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2005 Nissan Quest

in the past two days while driving at approx. 60 mph in dry/warm conditions (i live in fl) the traction control system activated spontaneously 3 different times. The "slip" and "tcs off" indicator lights came on each time. after the last incident i manually turned the tcs off. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


  • I own a 2005 Nissan Quest SE, am the second owner,have under 57K miles, extended warranty and have found a significant problem. The car has never been in an accident to cause anything but parking lot scratches or abuse. There has been a noise from the rear of the van and thought I would have my mechanic take a look at it before performing service. After extensive probing he found that there is a defect in the welding of the frame and body. There is a recall for the rear seats, front suspension and recently one for fuel gauge levels registering incorrectly. Recall ID # 05V474000 - SEATS:MID/REAR ASSEMBLY , Recall ID # 05V480000 - SEATS:MID/REAR ASSEMBLY, Recall ID # 07V248000 - SUSPENSION:FRONT ,
    Also recalled are 419,000 vehicles in the U.S. and 53,000 abroad because of a fuel gauge problem.
    I have contacted NISSANUSA portal and have been assigned a case number with recommendations to bring the van into a dealership and have them perform the free recall work and inspect my situation. I will post the Nissan dealership comments, solutions or excuses and will keep everyone informed.

    My mechanic and another bodywork specialist feel that the rear seat striker plate recall is a cover up for the defective welding and poses a real safety hazard. . The noise is not the brakes, coils, shocks or bushings. That is the frame separating from the body. This is not good.
    I don't want this responsibility and think that Nissan makes a great vehicle. However, if this needs to be escalated due to safety concerns. Please return for the results or post similar noise, problems and occurances
    Thanks To All. :
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    wow man this is champ van I love the interior and I would drive that in a instint
  • I have a 2005 Quest and we have been having problems with the door just opening randomly. We will be inside our house and go out and the door is open. We will close it and a little while later go outside and it is open again. While parked in the store parking lot it opened several times on its own. I tried disconnecting the battery for a period of time hoping that a loss of power might trigger a reset of default settings. I tried following the instructions in the owners manual for reprogramming the door. Nothing seems to fix this problem.
  • Did you ever find out what was causing this. My 05 Quest is doing the exact same thing.
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