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Audi A8



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The long and short of it is that the S8 is an entirely different beast. Sure they share the same overall construction, but the S8 should be considered the first mass-market 4-door Lambo as it drives as tho it's on rails.

    While the W12 is the absolute standard in ride/handling balance, the S8 is the reigning king of sport/comfort. Even on New York's urbine streets, the car still doesn't let ruts and bumps filter through the cabin, just like a regular A8, despite the ultra low 35 series summer rubber. I chose the Ghost Grey(6 layers of paint with 2 clearcoat- $2k paint option well worth it) with the matching interior with the all-suede ceiling and seat inserts and leather dash and door panels.

    The interior of this car is a study of magical assembly and craftsmanship, as with all A8's. I ordered the Euro market-only flat-bottomed steering wheel to free up even more legroom. \

    And the burble that exits quad exhaust upon start-up is elecrifying(think Ferrari snap, crackle , and pop, but more subdued like a Porsche flat-6) is worth the $115k check itself.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Thanks---That sums it up nicely.....On my car, as I wash it myself, I notice the paint to be much higher quality than my past Lexus , Mercedes, or BMW...I didn`t get any more than the sold only color choice, which was a bit more itself...Interesting how you notice such a change between the w12 and S8....I look forward to your opinions of the Mercedes vs the W 12, as the S8 really doesn`t compare...Tony
  • I am going to look at both tomorrow. I put a deposit on the S8 to hold it. The S6 looks hot in black, but I think that I would like a larger vehicle. I hope I get to drive both! :shades:

    I hate to give up my Range Rover Sport Supercharged. I may have gotten used to sitting up high. :confuse:
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    I have a 2006 A8 almost a year old and I love it. My next car will be an S8 ( I only did a 27 mo. lease on the A8). I bet that your car is stunning in that color but what do you do about stone chips since my A8 has just as many as all of my other German cars due to their water-based paint? Hopefully you don't have any yet but it is a fact of life on our crappy roads here in the northeast.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Yes the car is absolutely radiant in that paint scheme. Audi's brochures don't do it justice, any of Audi's colors for that manner.

    As to your paint chip issue, yes the Germans paint come in wonderful colors, but it comes with a cost of being very vulnerable to everyday things in the atmosphere that lesser quality paint takes in stride.

    For the chip problem, the last time I experienced it was with my '01 S500. That car would flake if a fly hit it hard enough. But with the previous S65 and 760iL, those cars stood up very well to the harsh environment, due certainly to the extra cost of the paints that I chose for these cars.

    On to the W12, it was the same thing. Audi has a special option paint called Absolut Blaque, in which I purchased as it is ccated 6 TIMES with 3 clearcoat. They say the paint is so good, you won't have to ever wax it. I haven't, and it still gleams as the day I bought it.

    3M makes a clear adhesive that applies to the nose of the car that is very transparent and will not harm the finish of the paint and is removable. I've put this great product on the nose of my '06 Accord and Jeep SRT as those are primary run-about vehicles and with this NY winter approaching, salt trucks rumbling, snow drifts abound, it's a no-brainer for me.

    Also, whenever I do drive the Audi or Vette in the winter time, no matter what, if the sky looks gray, I always put the nose bra on, which I purchased through the Audi dealer as the aftermarket ones are either non-existant or ill-fitting, The bra from Audi was about 200 bucks, but well worth it.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy that S8 rush that I've been grinning about for the last 6 days. The wife is non-too-happy as the S600 is not here yet, but it is on schedule.

    Tony P, looks like I'll be heading down I-95 anyway, as my brother is ever-persistant on me joining him on his first ride on the new yacht in the Keys. I'll honk at you when I drive by in the S8 in NC.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I just received my new S6 in Silver. Since I own an A8L W12, I wanted car not as big as an S8, but with the same gorgeous styling. I have not been disappointed. The S6 is basically flawless so far. I am not pushing the car at this time as I want the V10 to get a little broken in first... and what a sound! However, the car wants me to go. Still, in city driving, especially here in LA, it is very civil and refined. What I love about Audi is that you get a beast with Ritz Carlton like behaviour. Very well mannered, elegant, and refined, but ready to kick some you know what if you have to. Again, I give little credence to car magazines. All the journalists stated how the S6 is jarring of a ride. This is completely false!!!!! Even on our crappy, pot-hole roads here in LA, the car is smooth and planted. Yes, it is somewhat more stiff as it sits lower and more forward due to its extended wheel arches, but the ride is very smooth and refined. The brakes take some time to get used to as they stop on dime. The interior, well it is an Audi, no more needs to be said. But Audi has upped the ante there as well in its latest models. The one piece buckets especially for the S6 are extremely comfortable and hold you well. I opted for the leather dash (which is a must) and it gives the interior even more elegance.

