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Chevrolet Lumina



  • tassitassi Posts: 13
    I haven't checked the tranny fluid in a couple weeks. I will do that. The engine rpm's don't flare up at all. The engine seems to faulter for a split second. Like I said I'm not sure if it's the tranny or engine problems. I will post back after I check the tranny level and color. Thanks
  • tassitassi Posts: 13
    Well I checked the tranny fluid and it is good and was at the correct level.
  • Normally, if this is in fact trans slippage this an be detected on a trans capable scanner, this should be your next step,by the way this is a 4t65e trans, was was somewhat unique in those cars, I have the same thing.
  • tassitassi Posts: 13
    I forgot to mention that my engine has a whining sound that goes along with the rpm's. Not sure if this is related but it's annoying to listen to. I've had the car in for service before on this and they came up with nothing. They said everything was working good. To me it wasn't. Since this is the first vehicle that I've had with this mileage, maybe that's what happens to an old car. I know a travelled car isn't going to run like a brand new one but I would think it shoud run pretty close to one. Let me know if I'm crazy or not. Thanks.
  • Well mine did this almost from day one and I have heard others, most commonly from the trans, and has not been a problem for me at 170k, but to be sure, take off the serpentine belt and see if it changes any thing, you can run it like this for a few minutes, of course the mount is in the way, try to move it aside, just for checking purposes, if the noise goes away, ( I don't think it will ) then it usually is the alternator.
  • I would like some advice please. I am looking at a Chevy Lumina for my mother. It was owned by the city of Lubbock for awhile and we are told it was taken very good care of. It looks very clean and has 52K miles. The guy that owns it now had it for a very short time before buying a van he liked better. He has moved and left the car with his mother to sell it, and she seems like a very hoest sweet little lady.
    They wanted $4900 for it but we have offered $4500 and they've accepted. I am now researching this site and wondering if that is still a bit high? My mother really likes this car. I am going to see about having a mechanic look at it. The man has left all of the maintainance paperwork in the glove box, and it appears that the paperwork backs up that it has been taken care of. I don't see anything that concerns me alot, except it appears that a few years ago the alternator was replaced.....and a few years before that as well.
    Can anyone give me some advice? My mom is 78 years old and I cannot afford to buy a bad car. THis sounds and looks like a good car, but I want to be sure. Is the price fair if I can get a mechanic's ok on it? LIke I said, it looks great and runs nice. PLease advise. I appreciate your help! -Lisa in TX
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I would go with whatever my mechanic recommends but my bias is toward '97-00 models which tend to have higher reliability.
  • I would like to know if your Lumina 3.1 or Monte Carlo 3.1 uses any oil. Please state how many miles are on the engine, how much it uses, where you live and what kind of usage it gets (distance or short trips).


    My 1997 Lumina has 87,000 miles on it. I use 5W40 oil and it uses about 1 quart every 2,000 miles.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    My Lumina doesn't appear to burn any oil; it has about 36K miles, mostly short trips. I use the recommended 5W-30 oil and change it every 4 months so I currently get less than 2K miles on an oil change. I live on the East coast and temps vary from about 20-100 degrees.

