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Volvo S40



  • ewagewag Posts: 1

    Exactly same thing happened to me last week, the car has been in a shop ever since. grrrrr
    I had problems with starting, after I started it shoot up to 4500 RPM when I still had it on PARK, when I switched it to REVERSE it lowered RPM but just like with your car it was coasting. I took it to the shop which was v close to my location. When they tried to figure out the problem radiator hose blew up (you had a leak). They changed a hose but it didn't fix the problem. Did changing temp sensor solve your problem?

    Thanks for prompt reply - I need my car back!!!!
  • dlennoxdlennox Posts: 1
    My mother is a longtime Volvo owner. She has back problems and has long enjoyed the Volvo ride. She has recently upgraded from a 1989 240 DL to the 2005 S40 and finds the ride to be too "tight" and the firmness of the leather seat, combined with the "bumpier" ride is aggravating her back problems. She has asked the dealer what can be done to soften the ride without much success. The leather seat apparently cannot be substituted for a cloth seat. The tiresw ere over inflated, which helped a bit but not enough. Is there a way to adjust the shock absobers / suspension to soften the ride? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. She is considering replacing the S40 but would prefer staying with Volvo.

    Many Thanks in advance!!
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    Leather can be substitued with the T-tec fabric.
  • travantravan Posts: 8
    Just bought a 2005 S40 T5 AWD and need a car cover. Local dealer wants $325 for one and they would have to order it. My dad's cover for a 2003 S40 will not fit (he doesn't use his). Any ideas where to get one quickly? Have lots of birds in my trees.

    Also, I do a lot of highway driving and concerned about rocks being kicked up from trucks ahead of me. Any ideas on hood/bra protection for this model and where to get them? Local dealer doesn't carry anything.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Going from leather to cloth won't change the ride or the feel in the seat.
    Perhaps some sort of seat cover or padding might work, as long as it is kept clear of the seat airbag.

    To my knowledge, nobody makes cushier springs and shocks for the S40.
    If she has an S40 w/ the sport pkg then perhaps you could get the standard shocks and/or springs.

    Sounds like she really ought to be in an S80.
  • I have not heard anything from Volvo. What did the software upgrade accomplish?
    Other than my radio mysteriously shutting down on two occasions (& working after restarting the engine) I have had no problems in 4 months.
  • While traveling to work on my 2000 S40, I went to gas station to gas up. I turned the ignition off, fueled up, paid for the gas, and got back into the car, and the car would not start. I waited a few minutes, and tried again, and it started. It does this every blue moon. Does any one have a clue to what could be causing this.Plus, the car stalls and will not stay idle.
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    If the car has an engine immobilizer, the key usually has an inbuilt chip. At times if the key ring is on top of the key when u try starting, it may not start (i guess coz the chip is made of metal or something so thats why). The manual should mention this too probably.
  • Mr. T or somebody! Please Help!
    My engine works after a long time running. However, after I turn the engine off, it takes maybe 10 minutes for it to start again. Mr. T suggested that it may be caused by electical interference at the engine speed sensor. Someone please help me understand this problem. Where is the engine speed sensor.
  • cm3cm3 Posts: 11
    2005 S40 2.4M with Climate Package.
    final price after all discounts(no frieght, before tax): $19622+$78.50fees
    $2500 down $347X60 months
    1. Did I get a good deal?
    2. Is steering wheel audio-control the only change between base 2.4?
    3. Why 2005 more than 200LBs less than the 2006?, according to the chart.(the buttons on the steering wheel? )
    4. Is 89 acceptable to this engine or I have to pay for 91 octane?
    5. How do I break-in for a new generation Volvo? (my big family all drove Volvo's: 240's, 760's, 740's)
    6. Is "check engine " light a concern? (it was on during the test drive but they fixed it later on. I was told the tank cao was loss)
    many thx
  • I have a 2005 S40 and have had the same problem - get in the car, turn the key - nada. They checked the readout, and the ignition switch barrel was faulty. It has been replaced and worked fine for 1 1/2 months, but now I have the same problem. They are looking into it, I'll keep you posted with results.
    By the way, I have found that if you lock and unlock the car (from the outside) and/or wait several minutes, then it will start.
  • That is unbelievable. You have a newer model and your S40 is doing the same thing. Why is Volvo still in business, while manufactoring these cars? I took it to the Volvo dealer and they thought it was a loose battery cable. They tighten it and it worked for a while.
  • According to my Bently manual, for a '91 volvo 240, the speed sensor is located on the transmission bell housing, next to the engine. Good luck getting to it: I'm trying to figure it out myself at the moment. I might just tow it to a mechanic to perform the job. The part, btw, is $123.00 at
  • Has anyone purchased or thought of purchasing an EVOLVE aerodynamic kit for their s40. If so, any thoughts on that????
  • So S40 owner, have you heard anything back from Volvo mechanics about your 05 ignition problems.
  • I had the exact same problem on my new s40. I've had a 2005 t5 for less than 2 weeks and it's been in the shop for a total of 5 days already. There have actually been 3 problems -- the first: the stereo turned off/presets were erased (this required 2 visits to upgrade the software properly.

