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Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Minivan Problems & Solutions



  • I agree, you have an undiagnosed problem with your brakes. I have enough problems with my 2001 GC but brakes have not been one of them. I just replaced all four when it hit 85,000 miles. They still had a few miles left in them then.
  • Yes the compressor is used in the "defrost" mode to clear your windshield quicker. That said, if your compressor is not binding or seized, you do not need to replace it if you can live without AC. Cars had "defrosters" for decades before they became AC equipted.
  • I have a 98 gcv with 115k and get about 45k from the front brakes. You might want to check your rear brakes to make sure the self adjusters are working. Improper adjustments will cause the front brakes to worker harder causing premature wear.
  • what sensor was it that you were told that needed to be replaced. i have the same problem that started 4 days ago.
  • I was told that it's located in the steering column under the hood. This doesn't make sense to me. My husband couldn't exactly remember what it was. :sick:
  • My check engine light is on because I need an oxygen sensor replaced. my a/c compressor is also going in my van and my instrument panel also blinks out on me. When it first happened it kinda freaked me out, but I was assured that it wouldn't hinder the operation of my vehicle, it's just annoying at this point. I could honestly answer the officer when I would reply I didn't really know how fast I was going. My transmissions seems to be fine and has always been, it's just that I've gone through brakes like mad ( got a nice tip to check the rears) I've had calipers replaced 2 times since I've owned the van, rotors, brakes, etc., on the front end. I say just take it out back and shoot the damn thing.
  • yes, there has to be a more underlying problem that isn't being addressed. Has to be beyond the calipers if this is a reoccuring problem. Just this past weekend, my husband had both calipers replaced and new brake pads put on. I just get rather frustrated because I can't seem to get a solution to the problem.
  • live w/o my a/c? don't think so. prior to be diagnosed with the compressor going, my belt would snap. This happened twice. so I had the (forgive me I don't know what it's called) wheel replaced that the belt ran over because I was told that was seizing. now when I turn the fan blower/a/c on, it will give this deep sounding squeel.
  • Don't bother with any of those repairs, don't seem necessary. Your car will run fine w/o them. Since you are getting a new car next summer, don't dump any more $$$ into your van. I was told I need an a/c compressor, oxygen sensor, and I have electrical problems. I have to keep my car for another year. so I'm just going to drive my car only fixing the sensor. It won't pass emissions otherwise.
  • I have a strange problem with my Dodge Grand Caravan 2002, 3,3 Sport. After I start the engine A/C fan shuts off, the windows don't open, and the radio doesn't turn on. Sometimes they turn on after a while. Seems like the car does not know that the engine is already at work and keeps some of the instrument off for the iginition. Any idea what it may be?
  • Have a reputable shop run a load test on the battery. I've had symptoms like that occur whent he battery was getting ready to go. Does it still have the original battery?
  • is it a sensor? i took it to my mechanic yesterday and they couldn't figure it out. they plugged it in the computer (damn things) and there were no codes. even when the check engine light is on. i think dodge is cursed when it comes to the caravan. my parents bought one back in 1985 and had so much trouble with it. they bought a 1995 model and still had problems with it. i think its time to dump dodge and stick to chevy. thanks for the reply. if you find out exactly what it is, please let me know. thank you.
  • Not quite sure. It happened again this morning. there was dew on the rear windshield and I went to turn the rear wiper on and the darn thing wouldn't work and I hit the button several times and was getting annoyed until I realized that my instrument panel was not working. What a way to realize that it controls the rear wipers. Very intersting. I hate my freaking voyager, it's been nothing but a crap load of problems. I'm looking into getting a toyota rav4. I will definitely keep you posted once someone figures out what is wrong with mine. :(
  • doesn't that just bite the big jawawa. It gets rather annoying and frustrating. I would just like to own my car for a period of time w/o car payments and little to no problems. I currently have 141500k on my car. it runs very smoothly, just all the little $$$ issues that keep piling up. :sick:
  • The electronics (audio, cruise control)on the steering wheel of my 2001 Town & Country minivan recently stopped working and at the same time the airbag warning light came on in the instrument cluster. In speaking with the parts person at the local dealership he said it is most likely a bad clockspring. Does anyone know how difficult a job it is to replace? I was told the trickiest part is removing/replacing the airbag assembly.
  • Anyone tried those Bosch Platinum +4 (4-electrode) spark plugs?