    Your engine is probably looser than mine due to higher mileage so I would not be concerned with your useage.
  • I love my 98 Lumina but it has 110,000 miles on it Never had any problems with it. How many miles can I get ? Can I get 130,000 miles with out any problems? What is the comparable model now to this car as far as size, reliability?
  • I had a '92 euro took it to 167k - now I have a 96' lumina it's at 163k and haven't doen any work on it in a long time. It just needs a switch box - about $150. Otherwise don't feel anything going - hope it goes till 200k
  • Where do I begin? I loved our '97'Lumina when we first bought it in April of 2000. It had 48,000 miles on it with one previous owner. One thing after another started going wrong with it 4months after we got it. Thank goodness for the extended warranty we purchased with it. Which at the time we thought was a waste of money. Quite the contrary.This is just a few of the things that started going wrong. 1)4new tires and just started over heating. 2)11/00-replaced power steering pump & repaired vacuum line hose,(twice),3)3/2001-Replaced transmission,$2993.27, 4)Replaced water pump(twice),5)Replaced both front struts, 6)Replaced alternator(twice),7)Re sealed intake manifold(twice),8)Re surfaced rotors(twice),9)Replaced serpentine belt & belt tensioner, 10)Have replaced all 4-tires 4times since we bought it. 11)Replaced #3shift solenoid &TCC solenoid & sensor, 12)Replaced battery(twice), 13)Replaced vehicle speed sensor. These are the things we've had repaired since buying the car April 2000. Thanks to our extended warranty we were able to repair all these things before it expired. But! Now we have new problems and the car now has 95000 miles on almost all city driving and of course we just got it paid off in May of this year and there is no more warranty. 1)excessive coolant loss going somewhere,it's not leaking out and were not using it. 2)excessive power steering loss, ALOT! 3)transmission is not shifting right again. After it warms up a little it likes surges around 45 to 50 miles an hour until you apply the gas a little, and it only does this in overdrive. we always drive in overdrive in town it drives alot better and gets better gas mileage. 3)The check engine light stays on ALL the time and has since about 4months after we bought it. And yes each time we've taken the car in for repairs the check it and say they couldn't find anything wrong and they turn it off'just so it can turn back on after we have gone 2blocks down the road.How many times you ask? Well put it this way we finally got tired of their answers so it is still on after 3years. 4)Turn signals & hazards don't operate,along with the gas gauge,it says full when it's actually empty, 5)Our power windows work when they want to, and the dashboard lights going to the radio and heater/cooler controls work intermittenly and one by one going out all the way. And 1 last sour remark about my dream car it has a ticking sound on start-up in the morning. Which really worries me since that's how our Toyota 4x4 started doing before we sunk a few thousand into it. Finally I gave it away at a mere $1200.00 as is. But you see this is my husband and mine only vehicle. People say were stupid for not getting rid of it, yes I agree but out credit isn't that great and we can't or don't want the payments again. If someone out has any idea about the tranny problems I would sure appreciate any replies. Everything else we can slowly get fixed. And don't get me wrong we probably just got a bad one. But it sure drives really nice, too bad we can't take it out of town any more at least until can get the tranny fixed. This is a "97" 4-door sedan in good body shape and interior. 3.1 L engine. HELP!!
  • Was the trans an exchange GM unit, by the price it sounds like one , if so, they are factory warranted for 3 years and 50k. If the oil was changed regularly and the engine is not sludged up, the noise may be the famous and relatively harmless piston slap. Who is resetting it and sending you down the road, this is wrong and you need to address with the shop! What is wrong that it comes back, this could be trans. related.
  • Thanks for your reply. Yes it was a GM unit & 3yrs,50k. And yes we have always changed the fluids like clock work. And the GM dealer is the ones that kept sending us on down the road after resetting the engine light along with our regular mechanic and the mechanics that we took it to the last time(which was just 2months ago)the transmission needed the shift solenoid and TCC and sensor replaced. Don't get me wrong the last two mechanics fixed what was wrong those times but they said they put it on the diagonstic machine for the light problem but found nothing. The GM dealer mechanic told me the first time that he forgot to clear the codes from previous repair work,second time(1week later)he was quite agitated with me but did a scan test anyway and found a cracked vacuum line and fixed it and cleared codes again. I wasn't even 3 blocks down the street this time and it came back on. I have stopped going to them since then and since the warranty has run out. Everytime I took it to them something else went totally wrong. I have taken it back to them the last time when I had trouble with the sensor and solenoids, only because I didn't know if the warranty on the trans covered those things or not. And of course they said no. It would cost me another $1,000.00 to look at it and repair it. Well I said no way and took to a transmission shop for the repairs and it only cost me $395.00. Go figure.