    On the 2nd visit, I had the dealer look at the other problems -- the 12v power outlets in the car stopped working on the 4th day I had it and the ignition problem described above (start,stall, start, run).

    When I picked up the car I asked the mechanic what they had done to fix the ignition problem. He replied -- Nothing. He advised me that I needed to use 87 Octane from a brand-name gas station. I explained that I had filled the tank with 87 Octane from Exxon. He just shrugged. I explained that my internet research led me to believe that there were many people having the exact same problem. He admitted that was so and that Volvo had no fix for it but that they were working on software upgrades that would be out in 2 months. Evidently they are blaming the issue on the summer gas blend now for sale at gas stations in my area because it evaporates in the line/injector.

    In my state, 4 visits to fix an unresolved problem triggers action under the lemon law. I'll be stating as much when I contact the dealer this week seeking relief.
  • Looking to buy an s40 T5, premium pkg, audio pkg, climate pkg. Dealer had sticker at 29995. Looking to lease it and the discount on it was 3500. putting the monthly payments at 397 a month. Putting 2500 down. Is this a good deal? I was trying to go towards invoice which was listed on line at 25300, but they will not budge. Salesperson said this is a luxury car in a higher class, it's a volvo. Also on a lease can one ask and possibly get say..... a better wheel pkg than what's on there? Can you bargain on a lease as much as a purchase? Is there a trade $ for the wheels on it? Thanks for the reply.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, I come up w/ $31,550 for an S40 T5M w/ those packages.
    Invoice of @$29,700.

    You can put anything you want on a leased car, you just can't residualize it so it has a dramatic effect on your payment.
  • I bought a demo (6K miles on it) 2005 S40 T5 last month and it's been in the shop twice already and has had other problems I have not taken it in for. I love the car, but am concerned it will be a problem.
    1) The passenger airbag light came on and told me to get serviced immediately - I took it in and they said it was just a software solution. They fixed it and has not been a problem since.
    2) The CD player does not work occasionally when I switch from radio to CD - I have to turn it on and off, or take the CD out and reload. Really annoying, but happens only occasionally. I have taken it in for that.

    Here are some issues I'm having that I don't think relate to manufacturer problems, any suggestions are appreciated.
    a. smell inside the car, at first I thought a smoker had driven it before I bought the car. The dealer replaced the cabin filter and sprayed some stuff into the vents. This helped for a few days, then it came back. It sort of smells like cigarettes, but also like just musty odor. Could it be bacteria in the air compressor, or a blocked A/C drain? Does anyone know where the A/C drain is located so I can see if it is functioning? Any other thoughts. This is really bugging me!!

