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Honda Accord Crosstour



  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    I don't want to start anything here, but this guy is full of crap. IF he has any kahoonas, post your vin # !
    I can't stand these trolls!
  • I have tested two CT's with Nav. One unit had parking guide lines and distance markers the one I tested today just had the maskers. What gives? :confuse:
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Does anyone have any thoughts on the bra cover for the front of the Crosstour. I read the installation instructions and it indicates that the bra needs to be removed if it gets wet. I will cause discoloration of the paint otherwise. Any help would be appreciated. I just ordered it and I am considering cancelling the order for the bra.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Personally, I'd pass on the bra.

    Instead look at getting the clear stone protection made by 3M.
  • The line Feature can be turned off or on at will
  • I bought My Crosstour with the nav for the camera because of the rear visibility. after driving it several days I'm very happy that I got the nav, but not because of any visibility problems. There is absolutely no visibility problem, you can see as well out of the crosstours rear window as any other vehicle.
  • alan338alan338 Posts: 5
    Thank you for your posting #225, piper1233, expressing your view on the visibility issue of Crosstour. This was my big concern when I visited my local Honda dealership to look at the car. With all the rear headrests up the view thru the rear windshield is blocked as much as 50% in my estimate. The salesman immediately lowered the rear middle headrest and the view improved somewhat. I was so unhappy with the visibility thru the rear windshield that I declined a test drive.

    What you posted here just gave me new hope. I probably will go there again later this week or next week to have a test drive. However, another issue comes up. The financing incentive expires tomorrow 5/3/10 and I don't think I would be ready to buy this car tomorrow. :cry:
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Hi Piper1233 we purchased a CrossTour 3 weeks ago. I too had reservations regartding the view out of the back of the vehicle.Turns out because it is just my wife and myself that we just drop the back seat down and the view improves. Granted it could be better however this seems to work for us. Of course if you are more than two, that indeed is not an option. Hope you are able to purchase one, it is truyly a luxury car...............
  • alan338alan338 Posts: 5
    Thank you, ewysocki, for your valuable information on the visibility issue. I use my car by myself majority of the time and so lowering the back seat should not be a big problem. When I test drive the car I certainly will do the comparison: with back seat up vs with back seat down. At the very least the rear middle headrest would be lowered all the time because hardly there is a 5th passenger in my car.

    I live in central NJ and don't mind travelling up to 100 miles for this car if the price is attractive. Can you please share your purchase experience with us so that we can benefit from it? Where did you buy the Crosstour, what options were on the car and what was the out the door price you paid? Thankssssssssssss a lot.
  • c650c650 Posts: 8
    Have any of you tried to set up your Crosstour for light towing? I'd like to have the ability to tow a utility trailer, which would weigh about 1,400lbs loaded. Strongly considering a Crosstour, this is my main concern.
  • c650c650 Posts: 8
    Any scoop on when Honda will release data on the 2011 Crosstour? There are currently no real incentives on the 2010. wondering if it would be more wise to wait for a 2011.
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    We purchased our CT about 4 weeks ago. My wife who normally does not enjoy the car shopping experience fell in love with the car when she drove it. Much to my surprise. Normally she is the stone faced person during the negotiations however she was very excited about this vehicle. Needless to say we now have it. It is very comfortable to drive. It is more on the luxury side than to sporty side. That is fine with me as we normally drive it for long hauls. The interior is very upscale and there is ample leg room in the rear seating area. The view out of the back is not the best but it is workable. So far so good..................
  • miked22miked22 Posts: 20
    Braless is the way to go
  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    Is this SUV towable four wheels down, like the CR-V?

  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    The four wheel drive only kicks in when needed. Under normal operating conditions it is front wheel drive. That is how I understand it works. I am sure the a dealer could give you more information. Still loving it...................
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    Sorry I misunderstood your message, DUH! I do not know how towable it would be. Something I did not consider since we do not have a motor home...................
  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    My 1998 CR-V is a great toad, but was hoping Honda would come out with a CR-V V-6 are the diesel engine like in Europe. The C/T is a little pricey ($5,000 more) but would be willing to give it a try if it is towable four wheels down.

  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    toad? four wheels down? OK, what are we talking about here?
  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    Toad refers to a vehicle that can be towed with all wheels down on the ground behind another vehicle without any modification to it's drive train, other than a tow bar. Eliminates the need for a tow trailer. I contacted a dealer about the issue, but haven't received a reply to my inquiry. Think I will give another dealer a call, it's a shame that a lot of dealer know very little about their products they sale.

  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Thanks for the clarification. I've towed a lot of boats and trailers but never toad a vehicle, The crosstour seems like a large car to be toading.
  • I've seen this mentioned on other boards, and will post here to make sure the message gets out. My wife was stopped at a traffic light. The light turned, and upon acceleration the sunroof shatterred to pieces. Glass shards were all over the interior of the vehicle. She described not just a gentle crack and shatter, but a full blown explosion of glass.
  • We have had our EX-L 4WD for over 9 months. No problems. Last tank was 23+ mpg mostly around town. We just got rear bumper guard through dealer. Looks great.
  • We have had our CrossTour EX-L AWD for about 4 months and are very pleased with the way it handles and rides. Very quiet and smooth. Sorry I did not get the nav with backup camera however.................
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Can you describe the bumper guard? I saw a photo of one and couldn't make out exactly what it is. It looked like a flap you folded over the bumper from inside? I'm just used to a strip of rubber on the top of the bumper.
  • It is a brushed chrome guard in three pieces - two small ones at the sides and a long one across the middle. it was ordered through the dealer and installed in about 1/2 hour. looks good and should protect the top of the bumper. we had a rubberized one on the old Murano. This one looks more like it was designed for the purpose rather than just added on. Ours was added as a part of the purchase deal at no cost (finally) but i think it would be less tham $200 if you paid for it.
  • I just got my Honda Crosstour back in January and love it. We are located in AZ and I just had my sunroof KABOOM! on me the other day. My current situation is the dealership is telling me it's not going to be covered, however, I am working my way through the ranks. Forunately for me I did not have glass all over the place. I thought quickly and just closed the cover so nothing fell into the interior. I am hoping to have this resolved soon. I hate to say it, but I am glad I am not the only one so I have another instance to show them. They want me to turn this into my insurance. My insurance wants me to pay my collision deductible...Yes, collision, even though I did not collide with anything. Uggh!
  • Hi I too live in Arizona, Tucson to be exact. Sunroof is still intact, made it through the whole HOT summer. What conditions were present when this incident occurred? Bought our CT back in JUNE of this year
  • Sunny day this past Tuesday....driving home after work on the interstate. No flying objects, no high speeds yet, but yet the dealership is saying they won't cover. Next step is to contact American Honda and hopefully resolve. There is no signs that would indicate that there was anything that hit the sunroof. Unhappy that the dealership won't help me out even based on the recent findings of the original poster.
  • There's no way I'm spending $50/month more to lease a crosstour with navi & reverse camera, just to get the camera.

    For $500 dealer add-on, you can get the beep-beep-beep reversing sonar thing.

    QUESTION: How well does that work?

    I live in the city.

    Is it good for parallel parking, or just children running behind the vehicle?

    Specifically, does the audible beeps help you distinguish if you are 1 foot away from the car behind, or 6 inches, or 3 inches?

  • Does the Crosstour come with a Cargo net (standard)?

    Just got one and it does not. I just looked online and it says it is $80 and has to be installed? Why? Is that true?
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