  • tassitassi Posts: 13
    Can you explain in a little more detail the surge you say is happening at 45-50mph? I think I have something similar happening to my lumina but it is a '99 Ltz with the 3.8l. It seems to happen only in OD and after the engine/tranny have warmed up. For example, if I'm traveling 55mph and start going up a hill, I'll press the accelerator and it surges until I press hard enough and it kicks down a gear. Does that sound like the problem you had? I'm scared to find out it's the transmission and will cost me$$$$$. What did the mech. do for this problem?
  • To the one looking at that '96, I say get it. Sounds like it was well maintained.
  • We now only have a little over 62,000 miles on our 1996 Lumina bought new in April, 1996. Only repair outside of regular scheduled maintenance, has been a rebuilt alternator at around 40,000 miles. Just recently put a new set of tires on at 57,000 miles. Went with the Firestone FR680 radials and after 5,000 miles so far, they seem like an excellent tire for this mid-sized sedan. Those OEM B.F.Goodrich T/A radials were a darn tire, never had a bit of trouble through 57,000 miles. Considered replacing the same, but they are French made (Owned by Michelin) and we didn't want to aid the enemy as you know! Besides these Firestones were $100 cheaper on a set of four and as I previously said seem to really suit this car. This Lumina has been one of the better car's or light truck's that we have owned. Guess GM did get one product done right during the 1990's.
  • tassitassi Posts: 13
    Has anyone experienced a problem getting there Lumina to proper engine running temperature? My needle barely gets off the minimum reading and I've changed the thermostat and that didn't help. Does anyone know where else the problem could be? I summitted a previous line talking about my Lumina jerking when in overdrive. My tranny mechanic told me it's probably a lockout problem in the tranny but he said he couldn't tell because he couldn't get my engine temp to the proper degree. I've changed my thermostat and the temp doesn't change. Anybody have some ideas what I need to do before I take it in to a mechanic?
  • These cars have a very specific for opening the air bleed screws for the cooling system. You need to have an owner's manual for instructions. This purges the air from the system allowing the coolant to get up to temperature and circulate water to the heater core.
  • emoun1emoun1 Posts: 2
    Hey, I am having this same prob on my 200 gmc 1500 truck, they hav replaced the shift solenoid A adn wiring harness and i have since had to take it back cause it's doing the same thing. My service engine soon light came on and the code they gave me was 0753 which is Shift solenoid A-electrical, what was done for your situation?? thanks!
  • I have a '99 Monte Carlo ( bascially a Lumina but with 2 doors) with 75,000 miles on it . It has the 3.8 litre and those usually go 200,000 miles or so without any trouble. What engine does your '98 have?
  • Is that for the 3.8 litre ? My Monte Carlo runs very cold as well but I haven't really worried about it until I started reading the posts here .
  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    My 98 LTZ 3800 runs at what appears to be to cold on the temp guage, used a scanner to see actual readings, was 202 warmed up.
  • Mine is the 3.1. The gauge goes over the half way mark when left to idle without the AC on. I am told this is normal and the fans kick on at 210 or so. The gauge is sensitive in the middle of the range. I was freaked out at first but have not had problems in 7 years.
  • My mom's 1999 Lumina (3.1 L V6) will only blow the a/c fan through the dash windshield defrost vents, not through the floor or front of console vents.

    All fuses intact, switch for fan speed works. Is this most likely electrical problem (switch) or mechanical (some sort of baffle in vent duct which redirects air)?

    Any suggestions of where to look first?

    Thanks in advance.

  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    Look for vacuum problems on this, check the vacuum storage tank behind the l/s of the front bumper at the front of the fender behind the splash shield the line can crack or the tank is bad
  • rwsmithrwsmith Posts: 3
    Good Morning,

    First of all I gave up figuring out how to post in the Chevy Lumina section; therefore, I am posting here. Sorry, if anyone can explain to me how to do that I'd appreciate it very much.

    Today my Econolube guy told me that I desperately needed to replace my intake manifold gaskets...cost: $500.

    Of course, I haven't a clue what that means except he's probably right.

    Is that a fair price for a 1995 Lumina with 122,000 miles???

    Thanks so much!

  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    price sounds about right, if labor rate is about $60 per hour.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    and I'm moving a couple of posts here ...
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