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Volvo S40



  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I thought the select package was perfect!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yup, Volvo is trying to limit options on their cars starting this year.
    Mistral and Safari Green are gone.
    Brilliant Blue and Electric Silver are the new colors.
    Moonroof on the T5 is only available in the Premuim pkg.
  • lbiggie2lbiggie2 Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I just purchased a t5 awd and I can't seem to find anything on maintaining the turbo engine. Do I need to do anything differently when starting up the car or turning it off?
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    new turbos and new oil make it less of a problem just start and stop engine like you always did. ":old" turbos if you ran it hard and to let it spool down before you turned off the engine to ensure adequate lube to rotor, no more.... have fun. check owners manual. i'm getting a red one for my wife in june/july
  • mapinmapin Posts: 27
    I checked out both the s40 T5 and audi a3. Both are impressive cars at good prices. I built similar models on Edmunds, the audi came out about 2K cheaper MSRP. The audi does seem to give you a bit more options for your money (dual sunroofs, hatchback cargo capacity, satellite radio option, bose audio).

    Any comments on why I should go with the S40 T5 over the Audi A3 ? I'm still leaning toward s40 because of the overall look of the car, but not sure I'm making the right decision.

  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    Hi all:

    Hoping for a quick answer, as I just found out my T5 has arrived and am picking it up tomorrow.

    Volvo is trying to sell me on some sort of clear coat treatment for the paint job, claiming that it means you don't have to wax the car for 5 years. Anyone have insight on this? Is it worth it? Does it look funny?

    Thanks in advance!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,076
    sounds like snake oil to me.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    If its the "Auto Armor" I've been hearing about on other forums, it's well worth the protects the paint with a teflon(correct me if I'm wrong) coating. I'll be getting it as soon as I receive my car!
  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    Turns out it is the "Auto Armor" they are offering, which is apparently a teflon based paste.

    What have you been hearing? Based upon scanning through the other forums the majority of posts (but not all) appear to me to be saying that teflon based pastes/waxes are not worth it. Dealer wants $327 for what appears to me to be a wax job.
  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    As a follow up on this, I received from the dealer the promotional material on the Auto Armor paint protectant. In two pages of fluff about how great their product is and what evils are out there waiting to damage your paint job, they never actually tell you what exactly their product is, how it's applied, etc. Enough for me to take a pass.
  • karljrkarljr Posts: 3
    I have an '01 S40. It has the standard CD/Cass/AM/FM unit.
    The original unit's CD player skipped quite significantly. More on hitting a bump
    than on hitting a hole. But it will skip under BOTH circumstances. It skipped just about every day....multiple times.
    My friends have told me that their car CD and DVD players almost never skip.
    The Volvo dealer agreed it should not skip and they put in a new unit.
    The new unit is just as bad.....maybe worse.
    Is this a standard S40 CD player problem?
    Isn't the anti-skip system basically all read-ahead electronics?
    Shouldn't this prevent it from skipping when you hit a bump?
    Anybody have this experience?
    Is there an aftermarket cd/am/fm that fits in these cars?
  • schell1schell1 Posts: 8
    As you, I considered applying a similar treatment to my new S 40. The one that I was offered was named Perma Tech, with a $495.00 price tag. However, before you agree to it, read carefully the vehicle's manual, which has a section in which Volvo states that it does not recommend any paint treatments. The vehicle's manual even states you may cause warranty issues by applying any such treatment to your car.

    You may actually be better off by simply waxing your car every month, as I chose.
  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    Picked up my new S40 last night (T5 AWD M).

    I was surprised that the dealer said no break in period was required (as he put it, try and keep it below 100 mph). The online owner's manual doesn't make mention of one either (didn't get a chance to look at the book they gave me).

  • lbiggie2lbiggie2 Posts: 5
    I just purchased my T5 and bought the perma plate for my car. It's an "appearance package" that protects not only the exterior of the car but also the interior of the car for 7 years. It was somewhat pricey but if you have a dark car, for example black, I would highly recommend getting it. This way they guarantee that your car will maintain the same amount of shine as well as guarantee no fading on your car for 7 years and if you have a dark car, your car will fade. In addition to that, they will remove stains from your interior and also maintain the leather and prevent it from cracking, etc. My family has had it placed on all of our nicer cars and we find that it works well. The car of ours that does not have any paint protection on it has started chipping off and fading and it's a little over 10 years old whereas a car of ours that is 18 years old with the treatment has paint that is still in good condition.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The only thing you want to avoid is running the car @ redline for the 1st 1000 miles or so.
    Also, your gas mileage won't stabilize for the first 2-3000 miles.

