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Audi Q5 defective transmission



  • hey alex, at first i feel sorry for being treated like that at the dealer. in my opinion, dealers are specialized in ripping off their customers as they can. i've an 09 Q5 and i got that jerkiness only at a bump, near my house, where i usually slow to get over that bump without making my baby jump off his car seat :)). other than that, i don't get it at red light or stop signs. so is that the same case with you or what?
  • I bought a brand new 2012 Audi q5 2 months ago. I drive very little around town. In six weeks I put on max of 300 miles. My first weekend away outside of my bubble I head 45 miles away. The next day I am driving a short trip on Pacific Coast Hwy and my car jets forward. My passenger looks at me like I am crazy for drag racing. It wasn't me! Then every time I slow down and start to put the brakes on the car loudly downshifts seemingly by clunking. I turn the car off and wait. I try it again same results. I let the car rest overnight at the hotel and test drive it in the morning and don't get half a block without the same terrible noises and results. The car is towed . They claim they can't replicate it. Then I get a call saying they will replace the tranny and it is coming from Germany in 10 ish days. Then I get another call saying the tranny is in after 2 days (how can it get here that fast from Germany??). Everything is very fishy. Any advice. I don't feel safe with the car anymore. Its a brand new car and a major system had to be replaced.

    Advice anyone?
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Just get a clear understanding of how they got the tranny so fast. Maybe they got from another dealer. Just want to be sure they aren't rebuilding it. Keep a clear written record of everything said and by whom. All mechanical devices have problems it is how it is dealt with that determines the future importance. I would give them a chance to fix it but be prepared in case they don't treat you right.
  • Any resolution? How is the car now? I am having a nearly identical experience.
  • yellow777yellow777 Posts: 1
    My Q5 has started jumping forward when going down in first gear, it has recently been to the garage for transmission update. So glad I am.not the only person having this problem. 
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