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Mitsubishi Endeavor Maintenance and Repair



  • We just started having the same issue...any answers to help us?
  • We are having the same issue. No answers after 4 weeks!
  • would you mind elaborating on the issue? I dont see what your are referring to as the issue. sorry.
  • seems like I had a similar experience a while back and the issue was resolved by replacing the mass air flow sensor. of note, i have a car md and use it to get the error codes when the check engine light is lit. doing this helps to narrow the search and eliminate some of the needless searches and/or repairs. BTW, i got my mass airflow sensor from a local junkyard for $50 as compared to $250 and a multi-day wait.
  • I may be the ignition coil, change the ignition coil on 36 and it should smooth out. I had the same problem with misfire in chamber #3. changed the ignition coil and it is running like new. Good look on it. Easy fix you can do it yourself.

    Firing ignition sequence as follows

    1 3 5

    2 4 6

    the coils 1,3,5 are in the back of manifold you can not see those 2,4,6 are right in front from left 2, 4, 6 to right in the front on engine. #6 is on your left above the motor oil cap. change that one and all is good trust me. that should correct misfire chamber #6 also disconnect the battery and reboot cars computer so that it can acknowledge new ignition coil. if not it will continue to misfire.
  • i get good heat out pass side on all setting but cold out drivers side on all setting 2004 endeavor
  • idriss69idriss69 Posts: 1
    my key controler of my 2005 mitsubishi endeavor xls only opens the doors and closes but my alarm does not sound at all.My horn is working fine and the light all light blinks when i push the lack or unlack button.A thief has broken in to my car already i despretly need help.I tried to reprogram but there is no change.
  • ambberellaambberella Posts: 1
    Literally everything you listed is happening to me.. I just bought it from the first owner and he had used some compound to cover all of the roof and the hood... and when I picked it up it was raining sooo of coarse I didn't see the marks. It just started to shift from park to drive it doesn't wanna go into gear. It will go but it will stutter to go.. I am having a hard time with the manufacturer to get recall info on the tranny and power train. I only have 89K miles on the car and it is like I have 190K... Has anyone had any luck and or had the tranny issue like this repaired?
  • bellaboo2bellaboo2 Posts: 1
    Hi. Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I am having all the same issues with my 04 endeavor.
  • Does anyone know how much it costs to replace the Firewall compartment Mitsubishi Endeavor ? Didn't think the damage was that much. Motorcycle crashed into my Endeavor while it was standing still. It's a 2004 with very few miles on it and was a great problem free car. I really don't want to lose it but insurance company is saying they will pay to buy it for $10,056.90 if we take it to have it fixed they will pay $8,428.55 mileage on it is about 14,000 give or take. Still needs the front end fixed will find out what else needs to be fixed I hope. Thank you in advance.
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