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Lincoln Town Car



  • just returned from a trip to Vegas. I live in the Bay Area and the trip was 10 hrs. plus. Have had my 07 town car for about 3 mos, this was the first long trip. It was fantastic. I can't beleive the luggage I got in the trunk. That is one reason I bought this car as my wife and I travel a bit and I wanted a trunk where I can get all my luggage in. It did that and then some. it had pleny of zip and the handling was great. Great comfort and luxury. The auto pilot worked fine as I used that the majority of the time. the milage was good as I peaked out at 26 mpg. In Vegas, it seemed as though every other car was a town car. Of course there were a lot of town car limos in every shape and color, but there were also a lot of private town cars, Mercury marquis and the ford version. The only complaint I had was that I thought the navigation system sucked. It seemed to stear me to the longer routes. I have taken this trip before and there were shorter routes to take. When it wasn't stearing me in the longer direction, it was just plain sending me in the wrong direction. Don't know what I can do for that. I don't know if I have an older version. anyone else notice this problem?
  • kargkarg Posts: 20
    I bought a one-owner 2003 Cartier L at the end of August and have been absolutely THRILLED with everything about this car.

    I have questions for those who own an '03 or newer and live in the snow belt areas:

    How does it handle in the winter?
    How well does the traction control work and have you ever pushed it to its limits - in a safe trial-type way?
    Do you replace the all season radials with snow tires?

    I believe this car, with having 65K on the odometer - may still have the original Michelin tires - after reading some posts on tirerack. Has anyone replaced with the cheaper Kuhmo brand and if so - results? I'm wondering if I could go through this winter with those being new tread and maybe buying snows next winter.

    Thanks - for any input!

    I love this car and get some many compliments!
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    You may have a defective or debris blocked solenoid, or the electrical connector is not fully positioned on the solenoid at the side of the car that is not lifting. To check to determine if the solenoid is defective, switch the solenoids from one air bag to the other.
  • ortautoortauto Posts: 13
    I've had a Town Car for a few months and can't find anything on the web. Registration says 2004 Ultimate, and the sidechrome says Limited. It has everything except the Nav. system and has no modifications outside factory installed items.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    And your VIN is - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -?
  • ortautoortauto Posts: 13
    Thanks for your reply, and help. Vin is
    ILNHM83WX4Y654268. To clarify, I'm trying to find out exactly what LTC model this is. I cannot find any reference to Ultimate Limited so my only thought is that it may be a Signature Limited with all the options and some how an error on the paperwork, strange as that sounds.
  • ortautoortauto Posts: 13
    The vehicle is a 2004 Town Car, Ultimate, Limited Edition.
    Thanks for any of you who tried to find any information on it. This is my first LTC, and I've finally found something better than my old Grand Marquis.
  • My 2005 Town car now has 25000 miles on it and is warranted
    to the end of April of 2009. Am wondering whether I should start shopping for an extended warranty now or wait until near the end of the original warranty? My Ford dealer has mentioned that I can buy the extended warranty up to the last day before the original warranty expires with the only penalty for waiting the annual increase in across the board premiums. MY QUESTIONS ARE: Should I wait or purchase ahead of time, and should I consider a different warranty company than Ford who are the only ones who could service the car under a Ford warranty. Is there a Ford dealer that discounts these Ford extended warranties that other Lincoln owners know of and can recommend? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Warranties you are considering are nothing more than mechanical failure insurance. There have been some warranty companies who in the past have gone out of business and retained the unearned premium without honoring any claim. If you must have an Extended Warranty, buy from Ford, however, it is recommended to wait until the last minute to buy for what happens if you buy now, your car is in a crash and has to be replaced. Getting a R.P. is sometimes time consuming.

    From my point of view, having had over 135,000 on our TC, I would forego an extended warranty. Now if you had an XJ8, that's another story. ;)
  • Many thanks for your reply. I have owned two Wynns' warranties one on a 1998 Cadillac Deville than on a 2004 Deville. When I traded my 2004 Deville for a new DTS, Wynns' gave me a prorated refund of about 80% of the warranty purchase price on the 04. Wynns also did the same when I traded my 1998 for the 2004 Deville. I tend to agree with the idea of waiting to the last minute to purchase an extended warranty even though it means paying ten to twenty percent more for waiting to the end of the original warranty period. Should the car be totaled in an accident most reputable extended warranties would give a prorated refund for the unused portion of the warranty.

    I gather that you have very few problems with your T.C. after driving it over 135,000 miles. What if any repairs has the car needed and at approximately what miles? How many miles did your original tires last? Brakes? From most every thing I have heard T.C. is a very reliable car in all
    model years.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Bremertong: Listed below is perhaps more than you want to know, but I keep detailed records for each of my vehicles.

