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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kellyrckellyrc Posts: 2
    j- did you purchase in VA and if so would you identify the dealer? I'm east coast and hearing from dealers that there are no incentives and they're still 1000+ over invoice
  • Sorry for the delayed answer. It is Bill Britt VW in Fredericksburg. You can check their inventory and promotion at Good luck!
  • kellyrckellyrc Posts: 2
    thanks, I'll check the site!
  • jlaszlojlaszlo Posts: 60
    Can anyone tell me the difference between a 2.0T 4dr Wagon N/A 06/06 and just a 2.0T wagon? Edmunds has them both listed. The one I'm looking at is of the "N/A 06/06" variety. Thanks
  • Please let me know if its worth buying 2001 PassatGLS 4-Cyl. 1.8L Turbo for $7000 which has 113000 mi on it.

    Will there be any kind of Problems in Passat at 113000 mi?
    How may Miles would these cars run without any problem?

    I want a car Which would run for atleast couple of years.

    And can I get any kind of extended Warranty for this car?

    Please reply me
  • stephangstephang Posts: 9
    That's one that puzzled me too. Here is the deal: VW released the Wagon in Feb 06 but listed it as an 07 model. They stopped it production in June and started introduced the real 07 model afterwards. So now you have two 07 models that can be found at dealers with one a year older than the other one! I am not sure how to differentiate them except for the option packages: the new ones have now packages labeled "luxury" or "sport" that are similar to the sedan version. FYI I just bought a new 07 model with package 2 luxury, but it took short of a miracle to find it in the northeast! (someone had specially ordered it and then backed out of the sale!). When I got it, it was thefirst time the salesmen had saw the new car!
  • cynicalcynical Posts: 5
    I am shopping around for a 2007 2.0T MT w/no add-ons which is similar to what you said you bought back in october. The best price I have so far is $23,367 OTD. I am curious as to what you were able to get OTD. I live in the Los Angeles area. Thanks.
  • sammya_mdsammya_md Posts: 69
    I got mine for 22,800 or so out the door. Keep in mind that we have 5% sales tax, and I think (not sure), that CA has 7.25%. That extra 2.25%, which I think is around 500 difference when you factor that in. All being told, I think you have a good deal on that car, although I would think now being end of March, you could do better (by a few hundred) than I did in October, but that is just my thought..i have no idea..they also might have factory to dealer incentives..but again..i have stopped following that once i bought my car

    what color were you looking at?
  • cynicalcynical Posts: 5
    Thanks for they quick reply!

    Yes, the tax difference does account for roughly $500. A $2000 factory incentive is supposedly accounted for in that price and it's been 5-6 months since you bought yours. I think I should be able to do better as well. Also, it seems that MT is not very popular according to the sales people I have talked to. Wouldn't this mean that I should be getting an even better deal though? Was this your experience? One sales manager told me that that he's giving me this price because no one wants a manual.

    In terms of color I don't have a huge preference, but they seem to have a lot of white. Whatever keeps the price down(other than green) is fine with me.

    Did you have any extra options on yours? How is the car so far? Any issues arise yet(rattles, other)?
  • sammya_mdsammya_md Posts: 69
    I am not sure what incentives they have, but if this $2000 is true, then I would definately thing you would be able to do better. By what factor, I'm not sure.

    Don't believe the things he says about a MT. Yes they aren't popular, but yet VW still makes them. I would advise looking at surrounding dealerships and finding one that has a couple manuals on the lot. When I went to get my car, the dealership I bought from had the exact car I wanted, and then the next closest dealership had 2 of them. We felt no pressure to buy at the first place, other than more convience, and they met our price and didn't try to BS that much (they are car dealers after all).

    I wouldn't think color affects the price at all. I have a black one and absolutely love it.

    I have no extra options on the car, it is the bare bones passat, which is plenty for me. Rims and the sport package would have been nice, but that adds another 3-4k to the price based on how they package the accessories.

    I love the car so far, it's got alot of power, and I'm averaging 28.5 mpg in mixed city/highway driving. Plus I'm 6'3 and am able to fit more than comfortably driving. I don't even have the seat back all the way.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help as best I can.
  • Hi Ray!
    Thanks for the good word....too funny...I was just on here and happened to see my name...! I don't sell cars anymore...I am now a stay at home mom and have my own cake business! I really do miss the car business though! Although I can't take the hours with my family being more important!So from time to time I look at forums and try to keep up with the latest!

    Rachel Schnoor
  • On 3/23/2007 I picked up a used '06 Passat from Brother's Auto Sales in Sioux Falls, SD. Car is loaded with Luxury Pkg 2 and NAVI, does not have AWD. Car had 8500 miles on it and picked it up for $27,000 even. They have a sport pkg. 2 with AWD and NAVI for sale also. Asking $30k. I spent about 30 minutes at the dealership before I was on my way home. Great experience.
  • teflon80teflon80 Posts: 26
    VW Manager at local Dealer told me they are extending a $5000 incentive which was supposed to end last month. That along with $1500 loyalty would bring cust cash to $6500. Depending how close you could bring price down to invoice, you could get a sick sick sick deal. I am contemplating trading my 05 in for an 07, depending how much i get for trade in.
  • yybugyybug Posts: 9
    Bay area

    got this quota:

    2007 Passat 2.0T, Mocha with Package 1

    MSRP: $27,440

    Special Internet price: $25,650 plus tax and license

    OTD: $28,135.23

    How much should I offer?.. :confuse:
  • peatnickpeatnick Posts: 26
    Buck County, PA
    Base Price $29,956
    Destination 640
    Package 1 2,970
    Rear Air Bags 350
    Port Prep 407

    Sub-Total $34,323
    Less Passat Incentive $ 3,500
    Less Loyalty Bonus $ 1,500
    $28,973 + TTL

    Two specific items would be interested in:

    earlier post menitoned $5K Passat incentive, salesman claimed it didn't exist, but later emailed me it was $3,500.

    also, wtf is a port prep fee, is that just for red headed step children like me??? :confuse:
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    "Port Prep" has been a standard fee on VWs for the past 12 years, at least...It is part of the Invoice price of the car, it is not an option...
  • peatnickpeatnick Posts: 26
    funny, i don't remember port prep being on the sticker like the destination fee is, if its charged to the dealer isn't it just part of their cost of doing business? i also don't recall paying it when i bought my 2000 passat 4 motion...

    any insights on the 4motoin incentive, is it $3,500 or $5,000?
  • yybugyybug Posts: 9
    Is the Passat Incentive $ 3,500 for 4 motion only or any passat?
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    I smell a kink..."Port Prep", as I mentioned yesterday, is part of the Dealer's Invoice cost of the car, along with any Regional Advertising fees. BTW...the Ad Fees are different than local newspaper or TV spots that the Dealership purchases itself...That would be cost of business and customers are not charged for them. The Regional Ad fees are for buys that VWOA makes on behalf of all the Dealers in a given market...Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City for example. Or, the NY metro area...NY, NJ and Conn. These fees all vary because of the different demographics...Don't believe Iowa or Kansas Dealers get charged much at all, if anything.

    Your target price should not reflect anything other than the difference between MSRP and Invoice. And not paying Port Prep twice...

    BTW...Is the Black Bass Hotel still great???
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    where in the bay area? a finance manager who used to work for a VW dealership told me that the 07 passat were not selling well. how about pushing for $25k OTD?
  • yybugyybug Posts: 9
    east bay.
    25k OTD for 2.ot+ pkg 1? I will try. thanks.
  • wvbobwvbob Posts: 13
    Here's a yard stick for those in the market....
    I recently traded a 2005 Cobalt LS 2d auto for the above. Manhiem showed Cobalt value at $10200.00. This value was the measure the dealer used and was the highest amongst Edmunds/NADA/KBB. Pay off was $12243.00

    The Deal
    '07 Passat Wolfsburg w/ splash guards, rubber mats and trunk guard $27,899 including delivery.
    Gross Cap Cost $28586.72
    Cap reduction $4295.18
    Adjusted Cap $24291.54
    Residual Value $13386.72
    Depreciation $10904.82
    Rent Charge $2803.02
    Total Base Pmt $13707.84
    Term 48 mo
    Base Pay $285.58
    Tax $14.28
    Total Monthly $299.86

    Above includes:
    $1000.00 out of pocket total (includes 1st pmt)
    $1500.00 VW Loyalty (Dealer says for anyone owning any VW)
    $2300.00 Net Trade allowance on Contract

    Dealer... Star Motors Clarksburg, WV
  • mkl001mkl001 Posts: 4
    Just bought the car and here is what I pay for
    Here is what I paid for the car.

    Passat 2.0T with
    W31 (Package 1)
    BWM (rubber mats and truck liner)
    MSRP: $28995
    Paid OTD: $26200
  • flyline1flyline1 Posts: 3
    That is good. May I ask you what tax rate did you pay for? Thanks.
  • cynicalcynical Posts: 5
    Just to update you guys, I did indeed get my 2.0t. For your reference:

    2007 2.0T no packages
    $22500 OTD
    Los Angeles area

    I've had it for about 3 weeks and am enjoying it so far. No mech problems to speak of.
  • flyline1flyline1 Posts: 3
    Good deal:)

    Could you introduce the dealership? btw: is it a "base" or "2.0T"? Thanks a lot:)

    I am in SF bay area. All I got so far is 24xxx OTD for "base" model without any options. So sad~~~~~
  • cynicalcynical Posts: 5
    Its a 2007 2.0T manual transmission.

    You can certainly do better than $24K. Are you trying to get a manual or automatic? Have you tried the internet department at the dealers near you?
  • yybugyybug Posts: 9
    for passat 2.0T auto+pkg 1. best i can get is $27xxx otd. Bay area..:(
  • mkl001mkl001 Posts: 4
    sorry for late reply.

    I live in SF bay area and the tax rate for Alameda county is 8.75%.

    Here is the break down
    price paid $23827.53
    Doc fee: $55
    Sales tax $2089.72
    Licences fee $219
    tire fee: $8.75
    Total $26200
    I am enjoying it and it is a great car. :)
  • yybugyybug Posts: 9
    Hi mkl001,
    Do you mind telling me which dealer you bought the car from?
    I am also in bay area and I am looking for this exact pkg.
    Is this the cash price or you can also get the 2.9% pro apr?


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