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Ford Windstar



  • mnseattlemnseattle Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    In my 2003 Ford Windstar SEL, I have VCP with overehead Monitor and I am replacing it with a overhead DVD player with monitor. The DVD player I got has RED(+12V)-WHITE(Doomlight to GND)-BLACK(GND) wiring plus a long green wire (most likely for FM transmitter). however the existing configuration has RED-BLACK-BLACK-GREEN-BLUE wiring . Does anyone know how I connect the wires (i.e. which one goes where?)

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  • fixeddailyfixeddaily Posts: 11
    edited April 2010
    The 2002 Windstar SEL I have was running terribly. I had it checked out at a Meineke, and it needed a new ignition coil pack, EGR valve, and a lower intake manifold. I'm not certain, but I think a smoke test revealed the problem with the lower intake manifold. I installed a new ignition coil pack and EGR valve, and it runs a lot better, but it still runs somewhat rough when at idle and the engine is cold. I'm not sure if it's cracked or if it's a vacuum leak, but the lower intake manifold is made of plastic. My friend had a Thunderbird, and he told me Ford replaced the intake manifold when it had a problem. The car wasn't under warranty but Ford fixed it for free. Has anyone else had success with getting this replaced for free, even when the warranty is expired?

  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Try replacing your idle air control valve. This component is critical for maintaining a steady idle. If it malfunctions your tachometer will be noticeably unsteady.

    Check for vacuum leaks. How ? Any emission control that uses vacuum is a potential source for a vacuum leak. Inspect all hoses, especially ones near the block that get a lot of heat. Replace if suspicious.

    Sometimes you can test a peripheral by disconnecting vacuum hose and plugging it with a pencil at the periperal end. If it idles better, the periperhal is faulty because its not suppose to be open when engine is idling.

    On the windstar you may have to remove the upper and lower cowl to work on it plus maybe a duct or 2. Make sure you disconnect windshield washer line from upper cowl before pulling it. Otherwise you may break off a nozzle like I did.

    If your intake manifold has a gasket, try replacing it.

    If all else fails, get the Haynes manual and do every emission control check. You will need a voltmeter.

    It's very a possible that your problem is caused by a collection of faults so repairing a single item will not give dramatic improvement.
  • I bought a ford windstar 2000 the passenger door was replaced with out the power window and lock switch. I went to a scrap yard and found the right switch and replaced it myself. it worked intermittently and then suddenly I lost all power windows and the radio. I have checked the main fuses and they are still good. does anyone know a method of trouble shooting this problem.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    I replaced a pwr window motor on my 96 Windstar so this may help. First, understand removing door panel, weather seal, etc. is a pain but you can do it. You need a digital voltmeter with long narrow probes. Disconnect the electrical connector from pwr window motor. You need to know the pinout of the connector so you can probe the right pin. GND on the meter connects to vehicle GND. Press the button to lower the window. If you see 12V on the meter, the problem is the motor or the mechanism. If no 12V, it's an electrical problem (switch, wiring, etc)

    If 12V OK, swapping out the motor is much easier so do that first. Beware I swapped out my motor and the window worked for a while and then stopped working so now I need to replace the mechanism. If you replace the mechanism yourself you risk breaking the glass . I am a DIYer but I may pay to get that done.

    The radio has gotta be a coincidence unless the wiring or a fuse are related. You may want to check the fuse again with with an ohmeter or just replace it if you are relying on a visual inspection. Sometimes it's hard to see where it's blown.
  • koetzkoetz Posts: 1
    How many recalls are there on the 2000 Ford Windstars? I just received one for the front subframe lower control arms rear attaching flanges, and both rear body mounts. This recall notice has RED FLAG all over it for me as I live in Minnesota, where SALT is used extensively for 6 months of the year. I had also received another recall for the rear axle last year. I also did a Google search, and from the way it looks, I could get the van re-built, by recalls alone. At no cost to me.
  • jd5dadjd5dad Posts: 1
    its the cheap plastic gear that flips it from heat to cold
  • I have a friend with a the same van who is having the same problem when he fills his tank it takes forever and a lot of gas gets spilled I took a look at the fill tube and can't see any kinks in it .
  • Back up lights do not work. We have replaced all parts suggested and check the ground is good. Where is the fuse panel for them? Not the one inside the van.
  • nanster59nanster59 Posts: 1
    My Windstar suddenly started running rough... just before I was going to sell it, of course. My mechanic looked it over and finally found the leak. It will cost $400 when when they have time, and that price will include the labor to find the leak. The dealer, without ever seeing it wants $600. I hate that I have to pay this for a van I want to get rid of. And, now I see there is a recall on vans that originated in the upper east (this one did) so I have to look for a rusting underbody, plus the tranny has a recall for a problem when in reverse. Sheesh, why doesn't Ford work on being better. I've considered looking into an Escape or Focus, but now I have to hesitate.
  • We owned a '91 Previa with 145k miles. back in 2000,We bought a brand new 99 Windstar. The person that we sold the Previa to said that we were making a mistake; he was buying our Previa due to major problems with his 95 windstar. We thought that surely Ford would have 'gotten the bugs out' of the Windstar by 1999.
    To date, he still has the '91 Previa (220k miles), and we have suffered our 2nd tranny failure on the Windstar, with only 110k miles. Not to mention repeated trips to the stealership for various abs, air bag, check engine lights and sensors, two of which failed within the first week of ownership. (The tech said that the new van wasn't used to being driven since leaving the Ford assembly plant, ha-ha)
    So, would you chose a new Flex, or a used Sequoia/Sienna?
    For the premium price of the Flex, I've read about too many problems about it already!
    The only thing that domestics have on the foreign are the looks, and in some cases, comfort.
    But remember-it is always uncomfortable when you're stranded on the highway!
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