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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought an 08 Passat sedan turbo (base model) with manual transmission on 11/3 for 23,000+TTL in Chicago northwest suburbs. This price is $535 under invoice.
  • I'm in the market to lease an 08 Lux Passat Wagon. Any idea when the holiday deals will start to kick in? Does anyone think it's possible to get this model for under 30k? thanks.
  • A word of worring, I own a VW Passat, purchased used with about 35,000 miles on it. Despite having a VW dealer do all the scheduled maintenance, the breakdown maintenance record has been horrible, the first two years it averaged about $1,500 per year and this year through November we spent $2,600 on breakdown issues. Last week a sealed bearing in the engine failed requiring over $5,600 in repairs, and if there is piston damage the bill could exceed $9,000. In talking to the dealer mechanic, he said that they run into this bearing failure problem "almost everyday". Over the last three years the car has broken down while driving three times, each creating a safety problem, towing and significant breakdown maintenance expenses.
  • Is this an 07 or an 08?

    I'm in the Houston area, looking for a Turbo. Has anyone had any experiences with dealers in the Houston area?
  • Just received a quote today on a '08 Passat Komfort (w/ heated seats) of $26,689. Also, was made aware that $1,500 in trade assistance is available for trading in a Honda.

    Lease quote as follows:

    36 months (12K/YR)
    $0 down ($550 due at signing)
    Pmts: $366 + Tax
    MF: 0.00115
    Residual: 50% (MSRP $28,655)

    Does this look like a good deal? Milwaukee, WI
  • This forum has been great, so I figured I should go through the rigmarole of signing up to add to the database of knowledge.

    Shopping in the Mid-Atlantic for a 2008 Passat Wagon, Turbo (base) manual, no options.

    MSRP: 25,900 approx.

    Getting offers of 22,400 +TTL as of end of January, 2008. Going to pick the most friendly dealer within the week.
  • This is with the 1500 VW loyalty rebate, sorry forgot to mention (and the sneaky dealers forgot to mention it too).
  • what should I be paying for a 2008 Komfort Wagon with heated seats and
    17" wheels on a 36mo, 12K lease? I am rolling $6400 of neg into the deal,
    and the dealer is telling me $560 with all incentives and taxes. MSRP
    is $30,134. i would think it would be lower.
  • spinmiata, so you got final price of 20900 plus TTL, right?
  • jsnapjsnap Posts: 4
    I just bought an 2005 TDI Passat GLS wagon 5A this past week for $21,900. This car will be for my daughter. 40,003 miles on it when it arrived. It came from Nebraska to Colorado; the previous owner drove it here for me. It was very hard to find this car. I looked all over the US for it, which took me 2 months to find.

    It's in pretty good shape; however, it needs the 40K mile service immediately which wasn't an expense I wanted, but I got the seller to knock off $2000 from his price. It looks like it may have an oil leak that needs addressing and the brake light recall still needs doing too. Good thing it's still under warranty! The price was still higher than I had wanted to pay, but these cars are in high demand so I had to swallow hard and just go for it. We really wanted it.

    We plan to run it on Bio-diesel as soon as the tank needs filling again. The previous owner filled it up with regular diesel just before we bought it, which was nice of him. He messed up the title tho while filling it out; so, I'll have to wait until I have clear title before I can take it into the shop. Guess we won't be driving it until all that is done. :(

    I'm also buying an '05 Jetta TDI with only 36K on it this coming week too. This one is local so any issues can be delt with more easily. Will be getting that one for $17K.
  • Hello all. I just wanted to share my experience with you all by using Edmunds website in researching for my 08 Passat.

    Today I just purchased a brand new (mocha brown exterior, latte machiato interior) 2008 Passat "Lux" with the additional options of the DVD Navigation (NV), rear side airbags (4X4) and Dynaduio (9VE) for $455 above dealer's invoice. After getting the additional $1500 rebate and trading in my 2001 Toyota 4x4 and got 10K for it, the final cost was $20554. Purchased in Daytona Beach, FL...

    MSRP: $33940
    Dealer's Invoice: $31579
    Edmund's True Market Value (TMV): $32088
    Actual Purchase price w/Rebate included: $30554
    Total Savings below MSRP:$3386.

    Yesterday, however, another VW dealer would've had me pay 680 over invoice, another 500 for transport fees to his lot, and 1K on rebate, and 10,500 on my truck. He was absolute in his price for the EXACT same vehicle color, options, etc...

    I confronted him about the rebate, letting him know that VW offered 1500 for rebates, and of course he played it off by saying he wasn't aware of it (sure he wasn't).

    I of course did not reveal to him that I already knew what MSRP was, what the Dealer invoice was, and more importantly what the TMV was. Bottom line, I would've paid almost $1500 more than I did had I not done my research using

    The point in all this is that, if it wasn't for edmund's I wouldn't have known whether or not I was making a good deal for ME or for the Dealer. Today, it was a win-win situation for both the dealer I worked with in Daytona Beach (vs. Jacksonville) and me getting a fair deal all the way around. So I just wanted to say THANKS to Edmunds, and to everyone else who shares their good and bad experiences on here, for making me a much more informed consumer....God Bless the USA!!!
  • growler2growler2 Posts: 1
    Well I decided to sign up to share my story.
    I am buying a Passat through a special buyer's program w/my company that offers deep discount off the msrp (it is best not to get specific, but it is in the 20-25% off msrp range). Too good a deal to pass up, after test-driving the car and liking it!
    The thing is: I really wanted the Lux trim line, but it turned out VW ended their production year early and I was left with a dilemma... I could only choose from existing cars and there were just a handful, and no Lux's. I found a Komfort that matched my color requirements (exactly) and came with one, minor option that didn't add too much to the MSRP. After some debate, I decided to take it.
    After reading some forums, it sounds like I did the right thing because there apparently will be no Lux's for 2009. If that's true (and if the CC models are in the upper 30k range), then it reinforces my feeling I acted correctly.