    I hope you have chance to drive one, but here in LA it would be next to impossible unless an owner of one lets you as all have been presold at this time.

    Good luck
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    After I left you the message yesterday I took a nice Sunday drive out past my Audi Dealer where he had a new S6 and an S8 on the lot. They both were beautiful, the S8 was Daytona Grey I believe and it had a sold sticker on it.

    I have the 3M shield on a BMW that I own, it has worked OK but I still have received some chips above the shield on the hood. As you stated I just think that chipping paint is one of the trade offs for these cars although I will special order the paint that you mentioned when I get my S8 next year.

    Did you get the full leather? I would love to know if it is worth it. It is only a $2500 option on a Porsche but I believe it is $4500 on an Audi.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Took the car into the dealer to get the mmi screen fixed...First and only problem so far...'As the dealer is relatively new, I think they are very short of mechanics, so it will be fixed starting on the 23rd....I can help the screen open and close,in the meantime....Blk, an your trip down take a left onto 26 and check out Charleston....I`l be down South middle of Nov if you get that far....Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The full leather option starts at 3700 bucks on '07 A8/S8. And yes, yes, yes, the price was well worth it. On my W12, I actually had the best interior that Audi makes, which at the tune $15k, it had well better been. Audi can actually option out a A8 to $150k. And that's why I love Audi, they have everything to suit your needs, from a $68k A8 to a loaded to the tilt $150k+ W12.
  • swlswl Posts: 5
    I have been reading your forum for a long time and have enjoyed it. I got my "base" Audi A8 in Feb and now have 11000 miles on it with no problems. The only extras I have are the sports and premium package but the car is fabulous. I got the black with black interior. I previously had a 2002 A6 4.2 which was great, but the A8 is exceptional. I can only imagine how great the W12's are but I love my "poor man's A8". Safe driving to all.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Black on black has been long my color combo of choice for most of my cars.

    And yes the W12's are not with peer, but I enjoyed the A8 so much that sometimes I feel that the W12 is a little overkill. And for pound-for-pound, no car in it's class offers as many standard features and better value over Audi, particularly quattro and a host of safety equipment.

    But now with the S8, it's entirely different ball game. This car is the sleeper in the super-sedan arena. I snuck up on an unsuspecting 911 today, and to his surprise, he got taken over by a 4600 pound 4 door Audi, he saw the word"V10" and the letter "S", and decided to stand back.

    It's always good to hear that Audi has gotten over the '04 woes with the A8, as witnessed by you having 11k trouble-free miles. Tony P has a minor issue with his nav, and I think Eric and Reality are enjoying their's without stress, so all is well...
  • I haven't given any recent updates about my special order A8L since I've had no info to impart, but I've been avidly following the story line here. I began to cringe when I heard about some of your experiences re paint issues - which I really never had with my S430 - which then prompted me to speak to the dealership today to make inquiry of Audi about whether I have any paint options at this point (the order was placed 5 weeks ago). Thanks to blkhemi for his info.

    All of those who have posted msg's lately have spoken in glowing terms about the Audi A8L and its close relatives. This makes me feel comfortable, since this will be my 1st Audi product. Would it be too much to ask whether those of you who have words of wisdom to share would be willing to complete the satisfaction questionnaire in, so that others might read what you experts have to say about your cars? I believe there are 2 such surveys there already.

    One last idea. I was smiling when reading what a recent posting had to say about the seats. I opted to order the full leather upgrade and Alcantara headliner, and I did so in the grey/platinum combo. I can't wait to see that! Since then, I have acquired a wonderful windowpane cashmere throw for the back seat, in grey/platinum. I am now trying to convince my tailor to create the Colleczione Audi of suits and sports clothes in various fabrics of the same hues. Oh, those men and their toys!

