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Audi A8



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The interlocking rings that has been Audi's trademark for over 60 years has quite a bit of history behind it.

    The rings, which were formed under a 4 company deal as Audi traded hands quite frequently(even spent some time with Daimler-Benz), has a significant meaning.

    August Horch, the founder of the company in 1899, had to eventually over time find new partners in the fledgling brand. Over time, DKW and Wanderer signed on to help Horch out until 1930 when he was ousted from the company that he handedly started. Then time pressed foward through the turbulent WWII era, which by then founder Horch was forced to withdraw using his family name on his own venture. So he tuned to the latin meaning of his name, viola: Audi. The very people that chopped him, he ended up helping. The 3 companies formed Auto Union. And that is where the interlocking rings come from, the bonding of each company until which they were forced to sell to VW. But the company didn't retract the companies unique moniker.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    In other words.....

    On June 29th 1932, four carmakers based in the German state of Saxony merged. Audiwerke, DKW, Horch and Wanderer all joined to become Auto Union AG. This new company would have its head offices in Chemnitz, Germany as of 1936 and would be able to serve the entire spectrum of market segments. The symbol for this company was four interlocking rings – one to represent each company

    ...stolen with reverence from:
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Well another eight hour plus trip ...Plenty of time to appreciste the Audi, and think of comprables...I really don`t find the tire noise to be a part of the handling and driving experience, therefore for me a really quiet car is more preferable...the Lexus I previously owned was a tad bit quiter, but not enough to make a difference...The Audi cruse control radar really works , even in a downpour..When it gets really hard, after a while it will dis engage, but the Lexus stops at the firs drop (that was a four year old car)...The cooler bos in the Lexus is just that--a cooler box--The a/c vent is routed to it and the resulting cool air then keeps things cool, not cold...the German refrigerator really is a refrigerator, and will freeze things if adjusted too low...It does take up more trunk space, therefore some people take them out...All in all neither is just right..

    We varied our routine this trip, and pulled off in a really nice rest stop thirty miles south of Jacksonville...Got our Cuban bread with fixings (really crumbly crust) and hard boiled eggs and pretended it was fifty years ago...The picnic table was way off the highway, so it was fun....Still a long day... Gas was two dollars seventy cents Tony
  • To emauss and blkhemi:

    Many thanks for your info about the origins of the Audi marque. I knew that I could count on you! I'm glad that there is still good enthusiasm abt the Audi on this msg board: since I follow the chatter on the HELM board as well, all the chatter there at present seems to be about Lexus vs BMW or M-B, and Audi seems to get lost in the shuffle. I was beginning to think that I may have made a mistake!

    But, I don't believe so. I am trying to be patient until my A8L arrives, sometime in Dec.

  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Does the A8L 2004 have ventilated (air conditioned) seats?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I hesitate to post this, but I got an e mail warning about not using the cruse control if it was raining as it could cause hydro-planing . i do not know if it was just about cruse control without the self correcting breaking system or what, but I have used the cruse control regularly while it was raining, and just wanted to make others aware this may not be a good idea.....Tony
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Believe that warning could be true with most cruise control's on ice and/or snow and of course oily tarmac with water in particular. However with Quatro, anti-skid etc etc etc, the Audi is one of the safest sedans out there for slipperly conditions. Hydroplaning is also more prevelant with wide tread tires which many of us run today. Much like a wide water ski. This comment comes from a former North Dakota driver who regularly ran 80 / 90 mph on snow and ice (and is still living). <(-;
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    And to add, this comment comes from a driver that lives on Long Island, NY that drove his $130k '06 W12 in a 5" deep snow drift just this past winter, with the adaptive cruise control on. In the LIFT position, this car took some roads better than some high-zoot SUV's. And this is with summer tires and 20" rims. Talk about traction. Thank the Quattro Gods.

    BTW: Hydro-planning can happen with or without the cruise set as witnessed by me on a 100mph sweeper coming from the LI Sound one Sunday, but Quattro won't let it break loose, along with the anti-skid/roll over midigation.

    Tony and everyone else, the S8 will port on Sept 30 and will spend two days at the dealer for prep. The S600 arrives Oct 15 already to go.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Well after sseing the s550 the other day (up close and all around) I was impressed enough to post same--with you in mind- and thinking about how you may talk your wife out of the S8...I don`t think it will be near as hard, but maybe a bit as I really like the S or A 8....The thing about the cruise controll and the rain, i mentioned it as the author was very mindful of the hydroplaning...I guess if a car had just c/c it would make sense that if the front wheels started to slide, and the car did something to counter that it could then put it into a slide...I see cars regularly--almost every trip-- that have turned over, or something happened with them crashed over on the embankment...Further nothing apparent that would have caused the accident other than possibly a flat....Although I can`t give any spefific, just a word of caution as I care for all of you even though we haven`t met...Tony ps I personally am not going to use the c/c in a downpour , but probably in a light rain
  • I am currently in the market for a real lux car. I have set my sights on eihter the 7 or the A8. I really like the styling of the 7 better, however, the idrive and the quaility issues are a bother. I am attracted to the A8 due to the complete package including the revierse snobbery. My significant issue is with the local dealer. I know numeroua people that have sworn off audi due the local dealer (rated 250+ in raking mention on this forum). The dealership was just sold AGAIN. 3 times in 3 years) do I risk it? Lot o money with no support.
  • Dear Worried:

