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Audi A8



  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    That sounds strange...Personally I get around twenty six mpg on the highway at about eighty mph with the Audi....It would seem that if I get that and the engines is 4.2, a larger engine would pollute more....We have a bmw, and it is a fine car along with the Mercedes...In my opinion the interior of the Audi is the best of the three... Good luck with your choice Tony
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I think that Edmunds only lists pounds of smog forming pollution.

    If you check out you’ll see that the A8 has annual green house emissions of 9.2 tons and the 750i has 9.2 tons.

    Although the 750i is given an EPA Air pollution score of 6 compared to the A8’s 2 (higher is better).

    If that’s your cup of tea…personally, if I were concerned about emissions (which I’m not...they're all "pretty good"), I wouldn’t choose either of these.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Although I reallly don`t understand, I`l take their word for it...I wonder what an airplane pollutes, say fully loaded?? Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Honestly speaking, all of the cars you named will produce more pollution than say, a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. These are very powerful cars, which takes a lot of energy to create. So in hindsight, there are some alternatives, but if remaining low on pollution is a major concern, then these class of cars may not be the best picks.

    BTW, these cars also are LEV or ULEV-cerified, so the pollution and emission indexes may not be as bad as you think.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I was reading on the S board hat you are contemplating the amg s, and a few others....I almost ordered the Bentley and wonder what you think of that brand?? They are expensive, but I don`t think they would be changing the body styling any time soon...Personally I think it is a great looking car, although Merc sure doesn`t..One of the few spots I disagree with him....I really do not think the Maseratti is all that much different than the Audi---just in an overall way...Now it can be ordered in so many different interior colors it will blow your mind, but the ones I saw although quite beautiful wern` that much different....For some reason I have not seen any Mercedes interiors that appeal to me, nor bmw, although my wife`s in a tan is o.k. but surely nothing to write home about...Good luch with your next choice. Tony ps Hi Eric-I guess wt will be just you and me to carry the flag
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Gosh Tony, don't write me off so fast! ;) You're forgeting that we just bought an S8(coming in October now, according to Ingolstadt). And it will be a while(at least 2 months) before I decide to give up my beloved W-12.

    As for the Bentley, the Flying Spur is a very understated design. It is flawless, a bit more better proportioned than the hunch-backed Conti GT. But the 200k price tag and rarity( currently 1yr waiting list) kept me from gettting one. And you can't go wrong with all of that Audi/V-Dub hardware baked into it, as far as reliablility/driveablity goes.

    Mercedes dropped the ball on the W221, as they did with W220 on the interiors. It would be the complete package if they would've used 10% more of polish in them, almost there but not quite. I guess that's why they offer the Expresso option on interiors(not sure about the new model tho). But even here, they still can't quite cut the hides like Audi.

    I've ruled out the Quattroporte, for now anyway, as the Cambiocorsa transmission is way to complex and overly complicated. They need to definetely hook-up with Audi to buy their the DSG technology, or use a conventional auto or Ferrari's new F1 out of the new 430. Altho the Q-P GT is very exhilirating to drive, probably tops in the class, the W-12 has so spoiled me that trying to figure what gear I'm in is not worth it in this type of car. I'll drive my Vette Z06 instead.

    BTW, this car has served me so well that our family will always have an Audi somewhere. My daughter and sister are enjoying their S4 Cab's very well, and my Mario Andretti of a wife(lol) is anticipating her S8 so bad that she has went to purchase Audi's driving gloves for this winter.

