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Pontiac Grand Am



  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    Has anyone ever had any repetative problems with a 2003-05 grand am gts?

    In other words, constant problems one after another.
  • otter1otter1 Posts: 1
    I have same problem. How did you fix problem?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    There's no 05 Grand Am GT, 2004 was the last year for the Grand Am. At just under 20k miles on my 04 GT, my answer is no.
  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    Then I am just talking about the 04-03s. Has anyone who had these year models of Grandam GTs had any signficant/ constant problems with those grand ams?

    The reason is, I might buy one, however, I am not a big GM car fan. Seeing how they are put together.
  • birgitbirgit Posts: 1
    i replaced the passenger cv joint ( half shaft) on my 92 grand am last night since it was making rubbing and popping noises for a while, after i was done i took it for a test drive but didn't make it more than 50 feet out of the driveway before my transmission went out :( does anyone know if this is related to me replacing the cv joint ???? i bought the car used from someone about 6 month ago and have had nothing but problems with it,PLEASE HELP ....i'm military and don't have a lot of time to research the problem, my wife needs the car to run again ASAP. Thanks
  • it could be the torche convertor sensor or the 02 sensor, the catalic convertor is causing the smell but the 02 and torch convertor cause the jerking and trac light on off to happen
  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    I am just wondering, from here the problems of grandams, would buying one as a sports car, be worth it verses getting a Ford Mustang?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Depends. You have to compare apples with apples. A Mustang GT V8 is in a different class than a Grand Am GT.
  • jhannerjhanner Posts: 1
    I seem to have a power steering leak and have to top off my fluid every 3 days. Should I assume that that power steering pump has gone bad and needs replacing or do I have other problems that I needs to have looked at. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


    Jhamaul Hanner
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    No. Most likely there's a leak in one of the hoses or in the rack and pinion assembly. I had this very problem with our 95 and it turned out to be a leak in the high pressure hose near where it connects to the pump.
  • unekgalunekgal Posts: 15
    I am once again tearing apart my 95 Grand Am, and this time it's the struts. I am working on the driver's side strut assembly, I have the spring compressed, but there is one bolt, kind of oval shaped, and I can't get it off. Is there a special tool? Threaded backwards? I even thought it tapped out, so I left the nut on and tried that route, but no luck. Please help.
  • Sometimes my car will start without a hitch. But I have a problem with the starting, sometimes if I move the key from the ignition to the on position it wants. you can hear the engine like it is going to start but doesn't. I have changed the fuel filter and still the same problem happens. Could someone tell me what is wrong with my car? could it be the fuel pump,fuel injectors or the ignition switch since it appears to not work. Sometimes the key is locked in the ignition switch and will not turn inside, I have to wiggle it to get the key unlocked and start the car. Someone please help.

    pontiac dude-
  • chevy03chevy03 Posts: 2
    What's the easiest way to flush the cooling system on a 94 pontiac grand am? I need to flush the whole system. It's got a new thermostat and the water pump seems ok, and there are no system leaks. It sounds like air is trapped in the heater core? water
    sounds come from under the dashboard like splashing water? No leak in the heater core either. I checked under the dash. Any suggestions? Ken
  • dloomisdloomis Posts: 2
    I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT coupe. I have noticed that the past few months it has had trouble firing. The frequency of the problem became more frequent until about three weeks ago it wouldn't start; it would turn over but wouldn't fire. I loaded it onto a trailer and brought it to a mechanic. After unloading the car would start. We left it with the mechanic and he ran some tests on it and said that, although it had started every time for him, the fuel pump may be going.
    Since it would start I drove it for about two more weeks, some times it would fire right up and some times it would have trouble, and one day it wouldn't start again. It sat for three days, I tried to start it again but it wouldn't fire. I brought it back and again after unloading it would start again. The mechanic has had it for a week now and it has started every time for him. I can hear the fuel pump working when I turn the key Run position just before ignition. Before replacing the fuel pump I would like to know if there is anything else that could be causing this ignition problem. I use regular gas, should I try using Premium? fuel cleaner? anything else I should try checking?


