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Jeep Wrangler Transmission Troubles



  • I've had a 04 wranglerX for about two years now. I know jeeps have a reputation for the transmition causing problems and I've experienced my first. I cannot move the transmition past reverse to park. N D 2 1 all work as does reverse. However I cannot out the park and car and take out the keys. Does anyone know what is wrong or how this happened? I was in 4h before this happened ....?
  • Is it an automatic or a manual?? Mine is an automatic and I had a similar problem like this happen to mine at 80k miles. I couldnt get it into park, or drive, only neutral and reverse. There eneded up being a little piece inside the shifter that was broken which wasnt allowing it to go into gear. My husband was able to fix it, and all we had to do was buy a $100.00 part from the dodge place. Good luck finding out whats wrong with it!!!
  • csettcsett Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Wrangler and the transmission sticks in 2nd gear. Have had the transmission rebuilt and the computer replaced. I have had it in the shop more than out in the last 3 months. No one seems to know how to fix it. I am a rural letter carrier and there are 4 other Jeeps in the office with the same problem. Thanks
  • I'm also a rurual letter carrier w/an 06 wrangler and had all of the above problems. It took me 8 months but we finally figured out it was an O2 sensor. It sends mixed signals to your computer and your transmission. If your jeep is like mine it has 4 and just one of them going out can cause a heap of trouble. I had the transmission rebuilt, and was told by one dealership I needed a new computer but thank goodness I didnt buy that yet. Even after the transmission was rebuilt it was still stalling to shift into second. I FINALLY went to my fourth dodge dealership and was told it was a down stream 02 sensor. We had it replaced about a month ago and everything (knock on wood) is running perfectly. The mechanic also seemed to think that there was nothing wrong with my transmission from the get go, that it was just this sensor. My check engine light never came on for it either. Maybe that will help ya!!! Happy mailing! :))
  • jlantz5jlantz5 Posts: 1
    your problem is the Brake Shift Interlock. i had the same problem a few months ago with my 06 rubicon. Here is the help page i found. I just disconnected it but you should probably just replace it. ey.html

    hope that helped.">link title
  • I have exact same problem. 97 wrangler 4.0l auto trans with no noise in park or neutral. Drive reverse first and second grinding noise. Transfer fluid normal in color and smell. Just started today. I'm not driving for fear of damage to transfer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  • yellow06yellow06 Posts: 1
    I am a rural carrier too,and have been having the same problem. Just took my 06 wrangler to dealership and had $600 worth of work done. Said the seal between the transmission and transfer case needed replaced and had the transmission fluid and filter changed.Ran fine until yesterday on my way to work. The first time the check engine light came on,02 sensor was the code that came up,check engine light has came on 4 times and each time shows different codes. So your solution makes sense about a 02 sensor sending mixed signals. I will try a new sensor and keep my fingers crossed!
  • megbutlamegbutla Posts: 5
    Crazy that you posted that yesterday! I had to take my jeep back to the transmission shop today. The o2 sensors worked for a few weeks but everything has just gotten worse. Now not only is it shifting hard but its not wanting to shift out. Thankfully im still under warranty thru them. Will let you know what they say. Ive been fighting with this problem for a year now!!
  • It sounds like you have a phenomena called neutral gear rattle. When you disengage the clutch the transmission stops rotating, so no gear rattle. When you engage the clutch in neutral the transmission is turning at engine speed, and with a constant mesh manual transmission the gears will also be turning but with no load since it's in neutral. The engine has torsional vibrations from the firing pulses of the engine, and this causes the gears to rattle. Gears must have some backlash in order to work, so the torsional vibration from the engine can make them rattle. The clutch dampers are tuned to reduce or eliminate this rattle, but as the clutch damper springs wear and lose friction/damping they may not work as well. Also, low trans. oil level or too low viscosity oil can add to it. It is not damaging.
  • bladeskibladeski Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    1992 Wrangler YJ with a 4.0. AX5. Same thing for me. It's like a you're driving over a highway rumble strip. But only in 3rd gear. It starts exactly when I shift into 3rd. One guy at Pep Boys said it might be bad teeth on the 3rd gears. Sounds good to me I guess. 1st 2nd and 4th and 5th sound fine.
  • bobl7bobl7 Posts: 1
    Having problem with a 2006 Jeep Rubicon automatic transmission.

    Shifting hard (bang) from 1st to 2nd. It is only happens on an initial start of the Jeep and then it runs fine and shifts through the gears normally. If I shut the Jeep off and restart it, it will happen again.

    Can anybody help?

  • I have a 1997 wrangler 4cyl 5 speed and I'm experiencing the same issue. Shifts fine when tranny is cold and after warm up it gets really tricky sometimes having to turn engine off to get it out of neutral and restart, then it shifts fine as long as you are moving. What did you determine was the problem with yours ? Which tranny does yours have, Peugeot or American made?
  • I am considering being a part of the Jeep family and looking for a newer model Jeep 2009 or later. However, I ran into a friend that used to sell cars and he literally freaked me out about Jeeps, reliability problems and he told me to look for the 2014 models that should be more reliable. (BTW, he does not sell cars anymore!) Having said that, I am looking at the newer models 2010+ and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions/tips moving forward? Any good/bad experiences w/ Jeep older than 2009? Anything I should watch for?

    Much appreciated.

  • pdjimpdjim Posts: 1

    Is this still an "active" forum? Have some transmission issues with a 99 Wrangler 4.0 5-spd. Will elaborate if this forum hasn't gone belly up...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462

    Hard to say; often I'm surprised to see a thread in a long dormant discussion get a second wind after someone posts something. Lots of people wind up in these discussions via a net search so you may get some sympathy if not actual fixes.

  • Having issues with high rpms and not shifting into gear. Any ideas of what I need to look at? Also check engine light is on but thought might be due to fire. Jeep is 2004 Wangler right hand drive. All wiring has been replaced.
  • NavarroNavarro TexasPosts: 1
    I've got a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ 3 speed transmission was driving 30 miles an hour and my son slipped it on reverse by accident. Driving what can I do to fix it replace transmission or buy parts for it
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