    I just have a friend who's very interested in buying the car as the W-12's are very hard to come by, especially factory-order fully loaded ones. He totalled his Phaeton on the BQE the other day and really fell hard for the W-12 powertrain that's in(oops, was) his Phaeton. So to sop up his sadness, he bought a completely loaded A6 4.2 just yesterday to complement his Audi TT 3.2 Twin Turbo and wants my W-12 to complete his Audi love squirm. The guy is an Audi nut who actually worked for the company to help develop Quattro over 25 years ago in Ingolstadt ( a complete techno geek). A very good friend who's stealing a very good car from me.
  • lifeisgoodlifeisgood Posts: 6
    The A8 is by far the best value in the luxury car market today. I recently purchased my third fully loaded A8 and continue to be impressed with the build quality, the technology, the ride and handling, the gas mileage, the exterior styling, the interior styling and roominess, the solar cooling, the comfortable seats and the complimentary comments from friends and strangers. I could not be happy owning a BMW or a Mercedes after being spoiled by the sport-luxury balance found in the Audi experience. I am a car guy and my expectations are high when I shop for a new car. I always come back to Audi because it exemplifies everything I expect in the car I drive.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Right on!! Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    You know I sure won`t be giving up on you....We, Eric and myself and you have gone a long way together, it`s just sort of a change , although short lived...You have an interesting situation to face...The only car I really think is nicer than the a8 is the Bentley, which I thought was priced around one hundred eighty...As you are a master `Trader` it would be tricky to not get caught in that price range for the short term holding period, so that is out...Mercedes is the mystic brand, so I guess that is going to be the choice, so I would get Merc to give his input I think his e mail is listed...Tony
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Absolutely agree! "Audi is prestige redefined" as a European friend and business owner once told me about the Audi experience in Europe. As a car nut, I have many friends that are the same and that live in Europe and Germany specifically. They always look puzzled when it comes to American's obsession with BMW and Mercedes-Benz (Lexus doesn't event get mentioned in the same sentence)in relation to Audi as this is not the case on the other side of the pond. They always remind me that MBs are taxis and BMWs are status climbers while Audi represents German luxury as epitomized by Horch. I have heard this many times and find the comments interesting. I think it has lot to do with German's and European's obsession with motorsports as national past times, and nothing is bigger than the 24 Hours of Le Mans where Audi rules.
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Yo...Tony..Just back from Vegas on a 4-day business trip. Yuck! it for a quick vacation with the wife, but hate it for business....

    Anyway, all is well here....just took the car out for our dinner and it's still a kick to get into it. I don't think I will ever feel differently.

    By the way,I only have a little less then 3K miles on it!

    I guess I use the bike a lot...

  • lifeisgoodlifeisgood Posts: 6
    Your views of Mercedes and BMW are exactly why I prefer to drive Audi's. I am interested in an automobile designed and engineered by a company that understands how to stir the passion of the sport/luxury car segment. Audi continues to do it in spades. My son just ordered a 2007 A3 3.2 DSG Quattro to take to Europe this fall. An absolutely beautiful car that is best in class and once again Audi sets the benchmark by which other car company's will be required to guage their products. I will not settle for buying anything less than the best automobile value in the marketplace, which is exactly what Audi expects from their target audience. Audi Rules!!!!!
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I`m coming up on five thousand....Most of those miles were `duty` miles---so they don`t count...I read where if you get trash stuck in the drainage hole it can do electrical damage---old model, so to be on the safe side I got a cover...Once on it stays on, so I haven`t drive it at all the last week, so am looking forward to tomorrow....I would think Vegas would be fun, particularly if you won, and ate at some of the good resturants.......Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    I've read that, about the drainage hole. Not too much of a problem in NYC, though!!

    Vegas is usually fun, but this was a business trip. As far as winning goes, I never win in the long run. They don't build cities likie that by losing money.
    ..and the free trips are from the hotels are always the most expensive!!
    They used to "limo" us back and forth to Atlantic City every other weekend, but when the granddaughter came we cut that out.

    Anyway, I just called the dealer to ask when I should bring the car in for service...and was told any time after 4K miles would be fine (and covered for free service).


  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Just a quick question about Atlantic City....When I went there , maybe ten or more years ago, the casino part was just as bright and active as you could imagine, but if you looked west it was dark and gloomy...Has that changed?? I also loose, then eat at a poor food counter take a walk on the beach--which is pretty---go home Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    In AC, the "strip" is brightly colored, but there is a "gloom" over the whole city in my opinion. The casinos pay people to ride buses there to gamble with money they don't have (at least not to 'throw away').

    I like to gamble...maybe a little too much :-), but not with anything but disposble income.

    Vegas, on the other hand, is a lot more to my liking.

    And yes, once you travel off the boardwalk (or the marina area now) the city is pretty shabby. There is a lot of money coming into the city, but it is not really helping the people there at all.

    Gonna try Foxwoods soon....
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Drove back to S.C today, around three and a half hours..Everytime I think something is amis in the car, it turns out to be me...I set the gpm , but as the printing is sort of small and I had my dark glasses on, I really set it to mph...I drove along and was amazed as the number got larger and larger...I attributed it to being on a general down hill slope for the first number of miles....Then thought aha something wrong...Not--and the real number turned out to be twenty seven mpg..(instrument )...I further find with the sirus (sp)satelite that I rarely change the station, and have not spent enough time learning how it can work..I like to be able to push the different seat buttons while on the move, and have the seat go to those settings..Lexus would not let you do that..Strangely I also really enjoy the adjustable arm rest...Such a small thing....Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I phoned today to set up the five thousand mile service...I took a low stance to see what would happen...The service manager was polite but vague, and then said I could bring the car in on Friday...I said ok, and asked about a loaner...He said that it would take an hour and a half and that there usually wasn`t a loaner....Further that it wasn`t this Friday but next ...I asked why not do it tomorrow...He said that his two service people were in a wreck and the third was at school....We settled on next Monday, and all is cool....I now wonder what would have happened it the car were broken??