    Lincoln Repair History

    27 Aug 94 Purchased New
    14 Jun 95 16,950 Hitch & ‘Trans cooler installed
    26 Dec 95 24,959 Wiper motor (under warranty)
    05 Aug 96 32,241 A/C fan speed controller (warranty)
    25 Apr 97 43,145 D/side rear Door control (warranty)
    27 May 97 44352 Align front end
    25 June 97 50,148 Replace Windshield
    17 July 97 50,830 Bosch Platinum Spark plugs
    29 Jan 98 58,777 Align Front end
    31 Jan 98 58,922 Replaced coolant
    06 Feb 98 59,756 Four Michelin X 1 tires
    15 Jun 98 67,439 Recharged A/C
    27 JUN 98 70,965 Changed transmission fluid & filter
    28 July 98 70,970 Rear loaded calipers & new rotors
    24 May 00 81,541 Front brake pads
    28 Nov 01 98,000 Replaced pinion, bearings, & spider gears
    26 Dec 01 99,069 Spark plug wires replaced
    08 Apr 02 101,605 R& R left lower ball joint + alignment
    17 Jun 02 102,520 A/C compressor & dryer + recharge
    05 May 04 108,061 Replaced original battery
    22 Jun 04 108,597 Replaced MAF Sensor
    28 Feb 07 132,042 Replaced Transmission Fluid
    15 Jun 07 133,401 Bilstein front shocks

    Hope the above helps. ;)
    Blessings, :)

  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is very valuable information and I very much appreciate your taking the time and effort to share it. Am I to assume that the transmission has never had any major problems that involved opening sealed parts? As you are probably aware, transmissions and engine re builds are among the most expensive car repairs. If I can speculate on not having any major problems with the drivetrain including the engine and transmission I will be much less concerned about an extended warranty unless I decide to keep the car around the end of the original warranty period. In that I drive T.C. between 4000-7000 miles a year I would not be anywhere near the mileage you have reported for many years. This gives me more assurance about not putting a high priority on an extended warranty. Do you have an approximate running total of what you have spent on all the listed repairs? If so would be helpful to have just as a basic guideline of maintenance costs for this vehicle over many years. If I can answer any questions regarding my 2005 T.C. I hope you will ask as I will be happy to assist in any way that I can, thanks again!
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Good Morning: Happy to be helpful.

    Both the engine and transmission have never had any major problems. I change the oil and filter myself and have always used Mobil 1 in the engine. The transmission gets the fluid and filter change at the dealer. The major repair was to the rear axle. I should have changed its fluid sooner, but the Lincoln Maintenance Manual said to change it at 100,000. I waited too long. That bill was over $1,100, but after showing the Lincoln factory rep what their Maintenence Manual said, she agreed it was misleading so Lincoln paid for 1/2 the cost. As a broken W/S is not a mechanical expense I did not list it in the $3,990 total you requested. The $3,990 assumes the total cost of over the $1,100 for a new rear axle assembly.

    Recommendations: Use a synthetic engine oil, & depending on the miles on the car to date, change the fluids in the tranny and rear axle and use Mercon V in the tranny. :)

  • Thanks very much for the additional info. I generally change oil when the oil monitor reaches 40% or six months whichever comes first. Oil changes done at the dealership.
    The idea of using a synthetic makes sense for longer oil life and engine longevity. Given the number of years that you have owned your car and your expense I can understand why you have chosen not to bother with an extended warranty.
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    On a 2000 TC, I had the climate control to go out it was about $350.00 and a idle control sensor for $150 or so. until it was wrecked at 107+K. My current 2002 with 70k, I have replaced the drivers seat motor track $350 and the climate control went out last night. Other than normal maintenance, I have not spent much at all on either of the TC's I have had. That was the reason I bought TC's. The LM salesman I bought it from told me to look at the cars in the shop and what was being done. TC and Grand Marquis were in for oil changes and the rest of the Lincoln line was in for more major stuff.

    My point, you may can invest the money for the warranty and earn interest and pay out of pocket for the repairs and probably come out ahead. They very seldom break down.

    Just my experience.
  • Hi, izaclown1...

    I've learned much while subscribing to many threads on here, in these forums...I've always admired Lincoln TCs, and have wondered if I should get a certified pre owned one, circa 2005 plus, instead of a small sub-compact like the Nissan Versa, etc. I've read that TCs are built like tanks, so to speak, which is why so many livery car services employ them for their driveabouts. The one thing I find lacking in Town Cars is the lack of electronic stability control though, for those of us that live in the snow belt. I wish Ford would pay more attention to the TC. The company seems indifferent to it. That's a shame... :( Ya think the suits at Lincoln read these messages here? Hmmmmm...

    Peace!<-AladdinSane- :shades: -
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 265
    Ya think the suits at Lincoln read these messages here?