    I can understand your dilemma exactly. Let me put your mind to rest. I am someone who drove a BMW 540i for awhile, and am currently at the end of a lease on a MB S430, which I love. My reason for turning it in is to get AWD, and, for me, it was a decision betw the Audi A8L and the S550 4MATIC. That was a hard decision, and although there ARE features of the MB which I prefer, my decision was made up in favor of the Audi.

    I think that if you can decide on the car you want, you should move forward, regardless. Doing your homework, test drives, etc, is the hard part. Once that is behind you, you should think outside of the box. I am doing my negotiations for the Audi w/ a wonderful woman who is a buyer's representative, whom I used to acquire the MB. She will get the best pricing and financing arrangements via her contacts with dealers all over the country. If it is convenient to get the car from a dealer near you, she'll do so; if she can get a better price elsewhere, she'll do that and get it shipped to you. My Audi is priced at $1000 over invoice - and that is for a factory order car -, which is pretty good (and much better than the average person could do).

    Bottom line: don't worry about the source of the car, the local dealership, etc. Think more globally. As for the particulars: I'm not sure whether I can give here the name of the car-buying co. that I'm using, although it IS public information, and I got the name from the CR Car Buying Guide 5 yrs ago when getting the MB. (Maybe the board monitor can inform me whether or not I can release that info...) When choice of a vehicle is hard enough, there doesn't have to be any other impediment standing in your way.

    I hope that that is helpful and reassuring! Best of luck.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I have thought about your situation for a day or so, and feel that if the dealer is poor that I wouldn`t get the Audi...My car has been totally trouble free , but for me knowing the dealer will take care of me makes alot of difference in the ownership experience..Audi is making an effort to improve the brand, and from what little experience I have had , they are succedinig...I wish you luck Tony
  • Thank you for the insight. I am going to hold off until spring to see if the local dealership turns themselves around. I really like the 8 and I am willing to wait it out to get the car rather than settle for something else.

    Thank you BK
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The S8 will dock here on 9/29 and it will be all mine on 10/2. I just can't wait. Audi sent us an interactive video yesterday to go over. The specs on this car are mind boggling.

    All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
  • Congrats. I can't say that there isn't just a bit of envy on my part...however, (1) I haven't been the owner of an Audi yet, so I need to get my feet wet 1st; and (2) I think that I will be perfectly satisfied with the lower powertrain of the A8L. I guess I'll see.

    I'd be interested to know how long the order of your car took. I am estimating that I have another 3 months to wait (it's a sold order). I lose my S430 in 3 days (lease-end), and that will leave me w/ the SL500...I am praying for NO snow for the next 3 months!

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    "...I am praying for NO snow for the next 3 months!"

    If you're anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, fat chance. ;) Just remember to keep that ESP on at all times in that rear wheel slip happy SL when it snows, maybe even when it rains.

    BTW, the order for the S8 is taking about 5 months. I plaved the order mid April and it is arriving as promised the first days(not week) of October.

    The power from the newly direct-injected Audi 4.2L is more than enough. With 350hp on tap, the car moves to 60 in less than 5.8secs, plenty fast for our stop and go world.

    The main reason were going for the S8 is to fill the void left buy the CLS 55 when we sold it the first of this year. The S600 will more than suit my needs and fill the void left by my beloved W12. I must really love my daughter....
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I know excitement is building, and the S is going to be lots of fun, and I think you will appreciate the shorter overall feel....A really nice car Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    When I last used the a8, the flip up and down screen sounded as though the ratchet mechanism gears are out of whack...I nudged the screen and it closed, but I am afraid this is quickly going to be a problem...Now when I get back to Charleston I will see how good the new dealership is, and if my risk ,taking a chance, is correct..

    Went to a classic car show and was impressed with the rich colors that were used long ago...One thing of note was even the black cars that had yellow wheels were outstanding...In fact many of the old classics had yellow painted spoke wheels and all loooked great...Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I think I'll enjoy the S8 better, altho my Sport-tuned W12 was exhilarating to say the least.

    On your Nav screen, that's a pretty interesting thing. Are the noises consistant? I rarely used the Nav in the W12 as I don't venture to many places I'm not familiar with.

    On another note, I will have the S8 tomorrow. This will be a day of absolute enjoyment.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Let us know how first driving impressions of your awesome S8. Again, congrats! Too bad you had to part with your W12. Still the best in the segment. Of course, I am bias. My new S6 has arrived, but I have to wait a couple days before adoption. Needs to be PMI'd and other personal touches added. But it looks stunning.
  • I haven't looked carefully at an A8 until a guy in a late model A8 and I kept passing back and forth coming up Rt 4 from the Block Island Ferry Sunday night. The Audi looked great. Couldn't tell if it was one of the rare Ws or not.