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    One more week to go before the mmi is repaired...During the last week or so, it is painful to have to help the mmi get out of it`s cubicle, and I am constantly on guard for something else to come along....It makes you think about these wonderful cars and all the electronics and the cost if it were to be out of warranty...A shame that our dealer is so shorthanded with the mechanic....Tony
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Has anyone had custom carpet made to cover the very light colored carpet that is standard and so easily soiled on the A8L? I am considering having this done for the rear passenger compartment to cover the hump as well as the floor. Also up front to cover the sides of the front tunnel coming off the floor. Ideas?

    The fitted rubber mat product from Audi seems a bit utilitarian and still does not cover the rear hump or sides up front.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    FYI: My Dad just got a recall notice for his A8L; something about the airbag (I haven't read the notice yet).

    If anyone hasn't received the letter yet, you may want to call your dealer.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I would love to see those beautiful suits and sports clothes. I wonder if the Audi Collection has thought of the idea at this level of accessories? It would be nice. You have beautifully outfitted your A8L from your description. The A8L tied for 1st in the Strategic Vision regarding how much owners love their cars. Couple other Audi models did the same in their respective classes. So, enjoy your A8L. As they say it is a "Thinking Man's Luxury Car."
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    I own a '98 A8 4.2L Quattro. Transmission appears to be dead at 120K miles. Trans shop quoting 4K + labor to replace...sure the dealer is more. Is fixing this car just pouring good money after bad? After reading through the postings, it seems A8 trans are a nightmare.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    "After reading through the postings, it seems A8 trans are a nightmare"

    My friend, that can be said about any car in this class.

    But since squeezed 120k miles out of it before it went kaput, that's a testament in it's self.

    4k seems about right for a transmission shop. Is this a new tranny? I say this as Audi wants about $7k to fix. Also have them check the quattro transfer case FIRST, as sometimes on the older A8's, the transfer case can fail and it may seem that it's the transmission instead.

    How's the quality of the car? Are all of the electrical systems working properly? I ask this as you may be pouring money into a dead horse, many you may end up spending more than just on the tranny if after 120k miles there are other problems.

    If there are other probs, sell it immediately and get a pre-owned '05 with the CPO 100k mile warranty.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What's the scoop on the desireability of a 2005? Was the last major change the 04? THX
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    There were no major changes or updates to the '05, but some '04 models did experience MMI failures(as what my friend Tony is experiencing) that were taken care of under warranty.

    And since this is a first model year for the new A8, I'd stray away from the '04's, and this is why I waited to buy an '06, altho the '05's have proven to be just as good.

    There are pleanty of CPO '05's to go around. I'd definetely look into it if the '98 is getting a little hard to keep up..
  • I HAVE owned this 2000 A8 (no L) since 2002. SEcond owner after off lease. First thing I did was take it to the local Audi dealer and look over every square inch. When I arrived to pick it up, he was visibally dissappointed that they had found NOTHING. I'd have to do some reasearch to get theEXACT figure below what you and would have expected for a purcchase price. . . it was far lower than that.

    In any event, I just purchase a brand new R500 MB and the Audi is now by "beater" . .. I'm torn, I'd like to keep it just "cause I don't need to be careful with it anymore. MY new R500 is black on macadamia with EVERY conceivable option. CAn your send pix, here? If not, go to my westsite.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Was there a problem with your A8? And who was this post intended for?

    I say this as you didn't leave a name for reference.

    BTW: I just purchased an S600. BUT! I will always have an Audi in the garage!!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    And I thought the W12's seats were great. But whoa, these things make a La-Z-Boy seem uncomfortable..

    They hug and support you in all the right places. The lateral and lumbar support that they provide is something akin to a Ferrari or Lambo.

    But the rest of the car tells the story. I'm now sold on the SWB, particularly when it's time to park. Even with the Parktronic sensors front and rear, the W12 was a chore to parallel park in busy NYC streets. And this shorter wheelbase moves better with more responsive transitions, but at the cost of ride quality. This is the L's strongest point, along with the tremendous room on the inside. But the ride is far from harsh, just more taut, like a German car really is supposed to be. The Audi air-suspension does an excellent job of filtering bumps and ruts, and despite the low-pros, the car never feels jittery or jarring.

    And man can this thing carve a corner. You'd think 4k pounds worth of aluminum would hurl over in the corners, but not this car. It asks to be driven hard in the twisties, and I ablige with a huge smile.

