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Audi A8



  • 3carjack3carjack Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2004 A8. I live in Culpeper and work in Northern Virginia. Which dealer do you recommend for service?


  • good condition overall.

    anyone familiar with the 2000 model? would you recommend it? what sort of maintenance issues and costs do you think i would be in for at this point?

    pricing on vehicle - Edmunds says about 17,000, KBB says about 25,000. big difference - more than usual. dealer wants about 25k, but says will come down to 23k. any advice would be appreciated!

    many thanks - matthew
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The pre-'04 A8 is a great looking and driving automobile, however, BEWARE: These cars have some of the most expensive repair costs in the business.

    First, depending on the mileage, the car may be a great investment. If it's a low mile/one owner car, it would be worth the investment on the approval of the service records. I would definetely have to see a steady history of preventive and basic maintenance.

    Secondly, the price. If this car is really catching your eye, then offer 20k, straight up. I'm willing to bet that he'll be more than willing to give a great deal on it.

    Finally, if it's a higher mileage car, then I'd definetely have to make sure that both the quattro and suspension has been serviced throughly. You do not want a suspension or AWD problem out of these cars. And last but certainly not least, always, always, always run the CARFAX on ANY potential pre-owned car. This will save you the pain down the line.
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    I'm loving my newly purchased 2005 A8W12 but have run into problem with bluetooth. I have a Motorola RAZR phone which is not compatible with 05 model year. I use Verizon Wireless service and wonder if anyone is having success with a bluetooth capable phone NOT on the Audi compatibility list. I went to Verizon Wireless store yesterday and none of the phones on that list are available or sold there any longer so I'm wondering if there are any other Verizon Bluetooth capable phones which might be working in the A8. :confuse:
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    hi guys,

    it seems some changes are in order for 07. first the A8's horsepower will go up. it will now receive the FSI engine. my guess is it will rise to about 360HP. secondly the B & O sound system will be an option for all A8's not just the S8.

    on a side note i am hoping that the A8 will receive the integrated spoiler that the S8 will have. i think it adds
    a nice touch to the rear of the car. 07's should be showing up at dealers in a couple of months. it's still not known if the A8 will have an S line package. if i here anything else i will post it.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    All has been fine with the car...I on the other hand have trouble using the phone....Today while waiting for the bridge to close, I punched in Name, then scrolled down to the name...It then says options and i pushed that button only to be re directed to names again..I scrollled down names again and punched the number..It then asked to call and I punched again...It then called....After the conversation I hung up and the radio didn`t play....I thought I had my first problem---but no--I was parked under an overpass and the signal was blocked...Nice relief...Just to show it takes me a long time to get familiar with the phone part...The voice doesn`t work for me as it can`t understand what I say...I`l keep working on that part, and bet Audi will throw in voice pretty soon so Mark will be happy Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Has everyone lost interest in the cars? I haven`t and today found out the auto recirculation when in auto will only recirculate for fifteen seconds if it senses it needs to..Otherwise I guess we have to push the button manualy..Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Haven't lost interest in my A8, in fact far from it. I'm still finding things and saying "that's what the button is for?" I just returned last night from the North's Sin City, Atlantic City. Got a few complements on the car, as usual. Every person always tells me it's good not to see the usual LS/S/7. And that's why I purchased the car.

    I'm putting my "summer tires" back on this week as the snow tires are becoming noisy, which is the case when no snow is around. The car has really loosened up and the throttle jerkiness is gone. The brakes are less touchy, and the engine is only a muted burble now. My wife just discovered that we had a fridge in the back seat of the car. SO now it's a booze hide-a-way(lol).

    P.S.- We sold the CLS on our on and got $90k for it. We only lost $11k on it, so I'm satisfied. How's the front bumper holding up?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    You have been a wizzard both buying and selling your cars..I hope it continues as maybe we both will come out if that happens....As for the ice box, it would be a fine spot to ditch a drink, and in this time and place one would have to be very quick...Thank goodness when I was young, they didn`t have the strict rules that are in effect now...I do believe just one beer would get you in trouble

    For the firt time in many years I also got complemented on the car..I was so surprised, that it turned out be be a `conversation`. I didn`t want the gentleman to think I was rude and just drive off. Further I have had no more injuries to the car, and the shop who fixed the bumper did a really fine job, so now it`s just a fading memory...The reason i found out about the air recirculation only lasting 15 secods as I was searching to find out how to keep the interior warm while I went in the grocery store...Just punch the on/off switch after turning the car off...Sort of hold the button down for a second or two...Tony ps where is emass?
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    I'm still here...just lurking! So far I have about 2200 miles on my car, and it only gets better each day.

