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Audi A8



  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I will generally agree, with an additional comment that I have made on this forum before:

    Do not ever drive a luxury car of any make without a warranty, whether factory or an extended warranty that you purchase. The cost of repair to these new systems can be real budget busters. An Audi transmission can easily be $5 - $7K. And don't assume that a local garage or even AAMCO can repair one. When the warranty is about a year or less from expiration, it's time to sell when you can still offer the buyer some warranty.

    A 2004 luxury car may just be too old to consider. Same answer for a MBZ, BMW, Audi, Porsche, you name it. It seems like I am picking on the Germans here, I guess. Not my intent.
  • crudgycrudgy Posts: 5
    Warranty is good till 2013. We live in Canada.....800 yards from US., Is Canadian registered, never driven in winter. Wife wants SUV cause we live in the country. How does one determine price differance. What Audi SUV differances r there on current models.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I am not sure if you are responding to my post #1472 or #1473. The last one was a reply to another person where I commented about warranties. The earlier one was to your question about selling your A8.

    As to the difference in Audi SUV models, there are currently two here in the States. The Q7 has been out a couple of years, much larger and is available with a V6, V8 or a diesel engine. It is much too large for my tastes, especially here in Los Angeles. My wife has the new Q5, which is based on the new A4/A5 chassis, available only with the 3.2 V6 engine, but very adequate power - 270 HP. The Q5 would be considered a mid-sized vehicle. Enough space in the rear for a dog or golf clubs I suppose, but not much more. My wife's car only has about 250 miles on it, but so far she is very happy. Hers came with every electronic gadget Audi offers, so there is a steep learning curve for her right now.

    I don't understand your question about price difference. Do you mean between US and Canadian models, between the two SUV's, or?
  • crudgycrudgy Posts: 5
    guess I am wondering two things.....

    one is do not want to buy another vehicle that wife will not use. She bought this one...we lived in the north and was good to travel the 350 miles to the south for shopping...we lived in Fort McMurray Alberta, oil sands country, and now live outside Thunder Bay on Lake Superior, got 10 Km gravel once off highway, hence she is looking at the SUV. So now which one...we r a full days drive from a dealer. Duluth MN. may have is closer then Winnepeg Manitoba.

    Second thing is what is the 2006 worth or what would the differance between trade in and private sale....private sale would be tuff out here. So trade in is more likely. Just have no idea on worth.

    Hope I am not being a pain.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    In such a remote area a private sale may be unlikely. On the other hand if you trade your almost unused A8 on a moderately priced SUV, such as the Q5, you will get killed on trade-in value. This is partly because your car's true value and the sale price of the Q5 are not so far apart. Remember that a dealer must offer you a wholesale price that is low enough to allow him to mark it up and still make a profit. When I need to determine a value of a car, I look at first. This is the Kelly Blue Book site. But, to get a "real world" value, I look at and to see what others on the market are bringing. Remember the asking prices on those two sites are probably overstated somewhat to allow for negotiating. In the end, you may just have to trade it to avoid the bother. It is definitely the easiest way, but be ready to be shocked on what they give you. The dealer can fool you on the trade-in by claiming to sell the new car at sticker when in fact he is discounting it but not telling you. What he is actually doing is adding the unidentified discount onto the "value" of your trade. Make sense?

    Do you have a trusted friend in a large city that would agree to sell it for you? I have done that for a pal that lives in a small town. Or leaving it with a large city dealer that you trust, on consignment, might be worth considering.

    Due to your location, there are not any good options that I can see.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Crudgy, Your A8L sounds excellent. Tell me about it and your price. I drive an 04 A8L Desert Sage Green with the Light wood enterior, new Michelins 19" 55K miles in showroom condition. I look forward to the 2011 A8L with 4.2 diesel. I understand it may only be available in Europe. I also drive a Toyota Sequoia SUV. An outstanding unit. A trouble free 135K miles.
    Thank you ......
  • crudgycrudgy Posts: 5
    it is stored in heated garage, under cover to keep dust off. It has 10,890 Kms on it and is as new. Dark green with a brown interior, is a quatro, V8, most of the miles were put on when we moved from the west to the east. We have just retired. She does not drive it in the winter.
    As to price we r not sure . There is not a great spread these days between US and Canadian although it is in your favour assuming you are in the US.
    She would like a SUV.......bought her a Avalanch new...just got delivery however she finds it a bit big. She was talking of trying to trade straight across for new SUV or selling to acquire funds to do so.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Where are you in Canada? My wife and I were born and raised in North Dakota though Arizona has been home for the last 23 years. What size rims? 19" 18" Tires? Thx .... Curt S
  • I am about to buy a used Audi A8... 07 or 08... miles on the cars have between 18k to 40k.. is there anything i need to be aware of as far as problems and such. I am looking to put at least 100k on this car and want to make sure there isnt anything i need to know about as far as problems.

    ANy help would be appreciated.

  • we have a 2006 A8...our needs have changed ..has 12000 km on problems so far
  • selkie12selkie12 Posts: 1
    What was the result of your transmission work? Were you able to solve the problem with a TC replacement? Did you have to put in a reman transmission? If so, where did you source it?
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