2005 OB starts, runs momentarily, then stops

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My sister has a 2005 LL Bean Edition OB with a V6.

3 weeks ago, she was in a supermarket. She came back out, her car started, ran about 2 seconds, then died. She had it towed to a garage, they ran all sorts of test. Had it down to the computer dealie, (the name escapes me, Body Integration Unit, or something like that)

The garage had it for 2 weeks and couldn't get it, so they had it flatbedded to the dealers so they could give it a shot. It's been a week now.

They replaced that, didn't fix it. They've checked all the keys for some sort of an immobilizer deal with no luck.

Does anyone have any WAG's (Wild A@@ Guesses) that might help them fix it?

Kalispell, MT


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    Did it trigger a Check-Engine light? The code would be a major clue.

    It could be a loose hose in the intake system or in the evaporative fuel system. If that vaccum isn't present it will shut off the engine and trigger the CEL.

    WAG indeed, but one of our Edmunds members changed his air filter and forgot to connect one rubber hose in the intake, and it did the same thing.

    Basically the emissions system finds a fault and kills the engine so it doesn't "pollute".
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