    The wife of my friend with the CLS55 and the Phaeton has a 2004 A8L and I was in it the other day. There were not too many noticeable diferences, although I understand there were a lot of problems with that year.

    I think Audi will lose her when the new Lexus comes out.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I too enjoy the car more and more...That`s nice to be able to say, as usually in my case the newness has already worn of by now...There is a good conversation going on on the Future Car under cadillac V..Merc has his wits being challenged ( but not beat) by an owner who is very astute about the V model....Unfortunately I had such a poor experience with Cadillac that I would never trust them again Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    .another board (audiworld d3 forum) fairly closely. There is a fellow there who has an '04 A8L and just picked up an '05 W12 (to replace his 760). Interesting people, these Audi enthusiasts!

    I'm going to fly down to New Orleans this weekend just for fun. I haven't been there since the hurricane and figure it's time to see one of my favorite cities again.

  • chappy2chappy2 Posts: 2
    I have had similiar acceleration issues. We take our foot off the gas and the car continues to accelerate. Any resolution to your problem
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Those guy's on the HELM'S board absolutely despise Audi. I for one can't be happier with my purchase. I'm content with the fact that I don't drive down the street everyday only to see a car with a spitting image of mine. If I pay over $100k for something, It had better differ in some shape or form. You wouldn't want your neighbor to have a carbon-copy of your house would you? Exactly.

    This car has served my wife and I well, so much in fact that I talked her out of ordering a '07 S63 in favor of a S8, and saved $50k in the process. We'll have a early December delivery.

    The W-12 is purring along without even a hiccup. How's everything emaus, Tony. BTW, thanks Tony for your 2 cents over on the HELM'S board. Losers, can you believe that non-sense?
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Like I said earlier, the car gets better each day. I look forward to the days I use it (the other days I use my BMW motorcycle to go into the city...much more convenient, but no way as comfortable!)

    ..and the name is Eric...

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I don't recall seeing any comments that I would characterize as "despising" Audi in that discussion. Yes, there are some spirited conversations about all kinds of issues in all kinds of different directions and someone recently has been critical of Audi (as well as a whole lot of other cars), but I really don't recall any persisting overtly negative bias towards Audi.

    You've probably noticed that there are few Audi enthusiasts participating. I'm glad you are joining in. You are most welcome there. :)
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I have found in the past that alot of the people over on the HELM board really mix up the car and the number of cars sold as to `excellence`...I guess one has to be a bit thick skinned to even participate...As I said you and Eric are the two that have been along with me down this path.Blkhemi you really know your stuff right up there with Merc, so you hang with the best of them...but I also agree with you that there are few Audi fans on HELM board...Here in the Carolinas I have not seen one A8, but in Miami there is the real Audi stronghold...They are really prevelant but strangely hardly any Lexus ls..Almost reversed as the Carolinas....Tony

    My only complaint with the manufacturers are that you go in expecting to spend say seventy thousand and end up over eighty if you get the things you want....They are all pretty bad on that front, except Bentley
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Thanks for the imput, altho calling the entire Audi line "losers" might have been a despising statement in many eyes.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The guy (and everyone else) has turned himself inside out retracting that. ;) Glad to see you participating there.
  • chappy2chappy2 Posts: 2
    we have been experiencing the same problem with my 2004 A8; we have had a number of instances were we take our foot off the gas and the car accelerates at full throttle. The last time my wife had difficulty stopping the vehicle. The dealer and Audi corporate cannot fix or replicate the problem. Was there any resolution to your problem? Please reply.
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    That's the way I read it. And I agree with you that it's nice driving around town and not seeing your same car everywhere. In So Cal, if you don't own MB or BMW, you're nothing.

    I have 3 friends who recently got into my newly acquired 2005 W12 and they were blown away. Half the fun of owning this car is seeing the reaction to it from others who have never been in one. I was one myself. Until about 6 weeks ago, I had not seen or checked out Audi in at least 20 years. I had a really bad experience in '84 and I wrote the brand off . . . but how things have changed.

    The moment friend #1 saw it, he offered to buy my car for what I paid for it. After he drove my Audi, he admitted he was in the market for a Maserati but the Audi test drive changed his mind.

    Friend #2 is in the market for 7 series BMW but test driving my Audi has given him pause as well.

    Then friend #3 who is very impressed but he's like so many So Californians . . . if it's not MB or BMW, it's nothing.