    I personally think this is the thing that all dealerships could learn from Lexus...The caring for the customer...They all have the super fast computers that trigger a personal response once the name is typed in...The Audi is a new dealer, and I can easily get the manager for whatever, but I would personally like to deal with the regular people whose job it is to make a business work...As I have alluded in the past , it takes time and effort to accomplish this, and this is why imo Lexus will close the gap more quickly than anticipated....

    The above is just a recap --and I am not at all upset with my experience---just that there is a ways to go with the dealership networks...My car has been with out problems, and I am thankful Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Please keep me (us) posted...

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Tony, I sure wish that you were here in NY as my few service encounters have been without incident. I can definetely refer this dealer to someone. A very knowledgeable staff, and, IMHO, better service than my previous encounters with both Lexus and MB.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    My experience, here in LA, has been excellent - similar to that of the previous writer. Although, since my dealer is one of those mega-dealers that sells and services many marques, including Lexus, it is entirely possible he has transferred some of his customer service knowledge over to his Audi store. Nevertheless, I have never had it so good at a service facility.
  • foster1foster1 Posts: 17
    You may be interested in looking at the following site:
    I don't know where this site originated, but it rates Audi dealers and has customer comments. My local dealer in northern Virginia, HBL, is rated one of the worst in the country--262 out of 274 dealers. They've treated me OK in my one visit, but billed my credit card for the "free" loaner several weeks later, without my permission, and never corrected it when they (Enterprise) said they would. I had to have it disputed with Discovery to get rid of the charge, and this has happened to at least one other person using that dealership.
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Wow....262! Mine is *much* better. He is 234th!!!!!!!

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    As the shop is just up the road from the office, I decided to drop by and get a sense of what was going on....Drove up and , as said, there was only one visible mechanic...The service adviser is a nice low key fellow, and I looked at the service book , and there were very very few appointments...It was explained that his loaners were committed to people who were coming from Savannah, which is a little more than a hundred miles away...I certainly didn`t want to possibly inconvenience anyone so I got my appointment just about when was previously scheduled, and as he knew of my problem and I his everything worked out fine.Imagine driving that far for an appointment

    It really is a problem for those that start a new dealership from scratch....There is a large new building almost empty of customers and mechanics, a fairly large inventory, and from my observation absolutely no advertising....I`m sure the owner knows what he is doing, but I think it will take a long time to get people aware of Audi and them...Some of our fellow posters profess that they are not interested in the financial well being of an auto company, but if a company is making alot of money they then have he resources to take care of their customers...I am familiar with bmw down the street , and they have a good sized number of loaners, as well as Lexus, which is moving almost across the street from Audi, which I think will help Audi....I have had no problems at all, and I really like the car.... and the dealership is most attractive Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I dropped the car off , at my convenience, and the five thousand mile service was done....I asked to have the tires rotated, and was told--politely--that there would be a charge....I agreed and they were rotated, for no charge...A nicety...Got the loaner a 3 which was a swift little car....Met with the manager, and still suggested that Audi do a little more advertising...He said that Audi was just that way and didn`t do much advertising...He said things wore slow, but coming along...A slow Monday evening shaping up to be a slow week....Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Sounds like all-in-all a very good experience. Glad to hear it!

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    It was...Thanks....How have you been `My Friend` ? It is warming up down here in the South....I`l send some your way Tony
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Things are good, Tony. No complaints. Warmer weather is here, so I will be very happy to use the bike more and more. I usually ride through the winter, but as I get older, the ol' bones ain't what they used to be and the car gets more and more use.

  • georgev1georgev1 Posts: 14
    i'm trying to decide between a preowned 04 A8L with 10,600 miles and a new A8.
    do you think there is a difference in the way the longer L
    also, does quattro drive a little "heavy"?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The differences in handling is so minute that it's very un-noticable. When I was in the process of purchasing my W-12, I drove an A8 Sport, and it's handling was only a smidge better than the longer L. The W-12 earns points in the ride department, where the extra 5" of wheelbase soaks up bumps with aplomb. Then if you haul passengers often, it should be noted that the rear legroom gives some limos competition.

    BTW: What's the asking price on the '04? And has it had the MMI recall done on it?
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