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Volvo S40



  • reallyreally Posts: 1
    I recently test drove the automatic S40 and the proximity of the gas and brake pedals didn't really bother me (shoe size 8.5-9), but I have read that it did bother others.
  • divewreckdivewreck Posts: 50
    It didn't bother me either, but I believe it was between the brake & clutch pedals
  • Heico offers an ECU upgrade but this a hardware upgrade requiring an individual to soder the chip. I know of a company (TME) that specializes in ECU upgrades utilizing software application. As far as voiding warranties there's a law that specifically addresses these type of issues. If you replace a factory part with aftermarket your warranty should only be void for that specific item. If there were a warranty repair issue and the dealer claims that your aftermarket item voids the warranty; they have to prove that your aftermarket item directly caused the problem. This is my laymen's understanding of the law and ecu upgrades. The law i'm refering to is the "Magnuson Moss Warranty Act"

    Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • your understanding of law is correct, but ECU is related to so many functions in the modern car, so unless you had some true mechanical failure somewhere totally unrelated to the drivetrain, you can claim that it was unrelated to your upgrade. I will be very cautious. Now, if anything, actually anything happens with the drivetrain - engine, transmission, ball joints, AWD guts, etc, etc. Volvo will claim that it was stressed beyond of the designed parameters, and you will have a burden of proof that it was otherwise.
    For all practical purposes, I would say that the manufacturer's warranty for the most vital units will be gone, once you upgrade the ECU.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Both TME and Evolve(powerchip) re-flash your existing ECU.
    It is the safest way to go. Soldering a chip to a Volvo ECU is just asking for trouble.
  • Max,
    Just out of curiosity - do you personally know any incidents when there was a transmission failure on a car with the upgraded ("soft" flashed) ECU and Volvo did not revoke the warranty?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I don't personally know of ANY failure of a car w/ a flashed ECU.

    If such a failure did occur, Volvo would certainly disallow the warranty claim.
  • i get my S40 in about a month from now and since i've never bought a new car before, i have a couple of questions for those who have...

    1. my car is comming from the factory...i know the cars are put through performance and handling tests overseas before they are shipped so i'm assuming the car should arrive with somewhere between 4-6 miles on it. is that about right? and if not, how many miles should i expect to be on it when it arrives? how much compensation should i ask for if the car has more miles on it then it should?

    2. my father tells me it's not good to push a car too hard in the begining of its road life. however, he can't tell me how long to go easy on it and he's never had a turbocharged car. how long(or how many miles) should i drive my new T5 before i open it up?
  • Anything less than 25-30 miles should not matter. It may include some driving at the port terminal.

    The rule of thumb is - do not exceed 4500 rpm for a first 1000 miles.
  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    Yea, I've heard pretty much the same thing that lev said. under 4500 RPM for the first 500-1000 miles.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,210
    Also, don't drive at a constant speed for an extended time, like take a trip and use the cruise control. No flooring it, or panic stops unless unavoidable.
  • So what happens to my car if I did take it over 4500RPM or go on a trip? No one at the dealership told me anything about a break in period.
  • Actually, I have to disagree with the "trip" limitation - driving at 3000 - 3500 RPM is good for the engine - constant low load, good lubrication, no impacts.

    The 4500 RPM limit means that you might have an excessive friction and overheating of the internal parts due to the tighter initial internal clearances, that might cause unproportionally high wear, galling and, some times, internal cracking.

    All of this, though is rather unlikely, but possible.

    Plus remember 4500 equates to 90 - 100 MPH @ 5th gear. You can restrain yourself from it for the first 1000 miles, can't you. Why take chances?
  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    Can someone comment on the Volvo turbo and non-turbo engine.
    I know turbo has more hp and faster with more torque. What about reliability
    Is turbo-engine less reliable and more maintenance than non-turbo engine?
    Saab has the most refined turbo-engine in the industry (they're the first to introduce turbo engine), can I expect the same refinement from the Swede sibling?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,274
    In my opinion, there is no difference in reliability these days, if properly taken care of.

    By the way, your comment prompted me to do some research:

    The Chevrolet Corvair Monza and the Oldsmobile Jetfire were the first turbo-powered passenger cars, and made their debut on the US market in 1962/63.


    If you want to read more, this site seemed to be chock full of info:

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    The link you provided has great info, but I believe some info are not accurate.

    According to GM document
    Saab introduced industry-first turbo engine in 1977
    (If Chevy or Olds were first I think GM would have mentioned it)

    Whether Saab is first or not, I believe its turbo engine is among the best if not the best
    I heard that turbo lag in Volvo is noticeable compare to Saab
  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    For those of you who own a S40 or V50: IPOD integration for "MOST" audio systems (the fiber sound system found in the s40 and v50) is coming soon from DensionUSA

    I found this after a lot of searching and help from other forums :D

    I know allwheeldriv3 will be am I!
  • good info guys. the last thing i want to do is taint my engine in the first month and a half of owning the thing...i've also heard that it is good to prematurely change the oil at the end of the 1000 mile grace period to rid the engine of tiny metal shards that chip off as the moving parts break-in. is this also true?
  • awesome!!! good find dude!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,274
    That is really interesting they would say that. I've searched the web and found many instances of '62 Turbo Chevy Corvairs. Even NADA lists such a car.