    On another note, my daughter tells me that the oil change message popped on for the first time today in the W12. She freaked out because I told her that whatever happens to this car, she has to let me know. So off to the Audi dealer I go for the free scheduled maintenance, and to my surprise, the owner of the dealership was there. And what does he pull up in? A German-spec W12 SHORT WHEELBASE!! I thought, why didn't they import this car? Then I discovered that would've rendered the S8 pointless. But he was just as amazed to see an S8 and W12 on the lot today that I owned. He was taken back by all of the special order stuff on both cars. He was really interested in the zooted-up W12 with it's leather-everything interior and Bang & Olufsen sound system.

    He checked the records of all W12's in the states, and it appears that this is the only one in the US in this color combo/interior scheme. That's pretty interesting when you come to think of it....

    Eric, Tony P how's it going?

    BTW: I finally got a buyer for my daughter's S4. He's buying it Monday for $45k, which is slightly above value, but these cars are red hot here in the NorthEast. I told him that Audi charges 1k to transfer the warranty over to the new owner and the LoJack will be discontinued once I sell it if he doesn't pay the transfer fee to them. So he then says that he'll cut a $50k check to cover everything. This has never happened to me as I do sell a lot of my cars privately, but then again there is a first time for everything....
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I was curious how you would compare the extra length of the w 12...Thanks for the indepth comparison., Tomorrow the car finally goes in for the repair...I hope it goes well, as I don`t see how they will get the mmi out...I`m sure there is a easy way....You do have good results with the sales of your cars...I on the otherhand am discouraged to figure how to even get a good deal even buying one...Audi. in particular, as they don`t have the extras that one would want, without special ordering one, makes me feel as though I am the lamb being led to the slaughter....If I felt I were getting a good value, it wouldn`t be so hard...Tony
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I am as well, curious about a W12 being longer than an A8L .......... Hmmmmmmmmm ...
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    No, what he was implying was the extra length of tbe W12 versus the standard A8 lenghthg of the S8. It's about 10" shorter overall. And you do feel the difference immediately, in interior space and driving dynamics.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I just did a testdrive the 07 A8 this afternoon; the car felt no faster than my 05 E320 CDI which was offered $37100.00 for the trade in at 14k miles. I plan not to work so much as I am entering 60 and don't drive as much as I intend to take easier life. In order to enjoy somewhat mountain winter snow, I look into the A8. The price I was given was only one k off $74020.00 MSRP( with the ppd package) for the royalty discount(I did own 04 4.2 Allroad). The 07 4.2 engine is a direct inject 32 valves instead of the 40 of 06 and earlier ones. Any advice or suggestion will surely be appreciated!
  • Hi there!

    I just went thru this whole process myself, having ordered a 2007 A8L w/ a variety of options, 1 1/2 months ago. As an aside, re your mentioning speed: I am not entirely sure why people are so hung up on this issue. The A8/A8L has a 0-60 rating of about 6.3 sec (some say that it's faster), which might be slower than some cars, but, then, what difference does 0.5-1.0 sec. make for most of the places that we drive? More pertinent is acceleration on an expressway setting; passing capacity; and, more certainly, the comfort afforded by a well-appointed luxury sedan. I was interested initially in a MB E550 4MATIC, but besides the fact that the Quattro system has advantages oves 4MATIC, the new E class, while quite "fast", felt too small for my purposes (this, after having owned a 2002 S430 for the past 5 yrs).

    As for price: granted, I had a variety of options added to my order, which brought the MSRP up to $89K, but via a consumers' buying service (, I am acquiring the car for $1K over factory invoice...which represents a savings of $5-6K (I don't have the exact figure in front of me). Shopping around DOES pay!

  • foster1foster1 Posts: 17
    My 05 Audi A8 stickered for a bit over $74K and I got it for $70K. I think the best time to buy is between Christmas and New Year, when you can take advantage of the dealers' end of month panic, plus the end of year dealer sales quotas/bonuses, concern with carry-over inventory, etc.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Although I haven`t picked the car up , they phoned this afternoon, and reported the mmi fixed, and with not alot of trouble....My dealership experience has been fine, with the exception of having to wait so long for the appointment..As I said before, they are starting up and do not have enough mechanics...This was the way it was with Lexus in the beginning, so I have hope....Had this gone the other way, I would not consider Audi again, so this is nice for me, as I really enjoy the car and look forward to what may be coming down the pike....I`l elaborate on this tomorrow if aything changes Tony
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