    Otherwise, have fun
  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    Thanks! I don't think having fun will be any problem . . .
  • tobkeystobkeys Posts: 1
    Was about to buy the S40 but wanted to test drive first. Excellent car and performs, handles great. Problem I experienced was that the gas peddle and the break peddle were too close to each other. Each time I lifted my foot off the gas t o put on break, the side of my shoe kept hitting the break peddle on its way up.
  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    How many times have you test driven the car?

    I ask this because after my first test drive I was feeling the same thing...pedals were too close together and my foot was getting caught. After thinking about this and analyzing my driving habit/style, I noticed that I was accustomed to placing my right heel in front of the brake pedal and pivoting it towards the accelerator. This was not physically possible on the s40 due to the pedal placement but because I knew that the s40 was the car I wanted to buy, I began to train myself to drive with my right heel closer to the accelerator pedal and pivot less. After a week of that in my 1990 Honda I went to test drive the s40 again, no problems. I'm ordering an '06 s40 real soon! :D
  • rideride Posts: 4
    The pedal issue is quite an annoyance. I had to test drive it three times before I felt comfortable. Even wore three different types of shoes during the test drives and didn’t catch any of them clipping the brake. I had done much research on this car and was cognizant of the flaw and must have automatically adjusted for it, dunno. Wide hiking boots are going to be a pain, no doubt. No idea what Volvo was thinking. Unless you're a big person, don't let this dissuade you from an otherwise wonderful car.

    I do have other concerns. Quality and the no satellite oversight…they need to come into the age of audio already. I’ve heard the pro-logic system and it’s fair. Not the quality of some of the others car lines and you gotta fork over significant $$ for the stock sub-woofer that can be installed in the trunk.

    Although Vovlo took it on the chin in the latest quality survey for 05, know that overall none of the European lines had across the board good numbers, only selective models within. And I believe Volvo’s undoing rested in its S60, 80 and XC90 models but I can't find anywhere to really substantiate, only heard grumblings of these three and nothing on the 40. Most on-line sources list the 05 S40 as moderate to poor for troubles. That’s what really has me concerned. Regardless of the quality of service, I (as many others) cannot take time out to have the car in the shop all the time. Regular service is enough. I’m concerned…but my custom order is still on the way.
  • I just leased a Volvo S40 for 39 months. Here is the breakdown:

    28,375 sticker (Base Model + Climate + Premium Package)

    X-Plan Pricing of 27,581
    - Dealer Incentive for NOT using Volvo Car Finance (STRANGE) $2,500
    - Volvo Loyalty Credit $1,000
    - Dealership picking up my last lease payment ($313) + Disposition fee from VFNA ($385)

    Payments are $341.21 w/ 15k miles per year and a drive away payment of $1,006.21 (first month +
    "aquisition fee" of $595 + Title/Licence)

    All in all -- I think I ended up with a pretty good deal. Why would volvo be asking dealers to NOT use VFNA?? The dealer told me it was because Volvo was getting hit hard on high residuals and that their portfolio was "full of s40's"

    Money Factors w/ third party was .00204 w/ a residual of $14,977
    vs VFNA's money factor of .00216 w/ a residual of $14,187
  • jessenolajessenola Posts: 9
    :sick: :lemon: After my '04 TSX was destroyed by an XTerra driver, I replaced it with an '05 S40 T5. I thoroughly enjoy driving the car, especially compared to my TSX. Much more powerful, more nimble, more comfortable seats, no rattles. However, I've had the car in the shop three times and need to take it back again. On the first road trip, the check engine light came on and I had to find a dealer in the FL panhandle. He reset the light and told me to take it in once home in New Orleans. The dealer here said there was nothing wrong, but did fix a disconnected speaker harness in the drivers door that was swinging like a pendulum.

    Two weeks later the car would not start, and I had it towed to the dealer. The engine management computer failed and it took a full week for the part to arrive. The dealer had no loaner cars, and as Volvo does not have any policy on loaners. I had to rent a car while my one-month-old Volvo was in the shop. Apparently the parts network does not know about FedEx, as they ground-shipped the critical part.

    Upon getting my car back, I found the dealer dented the aluminum by the radio. Additionally, the sound system sometimes does not work when I turn the car on. It says the CD is on mute and volume knob does nothing.

    The horrible customer service at the local dealer only compounds how bad this ownership experience has already been.

