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2010 Jaguar XF Premium

xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
This is a discussion group for owners or to-be-owners of the beautiful 2010 XF Premium with the new 5.0L engine (normally aspirated).


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    xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
    Hi Folks,
    Took delivery 10 days ago of a beautiful new Pearl Gray XF Premium 2010. Wanted to get a 2009 model that was similar, but there were very few left. The dealer convinced us that the new 5.0L engine was better.

    So far, we are in love with this baby- it actually is driven by my wife, but I get to drive it on weekends.

    A few quirks that we have run into so far:

    1) The global close option to close all windows/sunroof does not work. Dealer says software update is needed.
    2) Turning off the A/C (economy mode) when outside temp is in low 70's should be fine. Howvever, we can only feel warm air coming from the face ducts, forcing us to use AC all the time. I think the design of the air-intake is faulty- causing the air to be heated by engine heat.
    3) Bluetooth phone has to be manually docked- especially if your spouse docked hers in a previous trip (or vice-versa). It should automatically detect and connect to phone unless multiple phones are present.

    All-in-all, we are very pleased. The mileage numbers are quite good. We are getting 25+ mpg on highway at moderate speeds.

    Look forward to hearing from other owners or owners to be.
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    jsorofjsorof Member Posts: 11
    I am also looking at the 2010 Premium. After some of the documented problems with the 2009 electronics, I was hoping that the 2010 model would have the kinks out.

    I am curious about your complaint about the bluetooth issue. Sounds like you have to manually pair the phone everytime you get in? That would indeed be quite annoying since my other two cars both automatically detect my phone.

    Also, I am also curious (if you don't mind sharing) what you paid for the 2010 premium. I have been getting some fairly aggressive pricing from local dealers, but I am not sure what the rest of the country is paying.
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    xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
    I think the electronics problems are few- a follow-up visit to the dealer promises either a fix or explanation of how things should work. The bluetooth docking is automatic unless there are two phones (mine and wife's) in the car, or it has to be docked manually when the other phone is presented after the first one has been docked in the previous trip.

    Still trying to figure some things out.

    We did get a $3000 factory rebate that is not advertised and denied by sales person/manager. However the finance guy had that in. Figuring that we got more than 10% off the sticker.
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    jsorofjsorof Member Posts: 11
    Many thanks for that information. I have looked everywhere and could not find any information to suggest that incentives such as factory rebates are being offered. I have a quote of $52,800 on the Premium, which would be about 7.5% off the MSRP of $57,100. Sounds like I need to push a little harder!
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    xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
    I found the rebate on AOL autos only, but two dealers denied that there was anything. Even Jaguar corporate customer relations denied having any rebates.

    THe finance guy came up with either 5.9% financing, or $3000 off. However, my sales order did not show that as a rebate or discount. It is still a mystery to me.

    I did experiment some more with Bluetooth phone. If the same phone gets into the car, it docks automatically. If the phone changes or if two phones are in the car, one has to be docked manually. :)

    Good luck in getting a good deal. We have had ours for just about 2 weeks now, and love it. Not happy with our dealer though.
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    mitchfloridamitchflorida Member Posts: 420
    The New York Times gave the XF a rave review here.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/13/automobiles/autoreviews/13jaguar.html?pagewant- - - ed=2&nl=automobiles&emc=wheelsema4

    By the way, there is a big difference between dealer cash and a rebate. Dealer cash belongs to the dealer unless he chooses to share it with you. On the other hand, a rebate has to be given to the customer.
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    dchamp72dchamp72 Member Posts: 25
    I received the following lease quote for a 2010 XF w/ Portfolio package. The sticker is $61,000 and that is what the quote is based on. Please let me know your thoughts on the quote and what you think I can get the cap cost down to. Any information is much appreciated. B/t/w, the incentive that my dealer told me about is from the factory and they will essentially buy out the last few months of your current lease. Haven't been able to confirm that if you don't have a lease whether or not you can get that money as a cash rebate.

    Itemization of Payment

    Agreed Value: 59,950.00
    a) Gross Capital Cost 61,257.00
    b) Capital Cost Reduction -2,878.40
    c) Adjusted Capital Cost 58,378.60
    d) Residual 31,720.00
    e) Depreciation Charge 26,658.60
    f) Rent Charge 7,006.08
    g) Total of base MP 33,664.68
    h) Lease Term 36
    i) Base MP 935.13
    j) Monthly Tax 28.05
    k) Personal Prop Tax 0.00
    l) Excise Tax 0.00
    m) Other Amounts 0.00
    n) Total MP 963.18

    Itemization of Gross Capital Cost

    a) Agreed Value: 59,950.00
    b) AcquisitionFee 795.00
    c) GAP Insurance 0.00
    d) Document Fee 0.00
    e) Warranty 0.00
    f) Upfront Sales Tax 0.00
    g) Service Tax 0.00
    h) Cash Down Tax 0.00
    i) Trade In Tax 0.00
    j) Finance Tax 0.00
    k) Tire Tax 0.00
    l) Lic., Insp., Title, Reg. Fees 0.00
    m) Other Fees 512.00
    n) Total Capital Cost 58,378.60
    Itemization of Amount Due at Signing

    a) Total Capital Cost Reduction 2,878.40
    -Cap Reduction (Cash) 2,878.40
    -Rebates 0.00
    -Trade-In 0.00
    b) Tax on Capital Cost Red. 88.42
    c) First Monthly Payment 963.18
    d) Last Monthly Payment(s) 0.00
    e) Refundable Security Deposit 0.00
    f) Acquisition Fee 0.00
    g) Gap Insurance 0.00
    h) Documentation Fee 0.00
    i) Monthly Tax (Upfront) 0.00
    j) Upfront Tax (not in Capital Cost) 0.00
    k) Service Tax (not in Capital Cost) 0.00
    l) Tire Tax (not in Capital Cost) 0.00
    m) Lic., Insp., Title, Reg. Fees 69.00
    n) Other Fees 0.00
    o) Total Due at Signing 3,999.00