    I'm considering them instead of the T&C's stock Champions.
    Please share your experience. Thanks.
  • I have read that Iridium plugs are better than platinum +4.
  • My '02 T&C has a stock radio/CD/tape player. One of the CDs was left inside for a few days and now cannot be ejected. The "disk present" indicator is ON. As we drive, the CD player is continuously trying to eject.

    I'd like to avoid spending too much money by bringing it to a shop. I'm comfortable with electronics/electrical work, but my time is also limited. Can the player be repaired reliably, or it's time to upgrade?

    What did/would you do?
  • i have had cd's get stuck before. i got mine to come out by trying to place another cd underneityh the one inside the player. it will eventually come out. i have not used it since. if it does not come out, place a firecracker in the slot, then light it. lol, j/k. good luck.
  • I had the dealer replace the plugs using Champions at 95k and noticed the improvement. I was going to use the Bosch Platinum until I read in Consumer's that they didn't really make a much of a difference over standard plugs.

    I did try the platinum in my Altima because the store had a sale on them. I had replaced NGK plugs with 55k miles on them. I didn't notice any change in performance.
  • I am having the same problem did you ever get yours fixed. And if so what was it???
  • My speedometer stopped working on my 2001 Chrysler Town & Country. Does anyone have a suggestion on fixing this problem?
  • otis9otis9 Posts: 8
    I have a 91 base Voyager with approx. 90,000 miles that died while I was pulling into a parking space.
    It shut down like someone turned off the key.
    Had to have it towed home on a Sunday night when everything was closed.

    There is no click when turning the key to start it.
    No radio, gages/idiot lights, wipers or turn signals.
    Head lights, emergency flashers, heater blower, power tail gate release & interior lights all work.
    The battery is Ok.

    Anyone have these problems or an idea what to look for?

    I called 3 dealerships & Chrysler's help line.
    None of them had a clue (or wouldn't give one).

    This thing is one of the worst vehicles I ever owned.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Let me get this straight; you have a fifteen year old vehicle that dies from an apparent electrical fault, and then without having a professional look at it you've decided to call your car a lemon?

    What's up with that? :confuse:

    Best Regards,
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    I would start by looking in the fuse box for any blown fuses. I would also clean all battery related connections such as the ground at the battery and at the engine. Also look for a part of the wiring harness that has either been burned or has shorted to the chassis.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    We had a 91 Caravan years ago and I remember a similar no start occurrence. It turned out to be a loose wire on the park-neutral-safety switch. This switch prevents the vehicle from being started when in any gear other than park or neutral. I would check out this switch. Good luck.
  • otis9otis9 Posts: 8
    Yep! I didn't get into the long list of other problems.
    Back of the drivers seat ready to break off, rusted brake lines, oil leaks that can't be stopped & The professionals can't get it to pass smog for the last 4 yrs!
  • I have the same problem with my 2003 Dodge Grand caravan. I didn't have the alarm system equipped but it has come on and stayed on. No other engine performance problems. Did you get it resolved?
  • I have a 2004 Grand Caravan (anniversary edition). It has the 6 cd\dvd changer (factory installed) I have tried different formats of dvd disks( +/-) and different burning programs but the player will not recognizes these copies and play them. Is there any help out there. Thank you.
  • dan77dan77 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem at my 98 Plymouth Voyager. The worst thing is that I bought it two days ago,when was working fine,and the used car dealer will not take it back. So far I towed the van to two different shops,nobody knows what is wrong... Any ideas ??
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