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Mitsubishi Endeavor Maintenance and Repair



  • mits1mits1 Posts: 6
    You are describing a torque convertor shudder, Flush your transmission with at least 12 quarts of atf spIII, which is factory fill automatic transmission fluid. It is pricey but it is the only one that is worth it. The shudder may take a couple of hundred miles to go away. technically if it doesn't go away then you need a torque converter but i have fixed 100's of them and never replaced one, just make sure you flush with factory fluid
  • mits1mits1 Posts: 6
    it is located just above your feet on drivers side and yes it supposed to drain outside, the foam seal is deteriorated
  • I haven't gotten my vehicle fixed yet, but now that it's colder outside, the electric locks for all doors are working just like they should. It seems when the heat of the summer comes around is when they stop working.
  • I have the same problem with my 2007endeover I wonder is there is something I can check my self
  • Have 75K miles. Service engine soon light has come on. No manual to look up whether this is basic mileage pm reminder or something more serious. Any clue?
  • Check your gas cap to see if it's tight. If it is, then it's one of your sensors, usually the oxygen sensor is out.
  • Hello,

    I only have 50k on my endeavor however my check engine light came on out of nowhere so I took it to the local autoparts store, (autozone) and they give you the diagnostic tester which you just plug into the side part of the dashboard and it'll let you know the error code. In my case, it was just the matter of tightening the gas cap cover. I guess if not securely fastened, then it'll set off the check engine light.
  • ram27ram27 Posts: 1
    I have 96,000 miles on the truck and the paint has totally faded on the truck, I need to know what I can do, should I get a lawyer and file a class action against the company or what?
  • I have a 2004 XLS AWD with 37,000 miles on it and I seem to be experiencing 'hard downshifts'. Had the dealer do a transmission flush and fill and it didn't seem to improve any. Any ideas?
  • How has this custom drain worked out for you gert? Will you please provide more detail, on how you implemented this solution? Where did you drill the drain hole, and where exactly did you connect the drain tube? Did it solve the problem permanently?
  • jclijcli Posts: 4
    try having the dealer flash (reload) the trans computer

    had that done on mine (2004.5 LS AWD) but didn't make a diff. mine did run better after a flush & fill but it has 55,000
  • jclijcli Posts: 4
    better than spending $300 like I just did because someone swap 2 vac lines when they took the cover off for a spark plug change

    didn't set off ck eng light until almost 6,000 miles later but would not start after fillup and running bad as well as bad gas mileage
  • jclijcli Posts: 4
    if you have DRL get long life (LL) type bulbs from Philips, Sylvania, etc
  • stu14stu14 Posts: 1
    I have just spent an hour looking for the hole to clear out, no luck finding it, is it under the black insulation looking stuff? Are the brake lines big and rubber or metal? Any help would be grateful.
  • Anyone have an throttle body issues? What would be the symptoms of a dirty or defective one? I have a 2004 XLS AWD with 37,000 miles on it. The gas pedal seems a little touchy and she doesn't coast to a stop smoothly anymore. Been happening for 2 years now. Any suggestions are welcome. Already had the transmission flush and fill done too.
  • my 2005 endeavor started to vibrate after a rear end accident. It does it when driving between 30 to 40 miles. My mechanic balanced the wheels and changed the engine mounts but continues do shake as before.

    What should i try next?
  • I have the same problem, I replace the transmission, the transfer case and the left rear axle, new tires. It is not the transmission, I was convinced by multiple mechanics that the issue was the transmission. I think that the issue may be on the drive shaft. Please let us know if you found what the issue is
  • Purchased a 2006 Endeavor LS over the weekend w/91K miles. The car is very nice and seemed like a good deal for $7500. The timing belt has not been replaced and the recommendations seem to be that it is 30K miles overdue with a cost range of $900-1800 (including t-belt, water pump, accessory belts, hoses, seals, coolant flush and 6-8 hours of labor). My local indy shop checked Alldata which shows this being recommended at 100K miles. While I don't want to push my luck past 100K, it would be great if I could put off this expense for a few months.

    Also, has anyone had their spark plugs replaced (105K miles according to Alldata). This is also around $500 since the intake manifold needs to be removed.
  • hellcat51hellcat51 Posts: 30
    Anybody have this done? If so, what were the symptoms and did it help? I believe it came out July 2005. I have a 2004 XLS AWD with 38,000 miles on it.
  • 2004 XLS AWD Transmission went out at 103,000...3,000 miles passed the powertrain warranty. Been contacting Mitsubishi (of North America) directly to get the issue resolved. My transmission exhibited symptoms back mid-2009, should have pushed to have it replaced then but the issue was sporadic. Symptoms were....hard shifts, 3-5 seconds delay in engaging in gear. Right before it broke down there was a horrid burning smell, which was the transmission fluid. Will keep everyone posted...
  • 20142014 Posts: 1
    My 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor check engine and traction control lights are on. The car sputters. Any ideas? Cylinder 6 misfire code.

    I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS awd with 28,000 miles.
  • You might want to double check when the belt is supposed to be changed. Everything I've read, it's 60,000 mile. I changed the plugs myself, but not fun. As far as the belt goes, I went to a local foreign car repair shop. Waterpump, Goodyear belt, and everything else associated with it, $488.00.
    Mistubishi dealer wanter $920.00
  • brenda18brenda18 Posts: 6
    If you want to double check the code(s) Auto Zone offers free computer code reads.
  • brenda18brenda18 Posts: 6
    I thought Mitsubishi was unloading the Endeavor and would not make any new models. What is the latest news?
  • brenda18brenda18 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know of a inexpensive source for brake system parts for a 2005 Endeavor?
  • cjfelixcjfelix Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Mit Endeavor which I love but the transmission just went. Just checking to see if worth fixing or not. Any body else out there have transmission issue.
  • hellcat51hellcat51 Posts: 30
    edited April 2010
    I also have a 2004 XLS AWD with 38K. What were the symptoms? Mine is OK until it gets warmed up. Then it's jerky and downshifts hard. Dealer says no problem with it but it's been getting worse for 2 years now. I think it is the transmission but maybe a sticky throttle body or something else? Any ideas are welcome!
  • bsulbsul Posts: 1
    I have a silver 04 Endeavor with the paint peeling and fading on the top and the hood. It looks horrible and will cost thousands to repaint. I'm embarrassed to drive it but don't want to buy a new car when this one is just paid off. It started fading and the clear coat peeling almost two years ago. The dealership that I bought it from sold out not long after I bought it and is on its second set of owners since. Is there something being done about this?
  • 08endeavorawd08endeavorawd Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    I have a 08 Endeavor....Can't seem to find where the cabin filter is located. I took the glove box apart because I thought it would be there but not. Anyone have a clue?
  • 08endeavorawd08endeavorawd Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    Bought my 08 endeavor with 16k miles and drive shaft went bad a couple thousand miles later. Dealer replaced it under warranty. Mechanic said that the past few years of endeavors have had alot of drive shaft problems(the lube inside). Mine was just squeeling and noises get to me. Also, when I get to about 60 MPH, there is a slight humming noise/feel coming from the rear transfer case but I didn't get that looked at.
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