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Chevrolet Lumina



  • rwsmithrwsmith Posts: 3

    Is there anything I must do to prepare (questions to ask the mechanic, etc) to protect myself in the event of worse case scenarios when dealing with auto shops???

    I am a novice and this is my first time for such a relatively expensive repair; not to mention a bit intimidating.


  • simon8simon8 Posts: 1
  • It's a mystery to me, I just got this Lumina and the next day it won't start when it's in park, but works in Neutral, am I missing something here or is there a technical problem with this. Any help would be great.
  • Anybody know what is wrong with a 93 model lumina that has coolant dripping from apparently a drainage hose on the passenger side firewall ?After driving 20 miles or so,I get a low coolant warning and I see a slow dripping flow of coolant from a hose with 90 degree bend located on the firewall.The 3.1 litre motor has problems with coolant leaks from what I have heard.I guess I need to disassemble the instrument panel dash and examine the heater core.Any comments or advice are wellcome.Thanks...
  • Probably your fan(s) arent running.
  • amazineamazine Posts: 11
    I'm on my second lumina with the 3.1 and its almost automatic that the intake manifold will warp and need to be replaced. Its shouldn't be a big deal for your guys to fix this for you. After mine was replaced I'm still going strong 70,000 miles later.
  • im i being had,i found 1998 lumina 3.8 recaro seats,clean in and out car drives well. is 3,000 too
    high of a price. also the car has 144k on it.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can try asking Terry (rroyce10) in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is listed in red above the post box.
  • 99lumina99lumina Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Lumina, and same problem with the seat. Did you ever figure out how to move it further back?
  • rayrocrayroc Posts: 1
    I'm having a vacuum problem with my Lumina. My a/c blows out at the bottom, the cruise does not work, and the overdrive does not work properly. On the overdrive, if you are going up a hill it will start a little jerk, not hard but if I accelerate and it switches to drive it is ok. If I'm going on level ground it does fine, most of the time. Please help. Any suggestions?
  • w0bymagnusw0bymagnus Posts: 19
    I have a 98 Chevy Lumina...the engine idle is really rough, and the engine light is on..sometimes it even blinks...but the car doesn't stall ever. The spark plugs were replaced and everything...but that didnt help.
  • mike70mike70 Posts: 1
    You may have a vacuum leak. Ours was blowing out the bottom.
  • Does anyone know where I can find or buy bolt on performance parts for my 98 Lumina LTZ, it has a 3800 series engine. There doesn't seem to be anything out there, only parts for Pontiac Grand Prixs. I would like to boost the horsepower a little with out tearing the engine down since it runs great and only has 50,000 miles one it. I would also like to add horsepower at a reasonible cost too. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might also want to ask that in our brand new Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board.
  • We have a 1998 Lumina with the same issue. Did you resolve this? If so, what was the fix? Thanks.
  • ryanrp1ryanrp1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Lumina and my Low Oil Light stays on all the time, the dip stick says otherwise. Even after an oil change it still comes on. I figure the sensor is malfunctioning. It this easy to change or does it have to be changed be a pro? Also, where is the sensor located?
  • luminaguyluminaguy Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the air bag sensor and module is located for a 98 Chevy Lumina LS? I've heard that the sensor is located near the radiator and the module might be under one of the front seats. Any help?
  • daniels1daniels1 Posts: 2
    Does that particular hose have press fit fitting onto a pipe coming out of the firewall?If so you can take the hose off by cutting it off and check the pipe---if it's the hose and not the pipe you can then replace it with heater hose and a hose clamp.---I have a 91 and have'nt looked under the hood of a 95 in a while---but see if it is on a pipe before you tear the rest apart.
  • philbronephilbrone Posts: 1
    I have been having some problems with my 99 Lumina and am wondering if anyone knows what I can do. On my dashboard my low coolant light is flashing--I took it in and they said it was electrical and not a problem just monitor my level of coolant and everything would be problem with that. Next (1 month later) my ABS light has gone on and is constantly on. Now (2 weeks later) I have a light constantly on that looks like this (!) and is red. I bought the car and never received the manual so I have no clue whats going on. Has anyone ever had this issue or know whats going on?
    Please help. Thanks
  • Just going up A LITTLE in oil weight can take your car as far as you would like it to. I have a 1996 (only difference is transmission and some very minor non mechanical differences) and I have 231,000 miles on it. No work done except for tune ups and minor things like the water pump (198,000 miles) and a Thermostat and (210,00 miles). No worries my friend. The lumina is , in a good way, a generic made car. Meaning, GM makes about 5 other models that are the same except for body style and some options. So, this means that there is a lot of research and a lot of bugs worked out after the first year (if not before). If you can't fight the feeling and want to buy a new(er) car get another Mid Size GM like the Buick Century. I have a lot of faith in the GM midsize cars because I have had 3 of them all of them finally went out on me after the 275,000 mile mark. One was an 86 Celebrity and the other was a 91 Century. I cried both times. Back to oil I use a 10w 40 in anything over 100,000 miles. Something I learned from my Father and Grandfather who both worked in GM Design and testing.
  • First, get a Chilton manual and then a OBDII code reader. If you are not experiencing anything wrong while driving other than lights you MIGHT be okay. Take it to a few different shops. I know, this is getting costly (Cheaper than buying a new car). My most educated guess tells me that it is a rolling failure in the computer (again, as long as the car is driving okay). The good and bad about OBDII cars is that they can sometimes find work arounds (failsafe mode) to get you where you need to go. So, that maybe why IF you are not experiencing poor drivability. I have never had this issue. But, my friends have a Sebring (totally different car) and it was doing the same thing and they did have all those things wrong and almost got in a wreck on the upper deck of I35 in Dallas because they didn't get it fixed. So, do the things I mentioned and be VERY careful when going to the shops. Or, if you can afford it or have a friend with a truck tow it. So, tell us if you are having drivability problems before the lights came on. Good luck.
  • I would think it is the Baffle/vent duct. I have never looked at one of these so it MIGHT I can't stress MIGHT enough have different fans for top or bottom. My mother in laws sunfire had two sets of fans. I was told that very few cars were made that way. But, I really do think it is the director.
  • Like I always suggest to people. Get a Chilton manual for that car. Even if you aren't car savvy or mechanically inclined you can always refer to the manual to find out if it even effects that part of the vehicle. Also, talk to your friends on who they suggest for a mechanic. In my experience the ones that try to jerk you around the most are the dealership mechanics. Not to offend anyone here. But, in my area of Oklahoma that seems to be the case. I would also tell the mechanic not to do any extra work unless you are consulted first. Before my wife met me she would always take another person with her to the shop so when she says something or asks for something in particular it can be constituted as a verbal contract. Good luck.
  • Just from your brief description it sounds like someone "broke" your shift lever. In my car you have to have the break pressed in order to start the vehicle unless you have it in neutral. There could be other things like a little contact not making contact or something of that nature. Next time you try starting your car in Park move the gear selector NOT OUT OF GEAR but just wiggle it. Keep the key in the start position while doing that. This will at least eliminate one of the possibilities. Does the owners manual mention anything about that?
  • Use the Yellow book value. Loan values are usually the best to base things on.
  • curtsl10curtsl10 Posts: 2
    I am currently looking at a 1998 lumina in my local area. The body is in excellent condition, with dirty interior. With 136k miles on it the only problem I was able to find was that the low coolant light was on constantly. The coolant was full and the reserve tank had coolant in it. This would be my third lumina, and I had a 1991 eurosport with the same problem. A radiator cap solved that problem. Is this a common problem? Also Would 2650 be a decent price on a car of this year with this many miles? If it isn't a radiator cap what other coolant system issues would cause the light to be on all the time? Or is it even worth worrying about as long as I visually inspect the coolant levels?
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    What engines have your Luminas been equipped with, and how much difference do you think this makes on durability? Also, what finally caused you to decide to trade your Lumunas...did a drivetrain component finally fail? Please elaborate.