    How the Amount Due at Signing will be Paid

    a) Net Trade-In Value 0.00
    b) Rebates/Credits 0.00
    c) Amount Paid in Cash 3,999.00
    d) Total Due at Signing 3,999.00
    Mileage Allowance

    The monthly payment and residual for this lease has been calculated using the following mileage allowance. You are allowed to drive 12,000 per year, 1,000 miles per month. If you exceed the mileage allowance for the lease term and do not purchase the Vehicle, you will pay 0.30 for each excess mile.
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    xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
    I have never leased a car. But I think you should be able to do better on the agreed value. Also, the factory incentive to buy out current lease should result in cash out of pocket for Jaguar, so they should reduce price of car by that amount.

    Between these two aspects, I would try to get the agreed value down to $57000.
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    dchamp72dchamp72 Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for the info.
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    whitbywhitby Member Posts: 2
    I took delivery of my liquid silver with warm charcoal interior XF Premium on 2 August. This car replaced my BMW 530i and has big shoes to fill. The 530 was completely trouble for 3 years of driving and 48K miles and provided me with great fun, albeit a little underpowered.

    The XF is superb. It drives and handles extremely well, is quiet and has a significant road presence due to its impressive looks. It outperforms the 5 series without a problem and, although the 5 series will out handle the car on the limit, the XF provides sufficient entertainment for me to consider the difference irrelevant. It certainly looks better than the 5. My one complaint is that the 5 series comfort seats are a lot better than the Premium seats (the premium seats are not wide enough and do not have enough lateral support). The Portfolio edition would have provide better seats but not sufficiently to justify the cost increase.

    I have a number of fit and finish issues and wondered whether any one else on this forum has had similar problems;

    1. Rattle/creaks in the overhead console (fixed by the dealer).
    2. The trim underneath the glove compartment kept dropping down and seems to be made of very flimsy material. A clip was missing. (fixed by the dealer).
    3. The rear parcel shelf does not fit properly - it does not fit into the rear central brake light housing correctly. Dealer has been unable to get a replacement which seems odd.
    4. I have a mysterious rattle that appears to come from the rear passenger drivers side door. It seems to disappear after 10 minutes or so of driving.
    5. An interesting chink noise somewhere up front which appears when you brake or change direction. Not intrusive but rather odd.

    I leased this car since I am not sure whether it will hold up and I am concerned that the issues mentioned above may be an indicator of things to come. The forums I have looked at tend to show an alarming number of electronic problems in the 2009 models, especially related to the shifter (the mention of the software update for problems that are related brake pedal pressure worry me on the 2010 model). Again it would be useful to hear of any problems that owners are having with the 2010 Premium model (especially as this is a new engine).

    Despite the above I love this car and want to be prepared if there are issues I can avoid if possible.
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    bobcat63bobcat63 Member Posts: 7
    At most gas stations the automatic cut off shuts off after only filling up 1/2 of the tank, even manually slowing down the flow of the gas shuts off early. Shell stations appear to be better, anyone else find this issue or better a solution
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    tmacguytmacguy Member Posts: 37
    I read the concernse of new owner, and let me tell you that unless you have got a lemon (which can happen with any car brand), you have nothing to worry about.

    I have a 09 Supercharged, and 3 years and some 30,000 mi later, I am still so pleased and delighted.

    I did get some problems, but all were easily fixed and they were far in between.
    1- the AM radio stopped working and the whole unit was replaced
    2- the gas tank door was sticking (not fully fixed and know that they changed the design on 10 model)
    3- the rear driver side door handle did not open the door, was fixes in one day
    4- the dash board top leather liner pealed at the windshield side of the dash (fixed by dealer)
    5- developed rough idle few months back. The dealer said he re programed the car. The car acceleration and performance was noticeably better that it ever was. Exceeded the off the show room performance (0-100 km/hr down to 5.1 from 5.4)

    Whitby mentioned "An interesting chink noise somewhere up front". I got that too, i noticed it since the first day, do not know what it is and never checked it. It happens only as i pull off the drive way and do the first braking and steering input, and do not seem to notice it after.

    Otherwise, this is the best most fun car i ever had. I love the supercharged power (even thou only 420 hp), and still enjoy the "greet and welcome" maneuvers of the drive knob and AC. I find my self tuning on and off the front reading light just to experience the smooth Jaguar Touch effect, and for the same reason i touch activated the clove compartment. And 3 years later, whenever i have a passenger in the car it is "show time". Some of these features did not make it to 2010 model and many are not even available on the XJ. I show off the valet parking mode and tell my un knowing passengers this is a "James Bond" car, and i have to enter the code to make it work. Really this is a fun car. And has the best interior dash board design.

    The global window close and open functions was removed starting the 2010 models in the US. Also the touch operated glove compartment was discounted (a pity), the power operated head rest was also cancelled for manual operation. I also do not like the new black on silver treatment of the 2012 model year. The black window switch stuck me as unpainted spare part replacement. Also disappointing is that some 2012 models will have a single exhaust outlet.

    I am glad i got the 2009 model with all the bells and whistles.

    If like it, buy it, you will love it.
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    laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,839
    Nice to hear a positive review! I have an '09 XK, I had the same AM radio issue. Not a big deal, dealer replaced the ACM and all was well. Until the NAV system went wacky, dealer replaced that, too. Warranty, loaner Land Rover, all is well! Hey, you buy a British car, don't expect perfect electronics...

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

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