  • I have the above car (2000 Grand Am GT) - recently, I've experienced electrical problems; specifically, moments after the car is started (usually when on a hill), the electrical system "blinks", the engine hiccups, the radio may go out, and when severe, the engine will die and the clock needs resetting... Sounds like a short to me; but I cannot find it. To make matters worse, the problem is now permanent - the car won't start, no lights, no nothing (the emergency flasher makes a quick tittling sound - that all I can get out of it). Has anyone experiences something similar - where should I look next (I've looked, rattled, pushed, pulled everything visible under the hood - maybe to my detriment).


  • i had the same issue with mine but was a 96 and i added new starter adn other things i think its in the ignition or if you have an alarm remove the alarm and replace the igniton. its what i did and worked fine.
  • replace the map sesnsor probley i had to do that with mine when it did that.
  • theres a power draw on there or probley something grounding check battery cables or alternator and make sure powers getting there and if so if you have like an sterio amp or alarm check thoose they can drain the batter or shut off the car. especially an alarm
  • have your vents flushed
  • I found an used pontiac grandam, 2000, for $5,995 at a dealership, its in perfect condition, runs beautifully, the only problem is that it has 95,000 miles on it already, so I can't decided whether or not it's worth looking into purchasing. :confuse:
  • I just bought a 2004 GrandAM SE with 20K miles. It works great except there is aparently no way to turn the air conditioner off using the button. If I turn the fan off, the light goes off. Turn the fan on agin and the light comes back on. The push button seems to do nothing. Am I missing something? Seems to be a defect, but I thought I should check before brining it in. Anyone have any expience with this?
    Thank you in advance.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Do you have the selector set to max? If so, the compressor runs all the time when the fan is on, independent of the A/C light/switch. When set to normal (fresh air), the next setting to the right of max, the compressor will go on and off with the switch/light as long as the fan is on.
  • My brother owns a 95 Grand Am Se V-6 with about 140,000 miles. It has picked up a serious thud, thud, thud from the front right wheel. I switched the front tire to the rear hoping it was just a tire weight missing, no go. Now the problem has gotton worse, to the point I wonder when I'm going to get the call to go rescue him. about six months ago I replaced one head (due to a stuck valve) and both head gaskets, since then the engine runs like brand new and the thump is unrelated to engine rpm. It is defitnetly related to speed, however, in drive or neutral. The sound goes away on a hard right turn. Am I looking at a CV joint, strut, bearing? I am unfamiliar with Grand Am's and would just like to narrow it down. :surprise:
  • Well I took apart the right side and found a failed bearing seal which let water in and was just a matter of time till the bearing got as bad as it did - I wouldn't have given it another 5 miles. Cost here in Minnesota was $76 dollars and another $26 for brake pads while I was at it :)
  • I hope this helps other Grand Am members :)
  • Sorry hearing that. I doubt your transmission went out the same time you replaced the axleshaft (constant velocity joints are a part of that axleshaft) I do know that if the axle comes free of the transmission it will bleed out all its fluid especially in automatics. I would look at engine mounts as a possible reason, especially if you replaced the axleshaft and it still kicked out. Also inspect all right side suspension components. If the axleshaft has room to come apart, it will. Again, I know Grand Am's have issues on issues, but that's too much of a coincident. :)
  • Hey guys, just wondering if someone could help me with a problem. One day i went to turn on my wipers and nothing happened. I checked the fuse first, thinking that this was the most likely problem, but the fuse was fine. I also made sure to top up my wiper fluid, but that didnt work either. has anyone else had similar problem with their car, or any ideas as to what it could be?? HELP ME PLEASE, WHEN ITS RAINING I'M UNDER HOUSE ARREST!!
  • Hello Dalstein, The first thing is to take the electrical connecter off the wiper motor and check for voltage when the wiper switch is on. A multi tester should clear that up. Hopefully you have power and I'ts just a bad wiper motor. Good Luck!
  • My husband replaced the battery and the trac off light is on and it shifts really hard.... couldnt find the trac button.. Is there something that I can do? No manual came with the car. Help. Thanks
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