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Lincoln Town Car



  • Perfect. Thanks very much!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Hooray! We have pretty helpful members in here, I'm glad the Forums were of help. Good luck on the book!
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Would the carb have been listed at all if it wasn't optional or part of a performance package - neither of which was the case for this car?

    Anybody old enough to remember would be around 50 and therefore has already forgotton anyway, so the book could say anything reasonable and nobody would be the wiser.
  • Ford would have referred to the optional engine as a 460-4V and the standard engine was the 400-2V
    (The real name is a 4 venturi carburetor, not 4 barrel)
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    The sticker only says 400 CID. 8 Track Tape, though!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Anybody old enough to remember would be around 50 and therefore has already forgotton anyway"

    Hey! You're getting personal here.....

    I would say anyone on the Town Car forum should be offended, since we all probably qualify under this criteria!
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Anyone on this forum who DOESN'T qualify should be offended now!

    I qualify. And you're right, I do feel a little offended, now that you mention it.

    So there you go. Between the two of us we've managed to offend everybody.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    ahem, that my age, in years, exceeds that amount necessary to exist thru 1/2 of a century...spoken like a true politician, I would say... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm proud of it! I can remember what a Lincoln Premier was!
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Premier..... Wasn't that car known for introducing electric start?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    excuse me, but what is electricity??? :blush: ;) :P
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Not sure, but I'd bet the first electric start was before the Zephyr, early 30's. :)
  • Wasn't it about 1910...On a Cadillac?
  • aprilw3067aprilw3067 Posts: 18
    We have a 97 TC, (actually this is my husband's car -- he really loves the look and most of the car) thinking of trading it for a 2003 or 2004 TC -- after reading your post, don't feel too confident about a new Lincoln. Like the drive, comfit and all about the TC (except for the Engine Light being on most of the time - computer diagnostics have not found the problem yet. And the Anti theft alarm that goes off in the middle of the night, we are checking the door switches out - thanks to your advice).

    We don't know anything about other cars, in your view, when looking to purchase a replacement for the 97 TC -- what is comparable to the way Lincolns were, when designed for retail customers? We like a luxury car, not small like the LS. Thanks! :confuse:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Your Town Car is 8 years old, April. You seem to be expecting 0 problems with it, which is unrealistic. The Town Car, particularly the 95-97 years, is among the most reliable cars made in the world, per Consumer Reports and every other comparison agency I know. But after 8 years, you're going to have a few issues from time to time. Your alarm issue is very annoying and a real problem to be sure, but you can't hold that against a manufacturer, or brand of cars made today. Town Cars still are very reliable cars, able to actually jump curbs with no damage - which is why they are the favorite of all makes for Limosines and stretching wheelbases. You can't judge what a replacement 94 Town Car would be like based upon what your 97 is doing to you now. However, by the time the 94 is 8 years old, you may have to repair something again. That's how it is. :surprise:
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    You are about that. I have a 1990 TC and it has 147,000 miles. up until last year I never spent a penny on unexpected repairs. Even my mechanic I had for 8 years was inpresssed! I'd rather fixed this one over and over than shell out over 40 grand for a new one. Besides the styling on the 1990 to 1997 is better.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    17 years..... one radio, one battery, one alternator, four shocks.

    So there.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    Well you got me there! LOL. Man the TCs are good! GM should learn from this.
  • 0rnery0rnery Posts: 23
    I'm seeing specs of 1,500 - 2,000lbs. What the heck happened to these cars? A few current FWD minivans can supposedly tow up to 3,500lbs!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Besides the styling on the 1990 to 1997 is better."

    Have to agree with you. The new ones look ok with a 60 inch middle inserted, but stock - they're a little wierd. An improvement was made in 02 on the styling, but the interior is still neglected IMO. I understand, they leave the dash the way it is, for livery service, plenty of room for radios, computer, etc., under there.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    I have the same question. I can get my late father's '03 GM from his estate for dirt cheap - low miles, garage kept, blah, blah....., but I need to tow a 2k# trailer. I can't do it with the GM.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Fomoco wants to sell you a pickup for towing.

    IMO the 03 GM can tow up to 3k# when using a Class III hitch, adding a 10,000 lb. transmission cooler, and air shocks if not already installed. Start and stop slowly and lock out O/D if the engine lugs.

    Our TC is not supposed to tow, but after installing the cooler, it runs fine.

    2,000 trailer should not be a problem. Have fun. :)
  • I tend to agree with euphonium when it comes to the issue of towing with a Town Car. It just has to be able to tow more than 2000 lbs., given what it is.

    A few years ago was engaged in a "how much can it tow/how much can it haul?" discussion in a now infamous Edmunds SUV topic. I asked how auto makers arrive at their cargo capacity and towing ratings. At the time no body could give me a straight answer. To this day I have no idea. Are there federal standards? Is the SAE involved? Does anybody know how Ford came up with 2000 lbs. for the Town Car or, for instance, how Cheverolet determined that its 1/2 ton Suburban has a near 1000 lb. cargo carrying advantage over a heavy duty Excursion? Doesn't seem to make sense.
  • 0rnery0rnery Posts: 23
    I guess it's only as able as its weakest link, but I can't imagine how it can be less than a stinkin', FWD minivan! :confuse:
  • alston28alston28 Posts: 97
    A salesman at a Lexus dealership a rough estimate is that a car can tow the car's weight.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    That's is "rough", but after all, he is a salesman. How does an '85, four cylinder Caravan or F-350 diesel fit in to that equation?

    Too many parts of the car are involved to make that statement, IMO: HP, torque, trans, frame, brakes....
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Really? How many models of Lexus have a receiver installed? Will the 430 tow 3,000 lb boat, motor, & trailer? Where would the receiver be attached?
  • i got a used Town Car it has 220000 m-i on it. how much can you put on it?. can i put 400000 mi on it
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