    I was wondering if you all agree. I've read SO MUCH online about the haggles of car-buying, that I thought this was a great way to get a guaranteed great deal.

    (btw, I knew that VW had a loyalty rebate but I assume it only applied to VW owners. Even if that isn't true, I still got a great deal--though not quite as great as it would seem if you went purely by Edmunds, etc)
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    In Portland, OR, I saw a dealer advertising "1 car" at $6100 off MSRP. Not bad. So a $26,000 car is just under $20K.
  • rudyirudyi Posts: 2
    Looking for invoice prices for subject car in greater Metro Ny area.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,004


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  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    I traded my 02 Passat 4 Motion for a different make over the 4th of July weekend. VW was the first car I looked at before I switched sides. I think you can get a real sweet deal right now. I didn't work up any numbers for the purchase price with the dealer, but they offered a high trade in allowance and kept calling me with promises of great prices.

    I loved my 02 Passat. The only issue I have is they seem to be unreliable after the warranty expires. I spent over 3000 on repairs after the first 4 years of owning this car (last two years) and had an estimate of over 1500 for current engine problems. Had 82000 miles on engine. I don't know about the reliability of the new models. I think the VW is superior to the Asian and American makers in all areas except for the reliability.

    If I decided to purchase the Passat, I would work my lowest deal then ask for an extended warranty for free or for a small fee. It's a fun car to drive. I know all cars have issues, I'm just saying get the extra warranty and you won't go wrong.
  • ken1496ken1496 Posts: 11
    Thinking about purchasing VW Passat Wagon at the end of 36mo lease. Any feedback appreicated.

    TMV price $16,404 (does the cost include CA sales tax?)
    Purchase price $15,619 (all inclusive)

    VW Credit 6.34%
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,004
    TMV does not include sales tax..

    If you want a good idea of what your car is worth, post the details here:

    Real-World Trade-In Values



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  • emmapantsemmapants Posts: 4
    I'm looking to buy an 08 Passat Wagon Turbo. How much below invoice do I want to pay? I'm being told $27,150 MSRP and they are offering it for $24900, I want to pay $23000. Is this too high for the 08 now that the 09s are out? Consumer reports is telling me that the dealer price after holdbacks etc is 23,665.
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    i was just curious of you posters who are complaining about the money you are
    spending on repairs for a car still under warranty? you are aware VWs warranty on the B6 is 4/50 with 5/60K on powertrain? I am wondering if you are paying out
    of pocket on that? very misleading.
  • wow i really admire your ability to get such a great deal. could you please share some tips on how you achieved your goal? it seems like i was too naive to bring in my research folder with the msrp, invoice, tmv written all over my papers.
  • My wife and I pick up her 2008 Passat wagon tomorrow. We paid $29,000 for it. Its sticker price was $30,200. Probably could have done better given that a 2009 wagon had just arrived but we also got the 60 months at 0% financing so that was good. This is the Komfort with heated seats and the floor mats and mud guards option. Only had 13 miles as the sales manager said it was the last 2008 he had ordered. Would have loved a manual but my wife preferred the automatic and there were only 2 2008's left.

    I bought my 2001.5 1.8t Passat (manual) at the same dealership and have 145,000 miles on it and virtually no problems. A few headlights here and there (better since I pulled the fuse on the DRLs) and a couple vacuum hoses but other wise just wear and tear issues. Only had to replace brakes front and rear once and original turbo still going strong. Dealer service has been great. Always use 93 octane and always use full synthetic Mobil 1. Even when dealer provided service I brought my own oil. Best car I have ever owned. :D
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    was the 0% for 60 months normal? i thought it was 2.9% at 60 months according to edmunds...
  • Yes, as far as i know. That had it at 2 different dealerships that i was at. Perhaps Edmunds hasnt been updated.
  • 2008 Passat Turbo Sedan Manual + seat heating and ipod adapter.

    23374 OTD, close to Philly. Have to go through the dealer's finance so that they get the commission from the loaner. The loan can be paid off any time without penalty.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    huih, what dealer was in the philly area.
  • I'm shopping in Houston to buy a new 2008 lux edition passat with no additional options and got an offer for one with a 30,790 msrp for 26500, so more than 4k off the sticker. It already has 500 miles on it from being driven from an out of town dealership, but was not a demo and they of course are still calling it new. my question is, does this sound like a good deal seeing how many miles it has? They're reminding me that the warranty still starts at 0 miles.
  • i think you can go lower. look for at least $500 below invoice then take into consideration $2500 dealer cash and that it has 500 miles. but i believe there is also advertising fees, reserve fees and a port fee on every vehicle...almost $400 more than edmunds listed invoice. i'd have them drop it to $26k even as the selling price and be happy.
  • VW in Wellesley Mass. is offering this car at 25K, down from an MSRP of 28.8, and an invoice of 25.5. Nothing special on financing. Any reactions would be appreciated, especially ideas for how to bring that number down. (I am helping my Mom with this, and I know very little about VWs.)

    Relatedly, I heard that these dealers have 3K in "dealer cash," giving them an extra 3k in cushion. Is this correct? If so should I be looking to get this car down closer to 22K? Thanks very much.
  • invoice on that is not 3.3k below msrp...its only about 1.2k or so if you include the advert fee, etc. so with an msrp of 28.8, i'd shoot for $500 below invoice + the $2500 dealer cash. offer $24k
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