    Has anyone else had these kinds of problems? I had a '96 850R that was perfect with flawless dealer service in another city.
  • carguy83carguy83 Posts: 5
    We have a 2004.5 S40i. I'm curious how common this issue is. In the manual it states:

    "The RBDS or Radio Broadcast Data System operates in the FM band only, and the information transmitted is supplied exclusively by participating broadcasters. Volvo has no control over the accuracy of the data or information.
    Coverage by local broadcasters may be limited at this time, but as the technology and benefits grow, you will find the radio in your car is equipped to take advantage of this system.

    NOTE: PI (Program Information) Seek: When an FM station has been stored as a preset, the radio also stores RBDS program information if it is available. When the preset is selected at a later time, the radio tries to access updated program information. In weak signal areas, there may be a delay before the station becomes audible. During this delay, there will be no sound. PI seek can be interrupted by pressing EXIT."

    This PI seek issue seems to happen consistently with one of the presets and sometimes with other ones as well. If you press exit, the station plays fine and the signals don't seem to be really weak. How do I know if its operating "normal" or if there is maybe something wrong with the antenna or radio? I don't understand why it won't just start playing the station when you press the button. If the PI seek is just trying to update program information, why wouldn't the sound still be able to go while it does that? I've never seen a car radio act like this. The whole point of presets is to be able to just press a button and have the station come on. It seems pretty stupid to change stations using the steering wheel controls, only to not hear any sound, then have to look and see that its PI seeking, and then have to find the exit button just to here the station. Is there any way to fix this?
  • jessenolajessenola Posts: 9
    I think my car has the same issue, so maybe it is normal. Most of the stations here in New Orleans use the radio data system. Sometimes when I use the steering wheel buttons to seek, the radio does start searching for stations that meet my selected genres: talk, dance, top40, etc. I have not paid much attention to it, since I usually listen to CDs.

    I am concerned that sometimes when I start the car, the radio says CD Muted and the volume knob/steering wheel volume buttons do not work. I have to turn the car off, wait, and turn it on again for the sound system to work. This only happens maybe 1 time every 40 times I start the car, so I'm sure the dealer will be unable to recreate the problem and fix it.
  • james26james26 Posts: 1
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Actually, it could be a whole bunch of things. Blown turbo hose, malfunctioning wastegate, ecu issue, throttle issue.
    Take it to the delaer.
  • jessenolajessenola Posts: 9
    Well my 2005 S40 T5 is back in the shop for the fourth time in 2 mos. This visit is for replacement of the aluminum colored center panel that the dealer dented during the previous visit, to address a check engine light that came on a week after the dealer replaced the engine management computer, and to determine why the transmission shifts so abruptly in manumatic mode.

    I thought the transmission problem was just inherent to the car until I noticed that my loaner car, an S40 2.4i, shifts perfectly smoothly. The problem in my car is mostly the 3-2 downshift at speeds above 5 MPH, which lurches the car enough to scare me into keeping the transmission in D. Anyone else have this? The dealer said he will look at the transmission software, which seems kind of bogus to me.

    The check engine light has something to do with the fuel pump or fuel pump sensor. Added to a failed oxygen center, complete failure of the engine computer, loose part in the door, and poor customer service I am finding it harder and harder to love this car.