    As far as lag is concerned, it really depends. There is just no getting around it when you are running high boost in a small displacement engine (unless you go with a twin-scroll setup, which I hear can help greatly). But, for the setups we are talking about here, the general rule is 'the higher the boost, the greater the lag.' I think you might find lag to be very similar between an S40 T5 and 9-3 aero (that's the faster one, right?). The Saab is pushing about 105 hp/liter while the Volvo is a bit under 100. so, really, the volvo may be a bit less lag, but who knows if you'd be able to tell. Only way is to try them and find out.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • From my understanding when it comes to new cars: manufacturers usually put a specially treated engine oil that's more viscous (sp?) than normal. from what i've been told there's really no reason to change it earlier because it's formulated to treat/prep the engine etc in some manner: but the first oil change should be done thoroughly.

    Turbo: i have to agree that for the most part turbo these days are more reliable than before and most new cars are watercooled rather than oil cooled: therefore turbo timers aren't needed; but i suppose it's always good to idle the engine after driving so that the water can circulate

    IPOD: anyone have any idea as to the possible street price for the ipod connectivity? I've read about it before and heard that it's due out in june (i didn't visit the link) has an ecu flash that's due out soon boosting from t5's 218 to around 250hp...good stuff seems like

    Anyone know where i can get tailight housing with the rear foglight for passenger side connected? from what i've been told; even though there's a socket for the rear foglight on the passenger side: it's not wired.

    awheeldriv3: to follow up on the "buyer's remorse" post that i put on the other string: i appreciate your feedback: but i do feel better about it now. i found out that the resist-all coating was 2500 and that the original purchaser basically returned the vehicle (friends with gm) because she didn't like the appearance of the coating. so i feel better about the price that i paid....but perhaps i could've squeezed another 500-1000
  • good to hear you feel better about your purchace sucks to spend $20,000+ and not feel good about it...

    i also want to know the street price of the optical ipod hookup and the evolve ecu flash for that matter. did you happen to read about the performance gains from the new firmware? i know it adds about 40hp, but i want to know how much that will cut off the 0-60 time. evolve's site doesn't say much about it.

    how does the coating change the apperance of the car?
  • it's kind of sneaky how to get the specs for the ecu flash

    you have to pull up a S60 for example and click on the ecm upgrade and it will bring you to a separate site. the torque will also increase to about 280 lb-ft.

    i'm thinking that it will prob cut the 0-60 about 1-2 sec; i think that the biggest differenc will come in a quarter mile and reallife driving environment

    the coating is a thin 3m film that's applied on like a can't notice it in any way except for where the coating ends...there's obviously the tiniest of drop off edge and that's what the previous owner didn't like. but the coating itself can be waxed and polished just like the regular paint

    so the coating goes over the front end of the car as well as the door edges etc. and rocks etc can't penetrate it and any bug guts or tree saps come right off

    btw...i think the price for the upgrade is 990...basically you take out your ecu and send it to evolve and they flash it for you and send it back...takes about a week and a half i think...well maybe not...depending on how you have it delivered...i guess you can get it done in about 4 days
  • paulsazpaulsaz Posts: 27
    I traded my 2001 S40 for a new base model S40 2.4i. The sound system on the new car sounds kind of tinny. I have adjusted the treble and base, but no luck getting it to sound better. Does anyone have any ideas? My old S40 sounded much better. Neither car has an upgraded sound system.
  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    I think I remember seeing the icelink hookup for the s40 and v50 on densions european site set around 215 EUR i have no clue if that will stick to the US dollar conversion...I guess we're all going to have to wait a month or so 'til it comes out in the US. :surprise:
  • harbachjharbachj Posts: 51
    I actually owned a 1965 Corvair turbo! Bought it my senior year in college (1968) and owned if for three years. Mine was called a Corsa but the earlier ones were called Spyders. A neat car - I wish I hadn't sold it. All turbos will have some lag, it's inhererent in the technology. Things like the turbo size, waste gate settings, low pressure vs.high pressure, etc. all affect how much you have. A small, low pressure turbo programmed to primarily increase lower RPM torque will have less lag than a larger high pressure turbo programmed to increase maximum high RPM power. It's all a tradeoff. You can't have it all.
  • ivvmanivvman Posts: 1
    We simply love our S40! Wife used to race and this car is hers. Recently, in our cool South Calif weather, the car will turn over, try to start, then stop. The only way to start it when "cold" is to depress the gas pedal slightly. After 10 seconds, the car will idle properly. Any clues as to the problem? Car has 35K miles and runs great otherwise.
  • i'm no mechanic, but since you said giving it a little gas helps, it sounds to me like you need to go out and get some fuel injector cleaner and add it to your next tank of gas. you might even feel a slight performance increase from it as well.
  • mapinmapin Posts: 27
    i saw the dension link for ipod integration, it says on their website that they are considering developing it for new volvos including the s40 if there's enough demand, and they suggest you add your name to their wait list to give them a sense of the demand for it.

    So if you're an ipod owner, please add your email to their wait list ! I'd love to have a real ipod connection rather than the fm transmitter that volvo will offer in June.

    Here's the link: _9488925&Category_Code=IA_VOLVO

    if that doesn't work try:
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    It's impressive that Volvo goes to great length to ensure that their cars meet the highest standard in safety, quality and environment.

    For example, selecting materials for its interior is one of many commending endeavors that Volvo undertake to make sure that Volvo drivers/passengers will not be allergic to the new-car smell

    And the world take notice as the Volvo S40 came in second for the World Car of the Year Award (Audi A6 first, Volvo S40/V50 second, Porsche 911 third)
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