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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just ordered a brand new wagon from a dealer in california. $750 above invoice. The manager couldn't calculate an accurate lease price on the car I ordered because he said the numbers will change between now and the time the car arrives at the dealer. So with that in mind he crunched some numbers based on an in stock sedan lease with a wagon price tag. See how this sounds:

    36 months/15,000 mile per year

    MSRP: $ 41,530.00
    Cap.Cost: $ 39,233.00
    Cap Reduction: $ 8,584.54
    Tax on Credit: $ 668.79
    Bank Fee: $ 575.00
    Total Cap: $ 39,808.00
    Net Cap: $ 31,223.46
    Residual: $ 22,426.20
    Total Depreciation: $ 8,797
    Money Factor: .00200
    Down Payment: $10,000.00
    C/D: 0.35
    My credit score is 740.
    Monthly payment: $378.92

    What do you think of these numbers? Should my monthly payment be less?
  • I don't know you "tjspeedva" come from a dealer or not. Ok, in order not to mislead the other potential customers of VW(I like VW so much personally), as you want, I will take back what I talked on the website and hope all you guys enjoy your buying experience. Trust me, Passat of VW definitely is a good choice for you.

    PS: my 2.0T is not a demo and I am enjoying driving it.
  • Can't comment on the numbers but why would you put $8500 down on a lease, especially when they are offering you 4.8% money? All you are doing is paying payments in advance when you are being offered cheap cash, and if you total the car, your $8500 is gone.

    At a minimum if you do this deal you should consider putting $0 down and holding your $8500 in a MMA and use it to supplement your payments as you go.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    $8500 down on a lease is not a good idea. If anything, get a higher monthly payment and supplement the monthly cost with the $8500 you have in the bank. Like jones said, if your new Passat gets totalled the $ you put down is gone.
  • Actually countdbc might not be misleading. I got almost the same deal as his which at near invoice, but I purchased the car at the end of the year that might helped a little. I love this ride everyday! It's certainly worth of more than what I paid. I'm also glad to see that Passat 06 has been rated as top 3 on Consumer Report and beat Toys and Hods(06 accord hybird excluded) out! Check out incentives VW currently offers: 4.9% for 60 months financing is only applied to Passat now vs 3.9% on Jetta and other VWs.

    So if you are really in it, any price between invoice and MSRP are reasonable, it's a bargain ;) .
  • This response is to this specific lease and leasing VW in general. First off, I agree with the other two postings, putting a down payment against a lease is throwing money away. Additionally, with that much down, your lease payment is still ridiculous. If you run the numbers, especially with money to put down, a purchase is significantly in your interest. Leases are only beneficial when you have to tie up minimal financial capital into the lease (i.e NO downpayment). Second, money factors are all fine to discuss, but the most important figure in the deal is the residual percentage applied to the value of the car. A similarly equipped and priced Audi A-4 carries a residual of 70% of the car vs. the 58% you got for example. Even 58% is way better than the 53% I got quoted in TX... A good rule of thumb, Lease LUXURY cars or cars for business. Luxury car labels carry alot of weight in perceived value down the road. Businesses can use a lease as a write off while preserving cash for other operating expenses. I have an A4 lease ending this month and buying a Passat next.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    As someone who has leased two Audi A6s, I agree with your lease comments especially regarding residual. But does the Passat have a high residual? I am skeptical. I have been thinking of buying the Passat Wagon.
  • sdoo25sdoo25 Posts: 25
    I wanted to get some input on the following Passat:

    Passat 3.6L
    Package #1 Luxury
    DVD Satellite Navigation
    MSRP = $35,130
    Invoice = 32,245

    From my research I come with a range from $32,700 - $33,400 as a fair price. I've been to the Fitzgerald Auto Mall site and most of their 3.6L's are listed at or below invoice, as I'm in Tampa, FL this doesn't directly help me. I wanted to know what anybody has paid for this vehicle, especially in the Tampa/Orlando area, and what anybody has paid for any Passat in the Tampa/Orlando area.

    I've been reading the forums for a while and have gotten many good tips and advice. Thanks for everyone's input.

  • Hi,

    I've been negotiating with several dealers in the Boston area and have two offers I am considering right now. The first is for a 3.6L sedan with 4motion sport package 1 and navigation for $34,400. The second is for a 3.6L sedan with 4motion luxury package 1 and navigation for $33,900. Are these good deals? Also, over the test drive I could not sense a big difference in the suspension between the sport and luxury models, could just be the roads, is the sport much harsher? Second, most passats I see have the luxury package, implying that there are more buyers for this package, will the sport affect trade-in value?
  • 2.0T Arctic Blue Silver/Black Interior w/ Package #2

    MSRP 28415
    Selling Price 26050 including 99 processing fee. Also using standard VW money factors in the lease.

    King VW, Gaithersburg, MD, 20 miles north of DC. Dealer had no problem with me publishing the numbers, so I expect they'd do it again. This is an Internet deal - contact the Internet manager. Has been extremely pleasant experience so far; picking up car on Friday.

    Full details at Post #151 on the Leasing Board.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • For those interested, here are the details of the deal I wrapped up yesterday in Alexandria, VA. Pick it up Sat morning..can't wait.