    BTW: the fake wood center stack on my loaner S40 looks really cheap. I cannot imagine why anyone would choose this over the aluminum look. Sorry if I am starting to sound bitter, but I really do want to know if my experiences are normal.
  • karljrkarljr Posts: 3
    OK....this may not be even close to what you're talking about....but here goes...
    I have a '01 S40.....with the "adaptive" transmission. When I first got the car it did the very SAME THING.....not all the time, but very often when downshifting when coming to a stop it would lurch and let loose with a mighty CLUNK!!
    Turns out there was a software update for the adaptive transmission. Also the adaptive module itself had a hardware issue.....needed to be replaced. Obviously, my '01 IS NOT your '05.....but it's at least something to consider.
    The transmission software/hardware upgrade made a world of difference for me.
    Hope this helps you in some small way......
  • rideride Posts: 4
    I hear you, does Volvo? Here's what I sent to the customer care contact via the web, guess it's a bit negative but so are a lot of the trends:
    I recently placed a deposit on a S40 to be delivered in a few months but after reading much negative press about Vovlo quality and service, I wonder if I have made a wise decision. I have a few questions that will determine if I terminate my order...and my bosses decision to look elsewhere (he's considering). These are some of the primary complaints by current owners in several on-line forums and of the owners I've talked to. My question is "what is Volvo doing about these?" Lack of viable responses will definitely terminate my purchase and warn away others. No canned flowery answers or round about talk, please provide specific information. So here they are, no personal offense to your company. It's what folks are saying...
    - Getting the run around instead of straight answers from service points. Dealerships and home Vovlo customer service (and Ford) being unresponsive to customer concerns. Non-caring attitudes by service points (dealerships).
    - Very slow acquisition of ordered parts...even if the car is inoperative.
    - Check engine service lights with no known cause.
    - Car will not start, must be towed to dealership...sometimes a few days or weeks after the CE light came on.
    - Fuel issues with the tank or associated pressure lines (not sure what they meant on this one)
    - Rotors that are too thin and must be replaced rather than turned at shorter than average (30K) intervals. Very expensive. I know it depends on how it's driven but are the rotors thinner than other car makes?
    - Radio that will not play, car must be shut off in order to reset it. Radio shifts modes and goes mute. Radio eats CDs, jams and must be taken to the dealership for repair. Tons of these complaints.
    - Dealerships not having a "loaner" policy for BRAND NEW cars less than 3 mos old that need overnight or all day service. Some had to wait a week. Please don't tell us this is dealership specific, it's not a dealership's shortcoming if a car won't run - it's the manufacturers.
    - Brake pedal too close to accelerator.
    - Expensive maintenance costs (beyond initial full coverage)
    Volvo ended up (as did most European manufactures) on the short end of the recent quality survey. So what is being done NOW to correct the trend?
    Love your car, drove it many times in deciding on a new auto but if I'm paying cash for a 30K+ automobile, there should be three inherent things 1) fun product 2) quality and 3) outstanding service. You're currently 1 for 3. Please don't tell us not to worry about these issues because they're under warranty...I do not have the luxury of time beating a path to the dealership...with no car to drive in the interim. We want to love your product, please help us help you. Sell me - intelligently.
    Thanks for your time.

    Anyone think we'll get some good answers?
  • Well it’s finally over. I just dropped off my ’05 Volvo S40 at the dealership for the last time. I purchased the S40 back in November thinking it would be a decent vehicle with good gas mileage and good safety ratings. That was a big mistake. At 3,000 miles the check engine light came on and that was just the start of many things to come. By the time I hit 4,500 miles my S40 had been in the service department 7 different times for a total of 45 days. After the 4th visit, I decided it was time to take some action so I filed a lemon law lawsuit against Volvo. After two months of negotiating and Volvo trying to convince me to buy another S40, they finally settled and agreed to pay off my car completely and pay for all of my attorney fees. That was over a month ago, I had to wait for them to send the check to the bank, and pay for the attorney. Then I went out and purchased a replacement vehicle.

    Today, I made that last trip to the service department, where I met with a Volvo representative so that he could inspect the car and take possession. The whole thing was a nightmare and a learning experience, and I will never buy another Volvo again. By the time I finally turned that car back in today, I hated it with a passion. So many things about the car are poor in design and quality and they should never have released the car to the public before getting all of the 'bugs' worked out.

    For those wanting a list of the problems I had, here you go:

    First service visit:

    1. The radio will turn off at random times and lock up so that there is no way of turning it back on or controlling the volume. It usually takes turning the car completely off and then letting it sit a while before turning it back on so that the radio will work again. I was told that it needed a software update, but there is not one available now and they are not sure when it will become available.

    2. The brakes make a lot of noise that can be heard by neighbors on the other side of my neighborhood when I back out of my driveway. This only happens while in reverse and it is very frequent and has become very annoying. I was told that because they couldn't duplicate it, they couldn't fix it.

    3. The 'Check Engine' light turned on and stayed on. They claimed that the code returned was a "loose gas cap" which makes no sense because I always tighten the cap until it clicks. They turned the light off.

    Second service visit (one week later):

    1. The 'Check Engine' light had turned back on again. I knew it couldn't be a gas cap because I hadn't even put gas in it since the previous visit. They said it was a bad "air pump" and they had to order a new one from Sweden so I had to wait 10 days for them to fix that problem.

    2. I was still having problems with the radio, but still no update available. So I buy an almost $30K car and my radio only works part of the time!

    3. The brakes are still very noisy, and when I was backing out of my garage, I heard a felt a very loud thump and I thought I had run over something. I immediately got out of my car only to discover that the right-rear brake was apparently locked up and when I backed the car up it broke loose causing a black mark on my garage floor and made me wonder how safe the brakes were now.