    After more than a quarter century in corporate world I have grown rather cynical and doubt that many suits even know what an Internet forum is, provided they ever use a computer beyond PowerPoint slides, Excel, email, and Meeting Maker.
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    I have seen some other comments (not sure if here or else where) the traction control does fine in light to regular snow conditions. In SC, we do not get that white stuff called snow so I cannot vouch for them. I have enjoyed my TC's. The first TC was replaced a 92 Conti.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Not having ESC, but having experienced our TC driving in a lot of snow to ski resorts with just Traction Control - it works very well. Our snow driving is limited to the Cascade Range from Mt. Bachelor, OR to Whistler, BC. Only if there were more horses under the hood! :(
  • Thanks very much for the information on your T.C.s and their repair history. My car has had no problems during my ownership so far. I have in the past bought extended warranties, but based on the repair histories I've read here on T.C. I may at least wait until the end of my original factory warranty. The idea of putting the cost of the extended warranty in an income bearing account to self fund the repairs is a good suggestion and alternative.
  • 98 LTC warms up,drive all over(without shuting down) then ya shut down for 2 min and low and behold itWont start,it cranks. After 15 min it starts the temp guage reads about a hair over half. Any suggestions will be greatly accepted.
  • I had a similar problem with a Grand Marquis. It turned out to be a module in the computer control. Symtoms were car would start cold, but when hot would not. If I let the car sit for half an hour it would start. My mechanic told me that if continued to wait that one of these days it wouldn't start and I'd need a tow. Lots of garages will simply replace the computer, big expense, but try and find a mechanic that will replace the module for one tenth the cost if that's what it is.
  • Hello all. I got my 03 tc 2 years ago and love it. My first Lincoln was my Dad's 71 Continental. Believe me, I can parallel park! I bought an 89 Town Car after that and loved it. Few problems (tranny and temp control). Wish I'd kept it. I owned a lot of other cars between and don't miss any of them except my BMW 2002s. Love those cars. SOOO small today though. I was shopping for other cars before I bought the 03 tc. I liked new Honda Accord coupes and used Infiniti Q45s, but when I ran across this car I just went out and bought it. I'm not good at buying and selling cars. From reading the forums, I guess I'm not alone. It's such a pita. Anyway, the 03 tc is big, powerful and comfortable and I like that. Plus good gas mileage on regular gas. Another plus is that it's basically the same car as a Ford Crown Vic or Mercury Marquis. Heck, I would've bought one of those if it had all the "bells and whistles". Love the leather (I have a hairy dog), stereo, atc, sunroof and I couldn't find other cars that offered that at the price. The ride is firm, almost truck like and I like that too. The old tc's did the front end bob up and down all the time so you felt like you were on a boat. I kind of like that old school ride though. All in all, I'm very happy with this car. I'll drive it til it drops. Thanks to our hosts for the automatic spell check and this site. The only probs I have are power steering pumps and minor squeaks. Town Cars Rock!
  • Howdy, Jim...
    I read your message on here, and my hat's off to you for getting that '03 TC...
    I've always considered the TC to be a retro vehicle for a forward thinking driver. Hope that makes sense to you. It sure does to yours truly. Where are you located, Jim? Get any snow? I always wonder how the TC handles on snow and icy streets, WITH its traction control. That's the only thing that I'm wary of with the TC. I've considered purchasing a CPO TC, '03 plus, and I really don't care if anyone thinks it's a grandpa's/grandma vehicle...I just dig its look. It may be old school, but along side some of today's vehicles this machine (the TC) looks and runs like a tank, so to speak...strong and ready to take on any type of street or road. Cool.
    Happy Holidays!
    Town Cars DO rock, mate...They're da bomb...
    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    wonder how the TC handles on snow and icy streets

    Our '94 TC has made scores of ski trips on snow and ice from Mt. Bachelor to Whistler in the last 13 years & I've never had to hang iron. It has Michelins and Traction Control, however the 300 h.p. Mustang engine would be appreciated. ;)
  • I'm pretty sure that i blew an air line because both front wheels are touching the fenders just about, my question is does any one have a scamatic of where the airlines run or could any one draw it out for me and send it to i would be ever so grateful.

    as for the question about the town car , mine is a 95 mark VIII and I fell in love with it the first time I drove it never felt more safe
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    I didn't know the Mark VIII had air shocks on the FRONT.

    Our TC has them only on the rear. I recently replaced the front shocks with a pair of Bilsteins.
  • Cadillac sells "Certified" cars that include a 100k 6 year (from date car was first put into service) bumper to bumper warranty. Is there something like this for "certified" used Lincoln Town Cars? Thanks!
  • What exactly is happening with the Town Car? The dealers don't even know or are not telling. You can't get a 2008 brochure. Is the Town Car being dropped totally or is it simply being built somewhere other than Wixom? Does anybody have any information? The Internet is worthless -can't find any facts. I read earlier on this Forum that there IS a 2008. Is there really?
  • Hi...

    I've read that the '08 TC WILL appear, on a limited basis, sometime after January, '08...maybe as late as February. Something to do with the plant where it's produced, but it doesn't bode well for this model's overall "future" I suspect.

    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
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