    b. the car seems to want to pull to the left sometimes. The dealer test drove and said it seems fine, but at low speeds it sometimes can pull pretty strong to the left at higher speeds it seems to go away. Could it be a brake pad sticking, alignment, out of balance wheel, or something else? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • I know you've already rulled out torque steer...Have you considered the high crown many low-speed roads have?
  • Our 2004.5 S40 2.4i has the musty odor smell too. It seems to happen more when the fan is on but AC is off. Actually I recently smelled it some with even the fan "off". When we had the car in last for the oil change and software upgrades I thought they did something about the smell and it might be a little better, but its definitely still there and still annoying. I don't know what is causing it but it seems to be a common problem for S40s.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    We've had our 06 S40 T5 for a month now, just over 500 miles on the car. Yesterday we were out and about, cranked the car to leave, drove about 100 yards and it died. Would not refire. Had to have it towed to the dealer, luckly my sister was following us in her Camry (insert comment about Toyota reliability here) and was able to take us 40 miles home! Not a stellar start for this car. It replaced a PT Cruiser that saw the shop twice in 52000, both for warranty repairs. I'm guessing it is a software issue and easy to fix. But the inconvience is huge. Talked to the dealer this morning and he is out of loaners which I find unacceptable. Should I insist on a demo to drive in the interim??
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    The problem was a fuse for the fuel pump. Car was returned to us by noon yesterday. Great service from the dealer, Volvo @ Gwinnett Place. Any time you are without one of your cars still ranks high on my inconvienience list though. If this is a one time deal, then no problem, but a car that goes back to the dealer at ~500 miles does leave a little concern in the back of your mind.
  • I know this has been addressed many times on this board, but I was wondering if there is any news on the "stalling" issue with the S40. I have had mine for three weeks now. I love the car - couldn't be happier with my purchase or the service at my dealer. Occasionally I have the stalling problem if the car has been sitting a while. I live downtown and walk to my office, so when the car has been sitting for a day or so, it sometimes will stall and/or start with a high pitch grinding noise. I am curious to see if anyone has had any success in eliminating this problem with other S40s. Any advice? Thanks.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    As you can see from my above post, we had a similar, but not exactly the same issue with ours. While I thought it was fixed, my wife says this morning, it did not fire on the first try. It did fire up with no unusual noises though. Leads me to believe we have not seen the last of the service dept. I asked the dealer yesterday if he upgraded any software while he had the car and was told that there were none needed. Have read a few discussions in here about regular vs premium or mid grade gas and that being at the root of the stalling or poor starts. We've been using premium since we purchased a month ago. Any comments from anyone else regarding this? We really love the car, but continued issues no matter how minor and easily fixed are not acceptable.
  • Please help. I am interested in purchasing a volvo for the first time. I like the new look of the S40, which is similar to the s60 look. I like the safety that volvo has. My concerns are the look of the S40 vs S60. I am a younger but not a recent grad. and do not want to be in a mommy car nor do I want a compact car that is cramped. It seems that the prices for a 2002-2004 S60 are close in price to the 2005 S40, depending on options etc. What is the difference in gas milage, comfort, future resale etc. Waste of initial depreciation of a 05. Will the S60 look change? Thank you for any tips and advice.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    Unfortunately we had to have our S40 towed again last night. My wife had trouble starting the car after we picked it up from the dealer so I was planning on taking it back. Last night, I went to move it out of the garage and take it for a spin and it sputtered and died and would not restart. Will update soon. Did get a loaner from the dealer, a V70.
  • This news isn't the greatest I have ever heard. Sorry to hear you had it towed again. I am wondering if my problems are just beginning and if my s40's problems will become progressively worse. Has your car always died when driving, or did it just start? I'm trying to figure out where mine is at on this timeline. It's unfortunate that so many cars are having this problem from a manufactuere known for its durability. I also use premium (93 oct) in my s40, but assume maybe I should try using the cheap stuff since I have read that may be a factor in solving the problem. Any advice from your dealer? I'll be taking mine in soon to talk about/ look at this.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    Our's just started the problem on Sunday. I have not asked my dealer about the octane rating. The owners manual is pretty explcit about using premium, but I believe that is tied more to the engine perfomance. I plan on asking, but I'm afraid I'll receive a "party line" answer. As I said earlier, we have just over 500 miles on the car and it is driven daily, jut not far, if that helps with your timeline. We will see what the outcome of this is, but I am not comfortable with my wife driving this car on a daily basis until the dealer comes up with root cause for this. She already said last night that she's scared to drive it on the highway. Can't say that I blame her, but getting rid of it is not an option right now. I hate to start thinking about lemon law's, but I think we are one visit away from that going inot effect. Once I have a resolution, I'll post it and you may want to consider having your dealer check for it at your next service. I really hate this because we loved the car for its uniqueness and balance of luxury and perfomance.
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    S60 will get a new design for 07 model, it will interesting to see what it will look like as the current 05 S60 is by far the most unique and distinctively stylish car on the market (even though it was introduced 5 years ago). S40 design will be the same (with little minor changes) for the rest of the decade. Personally, I think Volvo's design is among the most classy and stylish. Just drive both and see how you feel
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