  • curtsl10curtsl10 Posts: 2
    The first 3.1l eurosport finally had the tranny go out at 289k miles, A good run for the 1200 bucks I paid for it at 90k. My current 91 lumina got rear ended and had body damage but nothing too hectic. We are keeping this car and are looking for another family car instead of the s-10 I have as we have outgrown being a 1 car 1 truck family. As far as the lumina durabillity goes, My girlfriend doesn't tell me a lights on until there is a noise. Lights can blink and flash and she doesn't notice them all the time unless they flash.
  • The engine type and size makes a huge difference. Just to make a point and for sake of making it easy for everyone. One does not want to put a monster V-12 in a Volkswagen bug and use the same tranny. Now, if you put the V-12 in a Huge Mac Truck with a matching tranny then you will be alright. See what I am getting at. As far as the Lumina goes and GM cars in general, they do a good job of matching the engine and tranny. So, as long as it has a V-6 that is at least a 2.8L then you will be okay. BTW, I have found that if when you go to do the tune up when the engine light comes OBDII reader tells you that is what it needs, if you do not FULLY clear the codes then it will cause it to have those same symptoms even when it doesn't need it. I know this because I am having some problems that I KNOW are fixed and are okay. So, for all those people that are posting that problem take it to the mechanic that did the work and tell them to clear the codes and then go home and disconnect the NEGATIVE ONLY battery cable for about an out. You should be good to go.
  • I am interested in converting my car to CNG. It is cheap and from what I have found I won't loose too much (if any) power and my car might last longer and have lower emmissions. So, any suggestions? Can I do this by myself. I am a fairly accomplished shade tree mechanic. Or, would it still be better to have a mechanic do it. Also, I think it would be beneficial to be dual fuel. I would loose some trunk space, but, I would be able to fill up anywhere and quite possibly save a lot of money by end of year. I have seen trucks converted to LPG and there is a dealership that sells ONLY CNG dual fuel vehicles and of course here in the state of Oklahoma there are a lot of CNG vehicles owned and operated by the state. So, does anyone have suggestions or warnings? Look forward to this conversation.
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