    3.6L liter
    Sport package #2
    Rear air bags
    Rubber Mats w/Trunk Liner &
    Splash Guards
    MSRP w/ destination of $40,509.
    Invoice per Edmunds of $37,243
    Price paid was:
    Car - $36,500 plus
    Processing fee - $229 plus
    Tags - $52 plus
    Tax - $1,175 (3.2% in VA).
    Price is net of $500 VW loyalty cash.
  • The Passat dealers are applying a residual percentage about 15% below what Audi is applying to a similarly equipped A-4 vs. a 3.6 Passat with Lux#2, Nav, etc...
    Audi and BMW both lease with residual at or above 70% which is pretty accurate since dealer trade value is within +/- $200 of my residual. So it looks like I'll trade the leased A-4 instead of turning it in. Mostly for tax advantages on the Passat purchaseand return of the secuirty deposit. and don;t get me started on the lease turn-in inspection contractor.....Terrible.
  • Hi all,

    I would like to purchase a Passat, but am waiting for the rebates. About when during the year do they normally come? I noticed in this forum that some got rebates in April, Jun and November. Anything closer, like say... March? :)

    thanks for the help
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I'd be surprised if you see any rebates within the next year or so. The car is too new for VW to start with rebates. You will most likely continue to see lease deals and low interest rates.
  • zmnbyuzmnbyu Posts: 9
    Hi all,

    First time leasee and looking for help. Was trying to decide between the G35 and Passat and picked the passat. Here is what is being offered:

    06 Passat 2.0t w/package 2(xm), Read air bags, 17 inch wheels, and splash guards. MSRP of $29,340.

    Cost = $27500
    MF = .00057
    Res = 54%
    Taxes = 5.5%
    Payment = $370

  • zmnbyuzmnbyu Posts: 9
    Forgot the months = 36.
  • zmnbyuzmnbyu Posts: 9
    06 Passat 2.0t. Deep Black w/Beige interior. Pk2, Dynaudio, 17 in wheels, rear air bags, splash guards.

    MSRP = $30,340
    Paid = $27200
    Acquistion = $575
    Temp Plate = $10

    Total paid = 27785
    Residual = 54%
    mf = .00057
    payment = $384.06 with taxes. Taxes are about $25/month.

    What do y'all think? Car is being brought in and I pick up tomorrow or Friday.
  • paroraparora Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 2005 Passat GLS 1.8T, 24K miles from Atlanta Auctions. I has leather seats, gray colored with monsoon CD/cassette audio and sunroof. I got it at 18K (without sales tax). What do folks here think ?
    Is it a good deal ?

  • elchurroelchurro Posts: 4
    I received an "internet price" of $26,800 for a 2.0T Passat (package 2, with Sirius and 17 in. wheels).

  • zgr81zgr81 Posts: 12
    How are these #s
    Passat 2006 Value Edition Automatic
    MSRP $24655
    36 months lease
    36000 miles
    $850(first month + Fees)
    All tax included
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Sounds a tad high to me......but I could be wrong.
  • paroraparora Posts: 2
    I searched on the net and i found prices to be in the range of 20,000's. So if i thought may be 18,000$ is a okay price in that respect
  • memo1memo1 Posts: 2
    I am considering a 2005 Passat TDI with leather/wood, ESP, cold weather and 17" alloys and 32500 miles. Have dealer at 21,700. Is this a reasonable deal? Thanks!
  • beal06beal06 Posts: 5
    Dialed in 2.0T passat with options, two dealerships(internet dept) came back with:

    $500 off Invoice on vehicle
    options exactly at invoice
    + Delivery(100-150) in state

    BTW: Does anyone know when they will release the 07 Passat? They tell me the company announces it in July, and dleivery occurs in Sept/Oct. Maybe worth the wait at this stage of the game. Any comments?
  • yalehanyalehan Posts: 4
    Passat 2006 Value Edition Automatic
    MSRP $24655
    36 months lease
    30000 miles
    $0(first month + Fees)
    All tax included
  • eric2006eric2006 Posts: 7
    it is very good deal, which dealer did you get this from?
  • mvc_jonesmvc_jones Posts: 88
    This must be a typo, there is no way a dealer made the deal for $0 down for $200/month tax included, 36 months. A simple lease calculation assuming around invoice sales price yields about $290/month for $0 down, 36 months, 10k miles per year.

    This deal would be a total loser for the dealer. VW advertised deal is $269/month for same lease with $2k down, 12k miles per year, your variance would mean the dealer took a several thousand dollar loss on the car.

    Make sure they didn't give you a Jetta or a very used Passat...
  • car2mecar2me Posts: 3
    For 2006 passat 2.0 package2, automatic, Rear Side Airbags my price estimate is:

    CarsDirect price $26,876 - $1000 = $25876

    maybe less - bluetooth not there, no ipod adapter etc... ;)
  • yalehanyalehan Posts: 4
    I have a $3,500 trade in
    So I don't pay the tax
  • mvc_jonesmvc_jones Posts: 88
    You only would not pay tax on the portion of the car cost offset by your trade in on a purchase, on a lease, your trade in becomes cap cost reduction (down payment) and you pay tax on the portion of the car you use (lease rent).

    Anyway, you posted your deal, did not disclose all terms of the deal, so your information is of questionable value to those looking for experiences that might inform their own.

    Even with a $3,500 trade in towards cap cost reduction, I find the $200/month for 36 months 10k/year on the 2006 Passat at $24k +, no tax charged, very suspicious, this deal sounds fishy and unlikely to me...
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