    I quite enjoy the exclusivity (even if it is through other's ignorance!) :)
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    It is interesting to read you story, and conclusion...I can understand it all....For me , I only considered the bmw and audi as I do not like to drive a car that represents such status as Mercedes...If I didn`t have a choice I would then probably have getten a Mercedes....It is nice to go along knowing my choice was right for me, and that mostly no one really knows anything about Audi...On occasion on the other boards I have tried to encourage others to keep an open mind, but mostly to no avail...Tony
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I sold a 1999 A8 standard wheelbase, one owner, always garaged, 42,000 mile car for $25K about one year ago. The 2000 A8L mentioned here sounds somewhat comparable. Repair costs of any German luxury car can be astonishing, for sure, but Audi is no more costly than the others.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    You did not say where you live. A Mercedes here in LA often means nothing more than "I want people to think I have made it and I want one, too." Or to put it more bluntly, "Too many Benz owners don't know much about cars, but want desparately to impress others - - who don't know much about cars either." In my part of town, Mercedes is as common as a Ford in Omaha. (I am sure I have antagonized several people out there by now.) To me, this is a terrific reason NOT to buy MBZ. It is such a "me-too" car.

    I purchased my first Audi, a 1999 A8, because at that time it was the only luxury car with standard four wheel drive, an all aluminum frame and body, Tiptronic, and a square jawed handsome body that seemed not to age. And I liked the reverse snobbism that comes with knowing I will not see many of them. I never regretted my decision. What a wonderful driver. It was a kick just driving down the boulevard to my office.

    I am now the proud owner of a new A8 and fully expect to enjoy it just as much. As reliable as Lexus? No. But that's why God invented warranties. Driving the Lexus is like driving a Barcalounger, but don't get me started on Lexus.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I live on the East cosast, Carolinas and Miami Fl, and it is probably just about like where you live..Just as conjested in Miami and not so much in the Carolinas...I went from G. M to Lexus in the beginning, and the experience was so nice in comparison, that I have had many Lexus cars....Truly due to the persistance(sp) of Merc and his passion for German cars(particularly Mercedes) I decided to try first a Mercedes which was fine, and now a BMW for my wife, which also is fine...For me I ended up with an Audi 8, and this also has been just as trouble free as my lexuses. In fact I had one major problem with all of them except the first one, and I haven`t had any problem with the Audi so far...I wish you the same luck, as I do my fellow comrades Eric and Blkhemi...Tony
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    Unless a person thinks of a car as just an appliance to serve a functional purpose (I often wish I could - life might be simpler.), then a car should have a personality and have a fun factor. I enjoy just driving my A8 around town. It is truly a Jekyll and Hyde car. If you want to be pampered, it will accomodate very well. If you want to drive a little foolishly, it will take you to another level of excitement.

    The Lexus so isolates the driver from all external inputs that there is no soul to it. Wonderful appliance, does its job as well as any car out there, but with no spirit. Give me options.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Lexus, a Barcalounger? Now that's funny. I often wish more people saw it that way and not praise the Lexus as the Second Coming.

    I've had them, and altho wholly terrific to own due to it's known reliablity, it's absolutely lifeless. I found that in my last Lexus ('98 LS400), the car's immpecable finish and craftsmanship at the time was second to none. But way too isolated, and the current gen no better in offering more of an engaging drive. Too diluted shall we say.

    On the other hand, my W-12 splits the difference, regardless as to what some may have a person believe. It floats down the road like a true luxo-barge. But when things gets twisty, the German-engineering shows up big time. The car is so planted and rides so good, despite the 20" wheels and ultra low 35 series tires. The build quality and interior finish is unparalled. And mine too has been absolutely trouble-free(DRL's notwithstanding). And I can't wait for the wife's S8 to come later this year.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I'm envious. I have driven the W-12 and found it exhilarating when it could be allowed to run. But the S-8 seems like a whole different animal. I have only seen it twice standing still and is quite a stunner. And your wife gets it. Wow.

    Next time I am in my garage, I will kick the tire of my lowly A8.

    Good for you. Good for your wife.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I have an early Motorola RAZR (When they still cost up to $550.) on the Cingular system. I had no problem connecting it to my 2005 A8. However, to end a call, I often must do it on the phone itself. Since you are on Verizon, I don't know how relevant my story is. I suggest you continue working with the phone. In my case, the car was always ready to pair up. It was the phone that required certain settings to be made first.

    Good Luck
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