    With my interest whetted, I checked out various forums on Edmunds. Everone of you seem to love these 80K ubersedans. But a quick look prices of used A8's tells me that all is not right in the Audi world. It looks to me that a used A8 with a new MSRP of at least 10-15K more than a Jaguar XJ has roughly the same resale value as the (unfairly) dreaded Jaguar. What gives with this? Maybe the only A8 to buy is an '04 in the mid-40's? Blkhemi is a savvy guy. I'd love to hear some justification for this apparently lousy resale. Just look at for further info.

    (As a side note, a local Bentley dealer says that even the Flying Spur isn't comparable to the A8L W. He says that the Bentley while AWD does not have quattro and he prefers the A8 for this and other reasons.)
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Islandguy, historically, in the USA, the big Audi's have horrid resale values(except the rare and powerful W12's). Why? Plenty of variables. One, it is the lowest seller in the HELM market in the US, thus not making it enough of a popular model to warrant a lofty second-hand price.

    Then there is the Audi name, admittedly by me, not quite as catchy in the US as in the rest of the world(please omit the Europe and Far/East doesn't count rhetoric, people).

    Then of course the A8. It's just not as desired as frequent as the vaunted LS or S-Class.

    But conversely, the S and RS model Audi's far outpace a comparable M and AMG ride(in terms of resale value, and in many aspects, performance) because of the absolute unattainablility and scarcity. Even Audi admits to keeping the model low in production to boost the value of the rides.

    Such a shame that, in this country, a car company that's so careful in it's designs as Audi can't quite make the big car catch on. Most of the problem is relished on the A8 as the A6 4.2 currently resales for more than a GS430, M45, and RL, cars that are all it's Japanese competition. And it's on par with the class leader E500(the E550 data is N/A as it is a new model). Folks, this car is not the best selling luxury car in the world for nothing. And the A4 is one of the standouts in the class, particularly since it offers more variants than any other car in it's class. And with the latest round of inquiries about the interest of the car, Audi has no choice but to make sure they get this one right, also the A3.

    As to the Bentley, that car doesn't have quattro. And at almost 6k pounds and a $180k base price(try finding one at this price), one would think that they'd drop the hammer and install the real deal and not an Volvo-based Haldex system.

    The car also doesn't offer more in terms of useable features over a comparible W12 other than the even more supple interior and it's vaunted claim of a "195mph top speed". I think my W12's 155mph was illegal enough in this country.

    I certainly prefer the styling of the A8 over the high-roof long body FS.

    And the Bentley almost became my car to have, until I connected with the S600. WOW!! MBZ did not leave ANYTHING untouched in this car. Trust me, I had a week to look over the owner's S600 of our MB dealer. The Bentley just did not warrant enough features and useablility over the $50k less, faster, sleeker, sexier 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600. Folks, for the 4-door super-lux sedans, the S600 and W12's are the best in the league by country mile.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Those folks who part with $80K/$100K/$150K + are not typically shopping for a previously owned vehicle or necessarily concerned about cash flow or in need of top resale value as it related to major buying decisions. As blkhemi indicates, the cache for Audi does not currently exist compared to MB, BMW, Bentley etc. That is good news for those who understand the excellent qualities of the 2004 and later big Audi, can appreciate a previously owned auto and will benefit by a wonderful buy on an outstanding automobile. After two Lexus I am now the proud owner of an Outstanding A8L with 40,000 miles @ $44K, 19" with Michelin Pilots and all the options. Happiness is half price.
  • Blkhemi, thanks.

    As a side point, can you give us the run down on why Quatto is superior to the Haldex system?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The S8, in short, is phenomenal. I just returned from a short jaunt to the city. I've finally got that seat comfort setting that took me a month to acheive in the W12, due to the numerous adjustments. This car is the best large sport-sedan in it's class, hands down, even over the over-hyped AMG and M models.

    About quattro, this is the best going AWD system on any passenger car on the road today(excluding SUV's super-capable 4WD). For one, the system can detect, evaluate, and adjust wheelslip to any one wheel(not having to wait axle-spin, which splits the difference between accident, and no accident), TRANSPARENTLY! No other AWD system does this. Secondly, the hardware thats baked into the systems are basically bulletproof. And that's why you don't hear of any Audi's with AWD problems, from the smallest(TT Quattro), to the outright largest W12..
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Even so, the cache is growing. You can see it in Los Angeles, where Audi is probably the hottest auto to own right now. It also depends on which resale value system you use.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    It is nice to think others are beginning to appreciate Audi..Please tell me what you mean about the resale value system you speak of...Thanks Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Hi Blkhemi

    What do you notice as different between the W12 vs S8....I would imagine a bit more tossable,,,Tony
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