production stopped, the focus as we know it will completely stop production at the end of the 07 model year this summer. THe 2008 Focus is a sedan-only redesign bread & butter car. No hatch, no wagon, no 2.3. INterestingly you can buy the real new generation Focus in Mexico.

  • lenwicklenwick Posts: 23
    My 2006 Focus wagon uses about 1 guart per 1000 miles.Is this normal
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I would have that looked at while still under warrenty. You are about at the threshold where the dealer will do something about it.

    Normal is more like a quart every 5,000 miles or more.

    I change every 5,000 miles (on a Sienna) and can't tell that any oil has been consumed between changes.
  • lenwicklenwick Posts: 23
    I have a 7 year warranty so ive told the dealer they said wait it only has about 6000 miles it could get better?
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    I could never detect any oil useage at all between 5,000 mile oil changes on my Duratec that now has 30K. I'd say a quart every 1,000 miles is not normal for these engines.

  • orcishorcish Posts: 9
    I recently purchased a 2005 ZXW SES, and have been considering cargo cover. If anyone has one, how happy are you with it? Is it easy to use, moount / dismount. Any problems / concerns?

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    my experience is like yours. my focus has about 30k on it, also. oil changed about 4500 miles ago, it still reads full.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Mine stays in the garage 95% of the time, but when I need it, I need it. It seems a decent quality unit. Takes a little compression and wiggling to get it in, not bad.

  • With my employer, cash back, and financing, the Focus seems like too good a deal. Are they any good? What do you like and dislike?
  • I had a 2003 sedan for two years and really enjoyed it. I traded it in on a 2005 ZXW SES because i wanted the extra room the wagon offered. I enjoy driving it emensely, and the extra room is great.
  • My 03 ZTW has been perfect, zero issues with car, just wore out the Pirellis really fast :P .
  • I bought my wagon used, and about the only option I didn't get, that I really wanted was the heated mirrors. :)

    Does anyone know if they can be added without having to do extra wiring, or other hassels?
  • Recommend the ZTW - the sportier version. Slightly bigger wheels. I really enjoy my wagon - its the SE comfort ZTW leather version. I bought it used and had almost everything on it except heated seats. I've driven the SE, 4 door, 2 door, the SVT. The SVT 2 door was real just wasn't roomy enough as my ZTW.
  • I may be buying a 2005 SES wagon - my first "new" car ever. Wanted to know how other owners rate theirs. This one is basic - no extra bells and whistles (heated seats, etc.) but at $12,000 with just under 20,000 miles - it seems a good value - is it a good car? Will it withstand the rigors of city driving? Any comments? should I purchase the dealer warranty? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    Hi there !

    My first Focus was a 2005 ZXW SES model with several nice options, but no cargo cover. While I would NOT recommend the dealer I purchased it from (Pacifico Ford in Essington, Philadelphia) :mad: I would wholeheartedly recommend the Focus wagon with a cargo cover, but if purchased separately from a dealer just look at the cover before you pay for it as they tend to warp in storage. My first wagon was Arizona Beige, my '07 is an Aqua Blue ZXW, and it was one of the last ones built. I drove all the way to Bob Davidson Ford, in Baltimore Maryland some 100 miles away from home after locating Big Blue on line, and they were fantastic to work with. :)

    ZXW Robb
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    HI There:

    There was an engine upgrade in '05 that made the difference for me. Mine actually was a PZEV engine that put out 130 vs 136 hp, not a big diff. I needed a car fast as my then current 13 year old car was dying fast. Mr Arizona Beige was totally reliable in city and highway. One of the best rides of my life. The one you've located sounds good, but shop a bit more if you have time to avoid any buyer remorse. Used Focus wagons are scarce, I will have to advise you.
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    I do love my wagon as well, the ZXW '05 was my first. The wagons were never available with larger than 15" tyres however, if I recall. I would have preferred 16" but as far as I know they would only be available as an aftermarket item?

    ZXW Robb
  • I love my wagon, I got it with 28,000 miles and it has been rock solid. I have not had problems in town or on the highway. I am in a rural area though so I can't speak to real City driving. The warranty may depend on your driving. I drive for two of my jobs, so I rack up the miles. Because of when my car was put into service, I had almost 18moths of warranty left, but only just over 7,000 miles. I had a 2003 sedan, and put almost 45,000 miles in just under 2 years. For me, adding another 4 years and up to 100,000 miles made sense. Your situation may be different. Btw, the only reason I sold my sedan was I wanted some extra room. I really liked that little car and would not have sold it if I hadn't found this wagon.
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    Good to hear about your gas mileage and dependability. With each Focus I've owned my mileage gets better ... I had one recall for the driver side air bag switch that was a potential hazard for opening at the wrong time. Since then, nothing but joy. One Arizona Beige, one Liquid Grey (color was a bit too tame for me however) and now Big Blue (aqua blue metallic). city driving is about 28, highway is close to 40 but one trip back from Lancaster to home, which is about 150 miles, I was able to get 42 mpg ! Really amazed me. I can see Big Blue making it to 100,000 miles with no problem ... continued good luck with your great ride !

  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    Yes, Grasshopper, heated mirrors will require wiring :P
    I doubt it would be worth it, although, when I was up in North Dakota, I sure was glad I had that option...for those few times the Silver Bullet wasn't in the garage... :shades:
  • lenwicklenwick Posts: 23
    Hi the dealer was right for a change. I had the oil changed at 7000 now at 11000 it ha-sent used any oil.I have never had a car as good as the Focus.It has been perfect up to this time
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    maybe it was not filled up all the way originally. a nasty little trick is to overfill it. next time the oil is changed, check it yourself. then check it every 1000 or so.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • scole1scole1 Posts: 4
    Greetings from the great white north.

    After 6 months of (intense)research and test drives I just bought an SES wagon. I must say I am very happy so far( 1000km).
    It's sort of the perfect compromise car, scores well in a lot of areas though not at the top. Space wise it's quite comparable or better than a lot of Suvs In Canada the environment groups give it top marks. Crash ratings with the side air bags are ok, gas millage good so far. Average reliability (and even average these days is good) Nice feel on the road and fun to drive(though some air and road noise). Price good. I read lots of negatives on the interior, can't say it bothers me and I drove Accords etc. Thought the interior better than the Corolla I tried and anyway if it's too nice inside I wouldn't feel comfortable filling it with dogs.

    Anyway this board has been very useful, I thank you all. I did lots of reading on potential problems etc. before buying. So I will add anything I can as it comes up.

    I write this having just come back from the lake with the dogs. Used the run to mess with the bug deflector which vibrates at 140km/hr. Not that I drive at that speed all the time but it bugs me when stuff doesn't perform. I put some foam wedges in and it seems better. Anyway it's taken one for the team already so I'll keep it. Around here( Northern BC) wagons are pretty cool.

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