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Can I replace Denali air shocks with gas shocks?

casey09casey09 Member Posts: 1
I have a Denali with 101k miles. I am told that my air shocks are bad causing tire cupping. @ 1200+ for just parts, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with replacing the air shocks with an OEM or aftermarket replacement gas shock? I would think the fit would be the same,(as for a standard Yukon 4WD, and just disconnect the air compressor either via the fuse or the harness. Also, would disconnecting the air system cause the ecm to throw a code? Thanks in advance.


  • ntwt16ozntwt16oz Member Posts: 1
    I just had one of my rear air shocks blow out while on vacation. The dealer wanted $625 for one shock! I almost crapped my drawers! I though about biting the bullet and buying one shock, but had no idea if the other would blow out soon. I thought of replacing the shocks with Monroe air shocks, but couldn't find the right shocks. I finally found a PAIR of OEM replacement (Delphi) autoride air shocks at Arnott Inc. for $479. I had them drop shipped to where we were on vacation. It took about 30 minutes to replace both shocks. If you replace the shocks with the aftermarket Bilsteen electronic shocks $379, you get a plug that fakes out the computer.
  • winterman1winterman1 Member Posts: 1
    Yeah ... I was quoted $900 per shock!!! What the hell?? I'll try Arnott. You can also have a lower kit (installed!) at around $400-$500. That includes 4 shocks, springs, etc... the whole 9 yards.
  • david1061david1061 Member Posts: 1
    I have same issue on 2002 Denali, but the air pump is bad too. I was quoted $500 ea shock for GM shocks plus $450 for the Arnott pump, but I found surplus GM shocks at a wholesaler, for $175 each, plus a better aftermarket pump for $200! I'd like to take a crack at doing it myself if anyone has any ideas what it entails.
  • chicco79chicco79 Member Posts: 1
    @David1061, can u direct me to that same wholesaler that u purchased your aftermarket shocks from please?
  • ehaeha Member Posts: 1
    Not a mechanic or DIY'er. Have been told $500./wheel to replace Air schocks. Ridiculous! Looking at either Strutmasters Conversion Kit or Arnott/Bilstein as an alternative solution for our mechanic. What is your experience, advice, etc? Thanks for helping me!
  • hotazgal999hotazgal999 Member Posts: 1
    david what dealer did you find the shocks at for that price? please let me know
  • jamiemac74jamiemac74 Member Posts: 2

    Hi... I recently purchased a 2004 Yukon Denali. After purchasing the truck I noticed the rear Air-ride shocks where shot and the compressor didn't seem to run. I researched online and ran upon a Monroe 90012 conversion kit. Figuring I didn't have anything to loose so I purchased the kit. The kit was easy to install even with the Autoride interface modules. That's right NO service suspension displayed on the dash anymore. I tested the factory compressor and found the main power fuse was shot. After replacing the fuse the compressor worked great. The rear shocks even had the same fittings a the factory shocks so connecting them was a dream. The vehicle drives great and levels when loaded. This was a very inexpensive fix at less than $150.00 with new shocks on all 4 corners. Monroe link:

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