    Third service visit:

    1. While driving my car on the interstate with my girlfriend in the passenger seat, the 'Passenger Air Bag' light turned on and stayed on for 15 minutes. Then, the next day my dad was riding in the passenger seat and the light again turned on and stayed on for about 20 minutes. The next week my brother was in the passenger seat and the light came on and stayed on for OVER AN HOUR. Service told me they couldn't duplicate it but they would "try to calibrate the seat" so that the sensor worked correctly. So now my car is a safety hazard for anybody in the passenger seat.

    2. Radio is still having problems, but still no updates for fixes.

    3. Brakes still make noise, but still no way of fixing it.

    4. When switching the A/C on and off, there is a lot of noise that can be heard and even loud thumps that can be both heard and felt. They tell me this is normal!?!

    Fourth service visit:

    1. After picking up my car from the service department, I went home and picked up my girlfriend. We went out to eat that night and sure enough, the 'Passenger Air Bag' light came on again. This time I had my camera ready and took pictures to show the service department. They are now telling me a Volvo Rep will have to look at the car.

    2. The radio also failed on that same night adding to my frustration and I will not be happy until an update or fix is done.

    3. The brakes are still making noise, so I took pictures of the mark left on my garage floor when they locked up and broke loose previously.

    Fifth service visit:

    1. The radio was still giving me problems.

    2. The brakes were still making noise, and NOW they finally decide to replace the pads and add shims. They also added lubricant to make the noise go away. The noise came right back when the lubricant washed away.

    3. I was driving home from work and my brother was riding in the passenger seat, and we came to a stop and I looked up and big surprise… the ‘Passenger Airbag OFF’ light is on AGAIN! I turned right around and drove straight to the dealership so they could witness the light and I made them write this in the service report. Then, and only then, they decide that maybe they should start replace parts to correct this safety hazard.

    Sixth service visit:

    1. I went to pick my car up after they replaced the airbag sensor only to find they had damaged the dashboard and also the plastic molding by the passenger door. I am told they can repair the damage and have it done in a day. So I leave it there over night.

    Seventh service visit:

    1. I go to pick up my car after the dash and plastic is repaired only to find that they had literally sanded and spray-painted my dashboard to cover up the scratch. Their answer to that was to cover the dash with armor-all to cover up the scratch. I insisted that they replaced the entire dash and had to get the manager involved before they agreed to do so.

    After all of that, the radio still didn’t work, the brakes still made noise, and I’m sure the airbag sensor still doesn’t work correctly but I refused to test it because I didn’t want somebody hurt or killed because they didn’t have an airbag present in the event of an accident.
  • pierolapierola Posts: 5
    At this point ...I'm not sure if you have made a wise decision......!
    it's a great car for what you pay....! great design from inside to outside
    fun to drive.........! but when a car makes you go several times to the dealer for services with no answers.......! that can make you change your mind.
    I got mine (s40 t5 sport package and audio system upgrade for $25,900 + tax) at the end of January, since then, I had problems with:
    a) Radio problems, all the ones you heard , plus cd's got stucked inside
    they downloaded software upgrades twice, but the other day came back again........!
    b) climate control not working at all.....! but that was after dealer upgraded radio software.......! now it's working perfect but after a second visit to the dealer.
    Was dealer fault.
    c)passenger air-bag light on several times. They downloades software, but didn't work....... no official word from volvo, nothing from the dealer.....!
    d)weard noise coming from brakes ( a thumb noise) looks like a somebody with a hummer in banging underneath the car....!
    I did't take the car to the dealer for that issue yet.
    d) Here is my nightmare :cry: ....."cold start" problems.... I would say "warm start" problems..... the car doesn't want to start (first) if a leave it for more than 4 hours. basically It will start, and linger between 2-500 RPM, shuddering and sputtering...Giving it gas won't help, it just stalls, on a second attemp finally engine start (occasionally will take 3 attempts)
    and yhen runs normally.... I guess. :confuse:

    I noticed that problem got worse with summer right next to the door.....! (combination of high temperatures and high humidity make that problem worse.)
    I heard that they believe is cause by premium gasoline.....! :confuse:

    e) it's 3 weeks I'm still waiting for a volvo field tech to come to florida, in the mean time no word from volvo, not a word from the dealer.......! by the way......they provided a terrible service......! (lack of training and follow up) .

    So I don't know what to tell you.......!
    may be look for the new A3.........!
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