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Pontiac Grand Prix AC/Heater Fan issue



  • I have a 2004 Grand Prix and I was experiencing the exact same problem. I did some research and found out that there is a cabin air filter on the passenger side. You have to go under the hood to change it. Once we changed the cabin air filter (different from the engine air filter) the smell went away.
  • Thanks much. Did so, regarding cabin filter along with finding and clearing drain tube. Seems to have worked. Thanks again.
  • I am having the same problems with my 04. I haven't taken it to a mechanic yet but plan on doing that soon. Did you ever end up getting the problem fixed and if so what was it and how much was it?
  • jreck87jreck87 Posts: 5
    This is a Pontiac Grand Prix forum! go to your own car's forum!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Well, you're telling that member off about 3.5 years too late. That post was from 2009. Discussions may have been combined during that time, and that member is almost certainly not going to see your message.


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  • jreck87jreck87 Posts: 5
    oh, ok kool and to clarify, i wasnt telling anyone "off", i was just sayin to them. thanks
  • littlesixxlittlesixx Posts: 1
    In my 2001 pontiac grand prix I noticed the other night when i turned on the air condition that my dashboard message center and the automatic headlights went off. I tried a few different settings and nothing. I was just wondering if its as simple as replacing a few fuses or do i have to rip everything apart. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  • Well u have to do a therough check on wires.harnesses .actual blower motor switch n conections to grounds all over the car for me it was the main harnes behind my radio the plug actually melted the wires on it r easy to find just look under the dash (pass side) locate the blower n follow the wires to behind the radio on the one side of harness connector there is 4 or 6 thicker wires then the rest of the wires in the harness u will clearly c if they r melted if so go to the zone .strauss.or pepboys and get the male n female connectors b sure to secure them correct because they will heat up n if not properly done wires can ark until a fire occurs n we don't want that trust me
  • jdowell76jdowell76 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 used Pontiac Grand Am GT. Car drives great but I just had the AC fan blast on full while I was driving. It will not shut off and adusting the controls does nothing. I had to unhook the battery to turn it off. The only things that happened prior to the issue is a car wash (perhaps water leaked into the electronics) and put a cell phone charger into the lighter. :sick:
  • voclovoclo Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2004 Grand Prix GT2 4 days ago- beautiful car! Ran great, everything worked when tested. Dealership replaced the windshield the day we picked it up since we saw it had a prominent stone chip in the middle when we took it for test drive. Picked it up on Thursday; on Saturday the air conditioner wouldn't shut off, not even when car was turned off. Had to pull fuse to get it to stop. Have read the forum- some have suggested a leak that corroded the resistor; others suggested ignition wiring, etc. Wondering if the replacement of the windshield and all the torrential rain we had actually caused this or if its something else. There was no evidence of leaking in the car. Perhaps it just happened to work correctly when we test drove it. Called the dealership but they must have closed earlier on Saturday. Left message for them. Closed on Sunday. Hoping they will make it right but we bought it without a warranty. Not sure how to proceed from here. It's our daughter's car and we/she can't afford costly repairs when money was used for down payment. I checked and buyer's remorse laws don't appear to apply to cars. A mechanic mentioned a recall for this problem, but I checked this as well and don't see one. Any suggestions?
  • jpnortheyjpnorthey Posts: 1
    Just signed up today to give a possible answer to your question and one from 09 ac/heater not working along with rear window defrost and auto on night time headlights not working. Had same issue with my 2000 GP started in the last month. After reading about it maybe being the ignition switch went out this morn and sprayed electrical contact cleaner into the key hole. Everything appears to be working fine again fan, rear defrost, cant tell about headlights as its still day time but guessing they also work. A cheap fix to try before going any deeper into this problem . Hope this helps any one looking up this problem
  • Hello all,

    I have a similar problem and hope to get some help. When I turn on the fan my ac switch/ button automatically comes on but when I press the button it wont turn off. I would like to be able to get heat now that it's getting cold. Any ideas, help and suggestions would be helpful.

  • I have a Pontiac grand prix 01 supercharger. When I turn my car my car is automatic so basically my head lights turn on by itself. But...when I turn on my AC/Heater both my headlights and AC/Heaters turn off...So what I have to do is turn on headlights only by hand but my AC/Heater still doesn't want to turn on...What is wrong my car.?
  • bmsmith, I've got a 2002 Grand Prix. My fan is staying on too. Were you ever able to find a solution to this problem?
    I have 06 grand prix same problem & it was my resistor
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